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Friday, May 26, 2017

A day at home and today we leave for a few

Yesterday was basically spent at home getting caught up on a few things.  Funny how days seem to fly by even when you're not doing much.  Before we knew it time for lunch and I felt like I hadn't gotten out of the kitchen yet.  A good lunch of salad and we're into afternoon.  

Ken got all the plants and new trees watered and everything looks good except the hydrangea is looking pretty bad.  Hate when that happens.  

Did some front porch sitting just because the temperature was nice and there was a breeze.  Came in and had left over chicken and potato salad for dinner.  I made some roasted veggies and they were yummy.  

Daughter in law Cheryl attended a ceremony at Golden Sierra High School yesterday morning.  It's called Candle Rose, where basically the Seniors are leaving and the other grades are moving up.  

She told the story of a young man that was supposed to sing the National Anthem, he got up on stage, sang a few words, stopped and walked off. Such a surprise, don't know if he got stage fright or forgot the words.  She said then all the students started singing, then the parents in attendance.  Very moving. 

She did send these pictures though from outside before the ceremony. :)
Danny, Maddie, grandson Adam, Kate

Kate, Adam and Maddie

Boys flexing their muscles...Seniors :)

Our grandson, Seth called yesterday to see if we were going to be home this weekend.   I had to tell him no since we've had reservations in Tonopah since January.  Sounded like Eric, Chris and kids would have come to visit.  Hoping we can do it soon.  Grandkids are out of school as of next Friday so hopefully we'll be having visitors before too long. 

Planning on heading out of here around 1000 this morning. Temps should be about 75 there..Perfect!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A little cleaning and cooking..

 May 24th- was spent at home except for a quick trip to Scolari's grocery in town.  Took a quick drive by the East Carson River just to see how close to flooding it is.  Doesn't look too bad yet, but they're expecting it to crest Friday morning and we'll be headed out.  Hoping it's not too bad.  Noticed even Scolari's had sand bags set up right by their door so only one way to get in with a cart.  

Did some cleaning at home, with it being so dry and windy house gets dusty really quickly.  

We've spent the last two nights in the spare room with the air conditioner running.  Our bedroom doesn't have one.  Don't know why when the previous owners had this addition built they didn't put an a/c unit in this bedroom. Can't believe how warm it's been, but this morning is definitely cooler. 55 degrees right now with a high of 74 expected.  

Ken took the railing off the bunkhouse yesterday afternoon.  Looks a little bare, but you already feel like there's more room for the rocker.  
Bunkhouse with he front railing removed

Ken bar b qued some awesome chicken for dinner last night and I made potato salad to go with it and some corn on the cob...yumm!  

Ken's custom made wind block...haha..but it works!
My cosmos and marigolds are looking happy..

Not much going on today, except getting ready to go to Tonopah tomorrow.  We have a motel room so really not much getting ready..

Have a great day! 

Russell posted these on FB so I stole them! 
Russell, his best man George..Our son Eric and son Bryan
From the left...Lori's dad Bobby, mom Linda, Lori, Russell
me and Ken
Lori created this collage on FB...
Their oldest son, Jacob...15
Youngest son, Aaron 12
How quickly time passes...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Home for a few days! Happy 20th Anniversary Russell and Lori!

We were going to have a good breakfast before we left the campground but decided on yogurt and fruit instead. With that easy breakfast  I was able to get the trailer all cleaned up and ready to go for the next time before we left the campground at just a little after 1000. 
The sun going down

A different view of Washoe Lake..when we were leaving..

Mt Rose

Love the fencing..reminds me of Patsy's

It was a beautiful and easy drive home so we pulled in the driveway a little before 1130.  We were able to get the trailer dumped and everything emptied out of the frig etc before 1300 when we sat down to a salad lunch here at home. 
I have a few chives and some peppers popping up..:)

Ken did more stuff outside, me not so much.  Enjoyed the afternoon though, even though it was hot enough that we turned on the air conditioner.  It was close to 90 degrees..Guess I can't complain because I saw that in Fair Oaks, CA where my sister lives it was 100 degrees..too hot! 

About 1730 we went out back by the bunkhouse in the shade and sat there awhile watching the world go by and coming up with more projects..hahah..I think we decided to add a half porch onto the bunkhouse.  Take out the railing, move it sideways and add a few more feet so the porch will become L shaped just to give more sitting room.  So we'll see when that'll happen.  

Ken had leftovers of bar b que pork and mashed potatoes and I cooked a veggie burger made by Dr Prather, oh that was yummy!  

We'll be around the next couple of days and then head for Tonopah on Friday.  One of the benefits of this blog is neither one of us could remember what we did about eating last year.  I remembered we went out for breakfast both days but what about lunch or dinner?  Well, usually if we have a big breakfast that'll take us to dinner. So I looked back and found that we had a late lunch in Tonopah on Friday which would take us to breakfast the next day.  Works..still not sure what we did for dinner the next day, but i'm thinking we probably took some chicken or something with us.  So we'll figure that out for the weekend.  

At this point, Monday being Memorial Day we'll probably take the trailer back to Washoe Lake and spend the night.  We hope to meet our youngest son and family in Reno for lunch.  They'll be there all weekend for basketball with their boys.  

Time is moving so quickly!  This being Wednesday the 24th..Happy 20 year Anniversary to our youngest, Russell and his wife Lori!  Doesn't seem anyway possible they could be married that long.  HE was just an 18 year old Marine when they got married, they've done well and are happy :)

Happy 20 years Russell and Lori!

Lori's sister Christina and our middle son, Eric at the wedding..
and they've been married to each other 15years now :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A beautiful and warm day at Washoe Lake State Park

Monday, May 22nd we left the campground at about 0930 to get the Tundra to the dealership at 1000.  Took longer than normal as they have 7 openings for jobs but the guy told Ken nobody is biting.  I wouldn't think it would be a bad place to work, except being a sales person would suck in my opinion.  

We left there and headed to Tractor Supply.  I had bought a top there, then decided it's just not me..so I took it back.  Then we decided to head for Walmart in Gardnerville instead of shopping in Carson City.  Got our shopping done and then found the post office to mail a card to Russell and Lori.  Wednesday is their 20th wedding anniversary. Where does the time go?  

After that it's about 1300 so where to go for lunch?  Carson Valley Inn of course.  Then time to pick up the truck.  Another servicing done.  

We came back to camp and just enjoyed the afternoon.  Thought i'd get a little tan on my legs but the sun was too intense..so sat in the shade near the trailer and read my kindle and Ken watched a movie on his little dvd player.  

He bar b qued some chicken thighs for dinner and then it was time to call it a night.  

This morning (Tuesday) is a slow morning, because we only have to go 70 miles or so back home.  Going to be a really warm one.  We slept with the windows open all night and didn't turn the heater on this am.  

Better go home and check the plants, gotta feeling they'll be very thirsty.  
Cousins! 1970..Left to riight...Maryann..me..Susan (it's her 62nd Birthday today)
my sisters Wendy and Linda..

Monday, May 22, 2017

Washoe Lake State Park, NV

We left home about 1330 after our lunch of hummus veggie wraps! Yummy! I drove the Jeep Patriot and followed Ken pulling the Jayco.  We got here to Washoe Lake State Park just about 1500 hrs.  

Lots of people on the beaches of the lake.  Kayaks, boats, tubes and jet skis! So nice to see families out enjoying the lake as last year the lake was dry! Wouldn't believe it if we didn't see it for ourselves last year.  

Hard to believe this was dry last summer!

The mountain is Mt Rose we're looking at..

The ranger at the gate said Saturday night the campgrounds were full!  Sunday we were able to get the same site #1 that we got the last time we were here. It's got shade and sun so it's perfect for whatever you want.  

We dropped the truck and trailer and headed over to day use just to check it out.  It's so beautiful, hoping to bring the grandkids here this summer.  They'd have a ball in this lake.  Nevada usually has a lot of wind, but yesterday was perfect!  

We came back to camp and just enjoyed the afternoon sitting outside.  Ken bar b qued some boneless pork chops and corn on the cob. We had some mashed potatoes and gravy I made at home before we left yesterday.  Yummy dinner. 

When in NV..haha..interesting camper..

Grandson, Adam called last night as he had just gotten home from his Senior trip. They sure packed a lot into 3 days...Santa Cruz, Great America in San Jose and then San Francisco. He said he had the best time of his life!  Only 2 more weeks of school and on June 2nd he graduates high school.  I'm thinking there better be lots of tissues on hand.  He sent me these pics last night..:) 

Adam 2nd row 2nd from the left..

Adam in the back row..3rd from the left..

Adam 2nd row 1st on the left

Bottom row 1st on the left..flexing..:))

2nd row...on the right..crazy kids..
So this morning..get this done and get the Tundra to Carson City at 1000..a beautiful morning here.  Going to be about 85 degrees. Have a great day!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Armed Forces Day Hawthorne, NV

We left here about 0900 for the 50 mile trip or so to Hawthorne, NV.  A beautiful ride past Walker Lake.  It's nice and full from the rain and snow runoff.  Too bad fish don't live in the lake, too high of an alkali content.  You would think that there still would be watersports or something going on, but we've really never seen anything on the water.  Maybe this year.  They do have a couple of campgrounds there that have covers, fire rings and pit toilets.  

We arrived in Hawthorne and made a quick trip to the Ordnance Museum and then to the American Legion where we were going to meet our neighbor Joe and family for the parade.  

The parade started right at noon with a couple of flyovers by some old planes. Pretty cool!  Then for the next hour and a half or so we watched the parade.  Love these small town parades!  

After the parade we headed home, but first we went to Yerington and Pioneer Crossing for their one trip salad bar.  We had thought we'd eat in Hawthorne but decided any little restaurant there was going to be too busy.  Delicious salad bar at the Pioneer!  

We went by Susan's house to look at the project Ken has upcoming and then went through town and saw all the people and places readying up as the East Walker River is expected to flood next week.  A lot of work being done, sure hope it's not as bad as it appears people and businesses are shoring up for.  Two inmate crews in town from Carson City filling sand bags.  People filling and delivering bags to elderly.  Nice the way a small town pulls together. It won't affect us and those around us. 

Of course what would front porch sitting be without a beautiful sunset..This is what gets us into trouble..sitting on the front porch with wine, beer and sunsets..such is the life..

Warning: Picture Overload!

Stacey, Rylee in her lap and Staceys mom..
The restaurant put chairs out for anyone to sit..nice

Start of the flyover

Really cool the town had flags and streamers all down Main Street

This Monster Truck was so cool!

Of course, gotta love the little ones!

That's Rylee leading the group of Clampers...her daddy, Joe is one!

Since this was following can only assume this is a Clamper Trailer..

This is the Flag that greets you coming into town..this is the end of
the parade..

Loved this Daddy teaching the baby how to respect our Flag..
Baby holding Flag, Daddy holding baby...:)

As we were leaving town we saw a lot of people gathered at the park as you come into town..hands over there hearts, music playing and the flag was raising.  We didn't know it at the time, but apparently they have a ceremony taking the flag down before the parade and then one raising the flag again at the end of the parade..very cool! 

Time to get ready to head to Washoe State Park after lunch today!  I'm curious to see how much the water in the lake has risen since we were there last..

Have a wonderful day..we'll be enjoying this sunshine and temps about 80 degrees!