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Friday, August 5, 2016

Another week!

Well, here we are again, it's the weekend! How does that happen so quickly?! 

Monday morning we headed for Reno, did some running around..had lunch and then headed for Boomtown for the night.  Got there late afternoon and just relaxed awhile.  

Near 1930 or so we headed downstairs for a bit to listen to the free nightly music they have there.  Band was ok, nothing special but we still enjoyed (way too much for me)..that darn wine on an empty stomach.  We were getting ready to head back upstairs and get some dinner (late I know)..and a nice couple bought us a round so we visited with them awhile.  By the time we got back to the room it was 2345..I didn't eat dinner but Ken did.  I made macaroni salad at home then we bought a baked chicken at Sam's Club earlier in the day.  

Woke up fairly early and headed out to see what the car shows for Hot August Nights was looking like.  Well, not much going on yet but still we enjoyed what we saw.  Victoria Square in Sparks and Atlantis in Reno.  

This was a Morris Minor Truck..Ken's first car was a Morris Minor..

We'd never seen one of these signs before..Sparks, NV...

The old cop car and Reno PD are for Trump...

Did a few errands on the way to the Carson Valley Inn for lunch.  So by the time we got home, there was the day.  

Not much going on the rest of the week.  It's still so hot here..I'm ready for Fall...of course i'm always ready for Fall and Winter..

I didn't end up in Georgetown for the dinner..Cheryl called and they never got back to her so didn't want to take the chance like earlier in the year when they headed to the orientation for Boys State and they (VFW) had changed the date and neglected to tell them.  So I opted to stay home in Yerington.  

Ken's been working on getting the Mazda ready to sell.  Decided we have enough vehicles, for just two people so we're going to list it.  The a/c isn't working anymore, the motor makes noise..so we won't get a lot, but it's still running down the road.  We'll see...just listed the camper shell on Craigslist. 
2004 Mazda PU

Looks like Bryan and Cheryl are adding another family member.  Cheryl's sister, Kim has a dog, who's a runner.  She's a good dog but she likes to take off..and where they live there is no fence.  Don't want to chain her to a tree all day so looks like she'll be spending the majority of the time with Bryan's family.  
Hello, Bailey..

Russell's family was camping earlier this week with friends at Rollins Lake..thought this pic was so cute of Jacob and Aaron..

Jacob and Aaron were suffering..you can tell by their smiles!

This one came through of Adam..

Sugar Pine Lake..many years ago!

Last night Rylee came over from next door to show us some of her YouTube postings..so cute and she's not even 7 till September!

Rylee showing Ken her you tube videos...

Our beautiful sunrise Wednesday morning about 0600....

Love this pic of Russell and Lori..he's doing a 7 day "Love your Spouse" challenge on FB..

Obviously he was on vacation..cause the facial hair isn't allowed..
I did order the mattress for the bunkhouse and the antique bed frame we bought a few months ago...love being able to order it online. It'll be here next week..now to get to work on the bunkhouse!

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