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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Basketball in Reno...

Well, I think I might have learned how to load videos..keeping my fingers crossed these will work for you.  The three below are of our time in Hawthorne.

Bottom one is the Bartenders Race..

Yesterday morning (Monday) Ken says.."Plans changed, why don't we go to Reno and watch (grandson) Aaron's basketball game?!"  Our youngest son Russell and his family have been in Reno since Saturday and his boys, Jacob and Aaron have been playing in this HUGE 11 state basketball tournament.  They've done this the last 3 or 4 years on Memorial Weekend.  Thousands of kids and families pour into Reno for nonstop basketball games.  Jacob had one yesterday at 0900 so we knew we couldn't make that one but Aaron's game was at 1200. We were already planning on going to Washoe Lake State Park, dropping the trailer and then meeting them for a late lunch before they headed back to Antelope, CA. I ended up bringing the Patriot, because we knew we didn't want to be parking the Tundra in those Reno parking lots with thousands of other cars.  

We met them at the Reno/Sparks Convention Center and found court 15 for an hour or so of fast moving basketball!! So much fun and on top of that Aaron's team won so they are the CHAMPS in Division 1!!  Ask me what that means and I'm not really sure just that it's an awesome WIN!  
Love this look on Aaron!

Aaron making a free throw...

After pictures and such we found ourselves on the way to Great Basin for a late lunch. Had a great lunch and then we all said our goodbyes..love it when we can spend a little time with family!  

We came back to the trailer and then at 1700 the Nashville Predators were on for the Stanley cup finals against Pittsburgh.  They lost but it's the best 4 of 7.  Another fast paced game.  

A good night's sleep and now after computing, blogging, breakfast and showers we'll head for Reno and some shopping for next weekend's graduation party for Adam.  We may just stay another night here since it's basically FREE ($5.00 for my car).  We don't have to decide that now.  

Winner Winner!

The view from our campsite..

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