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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Monday, October 24, 2016

They say good things take time!

Well today was a really good day!  I was going to finish the porch painting, but I went to ACE Hardware in Yerington to get the paint and they were all out!  So I might see if they have it in Winnemucca tomorrow or it could come in tomorrow afternoon in Yerington.  So that kind of shot down my plans for the day.  

Which meant we could see about getting curtains hung, tin top for the cabinet and some finishing touches for the Bunkhouse!  Well, we are in love!  It turned out just like I saw in my mind.  I'll let the pics speak for themselves...

I have more but they're not coming up yet..so I'll post later..I know you're thinking..what else is there to see..I don't know..but I will post later..hahah..

Next to get the loft area done..and then...hmmmmm...

To Winnemucca tomorrow...Minden and Reno on Wednesday..Thursday and Friday home..Saturday Carson City for Nevada Day..wow how time flies! 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Started painting the front porch and Adam's quad got a new battery

Well we're home so we have projects (along with the Bunkhouse).  Decided to paint the front porch the same red as the back porch.  It's that crappy older teck deck..don't like it, but it's there and in good condition other than it's obviously seriously faded.  I'm sure it used to be a red color that has faded to a pinkish color.  

We got it ready to go and I spent the better part of the afternoon painting it until I ran out of paint.  Tomorrow I'll head to Ace Hardware in town and get another gallon.  
Front porch decking..before

In progress...hopefully it'll be better  tomorrow :)

Ken worked on getting Adam's quad going, and I heard it run..he's thinking it needs some good gas run through it..but don't think it'll take much to get it going.  

Nothing got finished on the Bunkhouse today, but hoping a bit tomorrow. 

A few more pics from our trip..

Beautiful June Lake

I love this tree!

Adam's cousin Ben got his limit on ducks..happy camper..that's our Mazda
Camper shell we gave him..glad we did as he really uses it..
Ordered Owen an Arkansas Razorbacks Hoodie
for his 2nd birthday..got him a t shirt last year..
kid's being broken in right!

Adam called the other night and said at this point he is #1 in his Senior Class for grade point average!  Congrats Adam!  Of course subject to change..

Saturday, October 22, 2016

June Lake, CA

Thursday we left home and got here in time for lunch.  Pulled over into a pull out after going through one of the campgrounds but pretty crowded. Got our favorite site here at OH RIDGE campground.  NFS so it's $12.50 a night (reg price $25.00) which is steep for a NFS campground but remember we're in CA.  The booth was already closed and no pay envelopes to be found anywhere. 

Enjoyed the afternoon and then had a nice fire and and hot dogs for dinner.  We don't eat them very often (they were the lean kind)...so they were awesome. 
Ready to go!
The area we had lunch

Still caught some Aspens

Just gorgeous mountains
Happy Hour

Ken went up to pay Friday morning and was told our site was reserved for Friday night so we had to move.  This happened two years ago when we were here before. They only staff the booth this time of year for about 2 hours in the morning.  This campground on Reserve America has a 12 hour window for reservations which at this time of year is just ridiculous.  So we moved to another site for the night.  Two years ago no one came in to the reserved site and as of yesterday evening no one was there yet..we'll check this am.  Any way  don't think we'll be back with out reservations..maybe in the summer if any of the grandkids area available.  The lake is awesome as are the views! We did check when we left and no one had come in over night.  uhhh..

Yesterday afternoon we drove to June Lake Brewing in the little town of June Lake. Enjoyed a flight and Ken had a 20 oz (I forget what)..he also helped me with the flight.  I'm not much of a beer drinker (except a Corona Light on a hot summer day that's pulled out of an ice chest)..but it was a good atmosphere.  Lots of people there drinking beer and visiting the food truck that comes daily.  A good little business there.  
June Lake Brewing..quite a few senior citizens on tour!

Ken threatening to open the beer Russell wanted..

Inside the brewery

The flight and the beer

Then back to camp I made some sandwiches and we went down to the lake and had lunch and watched a couple of para sailers out on the water.  It was really windy and when it got cool we headed back to camp and a nice fire.  Ken bar b qed some awesome pork and I made homemade au gratin potatoes.  

This morning we took it easy getting out of there and heading home.  Love that it's only 110 miles from home!  

Loved this..Cosmos growing wild!

My mom's favorite flowers

Along the June Lake Loop

So now we are here till Tuesday morning when we'll head for Winnemucca for Ken's last appointment with our DR.  One day turnaround.  Wednesday morning we have an appointment in Minden to get the front windows tinted on the newer Patriot.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Running around yesterday...today we're going camping!

Yesterday we headed for Carson City.  Got the battery for Adam's quad, JoAnn's fabric, but didn't find what I was looking for..I know in a store like that and can't find a fabric I like.  Target, picked up 2 sets of flannel sheets I bought online yesterday morning.  Much better deal than Walmart.  Then of course, Carson Valley Inn for a nice late lunch.  

So in talking last night, decided to head for June Lake today as the campground closes on Sunday till next April.  So, lets just leave everything we've got going and go camping!  Well, why not we're retired and we've got to move the trailer anyway so let's move it 110 miles or so.  We'll play it by ear on when we come back.  

Next weekend on Saturday is Nevada Day. Carson City does a big parade and all kinds of other things so i made reservations and we'll spend Saturday night. Fun times!  

Love this pic of Bryan and Lucy Lu..

Russell and family and friends attended a Kings game at the new arena..
Looks like a good time was had by all! 

Owen is going to have a good time this year at Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Got a few things done...home all day today

Yesterday we got going and headed for a few stops we needed to make.  Carson City we went to Home Depot and got the wood for the bed in the bunkhouse.  Went next door to Walmart and spent some money.  Then we headed for Minden and the Carson Valley Inn for lunch at 1300.  Awesome as always!  

Got home and pretty much the day was done.  

Today, after not sleeping well from 0200 on, we didn't get up till 0700 this am..the rest of the day went way too fast.  

Cleaned the house and then after lunch went outside to "age" the piece of sheet metal we bought for the top of the cabinet in the bunkhouse.  Ken actually cut the wood and plywood we bought as the base for the bed in the bunkhouse. Looks good!  

I decided to paint the inside of the hoosier cabinet we bought last year.  Some of the wood inside the cabinet was stained and actually not original to the cabinet so I thought what the heck..paint it white and it'll look good.  I gave it a quick painting, as I didn't want it to be perfect.  I wanted it to look loved and not new..so i'm happy with the turnout.  

We bought a mattress for the bed so Ken turned it out and now we have to wait for it to blow up a bit..they seem to vacuum seal it.  

Saw last night that Bryan has been with the county for 20 years now!  Wow...I remember the day he called and said they offered him the job! I was at work and he called, I started crying and one of the deputies came to see if I was ok...amazing how time flies!  

The interior of the cabinet

Left side door...
After painting

Ready for stuff!
Tomorrow we head for Carson City again... we brought Adam's quad over from CA awhile ago and now it needs a new battery so we'll pick one up there.  Maybe a little Christmas shopping if I can talk someone into it..:) 

Looks like November 6th Cheryl, Adam and I will head for Eureka to take a tour of Humboldt College.  Adam is really interested in that one, as they have a really good Biology program.  So we'll head on  Sunday, appt Monday then we'll see..

Adam's cousin Ben caught 2 huge Salmon!

Thought this was cute..Adam was tuckered after school...

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hello from windy windy Nevada!

We've been home the last few days just working around here and on the bunkhouse.  I had the vanity to work on.  When we were remodeling the bathroom we took the oak vanity out and almost had it ready for the dump.  Then we got to thinking and thought we could paint it and put a tin top on it and it would work perfect in the bunkhouse for the tv and the kids xbox and stuff.  So yesterday was the day to get started on it.  What a disaster that thing was.  Trying to shabby it up, it looked like a kindergartner painted it and it was just plain ugly!  So bad I didn't even take a picture of it! 
The original vanity

In progress..

Shabby..on purpose..ha

So today was another day, and the end result is much better.  Not really what we had in mind (not even sure what that was at this point)..but it'll work!  

Ken got the rest of the wood up where the loft meets the wall and then he talked me into setting up the bed frame so we know what size plywood we need to plan for.  Looks really good I have to say.  

Looking from front door to left side of bunkhouse

Looking in the front door on the right side of the bunkhouse

Next project for me is to paint the inside of our hoosier cabinet we bought last year, just to freshen it up..was cute when I opened the top drawer there was a gun...must have been the last time the grandkids were here..  :)  I think I know a few boys that will be happy the bunkhouse is done when some are here Thanksgiving week.  

We did finally get a few of our old things up on the back porch today.  It was so windy that we had to lay the rocking chairs down so they don't go flying off the porch.  

The back porch

Jacob's team won the tournament today..team is good!

Jacob in the back left of the coach
Linda's son Dusty and family were in San Diego and Disneyland this week:

Chelsea, Dusty and Owen...

Owen chilling in the sand
Lucy got a new outfit..She's ready for Christmas! 

Either tomorrow or Monday we'll head to the big city..and get some plywood and whatever else to finish up the bunkhouse..yay!  
Winds right now sustained at about 32 miles an hour with wind gusts..last two days. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The bunkhouse is so close to being done...the back porch gets a facelift

Good morning!  Set the alarm for 0500..but didn't need it (sigh)...0300..wide awake for me..yesterday was 0215..this sucks..oh well what do you do?

Yesterday was a good day for getting things done.  Ken worked on the bunkhouse..he got our special door up.  This door was on our linen closet at the house we owned on Rockwell.  We started marking how tall the kids were when Russell was 2, Eric 5 and Bryan 7..Now they're 38, 41 and 43!  So when we moved in 96 the door went with us to Weimar and Ken actually built the linen closet to fit the door when he built our bedroom there.  So, of course when we moved from there the door went with us and now we were marking the grandkids heights!  So this is a very special door.  We had it in storage and when we bought this house it's been standing in the garage for the last 3 1/2 years.  Now it's mounted to the wall in the bunkhouse..so we can continue to mark the growth of grandkids (only I think some of them are taller than the door) we'll see next time they are out.  


The door fit perfectly in the corner there
behind the door..

He also got the wood up on one side where the loft meets the wall.  He had to cut 2x4s at an angle to have something to nail too..used this really cool tool called a squangle..isn't that a cute name?! 
One side all done...

I worked on the back porch giving it a new look!  Looks really good, can't wait to get the rockers back out there.  Now it looks like the front porch will be next. That's a lot bigger so will be a bit of a project.  


Today we're headed for Winnemucca for the night.  If Ken had his way we'd be headed for Lamoille Canyon after that..but think that'll wait for a couple of weeks till we're back out there for his last Dr appointment.  :(