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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not a whole lot going on..

Tuesday morning we did our usual coffee, banana bread and computer.  We love starting the day this way so easy going.  WE like looking at the blogs of other people we follow, it's like checking in with old friends even though most we haven't met yet.  

So, up and at em.  Breakfast eventually, then Ken headed for town and got his blood tests and ekg done for his surgery next week.  I made some good for you apple oatmeal muffins.  No sugar, only the natural from unsweetened applesauce and apples.  It calls for 1 egg, but i'll use either egg beaters or egg white instead.  

When he got home he turned on the a/c in the Jayco and got the shop vac out.  We are trying to determine if our little friends (NOT) have been caught or not.  He got two of the little monsters so far.  So we'll see this am when he goes back out to check.  uhhh...( update, 1 more caught)..

We had some hummus wraps for lunch.  I swear the only place I can find the wraps we like is Wal Mart.  So far no one else seems to carry this brand.  I stayed inside and cleaned things like the ceiling fan in the kitchen.  How quickly that ugly thing attracts grease and dirt.  

Ken came inside around 1500 and did some bills etc.  Really hot outside.  

WE thought we'd sleep in the bunkhouse, just because we can but got started watching "Ode to Billy Joe".  Thinking I've seen bits and pieces over the years, but never the whole movie, and Ken hadn't seen any of it.  Really a good, simple movie based on the song by Bobbie Gentry.  By the time the movie was over it didn't make any sense to walk out there just to fall asleep.  So we went to our room instead.  

This morning (Wed) I actually slept in until 0530! Yay..Now to see what the day brings there than a really smoky beginning.  Fires from CA and NV are making most of NV covered in smoky skies.  
Our sunrise this am...usually it's so bright you can't look out the kitchen

Out the back door this am..no mountains to be seen here

Have a great day! 
Eric and family went to a River Cats game in Sac last night..
Sis in law Diane hooked them up with tickets..Eric had to
work this am..better man than me on a work night..
Russell's boys said, Oh Dad it's summer let's
go night fishing..nevermind Russell had to go
to work this am..That's what Daddy's do..

Jacob and his catch..apparently Aaron didn't get any

Jacob and a HUGE fish!
From the other day, when Ken tied into the sewer line for
later on when we can get the outhouse going..

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ken's got a surgery date

Yesterday morning (Monday) we got up and got our coffee's, computing and exercising done.  Then we got ready to pick up Joe and Rylee next door for breakfast at Dini's in town.  We invited them the night before since we knew Joe would be leaving for another 2 weeks of wild land firefighting.  We picked them up at 0830 and met up with Stacey's mom, Susan there too.  Stacey is working summer school in town so she's the only one not at breakfast.  We had some nice conversation and a great breakfast as always.  3 of us got their $2.99 special and Joe and Susan had their other special of scrambled eggs with ham on a biscuit and covered in homemade gravy...yumm and of course Joe sat right across from me making me drool...that's the one indulgence I have to wait till I can't stand it anymore and then i'll order a side. Tough being good.

After breakfast, we dropped Joe and Rylee at home and then headed to Gardnerville and Walmart.  We got out of there about 1245 and headed across the way to Ken's surgery appointment scheduled for 1320.  He had paperwork to fill out and he saw the Dr.  about 1330.  

He's got a surgery appoint for 1300 on the 25th of this month!  Dr. is going to take care of the hernia that's hurting him badly and will do the other one at a later date.  He could have done both, but his recommendation was to wait as the recovery would be really painful to both.  No problem.  We're just happy we don't have to wait months to get it done.  

So, once he was out we headed to Carson Valley Inn for a linner (combination lunch and dinner).  As always delicious and no food needed the rest of the day! 

Home and relaxing for the rest of the evening.  

We had thought about heading for Wildhorse Reservoir and checking it out, but because of the quick surgery date we decided against that for now.  When we go we'd like not to be in hurry and if we want to go somewhere else we can. 

Ken ordered some new boots from Cabela's so we may take the trailer to Washoe Lake State Park and stay a few days and get a few things done..one being picking up his boots.  Cabela's can be a dangerous store for Ken, so i'll have to get him there when his money is running low ...hahaha..

He's got some blood work and ekg for this morning so he'll into the little hospital in town and hopefully get that done.  

Woke up to a cooler morning which was nice but they'll still expecting 98 degrees this afternoon..uhhh..with winds.  
This was 4  years ago, we rode the gondola at Mammoth Mountain
Aaron and Jacob..it went to 13000 feet.  The boys loved it!

And just because he's so cute, Owen!

Adam at the concert on Sunday

Love this pic of Owen and his mommy, Chelsea

Daughter in law Christina with her new bangs..
looks good!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Breakfast, Antique Store, Lake Lahontan and more..

Yesterday, Saturday the 15th we left here about 0630 heading to Fallon and breakfast at Stockman's Casino.  We've been there several times for lunch and the food is always good. We ordered their casino special which consisted of 2 eggs, potatoes (with bell pepper and onion), your choice of sausage or bacon and french toast or mini pancakes. It was good, but the bacon smelled very smoky and the sausage had some weird hard things in the links.  I don't eat the bacon but even Ken wasn't crazy about it..but for $3.49 with a players card not a bad deal.  We have a card but we don't play, but we'll take advantage of the specials.  Coffee was only 48 cents for Ken so we got out of there under $10.00. I'll take it.

We headed over to the sale and found it wasn't what we thought it was.  A couple of times a year the antique store holds a big sale and invites other vendors in to sell antiques in a yard sale setting.  This was more of a garage sale setting and not many vendors.  We browsed everything and ended up with nothing.  Oh well..

My sister Wendy and her husband Shawn will be retiring in a few years.  Shawn loves the gun laws and other things about NV so they'll be out in a bit to see some little towns and decide where they may want to live.  Shawn was born and raised in Minnesota so I thought he'd want to move there, but he doesn't like the winters.  

Wendy had been looking on the internet and found this house in Fallon.  Since we were there we decided to drive by and take a picture.  It needs tons of work. I did like where it sits out in the country.  Today I saw there is a sale pending. which i'm thinking is a good thing for Shawn and Wendy.  Think they may need more of a move in ready home. I do like the country side of Fallon. 
Downtown Fallon, NV

The house Wendy liked..kinda cool, but would take so much
work..10 acres of overgrown desert.

Drove by Lake Lahontan which is definitely higher than we've ever seen it! 
Lake Lahontan so full..

This is right near Highway 50..amazing

After that we decided to head for Lowe's in Fernley so Ken could get some plumbing stuff to cut in a fitting for a new sewer line to where the out house will be.  Got what we needed and then it was 1300.  We were hungry but not starving, so opted for Pioneer Crossing and their 1 trip salad bar for lunch. 

After that we headed home and by then the day was done pretty much.  Had some leftover meatloaf and I made a veggie burger for dinner.  

We watched some of the old movies we made again when the grandkids were young.  WOW...then off to bed in the guest room as it was still so hot.  

This morning I slept until 0400.  Believe me i want to sleep longer, just my body wakes up and won't let me go back to sleep.  So I tossed and turned till 0520 then started the coffee.  

Ken tied into the sewer line this morning before it go unbearably hot.  He had to run to ACE hardware in town and on the way back he called and I started his poached eggs.  We had breakfast and then I thought how about if I use the blower on the front deck and patio area (why did I do that?)..hot!  Got it done and asked Ken if there were any cold Corona Light out in the garage frig.  It was about 1215 and I was dying of thirst.  I know it's early, but water just didn't cut it.  We sat on the front porch swing and drank our beers.  Not quite finished our neighbor, Joe walked over.  He's been gone the last two weeks fighting the wild land fires in NV.  He works for Nevada Division of Forestry and is charge of an inmate crew.  He's home for 2 days and back out for 14.  So hot, I can't even imagine doing his job.  He's tough, and so is wife Stacey who holds down the fort while he's gone. 

Stacey walked over as they were getting ready to pick up their daughter Rylee from her grandma's in town.  Well, being it was so hot talked them into a few beers too.  Actually wasn't too hard to talk Joe into a beer or two as he hasn't had any in at least two weeks. 
Joe and the fire behind

Rylee drew this pic of her dad fighting fires..love
it ..she's 7..

Stacey and some well deserved beers ..haahah
Not all were hers..

They left, we ran into town to do a refill on beer and wine in case they come back over later. A few treats for Rylee too.  

Now we're in the air-conditioning just relaxing. Nice. 
Nephew Dusty and Owen attended "Ain't dead yet"
some tribute for the Grateful Dead..
Adam came and his buddy Owen was happy..:)

Pic is kinda dark but if you enlarge you can see
they have the same smile..love it

Friday, Our son Eric and family decided to get away from the heat in Cool, CA and head for Pt. Reyes National Seashore for the day.  So below are some pics from that trip...

The boys headed down to the lighthouse..

Mason and his mom

300 steps down to the lighthouse...300 steps up..

Seth and Mason on the lighthouse..

Seth and Mason

Our beautiful sunset...

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Another Hot one in Nevada...

Yesterday morning I was awake about 0300 and just couldn't go back to sleep.  I hate nights like that, but whatcha gonna do.  Wait until a respectable time (0500) and wake your hubby up to have coffee and banana bread. 

Got the day started and knew it was going to be close to 100 degrees again so I decided to cook dinner in the morning.  During my awake time after 0300 I decided turkey meatloaf and grilled veggies would make a good dinner.  Ken watered all the trees and garden, I made our breakfast. He had his 3 poached eggs and toast and I decided for a change of oatmeal and fresh fruit. Yummy. Then I got started on the meatloaf. Haven't made it in forever, but just kinda threw the basics in and a little jalapeƱo for kick.  Put them in the oven and made our salad stuff for lunch.  Jumped in the shower. 

Then it was time to tackle the bedroom.  In looking for my tennis shoes that morning, I looked under our bed and decided it was time for a deep cleaning.  Our bedroom is in the back of the house, and there's a screen door right by it.  The wind blows right in the screen door most of the time and the sand gets under the bed..yuk.  It's amazing how in such a short period that happens.  Moved the bed, turned the mattress and washed all the bedding. Don't ya just love the feel of clean sheets?! 
Ken's been checking the poison in the trailer daily, seems whatever is out there is still running around.  He ran to the hardware store and got some sticky poison, so maybe he'll catch one or more of whatever they are.  I'm not going camping again, till I know whatever it is has left, one way or another..uhh

Did typical cleaning, lunch and then some other things.  Around 1500 Ken came in with our old video camera that we bought about a year after Adam was born. Ohoh.. there goes the rest of the afternoon.  For the next two hours or so we watched videos of Adam, Seth and Jacob..Seth was about 8 months old and Adam had just turned 3.  Wow how time flies.  

We watched the news (why I don't know), happy hour and finally had our delicious dinner (if I do say so myself).  Off to bed.  About 0100 Ken woke me up and said "It's hot, let's go to the spare room".  He had already turned on the A/C..I grabbed a sheet and threw it on us, until about 0300 when I got up and grabbed a little blankie because I was cold, but then couldn't go back to sleep.  So just about 0400 I decided to get up and start the day. 

We're running over to Fallon (about 50 miles) to a little antique store over there that we like and twice a year they have several other vendors come over and sell their wares.  It's where we bought the bed frame for the bunk house last year and my dresser for our bedroom.  So just for fun let's go look and we'll take the truck just in case :)  We've decided to go out to breakfast at this casino in Fallon that we like, but haven't been too in a long while.  

Just turned on the coffee, cut the banana bread and gonna get this posted.  Have a great Saturday!! 

A boy and his dog...Adam and Raider :)

After Russell dropped the kids off back at home in Cool on Thursday, they headed down to their neighbors pond and did some more fishing.  This time Mason got lucky and caught fish.  Eric said they caught about 40 between them.  Not sure how long they were out there, but they're persistent.  Eric met up with them after work, and even drove the 61 Chevy Impala.  He's working on it as he has time. 

Mason and one of his beauties


Mason, again..

And a frog he caught...hahaha...

Good thing these are all catch and release! 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Happy 39th Birthday to our baby boy!

This morning (Thursday) we actually slept in until about 0600.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache so I took a couple of Motrin and went back to bed.  Had our coffees and computer.  I went out to the garage and treadmill. That doesn't happen when the boys are here, as I'm usually making breakfast.  So now back to the routine.  Ken is usually out there either before or after me, but with his hernia hurting I told him to "listen to his body".  He gets enough exercise around here he doesn't need to add to it. 

After breakfast I made some banana bread to have with our coffees. Looks like it turned out ok, we'll see in the am.  

Ken made a run to the dump mainly with garbage and I ran to Scolari's for some veggies and stuff.  Home to make our salads for lunch.  

Some work around the house and now it's time to call it a day.  Nice to be at home in this hot weather with our a/c.  

Today is our youngest son's Russell's 39th Birthday.  Hard to believe our baby is 39!  How on earth did that happen?!  He is a charmer and just an awesome young man.  We always tease that once he discovered his voice he's never quit talking.  In 1985 when we went to Arkansas with my parents we used to have to switch him back and forth between our car and my parents because we could only handle the talking for so long..hahaha.  When he was little he said he was going to grow up and join the Marines and he did before he graduated and then left for boot camp not too long after graduation.  He used to sign his letters, Love your baby boy, the tough ass Marine.. Seriously he's a great husband, dad and son.  How did we get so lucky.  Happy Birthday Russell!! 

He took today off work and took his boys and Seth and Mason fishing too at a pond near Seth and Mason's house.  It appears they had a good time.  We gave him some money for his birthday and he's going to use it on more fishing equipment.  So good for him.  So a few pictures below that I stole from FB.  

The Birthday Boy..






This pic showed up on FB from 5 years ago when we were at Coos Bay, Oregon with a group of friends riding quads..the good ole days..

 He didn't get pictures of Seth's fish and Mason didn't catch any this time.  Hopefully next time!  
Russell's Birthday lunch at In and Out..gotta say food looks good
and lots of it!  
I forgot this the other day, Ken got the air conditioner into the bunk house while I was gone with the boys fishing on Monday.  Now, this is nice to have.  So we've got a/c...heating and a tv that gets about 8 stations or so. Pretty nice for a bunk house.  Now, once Ken gets his surgery and recovery over we'll get the outhouse going.