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Monday, January 13, 2020

Campfire, In Sacramento for Jacob's swearing in..Seth called..a new blog writer...

Aaron, Russell, Lori, Jacob!
Our new Navy Family 💙

Sunday morning we awoke around 0600 and took some time getting going. Coffee's, computing, then on to breakfast.  The days go so quickly! Ken worked on firewood and I changed out bedding in the house.  

Around 1530 Ken decided to get a fire going out back so I texted Karen to invite her over to enjoy the fire with us.  She came over and the fire roared and we just enjoyed catching up!  
Ken got the fire going..

Cool looking clouds

The sunset is starting..

Karen in the flames..

After dark sometime she headed home and a little later we went inside. 

 The nice surprise of the evening was a call from Seth. :)  I told him at graduation from boot camp that when he decided what he wanted as a graduation present to let me know.  He decided he wanted a pair of cowboy boots so I sent the $$.  He was calling to say Thank you. :)  We had a nice conversation and he's doing well.  

Monday morning we were up again around 0600.  We got ourselves going and left the house close to 1030.  About 1400 we stopped at Edelweiss in Auburn to have linner.  We now after a meal there there's no way we're hungry at dinner time. Finished up and headed for the Super 8 motel near the Sacramento Airport.  

Yesterday, (Sunday) Russell, Lori, Jacob, Aaron and Allissa headed for a day trip to Bodega Bay, CA.  Looks like they had an awesome time for their last family trip for awhile.  I had to steal the pics from Facebook :) 

Lori, Jacob and Russell at Bodega Bay, CA

Jacob and Allissa

Aaron, Russell, Jacob 

Aaron, Lori and Jacob :) 

Waiting for lunch...
I got a text yesterday from our oldest Grandson, Adam.  He let me know he started a blog!  I gotta say he did an excellent job on his first blog! I was impressed ( I know I'm his grandma, might be a little prejudiced haha).  If you've got the time, it's worth the read.  I really hope he keeps it up!  Go to
summitsandsends.com  I did notice he doesn't have a comments section so i'll have to mention that to him. :) 

Last but not least,  Happy Birthday to our Daughter in Law Cheryl!! Hope you had an awesome day!! :) 

Happy Hour time! Have a great evening! 


  1. Wonderful post, history in the making. Happy Birthday Cheryl. Enjoy!!

  2. good for Adam, getting into the blog world. following in Grandma's footsteps!

  3. Hope Seth has time to wear those cowboy boots. Another blogger in the family. That's great. Interesting name for it.

  4. Hope Seth has time to wear those cowboy boots. Another blogger in the family. That's great. Interesting name for it.

    1. Guessing on weekend liberty..it was surprising that's what he wanted. I had to ask Adam how/why he chose that name. Summits I get..Sends is a term used in climbing for finishing the route you are doing.

  5. Yay for cowboy boots!!!! And blogs!!!