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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tupelo, MS and rain!

Woke up on Monday am to the sound of RAIN!  It had been that way all night and it was lovely...We slowly got ready, and left camp at our normal time of 1100...headed to the local Walmart to restock a few supplies and then go into town and find the Tupelo Battlefield...

Well, by the time we left Walmart it was almost 1300 as we probably had to drive about 15 miles to get to town..so decided to try and find a Mexican place for a late lunch.  Honestly, we were about to pull over and make some sandwiches but then we spied...Casa D's place..just down the street from the Battlefield..yummy!  and very inexpensive! 

We left there, and drove by the "Battlefield"...how sorry that was..it was about a 1/4 acre in size (really a battle that lasted from one morning til the next night) and only that big..it was overgrown and there was no  place to park..we figure they must have sold the parking to the bank next door..no place to pull over it was sad..we had to drive by and get the pictures I got by truck....it was raining so we wouldn't have stayed long anyway...but if this battlefield can make it to the state map shouldn't it be more taken care of?!  

So we headed back to camp and had an awesome rainstorm the rest of the day and night til bedtime.  

We have some pop up tent campers across our "arm" of the lake...two little families (yes, I know I am a stalker)...haha...anyway, sure they are there for spring break..but felt bad for them, as they were outside in the rain, (as we know kids will do)  for quite awhile until it got to be too much...here's hoping they have a better day!!  

Tuesday am..we are headed towards Arkansas today!  
Tupelo National Battlefield....

Rain!! Trace State Park, Tupelo, MS..

Well, the whole point of the video below was to HEAR the rain...
Not sure what happened as it played when I transferred it from camera to
iphoto..will have to see if I can do better this afternoon...stay tuned...

Monday, April 14, 2014

117 miles...We're in Tupelo, MS...

Well, we got going yesterday at our regular time...about 1100 or so..decided to take the back roads to Tupelo, MS and what a lovely ride that was.  We did stop quickly at a tourist trap called Natural Bridge...but drove in and right out..privately owned and hardly any parking.  We were afraid we'd come out and be blocked in for who knows how long...so off we went.  

Just enjoyed the small towns along the way and the rolling hillsides..everything was so green!  Enjoyed our lunch at the Welcome Center coming into Mississippi...got some information and off we headed.  

We paid for two nights at Trace State Park off the Natchez Trace Parkway.  We plan on visiting the Battle of Tupelo Battlefield.   Weather was calling for rain, and rain it did and it still is..warm though today, even though they're expecting rain most of the day and clearing tonight...it'll be colder temps tomorrow...but that's ok, as tomorrow we move on!  

Pictures will have to b later when I can get faster service...

Rolling hills outside of Corinth, AL

Welcome to MS...now this is a Welcome Center!
Inside the Welcome Center...and free coffee if u want it..

The Natchez Trace....

View from our campsite at Trace State Park...Tupelo, MS

Our campsite at Trace State Park...Tupelo, MS>..

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cornersville TN to Cornith Alabama...134 miles!

Some Barns along the way from 
Cornersville, TN to the 
Delina Crossroads Market and 

Love the stone on the bottom!

Bet this schoolhouse/church has some stories!

Across from the Crossroads Market

Best food ever!
Don's favorite barn!  There were people inside grooming their horse

This i've had a pic b4...Phillips barn!

Just around the corner from Don and Dana's place..

Don and Dana left Saturday morning for Marion AL to visit with Chelsea for the day since she was there and they don't get to see her much as she is finishing her junior year at West Point...We took our time getting ready and got out of there at our usual time of 1045...hit the road leaving two very sad dogs waiting for their people to get back home...funny as soon as Don and Dana left, Heidi lay in front of the door and Sweet pea went back upstairs to her bed..I'm thinking that's where they were when Don and Dana got back...

We headed down the road not quite sure where we were going to end up but...134 miles later we pulled into a very nice NFS campground at Cornith...full hookups and a river behind us...had a very relaxing afternoon, some leftover chicken...a can of mixed beans (Bush's) which we both love!  And haven't had since the last time we were out in TN...they don't sell this variety out west...We followed signs earlier in the day to a covered bridge, but because it was Saturday, and it looked like a birthday party going on...we couldn't park..but it sure was a cool thing to see!

Talked with a couple of the campground hosts on their walk..nice...One man, Ovid..told us a little about his rememberances of the seed driller we have on the trailer...good luck to them as it's possible they may be joining the full timer rank down the road....

Well, off to our usual early start...0850...guess i'll go take a shower....loving this life!! 

Heidi....so sad..

Sweet pea...sad too..

Trees along Don's driveway...might be the last time we see them
as the TVA plans on removing them..

TN River

TN River

The covered bridge was so cool!

Where we are camped at Cornith, AL

Like any kid would do he had to check out how steep it was to the water...

Russell asked for this...and we found it!

Our campsite....

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yard art delivered..paperwork done..and a GREAT late lunch at Crossroads Market!

Our yard art was expected around 1000 this am..Don had his septic replaced and was waiting for the inspector and the company was here waiting to backfill.   It all happened realitively easy and while they were backfilling Ken and I ran to the BofA and had our paperwork notarized.  Really nice the manager of the bank Jock helped us and what a pleasure that was...all done and dropped into FedEX.

When we got back to Don's the backfilling was done and they were just leaving.  So we hopped into the pickup and headed off for a nice ride on the backcountry to Delina Crossroads Market.  We all had an incredibly delicious linner ....(lunch and dinner)....huge and I do mean HUGE burgers...more fries than i could ever dream of eating...Don went a little exotic and had the alligator and catfish...not for me..but he really liked it!

Had to roll us all out of there...Thanks Don and Dana for a delicious meal!   Called it a night about 2200 as Don and Dana were getting up at 0300 to head for Alabama and a quick day with Chelsea.  Ken and I will be leaving here today and heading for Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, before we head for Red Oak TX and our meeting with our friends next Saturday!

Pictures later today!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crossville, TN back to Cornersville!

Had a wonderful night last night back at the campground in Crossville, TN...a good dinner of baked chicken (Walmart)...and then I made a salad..

This morning we got up fairly early and got ready..our friend Clif got there and stayed for awhile visiting with us..it was really nice outside so we were able to chat in great temps for the morning.  

We left the campsite around 1100 or so and headed out...about 1300 we were in the town of Smithville, TN and decided we were in the mood for Mexican food...found a great place called the El Rancho and proceeded to have an awesome lunch...the home made hot sauce was awesome!  It must have been made with avacado as it was a green color but oohhhh so good..back on the road and we decided to stop at exit 46 off of I65 to check out the yard art at a little place we've stopped b4...well......bought 2...they will be delivered tomorrow to Don's house.   Ken is taking the truck to Lewisburg to get the oil changed before we leave on Saturday....then we need to find a notary for some paperwork on one of the properties..hope to have a really nice day with Don and Dana tomorrow as it will be our last day together for awhile...not forever as we will be back!  Love this place and them too!!

Our campsite at Don's house

On the way to Crossville

Trees were so in bloom!

Our campsite at Cumberland MTN State Park

another barn!

Ken and Clif!

Love this little store!

Don on the atv!

Our new yard art...know right where this one's gonna go!

Hay driller!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How time flies...Cornersville, TN to Crossville, TN

We had a couple of really nice days at Don and Dana's...Darryl, Tara and Devin left on Monday around 1300...Ken and I headed to town to pick up a few things and ended up at our favorite Lewisburg Mexican place...La Fuente...yummmm...headed back home after Walmart and had a nice evening with Don and Dana...we were so full from lunch we couldn't even think about dinner even though it looked and smelled like Dana made a great dinner.  Don turned on a video he had of the old "Johnny Cash Show"...awesome!! We loved it!  

The next day (Tuesday) we left their place and headed for Crossville, TN for a visit with Cliff, our friend who Ken used to work with...We had a beautiful drive across highway 70..before that though we headed across 840 for Murfeesboro...got there and ended up making a big circle around (or through) town and back to where we started...ok...my fault..I was the navigator..so we went to Cheddars grill..for a late lunch..yummy I have to say!  

Got to Crossville, about 1600 or so and had a nice early evening at Cumberland State Park..we've been here before and love it!  Watched a couple of movies, as it was raining outside....TAKING CHANCE...based on a true story...I booooohooooed!!   It was the most moving story I have ever seen in my life!!  wow..!!!  It was in the $5.00 bin at Walmart and Ken picked it up....wooooowwwww...is all I can say!!!!

We also watched another that Don had given us...Jack Nicholson and based on a guy and retirement...don't see the movie now otherwise I could tell u the name...awesome movie!! 

Fell asleep to a heavy rain on the camper...love that sound!  

Got up this am, took our time and headed for Cliff's house...met his sister and brother who were here visiting!  Nice people!...then back to camp after a stop at Walmart...(seems to be our home away from home!)...took a nice walk around all the campgrounds and then back home for a nice, cool...night...Inside and watched a dumb but cute movie..about neighborhood watch and aliens...great dinner and now time for bed.

We are hoping to see Cliff tomorrow before we leave..he has to take his sis and brother to Chatanooga in the early am to catch a plane, but hopefully we'll still be here on his way back! ...I will try and post pics tomorrow as internet is up but slow!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

17 days and we're here in Cornersville, TN!! Part 2...tour of Don's new property!

Got up this am in West Memphis, AR...decided it was a good time to clean the camper and let the water run...I went over to the little kitchen the KOA has and ordered a biscuit and gravy breakfast...not the best I've ever had but the woman who was cooking was a doll!! She was from there, her grandparents owned the land next to the KOA for the last 130 years...started as sharecroppers and then eventually owned the land..they lease it now to farmers throughout the year...she was a sweetie!   Made an egg sandwich for Ken and we enjoyed our breakfast!   Left just about 1100 to head for Don's house.  

We arrived around 1700 and saw Don, Dana, Tara, Darryl and Devin, who has grown like crazy!!  Had a wonderful evening catching up with them and then started playing a game...aww gee now I forget the name...but will get it tomorrow..so much fun!!  Guys against the girls and just funny to see how different sexes come to conclusions on the questions asked...

A late bedtime, it's now after 0100...so off to bed I go!! Pictures tomorrow!

Well, I posted pics and discovered I probably posted pics I should have posted on a second blog...but since I posted them, decided to just include today's (April 6) on this one...

Got up this am and about 1100 we loaded into Don and Dana's truck and headed off to see the new 60 acres they bought...Can't believe how awesomely beautiful this property is!  The greenery, trees, plants and water is just incredible!  You really have to see it to believe it! 

Ken and Don unloaded the Barracuda and quad..Ken repacked the trailer...how he told me we would have an empty trailer going home for yard art...I just don't know..there's an awful lot of stuff on it...but let me see what I can do :)

The rest of the day i have to admit I didn't do much just enjoyed talking to Dana and getting caught up....Tara, Darryl and Devin had left today to spend some time with his brother and visiting Cameron.. their little angel.  

So it was quiet around here but ohhhh so nice!   Dana cooked up a nice dinner and we enjoyed talking around the table...about 2200 we headed for bed...It's raining, pretty steady right now but love the sound of the rain on the roof of the camper   :)))))

KOA W Memphis Arkansas


The view from our site...130 acres that has been in family

Memphis TN

Mississippi River

Crossing bridge into TN
Memphis TN

Just a barn I liked

It's Spring in TN

Don's driveway...

Don and Heidi coming out to greet us...

Some pics of Don's new property!

Love this creek, can u imagine how it will sound w more water?

The thorns on this bush...amazing..with beautiful delicate
flowers getting ready to bloom...

fixing a walkway across the water...

Love the creek!
Took us 21/2 hours to go 72 miles...that traffic looks like our
traffic did on I40 out of Memphis...it sucked!

Love the view!