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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Bear Lake UT to Swan Valley, Idaho. Beautiful drive, colors and NFS campground

 Thursday morning we left Bear Lake Utah at about 0900. We had a gorgeous drive along Highway 89 going from Utah into Idaho and then a little bit of Wyoming and back into Idaho.  Two lane roads and cute little towns. 

Amazing how many people are out camping! Lot's of families..must be home schooling! 

Here's one for sale Wendy!

Paris, Idaho
Mormons seem to have a big influence in the area 

Looks like an old church...

Just outside Montpelier, ID
Aspens in all their glory 💙

Just outside Afton, WY

We stopped to get a few groceries in Afton, Wyoming. What a great place! Nice to feel "normal" again.  It was around 1200 or so, all the high school kids were either in the parking lot or in the deli inside.  No signs on the door warning of "You must wear a mask to enter"  Honestly there weren't any of those signs in Idaho or Garden City either.  There were some people with masks but most without. Makes me not want to go home to deal with our locked down state! A very friendly touristy town. 

We resumed our drive not really knowing our end result. We saw there was a huge lake just outside of Alpine, WY.  Right on the border of Idaho and WY. If it wasn't coming up to the weekend we probably would have headed for the Tetons and Yellowstone. 

Palisade Reservoir looked to be on the low side but as you got closer to the dam it looked much better.  We pulled over at the scenic overlook and had a late lunch before moving on. 

Gotta love the old barns!

Palisades Reservoir 

Our lunch view...

I know, I just can't help myself!! :)

A few miles later I saw a campground that turned out to be NFS. Huge sites and beautiful view of the mountains in their glorious Fall colors.  There was a 4 mile drive to another campground and boat ramp so we took it just to check it out. Nope, not as nice and overgrown. Good for people who want the boat ramp though. 

We went back down, found our campsite and paid the $6.00 for the night. $12.00 if you don't have the America the Beautiful Senior Pass.  They have several sites with electricity for $11.00 a night with the pass.  They were all full but that's ok. We love where we are.  

Electrical sites across from us..all pull throughs
Our view from our campsite!

Gotta love the trees! Wouldn't they be gorgeous at Christmas decked out in lights?!!! 

We sat outside and enjoyed the evening until the winds sent us inside.  A delicious dinner of left overs and just a nice night. 

So we're at 0500 on Saturday morning. We're spending another night here so we're going to take a drive to someplace we haven't been. Mesa Falls. We're planning on breakfast out in Swan Valley and later we'll have lunch (tuna sandwiches) hopefully in the area of the falls. 

Saw yesterday on FB our grandson Mason got his learners permit! Congrats Mason! 

Time to get a move on and get those sandwiches made! Have a great Saturday! 

Friday, September 18, 2020

Bear Lake Kayaking, Anniversary and Picture overload for Wendy!

 Well, another anniversary has come and gone! Thanks everyone for the wishes! 

Wednesday morning we  finished our breakfast at about 1000. I did the dishes while Ken got the kayaks and stuff ready to take to the beach.  

Wow! The water was incredibly clear and even better it was shallow. We paddled out to the buoy area and it was just about 6 feet deep.  Looks like it would have been deeper! We spent a couple of hours just enjoying paddling around. 

Looking to the bottom..just nice sand! They call Bear Lake the Caribbean of the Rockies..clear water, sandy beaches and the lake bottom is sand! Can't wait to come back again! 

Nearing 1300 we took the kayaks to the beach near our campground area for later use. We walked back up to the trailer where I got our lunch of bologna sandwiches ready. Ken walked down to the beach where we put in and got the truck. 

Neither of us were hungry yet, so we took our lunch along for a ride of the area.  We headed for the Sinclair station for water, ice and propane. They have an adorable ice cream shop that is open in the summer.  The guy inside said in summer there's a line daily from the time they open until 2200 when they close!! Tells me what this area is like in the summer! He did say the ice cream is soooo good! 

After that, we ended up at the rest area down the road and about 1400 it was time for our long awaited anniversary lunch! Bologna sandwiches, chips and an adult beverage! Yum! Those sandwiches once a year taste just as good as they did 48 years ago! 💙

Our lunch view!

After lunch we headed out to take a look at the North end of the lake which takes us into the state of Idaho.  My sister Wendy and her husband Shawn, are looking at retiring in Idaho possibly so I did go a little crazy with pictures.  I really like this area! We both like the Utah side of the lake better than the Idaho side, but the little towns area cuter in Idaho.  

By the time we got back it was 1630 and we decided to put off kayaking until tomorrow. We enjoyed sitting outside watching the world go by. We did decide to stay one more night and head out on Friday morning.  

We opened a bottle of champagne that Karen and John gave us before we left. Never had the brand before but it was amazing!  Ken is not a champagne drinker, but he liked this one! Thanks guys! 

It cooled off enough that we were able to have a real fire and eventually we went inside for dinner.  Since the earlier bologna sandwiches were so good, we decided to finish the night off with another!  I fried the bologna and made grilled  bologna and  cheese sandwiches! I haven't been so bad in years hahah.  Glad I did it though and only 364 days until another one!! 

Ken's sandwiches and my wine..lol.

Thursday morning I didn't wake until 0715! I started the coffee and got the treats out. Finally at 0745 I woke Ken up! He was shocked it was so late. Thought while he's in the shower I'd get a start on this blog.  Kayaking are the plans for today once it warms a bit. Only 80 degrees for the afternoon, works for us! It's smoky out there again this morning, but I can see the sun.

We spent the day down at the beach and got hours in kayaking. Have to say we both enjoy it and are really glad we bought them when we did.  It was nearing 1730 when we got back to camp. Nice temps during the day and then we were able to have a real fire again outside. Ken barbecued some awesome pork chops and I made some of Karen's yellow squash as a side. 

Thanks again everyone for the wishes here, FB, texts and Bryan and Shawn for the phone calls 💗💙.  We are blessed!  

Set the alarm for 0500 this Friday morning.  We are enjoying sleeping in way too much! We're heading out, towards Alpine, right at the border of Idaho and Wyoming. Another route we haven't been before.  Not sure what after that. We need to be home by the 26th as Ken has an eye appointment the next week. So we shall see....

Now for the picture  overload of Idaho and Utah homes for my sissy! Have a great day! 

North Beach of Bear Lake

California Transplants $$$$$$

Gotta love the fall colors through the windshield 
Cute fast food places..The Raspberry Shakes are a specialty..maybe next time! 

Even a lighthouse for Cheryl! 

Have a wonderful day!! 💙💙💙