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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Family visits and Thanksgiving in October

 Friday Dusty, Chelsea and Jesse  got a little later start than planned but they were all here by 1430.  After hugs and greetings I got out the sandwich stuff and they all ate that and macaroni salad.  They all got themselves settled. Dusty and family in the bunkhouse and Jesse in the Komfort. Nice to see them being used :) 

Dusty, Jesse, Ken and Joe...
Owen with the leg for "Mr. Bones"

Mr. Bones needed another leg, so Ken and Joe fixed it..but Owen was having no part of it..so he's back to one leg..haha
As soon as Owen saw the loft he said "I'm sleeping up there!" He did with his dad...
Owen and his dad, Dusty! 💙

After that it was more visiting and just enjoying their company.  We were out back by the bunkhouse when our neighbors Joe and Stacey came to visit. A little later Karen, Amber and little Millie (Amelia) came over too.  We had some snacks outside and then I made enchiladas and coleslaw buffet style so you could eat whenever you wanted. Works best in this little house. LOL. 

We spent the evening outside, some of us until near midnight.  Ken made a really nice fire and so we all enjoyed. 

Saturday morning I got up about 0600 just to make sure I was ready when people started coming inside. The first one I saw was Owen 😍 He was wanting to go riding in the Can Am. He and his sister Cassidy played on the tractors for awhile and then I got breakfast going for whoever was hungry. 

Chelsea, Cassidy and Dusty went for a little ride around the property...

Cassidy wanted to go for a drive...
Owen and Dusty..
Owen and his dad off for a drive!
Owen and Uncle Ken had quite the ride..

Our little dare devil!

Owen and Sophia...just imagine in 10 years or so...

I love this picture of the two of them

Because we know Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be very different this year I had decided to make a Thanksgiving dinner for us all. Some had been cooked before they got here, but there was still some cooking to do. Ham, Turkey and all the trimmings. Swear I'm slower than I used to be...haha. I wanted to spend time with the kids too.  

Dusty and Chelsea went for a short ride and the kids stayed with us and we throughly enjoyed that time. Ken and Owen went for a ride on Ken's quad while Cassidy and I played on the quads in the garage. She talks in her own little language, but sure makes it known what she wants haha. She's so cute 😊

Little Millie (Amelia)...
Sophia and Owen ...kids being kids! 
Cassidy testing out her fingers in the pie! LOL..I haven't cooked a pie in probably 30 years or more..normally my sister Linda is in charge of desserts. Turned out ok but not like Linda does it! 💗

Chelsea, the sweetheart that she is brought us this cute succulent in a pumpkin, along with a card and gift card (that she shouldn't have done).  I'd give Dusty credit too but when I thanked him, he said "Oh you know I had nothing to do with that" hahahah.
Owen playing with the RC Can AM..

She's just too adorable!

Cassidy loved the different quads...

Later we were in the kitchen and Owen asked me when we could go on a Can AM ride and I answered 14 minutes (I was waiting on pies).  Chelsea was there and said she'd take him so off they went.  When they came back, I was done so he came inside. I asked how the ride was? He said "Well I whined the whole time" Really why? Cause I wanted to go with you! 💖I asked him what he wanted to do now.."Well I guess we can't go on a Can Am ride"..oh do you want to go? He said "do you?" I said "of course"..oh that little face!! So we told mom and dad we were going and Dusty decided to take the 700 and follow along. Nice ride, not too long, he was happy and so was I.  Something about the little ones 💓💙

Once we got back I had dinner ready for 1800, again feel free to eat when you want! Karen, Isabel, Amber along with kids were invited for dinner too. She brought a wonderful meat and cheese tray we all enjoyed. 

Owen with his own Can Am (actually a Polaris Razor) Remote controlled vehicle..
Cassidy running to keep up with the "big kids"
Cassidy loved all the sand around our house..💖
Owen and Sophia really became fast friends! 💙

Sophia, Cassidy and Owen 💜

Again, another late night by the fire.  Good food, good friends (that are like family) and Family! We have a lot to be thankful for! 

Sunday morning came way too quickly and after breakfast around 1000 Dusty and family had to hit the road home. Before that we had Sophia come over and play for a bit. Definitely sorry to see them go, but so glad they came out to visit.  They are already planning the next visit. 

Good bye Dusty, Chelsea, Owen and Cassidy!

Chelsea sent me this pic a little bit after they left 💙

Jesse stayed until about 1430 so that was great. He was in no hurry as he had today off. 

Jesse and Uncle Ken..

Eventually it was back to just Ken and me for the afternoon. I found a spot on the couch and a good book which is pretty much where I stayed. haha. Ken actually joined me most of the afternoon. Not something we normally do, but why not. 

We called it an early night and headed for bed. 

Monday morning it was 0700 before we woke up. I was awake in the middle of the night for an hour or so which always messes with the morning wake up. Darn. Had our coffees and visiting with blogging friends. Patsy, you are in our thoughts today! 

Got breakfast and then Laundry etc. Got the bunkhouse and  Komfort back together We're ready for company again! Ken did his thing outside and brought the Mansion back to the concrete. We were hoping to go somewhere for a few days but Ken's got some appointments coming up. We shall see.  

After lunch I decided to make some new morning glory muffins for Ken using almond flour. First time for everything. haha.

Now it's time to get this blog published as Happy Hour is upon us! 

Well that didn't happen as Karen suggested Happy Hour...

Sitting here this Tuesday morning feeling very grateful for the family and friends that we have. Wouldn't have traded this weekend for anything. Just needs to be longer next time. Love you guys! 

We're headed to Reno this am to see about some seat covers for the Tundra and a visit to Total Wine..then we'll see what else we can get into. 

Have a great day! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Company is coming! Getting things ready. Couple of Can Am rides just because! Just enjoying the days :)

 Well here we are again, it's been almost a week since the last post! Luckily since I can't remember that far back this should be quick..hahah. 

We've been on a couple of Side by Side rides into our surrounding desert. One out to Pumpkin Hollow, just about 8 miles so that makes it about 21 to the campground on the back roads. Then we headed out to find a road, nope didn't find it so we headed out from home the next day to find it again. We did. Seems to me once we're out there lots of the roads look the same. Ken always finds our way back. LOL.

Still smoky...

A great day for a ride!

Interesting area out there...

We made a drive to Fernley one morning to visit Lowe's quickly and then to Pioneer Crossing for breakfast. Food was delicious, service wasn't! Oh well. 

Most of this week we've been working on getting ready for company come Friday! Nephew Dusty and his family are coming out along with our nephew Jesse! Adam was supposed to be coming, but turns out he had asked for the wrong weekend off..darn. 

Ken has worked hard getting the toilet, sink and new faucet into the Komfort fifth wheel and all is good now! The cold water on the shower doesn't work, as there is a leak. Everything else does and we have two bathrooms in the house. Nice to have it back in working order since he spent a lot of time and $$ getting it hooked into our septic system a few years back. 

I ordered a new refrigerator for the bunk house, Ken got it in and working so everything is looking good. 

Ready for company! 
Ken cut the cabinet to fit..I'm going to have to repaint the cabinet once I figure out what color...any suggestions? Love this retro look of the fridge.

The loft upstairs..there's electricity up there and a small tv. 

Our 2002 Komfort 5th wheel below ...ready for company...
The upstairs bedroom...
New kitchen faucet..
New toilet and sink..

This morning (Wed) Ken and I went to breakfast in town at Dini's.  After that I left and headed to the Gardnerville Walmart to buy stuff for this weekend. I ended up taking the groceries out to the car and then going back inside to get other stuff than groceries. Then I headed home. Tomorrow will be a cooking day and getting ready for Friday's company! Can't wait to see Little Owen and Cassidy! It's been too long. The parents and Jesse too! Looking forward to a wonderful weekend! 

Earlier this week I made some PB fit cookies OMG! Awful! hahaha..They went into the garbage. When they first came out of the oven Ken had 2 and said they were good. NOT!  The next morning they were horrible..like cardboard. 

They looked okay..but oh they were horrible.  

This afternoon I made almond flour butterscotch cookies for Ken's treats. They turned out awesome! 

Happy Hour with the hubby! Enjoy your evening!