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Friday, August 15, 2014

Lots of happenings!

Well, it's definitely been awhile..don't quite know what happens that some days I can write every day and others...like this time goes by and before u know it it's weeks..well anyway..quick update and hopefully i'll get back into the groove.

Got back from an awesome trip to Dillon Beach in the middle of July.   The following weekend, Ken, Adam and me joined up with Russell's work family for a great weekend at a rented house near the top of Kingsbury grade South Lake Tahoe.  

Had our bi yearly checkups in Winnemucca and things were good.  Got my first smiley face from her, for my cholesterol.  While we were there we met with our realtor and a gentleman, Doug who looks like is buying the property.  Yes, we are taking a loss but we knew we would.  It's not easy to get a sale for 32,000 cash but it looks like that's what happening! Yay!  

I went and picked up the kids for the last summer hurrah...Jacob and Aaron went back to school last week so we  won't see them.  Took a quick camping trip to Bridgeport, CA and had a wonderful time.  

Left the campground and had messages from title so Monday am we'll be in Sparks to sign papers and the buyer comes in Monday afternoon.  So once again our plans changed.  Ken is heading to Winnemucca today (August 16th) and I am going to CA to drop off the gkids.  We were going to leave tomorrow and I would go along, but with needing to be in Sparks Monday am that's just the way it has to be.  

Highway 88 Kit Carson Pass...Mia, Adam, Seth and Mason

Miss Mia outside in the rain

All four of them in the rain!

Mia, Papa and Mason...doing what Papa does when he's out with the
kids fishing...fixing lines and poles!

Adam and a fish

Our two RV guest houses....

Mia fishing!

Bridgeport CA such a gorgeous area...and only 83 miles from
our house!

A fire was definitely needed!

Seth and his catch!

Seth's four fish all ready to be gutted....yukkk...


Adam and one of his fish

The BIG DADDY!!....Never have I seen a fish as big as this come
out of the creek!

Mason and his good sized catch!

Papa overseeing the gutting

Mia trying to get a keeper...she threw 3 back because too small...
the one she was going to keep escaped!

Mason and Mia playing jump the sagebrush....good ole fashioned fun!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Catch up time!!

Hard to believe how much time has gone by and just no time to update!  So here goes....Below are some more of the pictures of the time we had at Dillon Beach!  We had a great time and then came home for  a bit....                      

Dillon Beach photos.....


Mason hurt his toe at the ocean...so how do Kay dad's
fix their kids owie....Duct tape!

Add caption

Eric showing Mia how it's done!

Eric and Mia

Diane and Eric

Nope they're not looking for an airplane...they are waiting to
catch the football!

All the grandkids and Kenny too...

On the way from Ca to Yerington via 
Sly Park and Hwy 88

For the first time I decided to take another way home..we got off Hwy 50 at Sly Park Road and took the road from Sly Park to Hwy 88...beautiful as we went by Silver Lake and Caples Lake..places we used to go camping many years ago...only 4 miles further than our regular route of Hwy 50..so another option.

An overlook on 88

Caples Lake

Our beautiful Yerington sunset

Ken took Adam out for a drive (well Adam took Ken)...BLM Land and I followed on
the quad...

Berlin Ichysaurus State Park 
Berlin, NV
After a few days we decided to take a quick 135 mile trip to Berlin, NV..someplace we've wanted to go for years but never found the time.  We left on Wed and were there in time for a late lunch.  Beautiful drive, not many people on the roads and a lovely campground..we just stayed one night as we were leaving Friday for Tahoe and his work crew!

The campground was really nice, well kept and we enjoyed ourselves!  Berlin is a ghost town and part of the State Park system...really like a mini Bodie in CA.

Berlin, NV

Our campsite cover

Adam across the building looking in...it was closed so you could look inside
and see the remnants of a dinosaur..

Adam and me...

Checking out the outhouse

We will b on the lookout for one of these...a steel wheel wheelbarrow!


Tahoe with Russell and crew!
Friday we left Yerington and headed 77 miles to Kingsbury grade and a beautiful trip up the mountain to find this house that we all chipped in and rented for the weekend.  Beautiful place and a beautiful setting..  Friday night we all just relaxed, visited and drank too much...but love Russell's work friends (family)...we love being included in this yearly weekend of theirs!  Saturday am after a big breakfast the whole crew except for us decided to head to the Beacon (Rum Runners are the specialty)...and the beach...Ken wanted to take a look at the car show so i went with him...but traffic was so bad we turned around and came back to the house.  I put together some snacks for later and then enjoyed a good 1/2 hour or so in the hot tub!  Awesome, lazy afternoon!   After everyone got back we enjoyed talking and drinking too much along with too much food!  Then this am we got up, straightened up and we were home by lunch time...love it!  

Tomorrow we will head for Ca to take Adam home and Ken wants to go by Summit racing in Reno to see about some add a leaf springs for his truck!  
Our bedroom at the house

Adams bed

The game room

Beautiful glass in the shower of the master

The master

hot tub right off the master

bedroom....in all there were seven bedrooms in the house

Another master

The living room...


kitchen....was actually small for the size of the house...but sure worked


Looking down from the deck

Ken and his new koozie that Russell got him from a brewery