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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Friday, February 16, 2018

We have a leave date! Taxes all week, not even mine!

Well, this week has flown!  I don't think I've been out of the house since Monday and that was just a run to Scolari's for a few things.  The weather here has been cold, morning lows around 8 degrees and highs only in the 40's.  

Ken's been outside most days doing different things.  I know he's started every vehicle we have, which we have too many for only two people!  He was starting some of the quads, not sure what he got done there.  He washed my Patriot and the Tundra (got all that desert dirt off) I know he watered all the trees, but due to no rain, it's got to be done.  They are mostly drought resistant but we need rain!  

We've had our usual mornings together with our coffee and blogging friends but after breakfast we do our own things.  Back together for lunch and then on with the afternoon.  
Ken got this sign up, our Christmas present from Eric,
Christina, Seth and Mason.  The boys picked it out :)
Grandchildren complete life's circle of love :)
Daughter in law Cheryl made the flag above for us a year ago
or so..

Sign I picked up in Yuma..love it!

Next to our front door..

Every year I work on our oldest's sons taxes.  Several years ago he was taking them to someone, who charged a fortune and I looked at it and said I can do this.  So, I have.  This year there were some changes with Adam going to college (expenses) and Bryan had paid into an HSA.  Well, as with anything with the IRS, it's not as easy as it seems. Long story short, that's where I spent most of the week. Probably should have used turbo tax,or something, but I like seeing my own figures first. Oh well, that's done!  Now on to gathering my stuff. 

Ken says I need a break, so this morning we are heading for Carson City.  We'll visit Walmart to see if we can find some lubricant for the tread mill that's trying to kill both of us!  Stop by Lowe's so we can get what we need to make a pole for the trailer and our new flag :)  We'll do whatever else we need to do and then head to our favorite Chinese restaurant.  We know we have a hard time finding good Chinese most places we go. 

Ok, we've decided next Thursday the 22nd will be our leave date to slowly start heading for Tennessee! That should give us time to get all done that we want.  First stop, Winnemucca NV to drop off taxes and stay at the New Frontier RV Park.  A Passport America park so in the winter about $10.00 a night.  

Middle son, Eric called on Wednesday and we had a nice conversation. He talked to his dad too.  Always nice to hear from the kids :) They've got a couple of pregnant goats, due in a couple of weeks so he's been working on a new pen and he made a gate with their "ranch" name..I love it! 

The one on the left looks like she could be
carrying more than one baby..

Milking stand practice! 

The beginning of the gate..
Russell, Lori and Aaron are headed to Portland for the weekend for Aaron's basketball tournament (some craft beer drinking too I'm sure).  They're flying so I'm sure they'll enjoy that better than spending two long days on the road! Have fun Aaron! 
Aaron (5'10", 150 lbs) he'll be
13 next month..heck of a
basketball player! 

Have a wonderful day!  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Waking up to snow! A trip to Cabela's!

Yesterday (Sunday) we met our friends and neighbors at Dini's for breakfast and conversation!  We always have an enjoyable time with them even though Joe is working in Winnemucca at the prison.  

After we came home, we had plans to go next door and help Stacey move out her couch and chair as she was having a new couch and recliner delivered on Monday. While we were home our neighbor, Karen called and asked if Ken could come look at their well, as they had no water since about 1900 on Saturday night.  I went with him to visit with Karen for a bit.  He checked some things but couldn't figure out the problem except to say the pressure regulator didn't seem to be working.  She was going to call the well guy and see if he was available to come out. We found out later that he came and it looks like they need a new pump and there is an electrical short :(   Joys of living in the country. 

We had a well when we bought this place, but the water was horrible, so we were able to get city water at a huge price almost 5 years ago :(  Our last argument, as I saw my remodel money gone! ...just kidding, but it wasn't pretty.  As it is, I'm glad we don't have to deal with a well and we can drink this water. :)  (don't want to admit it but he was right)

Afterwards we went next door and got the furniture moved to the back porch for Stacey. Her cat really did a job on the furniture. Hoping she can keep the new furniture cat free..

We came back home and I did a little baking just because I could. Helped to keep the living area warm too along with the fire in the wood stove.  A slow going afternoon, watched a bit of the Olympics and leftovers for dinner. 

*clicking on the pics will enlarge..*
Banana bread

Apple Oatmeal muffins

Peanut butter, dark chocolate chip and oatmeal energy bites..
first time ever making so we'll see...
Our oldest son, Bryan called last night so Ken had a nice conversation with him!
  Monday We sat the alarm for 0400. We were heading to Reno this am to get Ken's new gun at Cabela's. He ordered it online and it had come in a day or two ago. While we're drinking coffee, visiting with friends online, I checked my phone for weather. It said it was snowing here in Yerington, sure enough it was! Just enough to make it pretty and we know it won't last long. 
Out the front door..

The rabbits around here are hard up I guess..first time we've ever
noticed they've eaten the bottom of a juniper..they don't like them
according to gardeners..

Out our front yard area..

 We had our breakfast and left here about 0730.  Driving was slower than normal because of the snow on the way to Reno, but that was ok.  We got to Cabela's and no one was at the gun counter.  Ken filled out the stuff for his background check, paid his $25.00 and about 10 minutes later the gun was his. We walked out with the gun and a little ammo and headed towards Carson City. He wanted to check with Toyota to make sure our brakes were considered ok to make the trip to Tennessee.  Last service showed yellow but all is good. We can get them done after we get home. A quick trip to Walmart in Gardnerville, Raleys for drugs and then 1300.  Lunch at Carson Valley Inn. Got our fix. Homeward bound. Snow is gone! Still really cold but all the snow has disappeared, which is why we like it when it snows here. 

I realize most of our new friends go south to escape the snow..but because we only get snow once, twice maybe 3 times a year..we love it! If it's gonna be cold and cloudy, might as well snow! :) 
The bunkhouse and outhouse in the snow :)

Our driveway..

Washoe Lake where we like to camp

The big boys toy store...Cabela's..


CVI where we love to have lunch!

On the way home..

so pretty!

Love the snow!

Wilson Canyon..no snow

We've got a fire going now and are just going to enjoy the evening. 

Today would have been my Daddy's 99 th Birthday. Happy Birthday to the best man that ever lived. :) Miss you so much. :( 
Daddy and his girls..about 1962..me on the left,
Linda middle and Wendy on the right..:)
Got  to admit I'm not much of an Olympics watcher..or so I think..but when I see America win..it really gets to me..Go team! 

Have a wonderful evening..

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Settling in, cleaning the trailer, and a cold, windy day!

Good morning from a cold, cold, Yerington!  It's 8 degrees right now but we are warm and toasty inside our little piece of heaven.  

We woke up about 0500 yesterday (Saturday) morning.  Had our coffees and checking in with our blogging friends.  A nice leisurely morning.  We ventured to the garage to use the treadmill. Ken goes first, sets up a little heater and warms up the treadmill.  Thinking we're gonna need a new one soon, as this one might kill us. It has a mind of its own as when it wants to stop and go. We just hold on tight! 

Made Ken a mushroom and olive omelet for breakfast and I had yogurt with fruit and a half slice of toast with peanut butter.  Once that was done, on with the rest of the day. 
Looking out the kitchen window towards highway 95A
and the mountains..?!

Mountains there too...

It was cold, around 40 degrees with a wind chill of 33 and boy were the winds a howling!  Lots of the fields around us are plowed waiting for a few weeks to be planted again so the dust is amazing!  Finally, around 1700 the winds died down pretty good. 

I ran to the Scolari's in town and picked up a few groceries.  While I was there I saw that Red Box had the movie Bad Moms Christmas so spent the $1.61 and picked it up. 
Our neighbors flag and dust blowing

There are mountains behind that dust!

Made up our salad stuff for lunch and then I went out to the trailer to strip the bed and clean the refrigerator. Ken had been unloading the truck and some stuff in his section of the trailer.  He also re winterized it (good thing with the temps this morning).  

After lunch we continued with our little chores and agreed to meet at 1500 to watch the movie.  It's pretty funny, even though language is a little crass at times. 

Ken got the bar b q ready and cooked up some boneless pork chops.  I made some asparagus and a baked potato to compliment. Yummy dinner.  

We called it a night pretty early and watched some tv in bed for a bit. 

Up at 0500 this morning (Sunday) and our regular visiting with friends.  We've got a breakfast date with our neighbors minus Joe, as he's working in Winnemucca.  It'll be nice to catch up with Stacey, her mom, Susan and little Rylee.  Plus the food is awesome and none of us have to cook. 

Have a wonderful day and stay safe if you're traveling! 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Tonopah, NV and We're Home!

We had a lovely drive from Laughlin, NV to Tonopah, NV yesterday (Thursday). We left camp just a little after 0900..I know we never leave that early but we were ready!  The couple that was going to take our space dropped their car off about 0830, that way the site was secured for them. On the way out we saw their Dolphin Motor Home and we waved at each other.  Hope they enjoy. 

*if you click on the pictures they will enlarge*

Sunset Wednesday night 

Coming out of Laughlin heading towards Vegas..

The green desert

A lovely roadside rest before Searchlight

The wind was a blowing..Searchlight, NV

Housing in Searchlight

Love this mountain outside of Vegas

they have pretty overdressing and freeway art..
The air seemed really dirty near Vegas

We pulled over at Amargosa Valley, went to the rest area and I fixed a salad for me and a couple of veggie wraps for Ken. Got some gas and ice across the street at the Alien diner and headed on. We originally thought we'd stop at Beatty, NV but decided to go another 94 miles and end up in Tonopah, NV. All told it was a 310  mile day but it worked.  
The Brothel Armagosa, Valley..

Cute little place, gift shop and diner in the back..

Looking towards Death Valley area

Coming into Beatty, NV

Goldfield, NV

Goldfield has the Dinky Diner and the meanest bartender! 

We got to the RV Park at Tonopah Station and found our site.  They don't have a lot but if you get there early afternoon it usually works. We checked in and paid our $27.00. The sites includes sewer, water and electric. No tv reception but that's ok. We spent the rest of the afternoon just looking out the windows and enjoying the rest of the day. We turned on the dvd of the old series "Alf". Gosh that's funny.  
That's where we stayed

Our site for the night..

Mining park

Looks like a cross :))

Sunset in Tonopah

Dinner was simple, tacos and we called it a night a little after 2100.  We didn't set the alarm because we knew we only had 150 miles or so until home. No more shorts weather, we had the electric heater on during the night. 

About 0400 the both of us were wide awake, it just seemed to early to get up so we just enjoyed the bed and the quiet.  After awhile we both fell back to sleep and woke up about 0600.  Got the day going with blogging, showers etc. Around 0900 we headed to the hotel and the Tonopah Station Restaurant. We decided to have breakfast there just because we wanted too and knew that would keep us going all day. 
Lots of different artwork in the Tonopah Station Casino..

Love this! 


This girl has been there forever, never says a
word and does not look happy with her job! 

A pic of Tonopah Station, 1901

We left Tonopah about 1000 and arrived here just before 1330. Everything safe and secure. 

We unloaded the trailer and Ken talked with the neighbors. I ran to the post office to pick up our held mail. Ken started a fire as it was colder in the house than it was outside.  We seem to be in the part of the year, where we start out in the 20's and end in the 60's or so.  
Sunset at Home Sweet Home...

We had to have a fire..

Ken started the bar b q around 1700 and got the chicken going. I made the side dishes, salad, baked potato and I had some asparagus. Dinner was delicious. 

I always love going, but it is nice to have this little place to come home to.  For us, this works best. Many of our new friends have been full timing for years and it works well for them. Some are just beginning and looking forward to the journey ahead of them, and we enjoy following along. Always remember if you ever travel to our little town of Yerington, NV we will always have a place for you to stay. 

Have a good night..:)