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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How plans can change quickly...

Linda and Bobby were going to Dillons Beach this last weekend.  They rented a house and Dusty and family were going along with Jesse.  She had asked Wendy to go but she couldn't get off on Friday.  Linda had Adam hooked up to watch the doggies at their house for 2 nights..so hmmmm...I called Wendy and said how about we head for Dillons early Saturday morning and spend the night.  After some talking Wendy agreed!  So I met Ken in Reno on Friday, he was headed home (he had mistakenly taken my blood pressure pills with him)..headed down the hill and met up with Adam at Linda's house.  I took him out to Garcia's for dinner and called it an early night.  

When Diane and Greg were here we took them to Weed Heights..used to be a huge mining operation...
Diane, Greg and Ken

Diane and Greg..

Diane and Greg's fifth wheel...

Ken was loading the money pit for his trip...

Davey in the front...Lance in the back..

Beautiful view of Meadow Lake

The campsite at Meadow Lake

Davey's dog ...Blue

Davey and Lance coming in 

How Lance carries the boat..

I picked Wendy up about 0515 and we headed to Fairfield where we had a nice breakfast at Dennys.  I have AARP and get 15% off there..but it was really good food.  Got to Dillons about 0830.  Everyone was home, except Bobby and Dusty had taken a nice long walk.  They all left to go to lunch in Bodega Bay, Wendy and I took a walk along the beach and then back to the house for a late lunch.  

Enjoyed the afternoon with everyone, Raiders game on..good food, good drink.  
Bobby bar b qued some chicken breasts, Chelsea made some potatoes that were so good, sour cream, cheese and some other stuff..yum..good thing calories didn't count this weekend haha..

Little Owen definitely kept everyone entertained..he's talking up a storm and loves to be outside..

Jesse watching the Raiders game...


Raiders fans!

Owen playing at the ocean

Jesse enjoyed some bourbon and we were able to sit outside and talk until 2330.  A lot of the talk was about good times with my mom and dad.  :)

The next morning we got ready to go and then headed over to the little cafe next to the Dillons Beach store and Linda bought us all breakfast. Delicious..Don't think Jesse enjoyed it as much as he could have (a little  hangover for the boy)...but it was a wonderful, if not short trip.  Left about 1030 or so, we made a quick stop in Dixon and visited with mom and dad then I took Wendy home and then headed home to Yerington myself.  Long day, but nice drive.  

I bought the Kid Rock CD, First Kiss..listened to it over and over on the way home.  I look at Kid Rock that either he's good or bad, I hate the yelling..none of that on this CD, every song is awesome! 

So today, I worked on the quilt, Ken on the bunkhouse.  Both are looking good.  Tomorrow it's time to pick up pills, Walmart, Lowe's and of course Carson Valley Inn..another day gone!  

Rib Cook Off starts Wednesday in Sparks..Cantalope Festival in Fallon this weekend.  
Looks like Cheryl and her sister, Kim will be here Sunday and leave on Tuesday! We're excited about that!..oh and Lucy too of course!

Sunday the 28th was Linda and Bobby's 34th wedding anniversary...

Linda, Bobby and Russell the ring bearer

Seth wit a bevy of beauties...

Chris and family bought reserved seating for the football games...
That's a friend of theirs, Chad..

Seth ready for some football!

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