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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and a little quad ride..

Monday morning we headed to Dini's once again.  Joe was off and we thought why not?  Mason likes their number one and then he proceeds to make a couple of egg sandwiches with bacon.  After that we came home and other than me running up to Scolari's for some groceries for Thanksgiving day we were home. 

We see Mason periodically throughout the day, he hangs in the room that's designated for the boys and just seems to be relaxing, talking with friends on his phone and playing video games once in awhile.  He said he just wanted a relaxing few days and he's got it.  

I got some of the dishes ready for Thanksgiving like the spinach dip and prep work for the turkey and stuffing. I baked a ham and got it all cut up.  Thank goodness for the refrigerator in the Komfort fifth wheel, sure comes in handy on days like this.  

I made some baked chicken strips and oven fried french fries for dinner (we did see Mason then..hahah). About 2100 we hit the sack and fell right to sleep.  Of course when that happens I'm awake quite a bit of the night.  

Ken actually started the coffee this am about 0500 and when he turned on the news I woke up. Got the day going with our usual routine. 

I cooked some breakfast and then got going on stuffing the turkey and getting it started. Made some of Pioneer Woman's Restaurant style mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and who knows what else, seems I was in the kitchen all day.  

After our salad lunch we did go out with Mason for a quad ride. He rode mine, I rode Ken's and Ken rode Adam's.  A good ride for an hour or a little better.  It was a beautiful day today probably close to 60 or so.  By the time we got back, the turkey was ready to pull out of the oven. 
Mason and Papa, if you click on the pic you can see how high
we were from our neighborhood.

They're waiting on me..as I was slower..but I was trying to get
a pic!

A beautiful ride :)

Spent some time on that and getting things in the frig.  Tomorrow we'll put it all on ice and head for Rocklin, CA where we have a motel room for 2 nights.  Eric is going to pick up Mason from the motel to go home for a night before Thanksgiving. 

Delina Country Store where we love to go when we visit Don and Dana in TN posted a picture of Delina's girls...love it

 Hope you all have a great evening!  We're on the road tomorrow and looking forward to time with family on Thursday and then a little Black Friday shopping with my sisters on Friday.  

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Unexpected Company! :)) Happy Birthday Jacob..

Yesterday morning, Saturday we got up, visited with friends and got caught up on all that's going on with them.  Around 0800 got a text from daughter in law Christina who's married to our middle son Eric.  She asked what our plans were for Saturday and I texted back not much as we were going to be home.  A quick text back, "We're coming to spend the night"...Yay!  Such a surprise, but most definitely a welcome one!  

I ran to Scolari's to stock up on some food that we normally don't have in the house, such as lunch meat, real potato chips etc.  I bought a ham to cook for dinner (even though I have 3 in the freezer because they're so cheap right now).  Got back home and made a batch of cookies and brownies and got the ham ready to throw in the oven.  
Daughter in law Cheryl made me this
Christmas cozy..love it!

Eric, Chris, Seth and Mason all arrived here about 1230 just in time for lunch.  Sandwiches made we enjoyed catching up.  Ken and Eric went out to the woodpile and loaded some in the truck knowing we'd have a fire out back as it was cold!  

I pretty much got dinner done so I could enjoy the fire and the company.  Ham, mashed potatoes, mushroom green bean salad, great northern beans and rolls. When anybody was ready just pop it in the microwave quickly.  

We sat outside for hours with the fire going and beer and wine flowing! Had a great night and it was about midnight when Eric and I finally went to bed.  

Got up at 0500 and Eric was already in the living room and Christina was up too.  Got the coffee going, a little conversation and finally getting Ken out of bed as we had planned for breakfast at Dini's at 0630.  Why so early?  They had to head home early as Seth had a date with his sweetie coming over to the house.  
Ken, Seth, Eric, Christina and Mason 

We were just so happy they all came and even though it was short, it was awesome.  Mason is still here and he'll go over the hill with us on Wednesday.  
Frost out the window

Frost on the Money Pit

Today has been a really lazy day for me, even took a power nap in the bunkhouse as Ken had turned on the heat and it was just too cozy out there. Hope you all have a good one too!! 

Happy Birthday Jacob he turned 16 yesterday!  Russell, Lori, Jenn
Steve, Zach and Aaron in the back..Thanksgiving trip with friends
to visit breweries in Oregon and Thanksgiving at Fort Bragg, CA

Friday, November 17, 2017

Carson City, Gardnerville, CVI and a day at home today!

Got ourselves going yesterday heading to Carson City and Lowe's to pick up the concrete we were short for the sidewalk.  Headed to Gardnerville and Walmart for a few things.  I probably should be picking up more stuff, but just not in the mood for shopping.  Not a good thing, since Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming but oh well it'll get done one way or another.  
Kind of a dreary, cold sky yesterday

After Walmart it was getting to be close to 1300 hours so where else but Carson Valley Inn (CVI) for lunch.  Ken had an awesome chicken sandwich which was huge.  I did their cup of chili and a dinner salad. Perfect.  Out the door along with wine and a beer for under $20.00 with his senior discount.  Nice ride home and I took a nice nap..haha.  
Ken's huge chicken sandwich..looked so good w cheese and bacon!

The stew I had made in the am was smelling wonderful as we walked in the door.  Gotta love a crock pot for days like that.  We had picked up the movie "Bad Mom's" and watched that.  Not a movie to watch with children, but a funny adult movie! 

Easy evening and good stew for dinner then off to bed. 

This morning we awoke about 0500, visited with friends on the blogs and then got the day started.  Ken went outside to pour the rest of the sidewalk and I busied myself in the house.  I made some more broccoli tots as they were so good last time. I ran to Scolari's quickly, dropped off the movie and then picked up a little beer for Ken (gotta keep the crew happy, right?) 

My cousin had sent me a quilt my grandma (on my daddy's side) had made many years ago, guessing at least 60 as she went blind from diabetes when I was little.  Well, I don't know where it has been but it is really stained and stunk up our back bedroom.  Shame, but most of the staining is on the back side which is good.  I took it,  and our Christmas quilt to the laundromat in town.  Grandma's quilt weighs a ton so I knew it would never fit in our machine.  It still doesn't look great, but it smells so much better.  We put it in the sun to dry, so we'll see what happens next.  Love the thought that she made it, but ....

I started to paint the towel holder for the outhouse today, I thought Eric made it in high school, but I can see Bryan made it in the 9th grade which would put it at 29 years old. Ken glued it up and now it's ready to go.  
Towel holder for the outhouse..

Ken got the sidewalk done and it's looking good.  Was a really cold day today and expected to be 18 degrees in the am.  He went out and covered the newly poured concrete as it could pop the top off from the cold.  
The new pour..

We've had a fire going all day as I don't think it warmed past the mid 40's.  Hope you all in the south and south west are enjoying your temps! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Winnemucca and home again!

After a wonderful breakfast at Dini's (Thanks Susan)! We got home and got ready to head for Winnemucca.  No hurry, we could drive that drive with our eyes closed.  We were headed for the New Frontier RV Park. Got there about 1400 or so and got our spot #29.  With our Passport America pass and winter rates we only paid $10.64 out the door for a beautiful full hook up site with cable and gorgeous restrooms and showers.  
New Frontier RV Park, in Winnemucca, NV

Not really busy, 

We ran over to Ridleys and picked up a baked chicken to have with salad for dinner.  Headed back to camp and enjoyed the evening with dinner and tv.  

My appointment was for 0800 yesterday so we read some blogs and then went to the office.  Had coffee and breakfast in the camper.  Ken ran to the bank and I was ready to leave by the time he got back.  

On the way home we stopped at Lowe's in Fernley and picked up 15 bags of concrete for the little walkway between the bunkhouse and the outhouse.  Got home in time for a late salad lunch. 

I washed some dishes and put them back into the trailer.  Figured while I was in there might as well clean it for the next time, I had nothing else to do right? Turns out I forgot I had put three eggs on to boil for salads later in the week.  Well, guess what happens when you leave eggs boiling for who knows how long and there's no water left in the pan?  You come back in to a dry pan that smells and exploded hard boiled eggs all over the kitchen!!  What a mess!  Guess that'll teach me I hope!! 

Had dinner of left over chicken and salad. A little tv and time to call it a night. 

Wednesday, we awoke at about 0500 and had our coffees and visiting with our blogging friends.  After breakfast Ken went outside to start the sidewalk project.  I ran to Scolari's for a few things and made some banana bread.  Got the stuff going for a pork stew for tomorrow to go in the crock pot.  We try to stay away from beef as much as possible (except a burger now and then).  

Ken worked most of the day on the sidewalk, and we're probably 10 bags of concrete short, so they'll be a trip to Lowe's and tomorrow we have to go to Gardnerville to pick up a prescription.  

Russell posted on Facebook this morning that our grandson Aaron's basketball team is being sponsored by Nike! Not sure what it all means but Russell was certainly excited. 

Have a great evening! 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Basketball, Owens Party, Cool, CA and back home again!

Saturday morning I woke up in Antelope, CA at Russell's house.  I got up and made a cup of coffee in Lori's Keurig and I have to say it was delicious!  She's the only one in the house that drinks coffee so I can see where that would work well for her.  Found 3 boys asleep on the couch, Jacob was the only one who went to his room for the night.  

Got Aaron and Mason up at 0630 to get ready to leave the house and head for the basketball game in Rocklin.  We had to be there at 0730 and the game was at 0800.  Win Win!  The boys played awesome with Aaron playing most of the game.  52-37! 
Caught Mason in a pensive moment..watching the game



Once it was over we headed back to Antelope so i could get Jacob to his basketball practice in Roseville, CA at 1100.  We dropped him at 1015 or so as we had to be back in Rocklin for the second game at 1040. Again, win win! 42-13 or close!  Aaron played in the first quarter but then because it was obvious they were going to win, the coach put in players that don't get to play very often.  I like that about a coach, how else are kids gonna get better if they don't get to play?  These games were for the middle school Aaron attends.  Russell texted yesterday afternoon as Aaron had 1 more game and they were the champs 3 of 3!!

Ok, now we're done and hungry.  I stopped at In and Out for the boys and I got a salad at Wendy's so we went back to Russell and Lori's to eat and then to pick up Jacob at 1500.  Once that was done came back to the house for a bit until it was time to head for Owen's birthday party.  Jacob thought he'd stay home and play his video game rather than go there or up to Cool after the party.  (His parents changed his plans for him and he had to go to a family party with them for his cousin Marissa) hah..

The rest of the boys and I headed for Mark and Monica's Pizza in Carmichael and celebrated Owen's 3rd Birthday.  That boy is a cutie!  He greeted everyone and took their package and opened it right away.  I like that as each person sees him open a gift and the excitement in that little one.  
Owen getting Tasha with the abdominal snowman...scary hahah

Owen posing with wrapping paper..

That abdominal snowman was his favorite gift that night..

So expressive 


The baby is blurry but she was so cute..Owen didn't like her that night
You know ...stealing his thunder..hahah..

Visited with family and friends and then it was time to head up the hill to our middle son's home to spend the night.  Eric and Christina were sitting outside enjoying the night and a fire.  Eric fixed me up a glass of wine and I joined them.  A little while later he fired up the 61 Chevy Impala we gave him a few years ago.  He's been working on it and it runs smooth.  Cosmetic work and a little electric work is still needed but it's going to be wonderful.  He took Mason and me for a ride on their private roads just to show me how good it runs.  I told him i don't think I've been in that car in 30 years or more.  We decided a few years ago to give the kids what they want now rather than waiting until we die, otherwise the 61 would still be sitting rather than getting worked on. Much better choice we think.  Same with the 76 Jeep we have, Russell will be getting that at his home soon.  Bryan has gotten a few things as well.  

Woke up in Cool yesterday and after Eric got off to work, Christina, the boys and I headed for Auburn and had a great breakfast at Sierra Grill.  Then Aaron and I said good bye to them and I took Aaron back to Antelope.  Had a nice little visit with Russell and Lori and back on the road around 1000.  

Nice drive to Reno and then to Gardnerville where I picked up 2 prescriptions we need.  Got a 20 pound turkey for Thanksgiving too.  Stopped at Scolari's in Yerington to pick up another ham, because they had them for 99 cents a pound. Finally, home!  

Ken had gotten the water service dug, connected and buried while I was gone. So we sat out back by the new outhouse and actually it got used!  Awesome to have a working bathroom back there!  

After a few hours we came inside and I threw together some tacos for dinner and that's all she wrote! Bedtime!  

Woke up in my own bed this am about 0430 and woke Ken at 0500 with coffee. Joe came over last night so we're meeting in town for breakfast at 0815.  Then we'll come back here and get ready to head for Winnemucca as tomorrow is lab work for my doctor  appointment after Thanksgiving. Time to get ready.  Have a wonderful day!   

Friday, November 10, 2017

Joe's graduation and Happy 16th Birthday Seth!

Thursday morning we got our stuff together and out into the cabover camper.  We knew we had only about an hour and a half of a drive, but also knew we wanted to make sure we were there in plenty of time to make it to the Carson Nugget somewhere around 1200 or so.  

We left home at about 0830 or so and headed out.  Ken had the Tundra and cabover on the trailer and I had the blue Jeep Patriot.  We were able to pull straight into site #1 and there we were.  It was cold, so turned the heater on and then got ready to go.  

Put ourselves into the Jeep and headed the 7 minutes or so to the Carson Nugget.  Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Susan (Stacey's mom) were already there along with Joe's mom and step dad.  Grabbed our seats and waited for the ceremony to begin.  Turns out it started just about 1300 and then they had you go table by table through the buffet line.  Great food and the way they had it set up not much waiting for food.  Food was awesome! Fresh cooked and tasty.  
Joe, Rylee and Stacey

Joe's stepdad, Jeff, Joe's mom, and brother Philip..

Once everyone got their food they restarted the ceremony and once most people were finished they presented the class of cadets.  Very nice and it kept moving along.  

Once that was over we decided to go celebrate his new status with a beer or two (not me)..We met at Cactus Jacks and then headed to Fox Brew Pub.  Joe definitely was enjoying his beers but after two we left and headed back to camp.  Ken made a lovely fire and we enjoyed being outside.  Without the fire, we would have been inside the camper.  Eventually we did go inside and just had a little snack of crackers and cheese. 
Clouds at the campground

Our site..

Set the alarm for 0400 this am, visited with our blogging friends and then we headed to Dennys in town for a quick breakfast before I left for CA.  We don't eat there very often and now remember why.  On top of the fact that it's on the expensive side ( I did have a coupon for $5.00 off)..it was very salty and I mean very!  

Dropped Ken off at the campground so he could get things tied down and off I went to CA.  Nice drive but lots of trucks on highway 80. Not my kind of drive anymore.  Spoiled I guess.  Picked up some donuts for the boys and arrived at Russell's house at just about 0930.  I had Jacob at basketball practice a little before 1100 (Eric picked him up at 1500) and then we headed over to the Carmichael area.  We had a few minutes to stopped at Ross to see if I could find any Christmas gifts. Found a couple of little dolls for a 1 and 2 year old, but that's about it.  

Got to Garcia's about 1145 and a few minutes later Chris and the birthday boy showed up in his new to him, Jeep Cherokee.  Nice! He takes his driver test on December 4th so then he can drive himself to school!  We went inside and
spent a nice couple of hours there with friends and family!  
Birthday Boy Seth and girl friend Jordan

Friends and family..

Eric our middle son

Gage..he sure loves the big boys...



Mom Christina and Eric

Seth's new to him 2002 Jeep Cherokee..

After that we came back to Russ and Lori's for a while and then Eric and Chris left, and I took Seth's girl friend home a little later.  I had given Jacob his birthday $ because we won't see him next week.  He had that money burning a hole in his pocket so we stopped at game stop and he bought a video game.  Dropped Jordan in Lincoln and headed back home.  Dinner was simple tonight, Little Caesar's Pizza. 
What the boys do waiting for the video game to load

Today was little Owen's 3rd birthday.  We'll see him tomorrow evening for his celebration. 

The boys are in the living room with the new game and I'm about to call it a night.  Tomorrow got to have Aaron at 0730 and the day progresses from there. Hope you all had a great day, we did!

Seth through a few years:

Seth and his birthday buddy Owen..3 yrs ago..

Seth on the back 
Seth today..with his 2002 Jeep Cherokee

Seth and Mason when they were much younger..

Antoine, Michael, Russell and Steve..4 founders of Sacramento
Beer Enthusiasts in Sparks, NV making a new beer at Revision Brewery..
looks like a good time was had by all!

A note from this am...Yesterday, Friday Novemeber 10th was the holiday for Veteran's Day.  Today, November 11th is actually Veteran's Day.  The Kay and the Phillips family have many Veterans in our 2 families.  We celebrate each and every one and sincerely Thank them for their service and sacrifice! It's a day to remember and Never Forget....