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Friday, September 19, 2014

42 years and bologna sandwiches!

Decided to take a few days and go camping...figured we see how the Aspens have changed over the last few weeks.  So Monday am we headed out and decided to head for a campground near Markleeville, CA where we have stayed before years ago.  Enjoyed our stay there and Ken bar b qued some awesome chicken for dinner!   

Got up the next day and headed out planning on ending up at June Lake, CA.

Ken bar b quing at Alpine County Park near Markleeville, CA

Someone painted the happy face on this rock!

Aspens starting to turn

Monitor Pass CA

More of the beautiful Aspens!

42 years ago on September 16th 1972 Ken and I got married in Carson City, NV.  We headed to Tahoe Vista on North Shore Lake Tahoe, stopping at the local Safeway and having bologna sandwiches for dinner.  The next morning Ken made scrambled eggs with bologna chopped up in them.  So what better way to celebrate 42 years?!  Bologna sandwiches on white bread for lunch! Yummm...haven't had bologna in years! It still tasted just as good!  We stopped at the lookout point overlooking Mono Lake and had a great lunch with an incredible view! 

This is what we had 42 years ago...and it was ohhhh so good 42 years later!

Our lunch spot...looking over Mono Lake
 We got to June Lake and found our camping spot...about 1/2 hour after getting set up Ken noticed a fire across the lake...We watched it for the two days and nights that we were there.  What we didn't know is that over in CA near Bryan and Cheryl there is a huge fire named the "king" fire that is just burning out of control.  
This happened just about 1/2 hour after we got to June Lake

The sun was setting and u could sure see the flames!

Planes dropping retardant..

Helicoptor setting down in June Lake..we could see them from
our campsite!

Doesn't he look relaxed?!

 By the time we left on Thursday am the fire was basically out and most of the air power was probably sent to the King fire in Ca...awesome job those firefighters did!  

About a month ago we ordered a 5 foot porch swing from Louisiana and it was delivered yesterday.  Ken put it up today and we absolutely love it!  
Ordered our front porch swing from Louisiana Cypress Swings and Things
Made in America

We loved this design

Time for some front porch setting! 
Tomorrow we are going to take a ride to Reno and visit the RV show that's going on...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Home from CA and looks like we're heading out today!

9/11 in Fernley, NV

We were driving through Fernley NV on the way to Reno and
came upon about 60 elementary school kids waving flags
and yelling "remember 9/11" 

Very moving!

Russell and Jacob!  Jacob will b 13 in November...

Russell and Aaron (9)...he won't b 10 till March!

Jacob and his mom, Lori!

Aaron and Lori...

I went to CA for the weekend to see some of the family...Got to spend some time with Linda and Bobby too. 
Saw Dusty and Chelsea for a bit (baby Owen is growing)  Chelsea looks beautiful at about 7 months pregnant! 
Linda is just over the moon at the prospect of being a grandma!  Left Adam at Linda's as he was going to his first Raiders game on Sunday am!  Know he had a great time!  

Looks like today we will head out camping for a few days!  Probably over to June Lake again, check out and see if any more aspens have turned...even though it's been so hot here...we'll see!   

Monday, September 8, 2014

Time flies once again....

Here we are again, can't believe how fast time flies!  So here's a little catch up....

We went to the Reno Rib Cook Off and had lunch....yummy!  

Ken's lunch at the Rib Cook off

They were bar b quing the whole pig! 
 Then the following Saturday we headed for the Reno Livestock Events Center to watch Seth and Mason participate in the BMX Nationals.  Lots of action! Lots of people and lots of Mottos...247 I believe to be exact!  So it was a nice day spent with Eric and family!  Mason got a nice trophy for making the Main event and Seth did well himself.   
Riders lined up for racing!


Mason and his trophy

Eric, Mason and Seth

 We came home and decided to leave on Wednesday, September 3rd and head for June Lake CA for a couple of days of camping...just because we could!  It was really warm but we could see the aspens starting to change!  Love it when that happens!  So we spent two nights at June Lake and then decided to head for Bridgeport CA for a night before heading home!  
Looking at the aspens changing along highway 395

Our spot at June Lake

Shows how clear the water was and someone made this heart of rocks
So sweet!

Ken in the water

June Lake CA

Bridgeport CA

Ken cooking an awesome breakfast!

Our rig at Robinson Creek

Yerington, NV 
Onion Capital of the West
Drove by some of the onion fields ....they just go on and on

Bags and bags of onions....all picked by hand!

A few of the workers picking onions...hard work!!

Today we went to lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Yerington and had a yummy lunch!  
This weekend i'll probably head for CA to see some of the grandkids..Ken was supposed to head to Washington with our friend KC to pick up a tractor but it looks like that'll be delayed a week or two.  

We ordered a porch swing from Louisiana Cypress Company so Ken has been working on getting the extra beams put up on the porch so it'll be ready when the swing is delivered....can't wait!  

Got some sad news today....my cousin Terrie lost her 28 year old daughter Erica to what is believed a blood clot suffered after a fall last week....so terribly sad..

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Winnemucca property is SOLD!!

Once again can't believe how time flies!  Since the last posting we have sold and closed on the Winnemucca property!  It happened so quickly and easy once it went into escrow...We left Bridgeport after camping and I took the kids home and Ken went to Winnemucca to clear off the stuff we had left. We signed papers and the 18th and the 19th the money was in the bank.   

The property worked well for us doing the 4 years we owned it, but now it's a good feeling to have that behind us and on to new adventures!   

Adam's fish in the skillet...it was huge!

Adam in the kitchen with the spine of the fish!

Who I will miss the most at the Winnemucca property....Miss Ruby!!

Ken said it was so sad to leave her....it was as if she knew it was his last time out there!

Next project to get the old swamp cooler off the roof....

Really?!!  Does this look like a good idea??!!


Waking up this am (the 24th) in Sacramento at the Super 8...Dave Alaskin had his annual party last night and so we decided to come into town...got to see some of Ken's work buddies and a good time was had by all...today we plan on going to see Ken's mom and Diane before we head home....