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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Jacob's swearing in..Back home and Sad News....

Tuesday morning we were out of the motel about 0700.  We figured traffic would be bad with the morning commute.  We arrived at MEPS about 0730.  I told Ken I was paying for parking this time. No more 6 mile walks (LOL).  He didn't argue with me as after the last time he knew better haha. 

Russell, Lori, Aaron and Allissa got there about 0800 and we went to get in line.  Grandpa Bobby showed up a few minutes later.  The Security person told us they were running late, we were fine outside.  A little later they let us in and there was Jacob.  He was able to visit with us until it was time. 

We and four other families were in the same room we were in when Seth got sworn in.  There were a lot more young people getting sworn in but they used other rooms. It's not a long ceremony but very moving! :) 

Jacob 💙

Jacob and Allissa 💖

Jacob and his brother Aaron 

Jacob and Grandpa Bobby

Once he was done swearing in, there were hugs all around.  It was tough saying good bye but again we are all so proud of him for making this decision to serve the country as a Sailor. :)

We headed for Russell's house as he was putting in a new toilet in the boys bathroom.  Ken offered to help and then said we'd go to lunch after.  Lori and Allissa went for a 5 mile walk, and I read my book.  

The boys finished the toilet and the girls got back, perfect timing.  We all headed for Garcia's. Luckily our favorite server, Chris was there so Ken and I had our drinks right after we sat down. :)  We enjoyed the conversation, food and drinks. Russell got texts from Jacob so we knew he was at the airport waiting to fly to Great Lakes, Illinois.  
Russell, Allissa and Lori...💗

After lunch we said our goodbyes and we headed home.  A nice drive and we were home about 1745.  Karen had texted and said John was home and they had a fire going outside.  We unloaded the car and then joined them for Happy Hour.  A great day all the way around.  

This morning I awoke around 0600, we had our coffees and visited with our blogging friends to see where everyone is and what they're up to.  The day started and just flew by.  Ken washed a couple of vehicles and some other stuff outside in the cold.  I was inside most of the day doing some cooking. He wanted spaghetti squash boats for dinner.  We saw them on "The Kitchen" and they looked yummy.  Lots of cheese but still low carb.  They look delicious so we'll see in a bit. :) 
Broccoli, cheese, chicken spaghetti squash

I got a text later in the morning telling us that one of our friends and pretty much the first blogger I had ever followed way back when had passed away this morning :(  We've been watching this journey for the last few months.  

George, the author of  Our Awesome Travels was one of the nicest people we've ever met, along with his wife, Suzie. George always had a smile on his face and was always so happy and that smile proved it! :)  Talk about a half full type of man! He loved his life, his wife and his family.  I'm so glad we got to meet them and to spend time with them the last couple of winters in AZ.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Suzie and family in Canada. 💗💗 

Have a good night! 

Monday, January 13, 2020

Campfire, In Sacramento for Jacob's swearing in..Seth called..a new blog writer...

Aaron, Russell, Lori, Jacob!
Our new Navy Family 💙

Sunday morning we awoke around 0600 and took some time getting going. Coffee's, computing, then on to breakfast.  The days go so quickly! Ken worked on firewood and I changed out bedding in the house.  

Around 1530 Ken decided to get a fire going out back so I texted Karen to invite her over to enjoy the fire with us.  She came over and the fire roared and we just enjoyed catching up!  
Ken got the fire going..

Cool looking clouds

The sunset is starting..

Karen in the flames..

After dark sometime she headed home and a little later we went inside. 

 The nice surprise of the evening was a call from Seth. :)  I told him at graduation from boot camp that when he decided what he wanted as a graduation present to let me know.  He decided he wanted a pair of cowboy boots so I sent the $$.  He was calling to say Thank you. :)  We had a nice conversation and he's doing well.  

Monday morning we were up again around 0600.  We got ourselves going and left the house close to 1030.  About 1400 we stopped at Edelweiss in Auburn to have linner.  We now after a meal there there's no way we're hungry at dinner time. Finished up and headed for the Super 8 motel near the Sacramento Airport.  

Yesterday, (Sunday) Russell, Lori, Jacob, Aaron and Allissa headed for a day trip to Bodega Bay, CA.  Looks like they had an awesome time for their last family trip for awhile.  I had to steal the pics from Facebook :) 

Lori, Jacob and Russell at Bodega Bay, CA

Jacob and Allissa

Aaron, Russell, Jacob 

Aaron, Lori and Jacob :) 

Waiting for lunch...
I got a text yesterday from our oldest Grandson, Adam.  He let me know he started a blog!  I gotta say he did an excellent job on his first blog! I was impressed ( I know I'm his grandma, might be a little prejudiced haha).  If you've got the time, it's worth the read.  I really hope he keeps it up!  Go to
summitsandsends.com  I did notice he doesn't have a comments section so i'll have to mention that to him. :) 

Last but not least,  Happy Birthday to our Daughter in Law Cheryl!! Hope you had an awesome day!! :) 

Happy Hour time! Have a great evening! 

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Jacob's going away party..Hawthorne Ordnance Museum..

Shawn, Ken and I left here yesterday morning to head for Sacramento.  We got to Verdi near the CA /NV border and stopped at the restaurant there for a yummy breakfast.  That would hold us all day!  

Once we left the restaurant Shawn got a head start and headed to his home in Citrus Heights. We were in no hurry so we drove down by our old house we sold about 8 years ago. It's hidden up a driveway but from the looks of it, the same buyer still owns it.  We stopped by the hotel, but still too early to check in.  We headed over to Bass Pro in Rocklin and outside Ken saw a couple of guys he used to work with.  Jason and Mike had been inside to get a fishing license, now they were looking at boats. We visited with them for a bit before taking a walk around the store.  Nothing jumped out at us so we left empty handed.  By then it was time to check in. 

The rest of the afternoon was just being lazy at the hotel until about 1840 Eric, Christina and Mason picked us up to head for Old Town Pizza and the going away party for grandson, Jacob.  Thanks for the pick up and drop off Eric! 

Jacob and his cousin Owen in his Navy sweatshirt..he
made a cute picture for Jacob too! Jacob we are so
Lots of food and people!

Owen and Mason


What a busy place the pizza parlor was along with the whole old town of Roseville, CA.  Glad we weren't ordering pizza and eating in, as there was a long line of people waiting. Lori had reserved one of the back rooms for the party.  Lots of people there to wish Jacob well in his new adventure with the Navy! 
Allissa's dad and his girlfriend

Lot's of good pizza!

Uncle Mike, Jacob and Natalie

We had a great time visiting with people we haven't seen in a long time as well as meeting new people. About 2040 it was winding down and we said good night to everyone.  Eric dropped us back at the motel and then after a glass of wine and a beer we headed for bed. 
Jacob and Diane

Dusty, Jacob, Jesse and Owen

My sister Linda and Jacob

Jenn, Jacob and Samantha

Jenn, Jacob and Dave

Jacob, Lori, Dylan's mom and Dylan.
Jacob and Dylan have been friends since they
were 5 

Derek, Jacob and Dylan

Little Jordyn, Heather, Jacob and Antoine

Uncle Raul, Jacob, Aunt Debbie

Mason, Eric, Jacob and Christina..thinking that was Seth
on the phone as he got to be a part of the party

Allissa's mom, stepdad, Allissa and Jacob

Seth through face time got to be there!

Jacob and Grandpa Bobby

Jacob and Steve 

Jacob and this little cutie (Dylan's sister)

Saturday morning I had coffee ready to go at 0630 so we leisurely got ourselves going.  We decided we'd stop at Verdi on the way home for lunch as we both didn't want anything this morning.  

All was looking good and then the weather changed to snow.  Didn't affect us as the Patriot is 4 wd.  Traffic really slow so it took us longer than it should've, but no worries we weren't in a hurry.  

We had a lovely lunch and then headed home.  We got here around 1430.  Put stuff away, got a fire going and now it's time to enjoy the rest of the day. :) 

Thursday morning Ken and Shawn met our neighbor Joe for breakfast at Dini's in town.  That gave me time to clean and get ready to go when they got back.  We thought we'd take Shawn to the ordnance museum in Hawthorne, about an hour away.  He really liked it and I have to admit it's a pretty cool museum in a little town and free admission. We spent some time there and close to 1300 we headed over to El Capitan Casino and had a yummy lunch.  Rather than come back the same way Ken brought up going on a drive we were on a few months ago that comes near the ghost town of Aurora, NV.  
Hawthorne Ordnance Museum

This was a different Eagle, Globe and Anchor the middle is
made of tissue paper..

I love this Navy Dinnerware! 

It was a beautiful drive and we even hit some snow. Made the desert even more pretty.  It took longer than an hour, but really what did we have to do.  Once we got home we just stayed inside with a fire going.  Ken wanted to have a fire outside, but it was just too cold and the wind was up.  

You can see the road down below where we're headed...

It was nice of Shawn to visit and hopefully he'll come back when it's nicer weather in the Spring.  

So we're here until Monday morning when we'll head back over to Sacramento.  We've got reservations at the airport Super8.  Tuesday morning we'll head to MEPS to watch Jacob get sworn into the Navy! We'll head back home after that. Wouldn't miss his swearing in for anything! I'll have tissues with me for sure, some for his mom and sweetie too! 💖💗 

Time for a quiet Happy Hour just Ken and me tonight.  Have a great evening! :)