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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

2 Graduations and 2 Grad parties! Fun times in California!

 Wednesday night we stayed in Carson City after Ken's lung appointment. Figured why go home just to come back the same way in the morning.  

Thursday morning we headed out for Antelope CA to attend our grandson Aaron's high school graduation from Woodcreek High School. We all left Russell's house about 1700 so we could stand in line until 1800 when the gates opened. Turns out there were 541 graduates with each graduate getting 10 tickets. 4 tickets for the field and 6 for the bleachers. Probably ended up nearing 5000 people! 

The proud parents and their graduate πŸ’™
Russell, Lori and Aaron 

After graduation we went back to Russell's house where we were staying for the weekend. A little celebratory drinks were shared and then off to bed. Russell had to work on Friday. 

Friday we met Lori and friends, Dee and Katie who were in town visiting from Florida. We met at Buck in Sadies in Roseville for a few drinks and conversation and a great lunch. 

Lori, Katie, Dee and Ken πŸ’—
I was there obviously, but every picture I have 
closed eyes...so nope!

Once that was done we found our way up the hill to Eric and Christina's before heading to Golden Sierra High School for Mason's graduation. What a difference from the night before. Golden Sierra graduated 62! No tickets needed for that one LOL. Nice ceremony as well. Once it was over we headed back down the hill as it was getting pretty dark. We knew we'd be seeing more of that branch of the Kay family on Saturday. 😊

The proud parents and their graduateπŸ’™
Eric, Christina and Mason

Friday night we enjoyed being on the patio with more friends until almost 0100. A good time, probably too good of time was had by all! 

Saturday we headed back up to Eric's for Mason's grad party. Lots of family attended. Good food, great people! What more could you want?! πŸ’™

Our oldest son Bryan with Allissa, Jacob's sweetie πŸ’™
He completed her outfit with his hat πŸ˜€

Twins in overalls! 

My sister Linda and her granddaughter CassidyπŸ’™

Saturday night continued at Russell's.  

Sunday morning we had another party to attend where we saw a lot of the same people we saw Saturday with a few others we hadn't seen in a long time. 😊 This party was held at Old Town Pizza in Roseville, Ca. Again, great food and great people πŸ’™ Once the party was over some of us moved from the party room to the restaurant area where we got a table to finish our drinks.  Then it was decided some were heading to Russell's for a not late night as he and Lori and most of the others had to work on Monday. Well, another late night LOL. 
Jennifer and Dave, who we haven't seen in years. Gabby 
and Ken and her hubby George on the other side. 

Aaron and his sweetie Kenna πŸ’–

Melissa, John, Russell, Andrea, Natalie (another grad this year)
Mason, Christina, Lori and Allissa

Diane, Jesse, Eric Bobby, Dusty and Owen 

My sister Linda with our son, Eric
Guess I missed a pic of my other sister Wendy..

Monday, after saying good bye to Russell as he left for work I made and left a few breakfast sandwiches for Aaron when he woke up it was time for us to head home. 

We stopped in Auburn at our go to place Edelweiss Restaurant and had a late breakfast. We got home around 1500 or so. 

It was a wonderful 4 nights and we are so blessed and happy we got to see all 5 of our grandsons graduate high school over the years. Now on to their futures which I'm sure will be great. Proud grandparents here! πŸ’™πŸ’™

Time to sign off, we've got a thunder and lightening storm starting to happen! Rain to follow I'm sure! 😊 Have a wonderful evening. 


  1. Fun times. Lots of good food. Nice to see pictures of Owen and Cassidy. It's been a long time. Was Cassidy doing "cheers?" LOL

    1. Pretty much, she loved the little glass for her soda LOL.

  2. That's a lot of partying and ceremonies! Congratulations to those two!

  3. Congratulations to Aaron and Mason. Looks like great fun was had by all!

    1. Thank you! It was a great time, just goes too quickly!