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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Carson City, The wall is gone, great weekend! Happy 16th Birthday Mason!


1996 after Russell's graduation and before he left for the Marines we all went to Pismo Beach.  Hard to believe it was 25 years ago this summer ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

Friday morning we decided to head for Carson city to spend the night at the Days Inn we like there. With points it was an inexpensive decision. By staying there that would cut an hour and half or so off our time to CA on Saturday. We left here around 1300 and ended up there around 1500.  It didn't really take us that long but we did a little sight seeing around a neighborhood that we looked at back in 2013.  Makes us appreciate where we live :) 

Friday morning we were surprised to wake up to SNOW! By the time we left for Carson, it was all gone! 

After checking in we just enjoyed the afternoon being lazy.  I had made a turkey meatloaf at home so we had our dinner in the room.  

Saturday morning we were out the door at 0615 to head for Russell's house. The drive down I-80 was beautiful with all the snow covered mountains. Traffic wasn't too bad going our way.  The exit for Squaw Valley Ski Resort was something else though. It was 0730 or so and the lines on both sides of the freeway were REALLY backed up!! So much for staying home haha. 

We got to Russell's just about 0900 to let ourselves in.  He got back a few minutes later after visiting Krispy Kreme. We visited a bit and then had our egg casserole that I made the day before. Time for them to get to work haha. 

My sister Wendy, picked me up around 11 or so then we headed to sister Linda's house. Dusty and the kids were there, so I'd rather visit with them than go shopping. Owen and Cassidy are just too adorable.  Chelsea came a little later and then they were off to a picnic in the park. 

Linda, Wendy and I headed off to Lumberjacks for lunch.  After that we headed to Midway Antiques just down the road.  Way too expensive! After dropping Linda at home Wendy drove me back to Russell's. 

They quit around 1630 and the wall is down! Looks great! 

Measuring for the last piece of the ceiling. 
One big GREAT room looking from the front door. 
How it looked when they started in the am..

We all went to an incredible dinner at their friends house. Dee and Katie are awesome people.  He barbecued tri tip and Katie made potato salad and some other things. Russell had Lori make his baked beans. OH Yum!  

Dee had gotten some reality goggles. OH that was something! Those things are scary! In your head you know you're standing on the floor, but with those on you feel like you're on a plank 50 stories up!! Lori had her fit bit that clocked her heart rate at 99! I hate to think what mine was, as I don't like heights one bit!! You'd have to be there! 

Allissa with the goggles..
Russell is obviously enjoying watching Lori with the goggles!! 
Ken :) 

Once we got back to Russell's some more visiting and then off to bed. We made plans to to go to lunch together before we headed home on Sunday. 

Sunday was a late morning and we headed off about 1045 following Russell and family with Aaron driving. :) 

We love the place we had lunch and hadn't been there in probably 2 years. We used to go all the time when we lived in Colfax. It's a small place, but very popular.  The place was packed in defiance of the governor's order.   Good for them! No masks anywhere (except the servers).  For the first time in a long time it felt "normal".  

This is in reference to CA governor imposing a mask and # of people rule and then violating it himself the same day! Love this sign!

Allissa, Lori, Russell and Aaron...only one missing was Jacob, but we did get to say HI to him via the phone. 

We eventually had to say goodbye.  A nice easy drive home and we arrived about 1600.  No sooner than we got unloaded we got a picture of a fire so next door we headed. 

Our grandson, Mason turned 16 today!! I called him later and had Venmoed him some birthday dollars.  

Christina shared these pics of Mason on FB...my favorite pic of him as a little guy!!๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

Happy 16th Mason!!

Monday was a stay at home day except for taking the motorhome to town to get gas and new wiper blades.  Rides nice! I painted near the doorway so now painting is done except a little touch up.  Still waiting for my fabric for the dinette curtains :( 

Ken made a fire outside about 1600 so I texted Karen.  John got home and they came over for a bit.  Eventually it was time for barbecue burgers and zucchini fries then to call it a night! 

Today (Tuesday) is a Walmart run and a quick stop at Raley's for a prescription. Time to get the day going! 


  1. Glad you had a Safe trip and were able help Russell out with the wall.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes a very nice trip over the hill! Looks like we'll be back near end of February to help with the floor (well, Ken will help) LOL..

  2. Happy 16th Birthday, Mason.
    Sounds like more great times with family.
    The house is really coming along!

    1. Hard to believe our youngest grandkids turn 16 this year! It was a great weekend! Yes, it is they are doing an awesome job!

  3. What a fun trip. I do love to hit those antique stores, but they have become very pricey!! I love the restaurant sign!! It's so good you are able to get out and about!!

    1. I thought you'd like the sign haha. Yep way too much $$$.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Really like the second picture of the snow, the tree just looks perfect in its white coat. Cute pictures of Mason especially the one of when he was little. Great sign outside the restaurant. Stay safe.

  5. Thank you! Yeah I love the pic of Mason when he was small :)