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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Yay! I'm going to get my outhouse!

Weird, the things that make you happy!  Ever since we finished the bunkhouse we've been talking about putting an outhouse near it so it would be more user friendly.  We have the Komfort fifth wheel which is near, but not close enough in the middle of the night.  Now, when I say outhouse, I mean  a building that looks like an old time outhouse, but has a running toilet that is hooked up to the septic system.  So, that being said, Ken got his tools out yesterday afternoon and determined that we have grade..so yay we are going to get an outhouse! His summer project! 
He dug up the septic line he needs to connect to..20 inches underground

This is how you determine grade when you don't have a laser
The good old fashioned way..all I know is I was happy when
he said we have grade! 

Right near where the pipe ends is where we'll put the outhouse

It will be insulated because of our cold..cold winters..

Just playing with my new camera, 

I was home all day, he ran to the dump and then by our neighbor, Stacey (the better half of Joe) mom's house.  She lives in town and really liked the cover Ken had made over at Joe's last summer.  She had mentioned then that she'd like Ken to build one at her house in town.  When we saw her at breakfast a few weeks ago, she mentioned it again.  So he stopped by and took a look, shouldn't take more than a few days to get that done.  Not sure when he'll do it (just like the outhouse)..because we have Hawthorne this weekend, Tonopah next weekend and then Adam's graduation the next weekend. The grandkids will be out of school so i'm sure they'll be here too.  Jacob and Aaron will come in July, as they have basketball until then. Busy, busy.  He does have time during the week (thankful for retirement). 

Yesterday it was windy and very cool outside so after determining we had grade he came inside and we watched a movie we hadn't seen for quite a while.  Tacos for dinner and we called it a night.

We're up early this am as Ken is running over to Thunder Valley to have a brunch / breakfast at 1000 hrs with some of the guys he used to work with and are retired now.  He missed the last one, so glad he's able to make this one.  He'll be back this afternoon.  Have to admit, that's another reason we're glad we live in Yerington and not Winnemucca.  Yes, it makes for a long day but it can be done in one day.  

Looks like about a 70 degree day today..warming to 81 on Saturday when we'll be in Hawthorne for Armed Forces Day.  We decided to just go for the day (it's only 50 miles) rather than the weekend as we'll be gone the next weekend.  Better save a little $$$..

Have a wonderful day! 

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  1. We're a little more old-fashioned and since we don't own the property here, our 'septic' is a big hole under our 4' x 6' Restroom. :) It works well and we are very happy to have an alternate without a tank that fills up. :)