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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lowe's, Outhouse and tomorrow Carson City...

Sunday morning we decided it was time to hit up Lowe's again in Fernley, NV.  We stopped next door at John and Karen's on the way. Saturday night when we were sitting by the fire Ken had built out back we were thinking about the tin they have and that John wants to get rid of it.  It looks like we're going to tin as much of the outhouse as possible on the outside.  John was more than happy to hear that!

Stopped at Walmart, which that one is terrible.  Always crowded and not enough help.  Got a new iron and a blender. Over to Lowe's and out in plenty of time to get home and have lunch. NOT..A serious accident on the way and they were holding traffic.  UH OH..well as it turns out where it was in Silver Springs, Ken actually knew of a "short cut" on a dirt road that would put us back on the highway on the other side of the accident.  So off we went with some other cars following.  Good thing he knew where he was going.  After getting home we saw that they held people for 3+ hours, had to have 2 life flights dispatched.  Never heard the outcome of the accident though.  

We were home closer to 1400 so we just grabbed some nuts and cheese to hold over until dinner.  

Ken went outside and I worked a bit on the some Christmas pillows, but then ended up supervising his work. haha..oh well that's what tomorrow's for right? 

Monday, he got the Jayco winterized and reparked over by the fence and we brought over the cabover to use when we head for Winnemucca.  Then he was able to work on the outhouse.  Got the OSB board on for the roof, paper down and some of the roofing material on.  We're going to run out of roofing by just a bit, so we'll buy another square at Lowe's and have it for when some shingles blow off over the winter.  After lunch I painted it a shade of brown just to protect the wood.  We'll be adding tin.  
Working on the roof and it's been painted brown

Sunset yesterday

Ken putting the OSB on the roof

Old tin from the neighbors..

Tomorrow..Wednesday we'll head for Carson City to Lowe's and Best Buy for the Geek Squad (again).  The blog still isn't letting me upload/download pictures and I have no clue, so hopefully they can figure it out for me. uhhh..We'll get some things done while we're gone, but that'll take most of the day. I tried to post pics from Ken's computer, but said the same thing "server rejected" so must be a blogger/google thing.. 

Time to get this day going!  We're starting the day at 29 degrees and ending at 79!  Amazing this time of year the temperature difference! 

Our beautiful sunset last night...

I don't know where Russell and Steve were, but obviously
having fun1

I love this picture of Papa and Mia..four years ago..wow!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Working on the outhouse...

How these days are flying!  Can't believe it's been a few days since I last blogged! 

Mornings here have been in the 20's! Yesterday (Friday) was 21 degrees.  Guess Ken's going to have to winterize the trailer before we go to Winnemucca at the end of the month or so if this keeps up.  This morning it's 26 at 0630.  The afternoons are warm enough in the sun you can take your jacket off, still cool in the shade though.  Guess Fall is here! 

Ken's been working on the outhouse and it's coming together nicely.  He is a perfectionist when it comes to these kinds of things, so it seems slower going but in the end I know it'll be worth it.  

Looking inside..

Window is in..

The roof in progress..

Looks crooked but it's not..

Our neighbor Karen came over to see what it was I wanted aged and told us she has tons that was already aged.  Her hubby, John calls it junk and wants it out of there!  What!?   We went next door and got plenty of tin that is wonderful in our eyes (and hers too).  There's plenty to do the wall and to do the roof. Ken's putting on a regular comp roof and then we'll lay this over for looks! 

I worked on my Christmas quilt..Done!  I'm happy with the way it turned out. So on to the Christmas pillows for the bed. I got one pillow done and then my iron died. It's so old I don't even remember when I got it.  So off to Walmart and Lowe's probably tomorrow.  

I was in the mood for some chili, so made a veggie chili yesterday and I have to say it was really good.  Ken finished his chicken and potato salad for dinner so I'll add some ground turkey or chicken to his for Saturday night's dinner. That's the one thing with chili, there's always leftovers and I think it's always better the next day.  

Saturday: Our other neighbor, Joe came over last night and we're going to meet his family at Dini's for breakfast this morning. Awesome breakfast as always and good company too!

Our youngest son, Russell and a few of his friends started a beer drinking group a few years ago. Just some guys sampling different craft beers.  Well, it's grown to over 11,000 people on Facebook now. Beer drinkers from all over.  Yesterday in Antelope they held their first Golf Tournament in Antelope, CA.  Sounds like it was a success along with being a fundraiser for Paradise Oaks Youth Services, benefiting foster kids.  They've done other fundraisers but this is the first Golf Tournament.  So I had to share...
Steve..we've known him since the kids
were in high school..way back..

Daughter in law, Lori and Steve's wife Jenn
trying to decided which beer to sample at 0730..
just kidding (maybe)..

Three lovely ladies who participated in the tournament..and beer!
Love their hats!

Left to right...Steve, Ken Berling, and our Russell..

The cup of the day..donated by a brewery..
So was the beer..

Looks like our middle son Eric had his work cut out for him. His well pump gave it up and he pulled it out and replaced it by himself.  He is good like his dad in things like that. 
Two hundred feet of well tubing to get to the pump
This morning it looks like he had to do it over again..there was water at midnight after buying a new pump, putting in the ground and putting all this back.  This morning no water.  So new wiring was bought and last I heard he and his son, Seth were working on it.  Sure hope it works for them.

It's a beautiful Saturday here in Yerington.  Hope it a great day wherever you are..

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Running around..and picture problems with blogger

Tuesday morning brought a cold, cold morning.  25 degrees to be exact. After our morning ritual Ken went outside and got things ready to get started on the framing of the outhouse.  He built each wall on the concrete and then we carried it over and he got it all secured.  Cutting around the plumbing and the bolts took some time but he got it perfectly each time. 

About 1600 he was done for the day! He got it all framed just what he wanted to do and it looks great.  
Walls going up!

All walls up, ready for siding..

This picture shows how close it is to the bunkhouse..Ken
will pour a walkway from the bunkhouse to the outhouse..
no shoes required! 

Our sunset last night :)

Found these glass Christmas lights at Lowe's..remind me
of when I was small..had to have them..

I worked on making some poblano potato salad, a little different than traditional. Turned out very good, taste tester said.  

We had a quiet evening with veggie burgers for dinner (no bun).  Ken added the left over tuna melt mix to his and some cheese, he said it was yummy along with the potato salad. 

This morning we're heading for a quick stop at Walmart, Raleys (for prescription refills), Best Buy in Carson City.  Ken has an ASUS computer that has locked up again.  We bought that thing for me a few years ago, and I hated it so much that he bought me this Mac (which I love)..he took over the ASUS but it is garbage.  So we'll see what the Geek Squad can do for us again.  Then we're on to Lowe's for more material. 

Has anyone had trouble with Blogger not uploading pictures?  It says server rejected the last few days when I load the pictures for the blog?  I have sent a message to blogger, but in over 5 years never had a problem..hmmm..I got these by posting to FB first and then downloading them.  

We did our running around and spent a lot of $$..had lunch at Carson Valley Inn and now we're home.  Ken has lots of work in front of him, but I think it'll be really nice.  

Our sink we ordered from Lowe's came today it was on the front porch when we got home.  Tomorrow afternoon i'll get together with our neighbor Karen and see how she aged her tin (it looks so good)..

Have a good night!  

Monday, October 9, 2017

Lowe's and a little cooking..

With the outhouse races I forgot on Saturday to wish our Daughter In Law Lori a very Happy Birthday!  

Lori and Russell..:)

After a lousy night's sleep I started the coffee at 0600.  We did our normal morning routine and after breakfast we headed out to Lowe's in Fernley. Fernley is about 50 miles one way, but that how far you have to go living in the country.  It's an easy, enjoyable drive even though there's some road work going on.  

We spent some time looking at wood for the interior of the little outhouse. Not quite sure what we're going to do there yet. We did buy the faucet for the sink and then 25 2x4's and some tin I'm hoping to age for one wall in there. Glad we're not building a house!  

We headed home and got here just a little after 1300.  I threw together some salad for the both of us.  After lunch Ken went outside and got a few things done and then he ran to True Value in town to get some nuts and bolts he needed. 

I made some more apple muffins for our little coffee snack and then decided to put together the stuff for Tuna Melts. Thanks to George of "Our Awesome Travels" once again!  We made these for the first time a few years ago after seeing the picture on his blog. YUM!  We haven't had them in over 6 months I would say, but had a hankering this morning.  We are definitely looking forward to dinner tonight! 
A group trying to lift off..no luck before we left..

There was some color at the campground...love Fall...

I got online and ordered our new wall hung sink for the outhouse.  They don't carry them in the store but free shipping to our home. We decided to go wall hung because it's so small in there. 

Cool day today and for most of the week, but that's ok..that time of the year.  

Fires everywhere in California.  Three of our friends who live in the Brown's Valley area had to evacuate with their animals.  As far as we know at this point their homes have been spared, not sure if they've gotten to go home yet. 

Have a great evening everyone!  

Trying to load a few pictures (yes just a few) but either internet or computer not cooperating..darn :(

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Outhouse Races and Picture Overload!!

We left home Friday about 1100 or so and headed for Walmart in Gardnerville to pick up a few supplies.  It was a quick trip and one of the less expensive haha..

We decided to give the Money Pit a treat and let it tow the trailer.  Being a diesel it likes to run and since it's only 80 miles or so we figured why not?  We're trying to keep it close to home just in case something goes wrong. It ran like a champ!  
The Money Pit..a happy camper

We got here to Washoe Lake State Campground and got a beautiful site (most of them are anyway).  There were quite a few people camping but still got a site and the best part? It's FREE thanks to Ken's Senior State Parks Pass.  $30.00 a year and we get to camp in ANY State Park in NV for FREE (hookups if they have them, and you use them are $10.00 a night)..Washoe doesn't have them, we have a generator so it doesn't matter.  

We set up camp, I got a chair and my book, threw on my shorts and proceeded to sit my legs in the sun.  Ken decided to run to Lowe's in Carson City and grab the last bag of concrete we need for the outhouse.  He ended up at Home Depot as it was closer.  The concrete at Lowe's is $3.48 a bag and at  Home Depot $3.85..just in case anyones looking for concrete. :)

We sat outside for awhile and then at 1730 came in to watch the news (again, why I don't know)..at 1830 we went back outside and he started a great fire in the fire pit. You know those always get us into trouble watching the sunset and a glass or two of wine (beer for him). 

Dinner was cooked as we brought the left over spaghetti squash and sauce for dinner! Yum! 
This is actually the first night of Spaghetti Squash..but camping
night it looked the same..melted cheese and hot sauce..yumm! 

Friday night's sunset..

The last of the fire

Called it a night after that.  
Noticed this guy flying all over

He must have seen Ken with the camera as he flew right

He had his hands in the air when he flew right over...

On the way to Virginia City

Beautiful day in this little town..

Thought I set the alarm for 0600, Saturday..but guess not..oh well we're only about 30 minutes or so from Virginia City.  Blogging, breakfast, showers and we're on our way!  We wanted to get there about 1000 or so to make sure we found parking.  We did, with a little walk we know we can get out of there when we're ready.  
Cute home in town..

Walked down and saw where all the outhouses had gathered. What an interesting mix! Fun to see what the different groups had come up with to make an outhouse.  

This was a free shuttle..hahaha.

Sport a potty..

This one was all tin..

The daily pooper

This one was done by the rival ECV (Clampers)

A bar Stool..The Stonehouse Inn from CA

Simple and cute...

Storm Pooper

Our friend Joe's Clampers

Old Tyme Saloon out of Reno

The Tea Potty...

The Royal Flush..

The Mad Crapper...

Back of the Tea Potty

Ken liked this one..it had some sewer pipe on it..and a gas mask

The Potty Train..

The gas mask on the left...

Bud Light..

Then we walked into town, looked at a few shops and then ended up at the Delta Saloon.  Ken had a bloody mary and I had a screwdriver.  They were good!  A little later our neighbors, Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Stacey's mom Susan found us! Joe is a clamper so he was going to be pushing the Clamper's Outhouse. We headed out and got our places for the parade and the race.  Streets were crowded now!  20 outhouses were entered, they race two at a time and then in the afternoon there's another round of racing.  Gotta say it was fun to watch.  
Before the crowds...

Waiting for the parade to begin

The Plungerettes!

Our friend Joe with the baseball cap on pushing the outhouse

All kinds of good looking naked women..hahah

Add caption

About halfway through or so they had everyone gather in the street, boy was that packed!  A great singing of "The Star Spangled Banner" had the crowd singing along! Got to Stacey and me..There was no kneeling in this crowd of proud Americans.  They also did a moment of silence for the victims in Vegas.
What a cutie huh?!

It was pretty much impossible to get pictures of the races as
too many people in the street!

Another hot chick...:)

Joe and his Clamper shirt

Rylee and her Grandma Susan..

Notice her shorts down around her ankles..hahah

Too many people for us..

Stinky in the red shirt and his burro..donations for a photo op..

After that we changed our spots as we'd never get the ones back we had before this.  It was so packed with people that there was no way you could see much.  They took a break so we met up with our friends, chatted a bit and then close to 1330 we thought we'd get a bite to eat in town..hahahah..not to be after fighting our way through the crowd and a few restaurants we headed for the truck.  As a backup I brought made up tuna, mayo and bread.  Good thing too.  So we had our "white trash lunch" in the front seat of the truck and enjoyed! 

We decided not to go back down into town and just head for the campground.  I texted Stacey to let her know.  On the way back we stopped in at Shoetree Brewing and had a beer.  Ken liked his, mine was ok, but i'm not much of a beer drinker.  Then we headed out.  
On the way out of Virginia City..

Washoe Lake

This guy was really trying to get up in the air..but no luck

We drove down by the lake for a bit and just enjoyed

Our camping spot

Sunset last night out the trailer door..

Took an RV walk around the campground just to be nosey.  Met a nice woman with two cute dogs and chatted a bit.  She's basically fulltiming in her car with a tent.  Because the night before she could smell rabbit poop she was going to be sleeping in her car.  Tough girl.  She is looking for a small motorhome or trailer. 

Then we talked with a nice man, who at 70 is still working construction jobs. Just a really nice man and he and Ken really hit it off.  Wouldn't be surprised if we don't see him in the future somewhere.  

Came back to camp and Ken bar b qued some awesome burgers!  He had regular and I had spicy bean veggie, oh yes yummy!  It was really windy last night so that kept us inside and no fire. 

Ken's brother Dave and his wife Emmy were in Reno for the Italian Festival so we thought we'd try and see if they were free for lunch. By the time we packed up we heard that they were leaving Reno in about an hour or so.  Then as we were driving Emmy texted that they were going to be listening to music at the festival if we still wanted to meet.  By then we were on the road, hopefully next time. 

Home just a little after 1200..Tomorrow we'll head for Fernley and Lowe's to get the framing material for the outhouse! We would have today but not enough room in the truck. I'm so excited!  

Thanks for reading and getting through all the pictures.  Thinking we'll probably go again next year and leave after the first heat of outhouses.  Just too crowded but it was fun.