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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dillon Beach with all the grandkids!

How daily bloggers do it i'll never know...we were at the beach and it seemed there never was a minute to update this blog...I will post some more in an update..but today (7/21)  we are headed to Winnemucca for the night as it is time for our blood tests tomorrow..summer is flying by..

Anyway, on the 12th I picked up Adam, Mia, Jacob and Aaron and headed for the beach to spend a few days with Bobby, Linda, Chelsea and Dusty.  They rented the house till Monday and then Eric and family along with Diane and Kenny we spent the rest of the week there.  We had a great time!  Friday I dropped the kids off and spent the night at Bryan's ..On Saturday Adam and I headed to Yerington and Ken went to Eric's and spent some time with him.  Yesterday (Sunday) Ken came home and here we are.  

We have been treated to some nice thunderstorms the last few days...which makes for an awesome sunset!

Aaron and Mia

KIm, Dusty and mom to be Chelsea..

Lance has a headache and fell asleep

Kim and Lance's trailer in the background...cute!

Jacob, Jesse and Adam

Adam and Jacob

Aaron ( in the red blanket)..Jesse, Jacob, Adam and Dusty


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Adam bench pressing Mason

Diane thinking about going out with the kids...

Bar b Que!

Seth in his cool sunglasses


Mason, Aaron and Mia

Kenny and Jacob

Christina and Eric

Diane soaking up the rays

Diane and Kenny

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