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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A trip to Carson City and outhouse planning...

Monday morning we got up around 0800!!  I did toss and turn a lot and when that happens I tend to fall back to sleep close to the time we want to get up.  Oh well, then time for coffee and computing.  Gotta see what our blogging friends have been up to right?!  Then breakfast and usual morning stuff. I ran to town and picked up a few things. 
When we got home had the cutest card from our oldest son, Bryan and family.

Love this..

Even has the recipe for biscuits and gravy! 

Ken went outside and used some of our new piping for dumping the trailer from our little trip.  He plans on putting a clean out there so that will make it easier for dumping.  We have one near the house that he put in so now we'll have two!  This one he can drive right up to and the other he would back up and had to have bricks there to make it lean the right way.  

He got ten more feet of pipe in the ground for a total of 50 foot.  

I had salad for lunch and he got another bologna sandwich.  There's enough for 1 more sandwich so he'll have that tomorrow.  Easy afternoon and then leftovers for dinner.  Some television and then bedtime. 

Today, (Tuesday) we set the alarm for 0530.  I got up and started the coffee I made last night.  Well, at least i thought I did, turns out I forgot to put the coffee in, so made it again..

One of our blogger friends "Our Awesome Travels" made some 15 bean soup the other day.  In all my years we've never used those beans, so yesterday while at the grocery store I bought a package. So this morning I rinsed the beans that were soaking all night and threw them in the crockpot.  Got the ham bone going to loosen some of the meat. Added some celery, onions and jalapeƱo to the mix.  Let the ham cook awhile and then got the meat off and threw the whole thing in the crockpot.  It smells delicious! More of a stew than a soup it looks like. 
Dinner tonight (Thanks George!)

We left here headed for Carson City to make a trip to Walmart and Lowe's.  Beautiful day and cool!  You can tell fall is in the air!  We picked up some more piping for the outhouse and some vent pipe! Yay!  Getting closer.  

1300 hours we ended up at our favorite place in Carson City for Chinese food.  So much I couldn't finish it so we've got more leftovers.  

Once we got home, Ken unloaded the stuff into the garage and then we met out back by the bunkhouse to decide on the size for the outhouse.  Looks like we've settled on 4x6.  4 foot in the front and six foot out to the back.  Should be enough room for a toilet and a sink.  What else do you need right? 
The layout..4ft wide 6 foot long..That piece of wood is
approximately where the toilet would go..

Now to get this done and get on with the evening. Hope your day was wonderful, ours was. 

Sunset last night

Good night...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

If it's bologna sandwiches it must be our Anniversary!

                  Guess I'm going to have to warn of picture overload!

Last Tuesday I posted a few pictures of threatening clouds and boy did it thunder and lightning for quite awhile.  We sat on the front porch and enjoyed!  

Wednesday morning we got ourselves out of bed and finished loading the trailer with some groceries.  We headed to the Walmart in Gardnerville and picked up a few goodies.  It was just a bit after 1300 so we pulled over on highway 88 and fixed a little lunch.  We were only about 1/2 hour away from our destination.  It looked like we were going directly towards a big thunder storm the way the clouds were building.  
Out of Minden headed up the mountain

Our lunch spot!

Looks scary...but we got nothing..

woodfords, CA

It was really surprising how many people were camping.  We did find ourselves a nice site and settled in.  We stayed at Indian Creek Campground near Markleeville.  It's the same campground we were at earlier in the summer with the grandsons.  It's a nice NFS campground so because of Ken's America the Beautiful Senior Pass it was only $10.00 a night.  There are showers available and running water for filling jugs etc.  No hookups but we've got our own. No phone service or tv either.  
Indian Creek Lake

Reading my Kindle, enjoying the fire


We enjoyed the afternoon just relaxing and that evening Ken bar b q ed some excellent burgers.  We had homemade potato salad to go with them too.  It was cool enough that we were able to build a fire which was really nice.  

Thursday morning we slept in until 0745! Yikes!  Had our selves some breakfast and I made Ken a tuna sandwich and salad for me.  We were taking a drive to Monitor Pass and thought we'd have lunch somewhere along there.  Monitor Pass is beautiful and has a lot of Aspen groves so we thought we'd see if they were changing yet.  Nope..still green.  The really sad thing is over the years they've had a few fires so a lot of burnt country.  We pulled over at the overlook and we could still smell the fire from the last couple of weeks.  So sad..
On the way to Monitor Pass


Can't wait for those aspens to change 

Another aspen grve..

This used to be sagebrush...

Monitor Pass

Markleeville, CA

It was still early so we headed back to camp and decided to go over on the other side of the lake and have lunch outside.  A little windy, but doable. Enjoyed the sun a bit and then headed back to our site. We sat around discussing what to do with the next few days, or did we want to continue on to somewhere else. We decided not to go anywhere, but use this as a base camp. Fine with me.  
Indian Creek Lake

Where we had lunch :)

The lake is so pretty this year..

Ken enjoying his fire..

Our spot..

Ken bar b q ed some awesome chicken for dinner and a repeat with the fire.  

Friday morning we awoke at 0730 got ourselves ready and then we were going to take a drive up to Silver Lake along CA 88.  My phone was acting up before we left home (so even though we had no service, when we'd leave camp we would have a few min)..so we changed our minds and decided to drive to Carson City where there's a corporate office of Verizon.  We found it and they changed out the sim card and all working great now.  So that put us in Minden at about 1230 so we decided to head to Carson Valley Inn (CVI) and have us lunch out.  Then back to camp and some more relaxing. After a big lunch we weren't hungry for dinner so just had some cheese and crackers later in the evening. 

Saturday morning had our coffee, breakfast, showers etc. and then decided to head up the road and take the drive we didn't yesterday. We have always enjoyed that drive it's so beautiful.   We didn't take lunch as we planned on being back by 1300 or so.  Beautiful drive, and we went through some campgrounds, obviously built before people were rving in trailers, campers etc.  Tents could fit nicely but hard put even for small rv's.  We used to go to the Silver Lake Campground way back when, but then we were in tents and these people are packed in like sardines. 
Red Lake...

Woods Lake

Campground sites...no thanks..

Silver Lake

Our expensive drinks :(

Looking over the highway to the mountains...


Kayaking at Caples Lake

Overlook of Red Lake

We stopped at Carson Lodge and restaurant where we've had lunch before.  We didn't plan on eating as a special lunch was happening at the trailer.  We figured we'd get a glass of wine and a beer and enjoy the view.  Well, we got the glass and the beer but boy did we pay for it!  $18.32 for that!  You've got to be kidding me!  I know we didn't pay like that when we had lunch or we never would have gone back and now we never will!  So after choking and paying, we enjoyed ourselves looking at the lake and the area.  

We headed back to the trailer and arrived a little before 1300.  Time to get those special bologna sandwiches made!  Today, the 16th is our 45th wedding anniversary.  Where does the time go!?  

45 years ago we headed for Carson City with my family and his.  Got married and then Ken and I headed for Burroughs Resort in Tahoe Vista and stayed in a cabin (he worked there between his sophomore and junior year summer).  On the way to the cabin we stopped at Safeway and got some bologna, bread, eggs and cheese.  Our wedding dinner consisted of bologna sandwiches. The next morning he made scrambled eggs with cheese and bologna.  That's why once a year we have bologna sandwiches for lunch to celebrate those beginnings. :)
Bologna sandwiches...:)))

A new IPA for the hubby..

Thanks for the chairs Eric and Christina! 

For dinner he bar b q ed some delicious pork that had been marinating for a few days.  I made some mashed potatoes and some italian green beans and great northern beans.  We were stuffed!  Had a fire again which was awesome!

This morning (Sunday) we didn't wake up until 0800!! Good thing we didn't have far to go!  hahahah..  Had some banana bread with our coffee and then got going cleaning up and taking our time.  We had decided to do the bologna sandwiches one more day.  Check out was 1300 hours so we figured on having lunch at 1200.  It was delicious!  About 1230 we left there and headed home. 

Cleared out the trailer and now just relaxing and catching up. A lot of relaxing this last week.  Too much good eating and good drinking!  Tonight Ken's bar b qiing some burgers to get this vacation ended on a good note :)  Tomorrow, back to the good ways.  Dr appt in six weeks or so. 

Guess i'll be looking for new health insurance  this year. Got notice from my insurance company rates are going up about $75.00 a month for just me and it doesn't cover anything.  Basically catastrophic.  uhhh...