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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Busy day in Yerington...

Alarm went off at 0515..we are trying to get up earlier these days..just because.  I wanted to be outside early this am to finish painting what I started yesterday so after watching two episodes of Pioneer Woman headed out at 0730.  

Only took about an hour and it was finished (without the help of my lizard buddies)..while I did my thing Ken went out and burnt the piles of tumbleweeds etc he had been collecting all summer.  Do have to say for a bit there the neighborhood was pretty smoky but all disappeared within a bit.  
Finished project..In real life, not that bright red...

Ken watching the burn pile this am...

After finishing the painting, came inside and did some cleaning.  After lunch I went out to the 23 foot fifth wheel and did a little cleaning.

All this time Ken was working on the 20 foot car hauler that we will be using to bring back the tractor from Don's house in Tennessee...but at the rate Ken is going I don't know that there will be room to bring the tractor back with us...he keeps finding stuff he "needs" and the trailer is filling up quickly!  

Because it was so good last night, decided to do it again
Chicken enhiladas....

Friday, October 17, 2014

At home Friday...fall is in the air!

Sitting in the living room yesterday evening it was really cool so Ken started a fire...so nice to have that woodburning fireplace one of the best projects we did last winter!  Love the atmosphere, watching the flames and the wonderful heat that comes out of it.  Actually, while I was posting again tonight...fire started again!! 

Got up today and Ken had a couple of projects in mind..change oil in the 
Ford for our upcoming trip to TN! woohoo...He also has the yellow box on the trailer so he decided to go to Tru Value and get a lock and padlock to put on just to "keep the honest honest"..he got that done!  

So I needed a project today too.  Actually I kind of knew what I wanted to do so started it and mostly finished it today...my lizard buddy..NOT was hanging out at the end of the walkway to house so I decided to finish it in the am when it's still cool outside and hopefully he'll leave me alone!  

The wood around the decking out front looked pretty bad, so scraped and painted it with a redwood paint..looks so fresh..of course now the decking which is that tek deck stuff (no we would never have picked that..was already here when we bought the house) looks really faded..so have to think on that one, research and see what we can do to freshen it up...another project for another day...

Update...I had the before picture of the siding..uploaded it somewhere..but not to iphoto..so don't know how to get it..u can really tell the difference if I knew how to work it..oh well...

Siding of the deck after...

Here again near the front door...

My tomorrow project..see the front of the black stuff..that's where
the little devil hangs out..uhhhhh

I asked Ken what he wanted for dinner...enchiladas and coleslaw..so I went to Scolari's in town and got what I didn't have..spent the later afternoon making that for dinner...should be yummy!  

We bought a chair for the living room last week but since they didn't have the color they ordered it for us and called today and it's in!  So in the next few days we'll go get it in Reno..hopefully later this week we'll be leaving on our trip! 
Our sunset this evening over Ken's favorite mountain..

Eric and family are in Chico this weekend for BMX racing.  Chris posted that Seth had 2 A's and 4 B+'s for his grades..8th grade...Congrats Seth!

Adam called last night and said he had a 4.2 grade average.  He is starting the drivers ed part of his driver training in the next few days!  Congrats Adam!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

1 tractor in it's home....one to go!

Tuesday the 14th we got up early and left here around 0615 as I had an appointment in Reno at 0840..we got there in plenty of time.  Then visited Cabela's and believe it or not we didn't spend a dime!   Headed to Carson City and Custom Trucks to have the steps and trailer brakes installed.  To kill a little time we took a walk and ended up at Kohls..didn't spend anything there either!  Across the street to Penneys..and we continued our streak...no $$ spent!  

Our sunrise on the way to Reno

On our walk in Carson City..Ken spied this and really wanted it!
Notice the gun on top!!

Headed back to Custom Trucks and within a few minutes our truck was ready...really like the step bars on the truck...kinda funny, when we saw them the week before on display we both thought....nice...we don't really need them for the back doors as we really don't carry people other than gkids and they don't have a problem getting in...so when they brought the truck around the bars went from the front door all the way back...WHOA...that's not we were supposed to get...even though we paid the same price we were quoted...how did that happen..well, I told Ken it's ok I like them anyway...the guys were doing some testing on the trailer brakes and it hit me...the display was shorter because that's all they could have inside..turns out Ken figured the same thing at the same time...duhhhh...glad we didn't say anything to them as we would have looked pretty stupid...

Not the best pic as I didn't get one before Ken put truck in garage..
But we really like these!

Wednesday, we mostly stayed home (other than my trip to the grocery store in town)...Ken worked on getting the tractor situated in the place where he could get it off the trailer.  

Ken setting up the rolling off of the tractor

Dodge did a great job getting it where it needed to go!

Thursday, the 16th...Ken got the tractor off the trailer and to it's permanent home in the yard. Lots of work involved in order to have it roll, but not roll too much as it would have gone crazy if he didn't use a comealong and the Ford..very impressive my hubby!  

Ken working with the comealong so tractor wouldn't roll out of

It's going!!!!

It's HOME!!!

Not only that, he got the camper on the Ford so we'll be ready to leave soon for our TN destination!  Then one more tractor to bring home and put in place!  

Camper on the truck...ready to roll for the next month or so!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Maiden Voyage was a success!

We left about 1100 on Saturday, stopped by Walmart in Gardnerville to pick up a few things and off we went.  Only about 30 minutes from Gardnerville, but it was lunch time so we pulled over on Hwy 88 and had our sandwiches.

Our lunch spot!  Not too bad a view huh?

Our spot #23...
 Got to Turtle Rock County Park and for $10.00 a night (because someone in this household is 62) we stayed in this beautiful campsite.  The site has water and there is flush toilets and a shower house (we didn't use that as we have our own)...really nice and very few people camping here! 

Ken bar b quing delicious turkey burgers!

The new trailer has an electric awning...awesome!

Indian Creek Resovoir...not much to see...
 On Sunday we got up and took a short ride to Markleeville to get ice and then another short ride to Indian Creek Resovoir...they have campgrounds but a little too busy for our liking...so back to camp..enjoyed the sunshine and then later in the afternoon watched Wedding Crashers on Ken's 10" dvd player...just because we could!   Later we had a nice fire and Ken bar b qued turkey burgers again and again they were awesome! 
Our Camper and truck this am before we left :(

Got up this am and had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, cheese and grits! YUMM!!  Took our time getting ready and then we were home by 1400...nice!  

You always expect a few things with a trailer so that's why we wanted this shakedown trip...we found under the jacknife couch the heat ducting is ripped in an area pretty good size little hole..so we covered it up..not hurting anything, except no reason to heat the interior of the couch :)

So all in all we're pretty impressed with everything!  

Tomorrow we head for Reno to get steps and the trailer brakes on the new truck!  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Maiden Voyage to Turtle Rock Park...Markleeville, CA

Decided it's time to take the trailer and truck on their maiden voyage...so we took our time getting ready this am and now are headed to Turtle Rock County Park, where we visited the other day.  Keeping our fingers crossed it will all go well but really no reason why it shouldn't.  We plan on staying two nights and then come back on Monday afternoon.  

Tuesday we have an appointment in Carson City to get the step bars and trailer brakes put on.  After that we are on weather watch to know when to leave for TN.  

Ken got his truck back yesterday...($$$$ 2150)...but at least it's fixed.  They replaced the clutch assembly and replaced the front drive shaft...that was only (375) they charged Ken so don't think that was bad at all...so hopefully it's road ready for the trip to TN.  

No phone or computer for the next two days..so i'll update on Monday with trip details! 

Truck and trailer ready for the road!

Our view out the dining area window for lunch on hwy 88

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A day drive to Monitor Pass

Ken moved the tractor with the Dodge...not it's permanent home

We woke up this am and Ken said..."How about going for a drive today"...Never turned that down before so why start now...not that we didn't have anything to do...we have tons..but oh well..So we took a drive to Turtle Rock  Park..Markleeville, where we were a few weeks ago.  Wanted to make sure the campground was still open so that when we get Ken's Ford back we can take the Jayco on its maiden voyage for 2 nights.  We were worried that we'd go there and Dynamic Diesel would call..there is no service at that campground.  So we decided to hold off and go after we hear from them.  

Beautiful day for a drive, the campground is still open and of course Monitor Pass was incredible!  Had a picnic lunch near Topaz Lake and then back home. 

Saw lots of snowbirds heading south... Great day!  

Our beautiful moon last night!

Aspens along Monitor Pass...

Where we had our picnic lunch....Topaz Lake

Color in Yerington, NV

Harvested red onions!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Our new tractor and Chelsea's Baby Shower!

Ken went over to Rio Linda to pick up our new 1925 McCormick-Deering Orchard Model tractor from our friend KC.  He had a nice time there as on Saturday night friends Brian Allen and family came to visit.  Sunday morning Ken and KC met up with our friend Tracy and then Brian and his son Austin met them at Perkos for a great breakfast.  They went back to KC's and loaded the tractor.  

I was home for the night and left yesterday and Ken came home yesterday (Sunday)...he drove the new Tundra and Loved it!   I picked up Adam and Mia...Adam was going to watch Tina (ninnys dog) so she didn't bother anyone at the shower, but she was fine...I spent the night at Bryan's and had a very nice time.  Met Ken in Sparks today so we could drop the Ford off at Dynamic Diesel  for one last repair...grrrrrrrrr.....

We left there and went to Custom Trucks in Carson City and are having step bars and the brake controller for the trailer put on next Tuesday...before we knew it again the day was gone!  Scratch that...the weekend and then today was gone!  Can't believe how time is flying!  

We have this tractor!!

Our 1925 McCormick-Deering Orchard Model!

Now where to put this beauty?!

My nephew Dusty and his wife Chelsea are expecting their first child near Thanksgiving.  This is really a blessed event as because of heart problems it was iffy as to whether doctors would even let her have a baby...but through them and the grace of God little Owen is coming along!  This family couldn't be more excited!  

Adam at the baby shower...he actually went to watch Tina

The happy parents to be ....Dusty and Chelsea!
and Baby Owen....

The ecstatic grandparents to be..Linda and Bobby

Chelsea and Mia

Some of the loot ..

More of the loot!  Baby Owen is set for quite awhile...

Linda and Lori...

Mia and Tina in Linda's pool....

Wendy and daughter Ursula...

More Loot!!!