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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Not much going on...

Been around the house the last couple of days which is nice.  Our little 5x12 flatbed trailer (that we took to Bridgeport) had some lighting problems..Ken was able to narrow it down to the trailer, and eventually got the lights all working. 

He did work a bit in the bathroom, got a few pieces of ceiling up and I stained a few more pieces of ship lap for the area above the vanity at the top. Once he gets the ceiling in then he'll finish that.  He's getting there, we just have to get the exhaust fan and a new light up..so it's close.  

He talked with our neighbor, Joe and Ken's going to build a little cover for Joe's workshop.  He's really into mining and works hard at the local dairy (he's a diesel mechanic)..has hardly any time so Ken will be a little sidetracked for a bit.  That's ok though...Joe's a good guy.  

Tomorrow morning we'll run to Gardnerville to pick up prescriptions and a few things at Walmart for the weekend.  Sure hope the weather's good in Tonopah as the events are outside.  

Our son Eric and grandson Mason are in Mendocino for the week.  It's the 5th grade science camp.  Christina got a few pictures today, and looks like a good time to me!  
This pic is adorable, but not sure why he has this dirt
on his face...hahaha.

Looks like they're exploring a cave of some sorts..

Of course if there's water anywhere
nearby kids are in it! 

Seth had his baseball awards last night..and it sure looks like he'll be playing again next year.  Sure Eric hated to miss that.  

Adam received an academic all league award for baseball..no one's sure why, because he doesn't play baseball, but must have to do with the academic part of it..

Can't believe it's Memorial weekend already..sure have been some really good ones over the years..

This pic came up on Facebook..so just had to share it
Good times in Arkansas! 
We like the site Thechive.com ...today there's a very moving Memorial Day Tribute..if you get the time it's a great read..It's called..A Hero, A Toast and remembering those who gave all...

Monday, May 23, 2016

We're back home until Friday

WE got over to Bridgeport in time for lunch.  Surprising how many people were camping already!  After we got home I looked for reservations and pretty much most of the campgrounds in that area are booked until the middle of August.  Our grandkids go back to school on August 10th and 15th..summers sure go a lot quicker than when we were kids!  

Had a really nice afternoon Thursday, the weather was perfect!  Had a great campfire and just enjoyed doing nothing!  Friday morning we awoke to a still beautiful day, just colder!  So we decided to stay another night.  We took a drive up to Twin Lakes and checked out some of the other campgrounds, lots of people!  The lake was higher than we've ever seen it!  Such a beautiful blue and right near the road.  People fishing, but didn't see anyone reeling in any.  
The road to Bridgeport from our house...love the traffic

Bridgeport! The craggy mountains is right near the campground

Our campsite
Twin Lakes..

Last year water level was so low..beautiful this year

Add caption
That's little snowflakes we're looking at

A little weather coming in at home

Again, another afternoon of doing nothing, except enjoying.  Another nice campfire!  Saturday morning, we had to vacate the site we had as it was reserved and it was time to come home.  We left there about 1015 and was home 1145.  One reason we love camping at Bridgeport!  

Cleaned the camper and a few other things then the day was done again.  

Yesterday morning decided to head for Walmart for groceries as the frig was looking like Old Mother Hubbards..so we were back in time for lunch at home.  

Yesterday afternoon I noticed I had an email from the Mizpah in Tonopah, talking about Jim Butler Days which goes on over Memorial Day weekend. Ken wanted to go last year, but I was in New York for Chelsea's graduation. So I got online and called a few hotels, most were fully booked, but got the last room at Tonopah Station Casino.  So Friday we'll head for Tonopah for Friday and Saturday.  Maybe take a run to Goldfield if we have time.  

I will head for Georgetown and Cool on the 6th of June and pick up Adam, Seth and Mason.  Ken's planning on going to Bridgeport and hopefully get a site for a few days.  The kids love Bridgeport and fishing so will get a few days with them.  

Adam has Boys State at Sacramento State University starting the 18th of June for a week and Eric's family heads for a trip to Texas and all places between on the 17th of June.  Looks like they'll be at our house on the 2nd or 3rd of July for a few days before heading for Cool.  So we'll celebrate a Yerington 4th of July.  
Last wall of the bathroom getting worked on...

The last wall of the bathroom with our Nevada picture and lantern
Love it!
Jacob had a big weekend of basketball....#16...

Aaron got MVP and scholar award!

There he is with both..

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Good day around the house...headed to Bridgeport tomorrow...

We spent the day at home today..I decided to clean out the tuff shed..it was hot!  But we've been here over 3 years and I've cleaned some of it..but again it needed another cleaning..so it looks much better..i've got about 2 and half containers that I need to go through so that's not bad..

Ken worked on the bathroom and it's looking awesome!  He ran into a snag over the door way..no wood to be found for him to screw/nail into..but he's got it figured out now...
This was a sweet surprise..UPS delivered this from Christina
and Eric..know it was Christina's doing..Love it..

A lot done on the wall ..looking good! 
Much better than this huh?!

Owen and Dusty went swimming in Linda's pool..96 degrees in

While I was cleaning the tuff shed, he was taking the quads off the trailer (since it looked like we wouldn't be going anywhere)..he asked if i'd want to go to Bridgeport to see how things looked for the summer..well who am I to say no..so we are planning on leaving  in the morning and headed there for a day or two.  We'll take enough food for two nights, but based on weather we'll see...

Golden Sierra Grizzlies made the playoffs..Grandson Seth is 3rd from
the left...bottom row...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guess it's about time for a little catch up...

Saturday morning I left here about 0600 and arrived at Rocklin's Hardwood Palace just about 0930..not bad..the drive was very nice and no traffic until I reached Rocklin.  

Met Russell and the boys at 1000 and watched Jacob play a basketball game..then the boys and I headed for Burger King so they could fuel up.  On to Lotus Park at just about 1200.  Saw a baseball game that Mason played in and then headed to Eric's house in Cool so he could take the Yakima off the car.  Visited a bit and then headed to Georgetown for a quick visit with Cheryl and Adam.  Then on down the hill and stopped by Mountain Mikes Pizza for one to go.  Got to Russell's house at about 1900.  whew...what a day!  

Mason playing 1st base

Lori and Russell got home around 2300 so we visited a bit and then off to bed.  I got up about 0430 and headed out the door.  What a great drive home..only about 2 other cars most of the drive going up I80 until Reno.  Got home got ready and off to Fallon we went.  

Enjoyed our day at Just Country Friends shop and their parking lot sale with about 25 vendors.  Did we buy anything you ask?  Oh yes we did!  

For probably about 30 years or so I haven't had a dresser in the bedroom. I usually used the closet and shelves for my stuff.  We have a dresser that we've had for about 40 years, but Ken uses that one.  The system worked fine, but we found a nice dresser so we bought it.  A nice mirror came with it..so even better!  Found a double yoke hitch (just because it'll make some nice yard art)..then a metal double bed frame..I plan on painting it flat black and hopefully putting it in the bunk house..and then...we are not art people, but we know what we like..so we found a nice lithograph that has a one of a kind frame, the picture is one of a kind..we talked to the two artists who designed this picture.  Well, then along with he picture comes the lantern that Paul, the one artist had acquired and then put it in the picture..well, then he shows us that it is an old USMC lantern..those who know me, that's all it took..SOLD..but actually we loved the picture and frame anyway.  So that all we bought.  Could have bought a lot more, prices were right but no place to put the stuff.  Actually, when we bought what we bought we really had no idea where we were going to fit it, but figured we'd find a place or rearrange.  

Double bed frame..

Had lunch in Fallon and headed home.  

Yesterday we worked around the house and I varnished the rest of the wood. Ken got the tin cut for behind the toilet area and wall.  The days just seem to fly!  

We had planned on heading out to Sand Mountain for a few days, Ken got the quads loaded and camping stuff ready while I was gone, but looks like weather isn't going to cooperate so we'll try again next week.  

Today Ken's working in the bathroom, got the metal up and now the wood! back w a few pics...in a bit..

The wall he's working on today...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Some work around the house...

So we've been home a few days this week..but need to head for Carson City this am and Lowe's.  Need some trim for the tile in the "new" bathroom.  Sure we'll find a way to use up most of the day.  

Ken put the cabover camper on the 97 Ford (money pit)..it does look good there I've got to say.  So yesterday he finished some things and I cleaned the inside of the camper getting it ready to go..where?  I have no clue..but whenever I get it freshly cleaned and set up...I'm ready to go!  

Ready to go!

Birds had started to make a nest in the fan above the stove..it's amazing really all the work that goes into making a nest!  Well, Ken duct taped the vent from the outside, so yesterday he pulled out tons of stuff from the fan over the stove, what a mess but now it's ready to go again.  

Saturday, I'll head over the hill once again, to spend some time with Jacob and Aaron while Russ and Lori participate in the Blue Crawl in mid town.  It's a fundraiser to support law enforcement..sound like it should be quite the time!  

I plan on heading home about 0500 on Sunday morning, so Ken and I can head for Fallon and their antique fair there.  We've planned on that since Ranch Hand Rodeo in Winnemucca.  

Eric's metal wall hanging is up!
Love it!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day was great...

We got out of here about 0645 and headed over the hill to my sister Linda's house in Fair Oaks.  We got there and just about 15 minutes later Russell and family showed up.  They had plans later with Lori's family at their house so they came early and left about 1400.  

It was a full house but a really nice day so were able to be outside quite a bit. As usual way too much food and drink, but a wonderful time.  

Bryan, Cheryl and Adam were there for a few hours, Eric came after work and even Christina and kids stopped by for a bit after the Rivercats game. So I got to see all my boys..and families..makes me one happy mama!!  

Trying to see with Russell's kids if they're available during the summer for a trip..but we'll have to see on that one , they're very busy kids with basketball!  Russell's birthday week sounds like their family is headed for San Diego and places in southern CA. 

Eric's family is planning a trip to Texas, they leave on June 17th..I think Eric has to be back to work on July 7th.  

Adam has two leadership camps ..one June 18th to the 25th in Sacramento and one in Portola from July 9th to the 15th I think.  So summer will be over before you know it!  Have to squish some vacation in there when we can.  

After leaving there about 1715 we headed over to Ken's mom's for a bit.  Checked into the motel in Rocklin, just a little after 1900.  Busy day.

This morning took our time getting ready but still got out of there a little after 0900.  Stopped in Reno at Sam's Club, Walmart and then lunch at our favorite place, Carson Valley Inn in Minden.  Yummy...So yummy I took a nap on the way home..

Unloaded the car and here we are...figure we'll get up early tomorrow and get ready for the new propane tank to be delivered. 

Eric made me this..can't wait to get it up...it 's
about 15 inches tall..Love it..He called it his 41 year old
kindergarten project...I love it!! 

Russell and family always get me a pot with some kind of flowers..
This year beautiful cactus..the only pots I really use anymore are the ones I've
gotten for Mothers Day over the years..love them..
From the left...Leah (Ursula's former mom in law)..Aaron (Ursula's former
hubby)..Wendy..Angelina (Ursula and Aaron's daughter)

Adam and Jesse

Cheryl and Lori

Chelsea, her mom Erin and Owen..and the doggie, Tina

Chelsea's dad

Owen loves to "drive" the cud...

My Oma top pic..my mom's mom...

Of course Grandma Linda has a special bed for Owen..cute!