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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2 days worth of blog...Babes Restaurant...then leaving and Mineral Wells TX...Now Amarillo, TX

Monday we got up and eventually headed out...had a nice lunch in Red Oak at a Mexican/American restaurant.  Little Alex was off for the day so he stayed with all of us.  Unfortunately, Alex and Rhonda had to work.  We headed for Joe Pool Lake up near Dallas (I believe)...unless I'm driving don't really pay attention.  It was a huge lake and very pretty.  We also drove by the area where some of the Dallas Cowboy's have homes...wow!! Very impressive!  
Joe Pool Lake TX

A Cowboys home


Amazing how fast the time goes and we headed back to Alex and Rhonda's for a nice afternoon until they got off work.  We sat out back and enjoyed the birds and thunder and lightening..awesome!   

Later that evening we headed for Babes Restaurant...an incredibly down home type place.  You order your meat and then the rest is served family style...green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, salad and the best biscuits!  YUMMMM...ohhh so bad, but soooooo good!! 

Babe's scary bunny!

The same one...only nice...

Inside the restaurant

I think he ate too much...

Alex, Rhonda, and little Alex...

Tuesday morning, we said good bye to everyone and headed towards Cleburne TX and spent a little time at Walmart, restocking our food and drink.  Then to La Fiesta, for a really good late lunch and then off we went...Ken thought we made about 200 miles, but upon checking this am..130..
Good bye Red Oak TX....and good bye to our wonderful
friends....Hope to see u soon!

Ok...which way do we go??????????????

Mineral Wells State Park..TX

We spent the night at Mineral Wells State Park...a nice park that we really enjoyed!

The Baker Hotel...quite a story..closed..and ghosts..wish we could
have done a ghost tour..they hope to remodel..but not quite sure..

Today we went through the town of Clarendon, TX...here we go...1970 we headed for Arkansas..we were going to visit Aunt Ollie in Texarkana...so after going through Amarillo, we headed to Texarkana...that evening, we spent the night in Clarendon, Texas...why do I remember that??  Because, my mom never drank much, but when we were on vacation, in the evening, she liked an ice cold beer!  (Of course in later years, we kids corrupted her and she liked ice cold Corona whenever we came over)...anyway....Daddy was out of beer and he thought that he would buy it in Clarendon after we got a room...NOPE...Dry county!  OMG I can still remember momma being so angry, and telling him we were going back home tomorrow.  I was outside on a swing writing Ken a letter and telling him the story..still have the letter at home...seems like yesterday..and that was 44 years ago...of course in the am we headed toward Arkansas and after that I don't think Daddy ever ran out of beer or ice!! Today we went through Clarendon, and the motel we stayed at "Western Skies" was still there..only got 1 pic but I really didn't think it would still be there!!  Dairy Queen across the street, which is where i'm sure daddy went and got our dinner...ohhhh the memories!!!

Western Skies Motel...looks the same as 1970!

Clarendon, TX....

Got up this am and headed for Amarillo, TX and here we are!  We are in the RV park we have stayed in 3 times and it's nice.  Reallyyy windy!! We saw some storms coming in, but here it's clear..they said some of the area we went through earlier today had golf ball sized hail...glad we missed it!  
Just because I like the way it looks!

We went to the Big Texan for a late lunch/early dinner...kind of tradition!  Yummy!  Now we're back at camp relaxing getting ready for tomorrow where we will head for Colorado.  

The BIG Texan...Double IPA..
something about a donkey...

He was really giving us the eye! 

The Big Texan

I had steak and baked potato...yummm...don't think i've had a
steak in 2 years...

These boys tried the 72 ounce steak dinner challenge...NOT..
but they were happy anyway...one from Maryland the other
from Alaska! Cost them $72.00 a piece for their dinner..

Monday, April 21, 2014

We're in Red Oak, TX!

Had a beautiful drive from Mt. Pleasant, TX to Red Oak this morning.  The Texas bluebonnets are in bloom and oh so pretty!  We took a back road to avoid most of the freeway around Dallas and glad we did!  Visited awhile with all of the Real family and we headed out to a late lunch about 1330.  

Later that evening a bunch of Alex and Rhonda's friends came over for a great party and incredible food!!  Winded down about midnight and a good time was had by all!!  

Called Eric for his birthday and the group sang happy birthday to him...nice!
He was just leaving the house to sell one of the dirt bikes...and apparently about an hour later he bought another one for Seth...lucky boys!

April 20th....had a leisurely morning and decided to hit a few sales along a 37 miles stretch of highway...So Al, Irene, Rhonda and I headed out for the day..during this stretch it was like mini Denios along the way..awesome!  We found a few treasures just couldn't live without...it was a really nice day...long but nice..got home about 1800 and Rhonda cooked up some yummy leftovers and we sat out back and listened to the rain, and watched some lightning..an earlier night was had tonight...think we were all tired, and unfortunately Alex and Rhonda have to go to work.  

Monday, we need to find a notary and a grocery store as we will hit the homeward bound road on Tuesday.

I will update with pictures later Monday...

Heading from Mt Pleasant Tx to Red Oak..

Easter sunrise out the camper window...

Little Alex looking for Easter eggs..

Irene and son Alex
This adorable family!  Rhonda, Alex and Little Alex

Grandpa (Al)....Grandma (Irene) and Alex...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Seeing my cousin, John (Johnny Boy) after almost 44 years!!

Johnny Boy and me!  44 years later! 

This morning we left Crater of Diamonds State Park and thought we headed for Nashville, Arkansas ...wrong...we turned the wrong way and ended up on the freeway sooner than we thought we should...oh well...got on Prescott and headed for Texarkana...when we got to Walmart, I called my cousin, John Henson (Johnny Boy, as we always called him)....he agreed to meet us at the Dixie Diner in Texarkana TX...awesome food!   

It was so nice to see him, as it has been almost 44 years!  When we came out in 1970 we made a point to stop at their house in Texarkana and had a short visit...I remember we all went swimming at a lake nearby and spent the night...my cousin Jeanie, was engaged to Ken Ray and of course I had Ken Kay...Jeanie and her Ken still live in Alaska where he was transferred to while in the service.   

We had a short but great visit today!   It was so awesome to see him after all these years!  The Dixie Diner was great too...real homemade food!  Hope next time we'll have enough time to spend the night with him!  

We are spending the night in Mt Pleasant at the KOA...very nice!   Then in the morning we will head to Red Oak and spend a few days with Al and Irene and Alex, Rhonda and Little Alex...

Tomorrow our middle son Eric turns 39 so hard to believe!!  Love u Eric!!

Thought this was a cool bus in the campground...from New Jersey

Arkansas barn....

You have to enlarge this but...it's about farmers...
Every seed, every farmer..thought it was cool...

And the water tower of Texarkana...

68 miles to Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas!

Crater of Diamonds 
State Park 
Murfreesboro, AR

Our campsite, Crater of Diamonds State Park...Arkansas

 Our first night Ken bar b qued chicken and it was awesome!   We had a nice night just enjoying the outside and people watching!  Thursday morning I had to go to town before we went diamond hunting.  Got birthdays coming up (Eric on Sat...39! and grandson Adam on Monday 15!)  so found a little shop that was full of stuff and finally found a couple of cards and got them on the way...Murfreesboro is a cute little town.  Older and you wonder how things make it but it seems to survive!  We were able to find propane there too.
Murfreesboro, Arkansas

 So after that back to the park to do some diamond hunting..$8.00 per adult lets you hunt all day.  Can't believe how many people are out there and some with all kinds of equipment, amazing!  Luckily it was perfect weather, about 70 or so I'd say.  So we spent a little time from about 1100 to 1300 in the field and then out to the camper for lunch.  Afterwards we went back to try our luck again..but as expected...nothing..but that's ok one more item off the "bucket list"...
The parking lot...license plates from everywhere!

Ok..just had to have this pic..older Dodge 2500..pulling this HUGE toyhauler!
The beginning

Ken, diamond hunting...there is 37 acres you can look through!

Reproduction of Ozark mine shaft

 Back to camp and on with our evening..had a nice walk around the campground..and then a late dinner and just a nice quiet night..
Ken bought me this new wallet...Love it!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tupelo to DeGray Lake State Park Arkansas! 339 miles!!

What a difference a day makes! After the storm!

We got up early (set the alarm) and headed out...We left Tupelo at 0830 and took the back roads all the way to Arkedelphia, Arkansas where we hit the freeway for a little while.  The drive today was gorgeous, so much to keep us occupied without having to contend with all the 18 wheelers!  Stopped in Helena  Arkansas and drove through the town..they have a nice Welcome Center there and we thought there might be something to look at in town..not really but gotta give them credit they are trying!  So on we went!  We pulled over in Stuttgart, Arkansas and had our lunch in the camper and headed out!  So pretty!  Right out of there was a National Wildlife Refuge and the terrain changed from farming to wooded and wet!  After that back to farming..The weather was nice all the way...

Cute little store...MS

MS farmlands

Entering Arkansas through Helena...

The muddy Mississippi!

An old home in W Helena, Arkansas

So later in the afternoon we arrived in Arkedelphia and turned off to go to DeGray State Park.  Very pretty, nice sites and very uncrowded!  Ken bar b qued some chicken breasts, legs and thighs..yummy!  

This morning we got up and headed out for Crater of Diamonds State Park near Murfreesboro..I've wanted to go here for years and here we are!  

Got here and was so surprised at how many people are here!  They had someone find a 6 carat diamond yesterday!!  You find, you get to keep!! Campsites were basically sold out..but the people at the front desk found us one for two nights!  Of course, the CA people weren't out yet so we're waiting check out is by 1500...but so far they're not out...

In Arkansas state parks Ken gets a 25% off discount Sunday through Thursday so that makes this stay $22.50 a night with full hookups!  Last night was $15.68 with electric and water hookups..of course they all have nice showers and bathrooms..love it!! 

Bridge over the White River Arkansas...

The National Wildlife Refuge...so cool

more refuge

and more....

And then this!

DeGray Lake! Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Our campsite...

In the park

Ken sitting at a table in the yurt area!

Cute little church Arkansas

This is the town of Delight, Arkansas...know who is from here?!
Glen Campbell!!