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Friday, August 15, 2014

Lots of happenings!

Well, it's definitely been awhile..don't quite know what happens that some days I can write every day and others...like this time goes by and before u know it it's weeks..well anyway..quick update and hopefully i'll get back into the groove.

Got back from an awesome trip to Dillon Beach in the middle of July.   The following weekend, Ken, Adam and me joined up with Russell's work family for a great weekend at a rented house near the top of Kingsbury grade South Lake Tahoe.  

Had our bi yearly checkups in Winnemucca and things were good.  Got my first smiley face from her, for my cholesterol.  While we were there we met with our realtor and a gentleman, Doug who looks like is buying the property.  Yes, we are taking a loss but we knew we would.  It's not easy to get a sale for 32,000 cash but it looks like that's what happening! Yay!  

I went and picked up the kids for the last summer hurrah...Jacob and Aaron went back to school last week so we  won't see them.  Took a quick camping trip to Bridgeport, CA and had a wonderful time.  

Left the campground and had messages from title so Monday am we'll be in Sparks to sign papers and the buyer comes in Monday afternoon.  So once again our plans changed.  Ken is heading to Winnemucca today (August 16th) and I am going to CA to drop off the gkids.  We were going to leave tomorrow and I would go along, but with needing to be in Sparks Monday am that's just the way it has to be.  

Highway 88 Kit Carson Pass...Mia, Adam, Seth and Mason

Miss Mia outside in the rain

All four of them in the rain!

Mia, Papa and Mason...doing what Papa does when he's out with the
kids fishing...fixing lines and poles!

Adam and a fish

Our two RV guest houses....

Mia fishing!

Bridgeport CA such a gorgeous area...and only 83 miles from
our house!

A fire was definitely needed!

Seth and his catch!

Seth's four fish all ready to be gutted....yukkk...


Adam and one of his fish

The BIG DADDY!!....Never have I seen a fish as big as this come
out of the creek!

Mason and his good sized catch!

Papa overseeing the gutting

Mia trying to get a keeper...she threw 3 back because too small...
the one she was going to keep escaped!

Mason and Mia playing jump the sagebrush....good ole fashioned fun!

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