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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Still here at the Mesa LTVA...

Friday was actually our "stay at home day"..which we did.  The only time we left was to head to the water filling area and fill a couple gallon jugs for coffee.  We did drive through the camping area to Senator Wash..which was just a couple of miles. We were able to sit outside for a bit..but it was windy!  Seems Yuma is known for its wind..didn't know that!  Still an interesting RV show with people coming in and out!  Beautiful blue skies and decent temps! 
Saw this sign at the Pilot Knob LTVA..
Our sunset Friday night..

Yesterday morning we set the alarm and got up to go do some grocery shopping thinking we'd do it before it gets too busy!  Well, that didn't happen!  We got to town around 0900 but Frys was very busy!!  It's a really nice store, reminds me of a cross between Whole Foods and Raleys..prices are better though.  

After that we headed for Golden Corral and got there just before 1100.  Got the breakfast price of $8.19 (for seniors)..uhhhh..but had a great brunch as they were transitioning to lunch.  Stuffed ourselves but it was really good!  We haven't been to one since not too long after we retired (over 6 years ago).  We don't normally do buffets but once every 6 years isn't too bad I would think.  

Then we headed for the Yuma Armed Forces Memorial Park in old town.  This is the only site in AZ that honors all military veterans, living or deceased. Very impressive I have to say!  Beautiful park and benches for reflection! 

One plaque wall...there were several

One of the many benches
Sample of the plaques..they are beautiful!

A little drive around old town (didn't take long) and then we headed back to the trailer.  A beautiful day! We reparked the trailer so the winds weren't so strong. I was nice and warm in the sunshine.  We laid on the lounges, I read my kindle and Ken took a little nap..the bad thing is when he woke up he had a killer sore throat!  He said he's never had one as bad as this in his life..Well, luckily this am it has subsided some (still there just not as bad).  

Still windy this am but not too bad!  We'll just enjoy the scenery and relax..then this afternoon the Super Bowl.  Tomorrow thinking we'll run into town early (well early for us)..and do one load of laundry and stop at the grocery quickly. We're headed for Quartzsite for a day or two then on to Parker, AZ and LaPaz County Park for a few days.  Looks like no Buckskin MTN as site A is booked till the end of the month.  Head back home through Lake Mead area.  

Life is good! 
Bryan and Cheryl are taking down their doughboy pool they've had
for over 10 years. Yesterday Cheryl worked and got all the siding
down! This is going to be an incredible garden space!

Grandson Jacob number 24

Grandson Aaron with the ball!

Now I need Christina to post a pic of Seth...he's the only one I don't have recent pictures of...

Friday, February 5, 2016

Yuma Territorial Prison and Great News for Adam!

Yesterday we actually got out of here early! 1030..well that's a half hour early anyway!  We headed into Yuma to the laundromat, but apparently a lot of other people had the same idea and got there before us.  We knew of another one on the other side of town, so headed there.  Parking lot full, but they had empty washers Yay!!  So we loaded up a few washers, waited and while clothes were drying headed out to find the Yuma Territorial Prison which turns out was not far.  Came back picked up our clothes and headed over there. 

Had our lunch in the truck in a nice park which is part of the prison area.  Glad I made sandwiches rather than look for a place to eat as that town is so busy!  

We paid $6.00 a piece for tour and very well spent $$..much better than it would have ben the other day!  We spent probably and hour or two looking at and reading the plaques and touring the area.  Very well put together museum. 
Showing the bunkbeds..

Pretty cool to see the cells..

Where they put the incorrigibles..

Big viewing tower..
I've got more pics but they'll have to wait...

After leaving we headed for the LTVA right inside California, called Pilot Knob, but thinking we'll just stay here..it looked pretty dry and desolate, but quite a few camped there!  

While we were at the prison, I got a call from Adam!  Last week he got a letter from the counselor at school that he was among 15 boys picked from the Junior Class to apply and interview for the American Legions Annual Boys State Conference to be held at California State University this summer.  He had to turn in an application which had some essay questions and information about him. Interviews were held yesterday at the high school by a panel of 4 men from the Legion. Questions were asked from history and about the upcoming Presidential election, his goals etc. Adam said not all 15 interviewed but there were a lot of them who did.  Well, before the end of the day they called him into the office where they congratulated him, as he had been chosen as the one to represent Golden Sierra!!  Another boy was chosen as the alternate if for some reason he can't attend.  He has to attend something in April, then the conference in June and there is a dinner in August.  Possibility of some good scholarships too!  Way to go Adam!!

His letter

Dressed for success!
The one on the left is a self-portrait..the other a random drawing..
I know he doesn't get any artistic ability from us..must be his mama!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Another great day!

We left camp around 1100..went by the camp host to find out where there's a laundromat (on vacation but still laundry has to be done). 

 We headed north on 95 about 10 miles to the sign that said Kofa Wilderness Refuge, Castle Dome..yep that's what we're looking for.  Drove about 10 miles on a nice gravel road to the sign that said Museum.  Ok we're here. We parked and walked up to this old building, saw some ladies coming out and they said to me "No purses or backpacks"..What?? So talked with them a minute, as she was wearing a sweatshirt that said Rio Linda.  Turns out she's from Elverta and has a daughter that just moved from Cool. Small world huh? 

Anyway, put the purse away and walked back up.  A little old man says ok if you want to see the museum that'll be $10.00 a piece! Are you kidding me when this little tourist trap was nothing comparable to Bodie, CA and we already had a bad taste in our mouths about the no purse thing!!  So we went back to the truck.  
Castle Dome in the distance

Outhouse at the "museum"..(tourist trap)

A beautiful saguaro

Down the road a few miles and we pulled over for one of our famous "White Trash Lunches".. Sat in the sun while the truck blocked the wind..Then into Yuma and Walmart. Found the Laundry and then back home late afternoon. 
Ocotillo...my favorite!

Ken's almost 6' so shows how big they are in relation

There is a beautiful saguaro


After our lunch...

Back at camp ...making a wind block..

All in all not a very exciting day, but don't need one as it was a beautiful day!
Lots of wind overnight.. Love listening to it!

This morning, we will head into Yuma, do some laundry and then visit the Yuma Territorial Prison.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spent part of the day in Yuma..

Well, you can't say we don't know how to kill a day..first you don't get up until 0730.  Then you take your time people watching and getting ready..we then took the truck and trailer up to the dump station.  Ken got talking with a guy who's been here for 2 and 1/2 months from Washington State.  He gave Ken some pointers on what to do in Yuma and the fact that we can't leave this area without having a Date shake!  Apparently dates are grown here.  So we got the scoop and we'll be seeing most of what he suggested.  

On another note, he said he had talked with a neighbor who has been coming here for 20 years and has never seen this many people..looks like the baby boomer generation is alive and well!  

So it was close to noon by the time we got out of camp and headed to Yuma!  had  beautiful drive on highway 24S goes through all the fields and the Imperial Valley.  Reminds me of Yerington and our Mason Valley when the fields are being harvested.  Huge fields of lettuce, cauliflower and Palm trees..yes I said Palm Trees!  All over the place from baby to huge! Had no idea they grew them in this area!  
Day use area

Palm Trees and crops

Our sunset and neighbors flag

By the time we got to town and drove through and around it was time to eat lunch.  So we found Chili's and a had a delicious lunch with leftovers for dinner.  
A visit to Sam's Club and then to find Walmart for shopping in a day or two. By the time we got back it was cocktail hour!  

The weather is much warmer and the winds have died down..it looks like we'll probably be staying here until Monday or Tuesday before we move on! I like it! 

This morning, (well we'll hope it's morning)..probably head to an area that has the name Dome in it..we're thinking it's a ghost town of some sort, but we'll see! Not too far from here anyway.  

Beautiful morning, can't wait to see what the day brings!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Imperial Dam LTVA

Got up yesterday morning to windy, cold skies..decided to move on down the road, but by the time we got on the road it was about 1100.  We did run to town and check out the Roadrunner Market, got a few things but wouldn't want to do a major shopping there for sure.  

Had a beautiful if not windy drive to Imperial Dam LTVA (long term vehicle access)..It sits right on Lake Martinez.  There are 4 dump stations, fresh water and a lot of RV's.  We found out from George that you can buy 6 months passes for LTVA areas for $180.00.  I think a lot of the people are staying here that long..today i'll get some pics of some of the set ups..They take rocks and "fence" in their yards..kinda cool really!  

Back to the story..The winds yesterday couldn't make up its mind as which way to blow, so we spent most of the afternoon inside, Ken took a nap and I read my kindle and RV watched..I would say people watch but there wasn't any people outside to watch.  But I did enjoy the RV's going by outside our back window. I love my kindle but have hardly turned it on as the scenery is so beautiful.  

Ken barbqued a delicious dinner of pork and then we watched a little tv. Tried to sit outside a bit, but with the winds and the cold we came in.  

Today we're going to go into Yuma, AZ about 20 miles from where we are, do some grocery shopping and then see about their Territorial Prison Tour.  

It's a beautiful morning, people out walking and the winds have calmed.  

I'll have to update a few pics later as the internet is slow.  

Monday, February 1, 2016

We met George and Suzie!

Got ourselves ready and headed down to George's camp and spent some time with him and Suzie.  They are so nice and easy to talk to just like on their blog. Very down home, just the kind of people we like!  

We decided to move down the road, closer to town to check out some of the vendors in town..well, the wind was blowing hard and the roads are not paved so needless to say we didn't spend much time outside.  We had mentioned to George that we were moving here and we should  have listened to him when he said it can get very dusty!  The road and campsites are very different at La Posa South than they are here.  Thinking we'll be back next year, but know we'll be at La Posa South...live and learn!  

We did go into town to the place we've gone before, mostly junk..but in the last tent we went too I got an old small Mason jar, which I like.  

News station predicted a big storm last night..not that big but a beautiful thunder and lightning storm! Love the windows in the trailer for that reason..so instead of bar b q we had tacos inside and watched a couple of movies.  

WE talked about leaving today, but at this point not sure what we'll end up doing.  Just know we're not going home yet!  High was 34 yesterday and snowing..

Here's a few old pics that showed up on FB...how time flies!

Russell and Lori..and their Chevy S10..

Russell's boot camp graduation..November 1996

The night before Russell got married...this would be
May 23 1997

Russell and Lori after boot camp..

Pismo Beach ...June 1996

Russell...16 years old..he was working for Big O Tires
and in the backyard working on his 65 El Camino

PFC Russell Kay..

May 24 1997..his wedding day!
Need to find some old pics of the other boys..but these popped up on Facebook...priceless!

Daughter in law Cheryl went out in her yard to cut some blackberry bushes back..decided to take the metal detector with her..took all the treasures she gathered and made this wonderful piece of art!  She placed these on the board (which is from an old barn on her dad's property)..she's going to whitewash the board and then glue the pieces on..but isn't it adorable!! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Laughlin NV to Quartsite AZ

Thursday we left Death Valley at what seems to be our standard leave time about 1000.  Drove a little over 200 miles to Laughlin, NV.  There was a State Park we wanted to check out for camping.  They were full!  The Park Ranger sent us to overflow which was a huge overlook right on the river!  It was beautiful and we were the only ones there!  

Friday morning, she came to us and said there was an opening in the park so we packed up and moved there.  Beautiful, huge full hookup sites $28.00 for the night..a little pricey but a lot better than an RV Park.  After breakfast we headed into Bullhead City for some groceries.  We stopped at a bike shop to see if we could get the stem and some new seats..but not without spending $100.00 or so so we opted out..oh well.  By the time we got back to camp it was lunchtime! Then remembered we forgot to buy a folding table because someone left ours at home..probably with the bike stuff.  Headed back to Bullhead City and got one at Sam's Club.  Enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at camp.  

La Posa South..

Our campsite there

Yesterday morning, got ourselves going and had a beautiful drive to Quartzite, AZ!  Not as many people as would have been here last week but still and interesting RV show.  We are camped at La Posa South a long term camping facility that you spend $40.00 for two weeks but there are several of these all over AZ so you can move anywhere .  Today we'll move a little closer to town and check out the goodies!  

Last weekend a group of bloggers held Bloggerfest here.  Would love to have made it, but we didn't.  We have several blogs we follow in the mornings as part of our coffee time and one of them is Our Awesome Travels..well, guess what they're here! Right down the road from us..

Actually I quit writing my blog this morning as we saw George (the author of Awesome Travels) walking down the road so we had to go outside to meet him! Had a short conversation with him and when we're ready this am to head closer to town we'll stop by there and meet Susie his wife.  We've been following their blog for a few years now and feel like we know them already!  

Today is our Grandson Mason's 11th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Mason! 
The Birthday Boy!

My sister, Linda posted this pic from many Easter's ago.... Dillon Beach

From the left...Jesse, Michael, Dusty, Justin, Steven, and Melanie...

Time to get ready to continue on with our little vacation!

My cousin Karen sent this pic of her brother Steve...for those of you who know Russell, our youngest son...this picture is amazing! This pic looks so much like Russell..Mason is a carbon copy of when my Daddy was young! The Phillips genes are strong!