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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A nice visit with Diane and Greg...

My favorite pic of our new tractor in TN...the chicken and the beautiful sunset!
Thanks Don for the pics!
Diane and Greg arrived here mid afternoon with their 5th wheel.  Ken had them pull around and back up on the concrete in the back.  It was hot so we opened all the windows and the door.  They decided to sleep in our second bedroom of the house.  There's an a/c unit in there and so they were guaranteed to be cooler.  We had a good dinner of chicken enchiladas and coleslaw.  Then some good conversation before bedtime. 

Made a breakfast casserole for Tuesday morning. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  We hung around awhile, Ken and Greg went for a quad ride to the BLM land.  After they got back we took them to Weed Heights and the old pit mine.  Not too exciting but it got us out for a bit.  A drive through our little town so Greg could see and back home.  

Ken bar b qued his hamburgers and I made the Poblano pepper potato salad, which everyone seemed to love.  

This morning, a breakfast of home fries, bacon, sausage pancakes and eggs.  Diane and Greg got ready to pull out and Ken got ready to head for Meadow Lake until Friday.  Waved good bye about 1000 and i'm alone.  

Couldn't get motivated for a few hours, then some laundry and cleaning.  This afternoon I worked on the quilt, finished the rows and now we'll see where that leads.  I need a full size sheet for the backing, so might have to wait for a trip to the big city to get it...washed the burlap I bought for the curtains for the bunkhouse so I might work on that tomorrow.  

Saw on FB that Diane and Greg made it to Zephyr Cove at South Shore to spend two nights...

Diane and Greg...

Their 5th wheel at Zephyr Cove Campground..1st time out in probably 8 years...
Our tractor made it to Don and Dana's in TN..he sent some pics...

Our new tractor...

Looks like one of Don's chickens has adopted the tractor

Jacob and Aaron were on Championship Teams this weekend in basketball...

Aaron in the center back..:0

Jacob in the back 3 rd from the left...:)

Bryan and Lucy...he doesn't like this dog at all...:)

Bryan and Lucy...he doesn't like her at all...hahaah

Bryan and the wig he wore last night...Lucy saw him walk by the window
and didn't like she didn't know who he was..Cheryl sent me a video, but can't
get it to load...

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ken's night at the races!

Ken had a great day and night at the Vegas to Reno race.  He left here Saturday morning and took the money pit.  Got some pics here to share...

One of the guys...Johnny..he bought property in Silver Springs
so this group could hang out..

Lotta money in this group..money pit in the background

Part of the group cheering on the racers...

Some of the group waiting...Up above to the right of middle is a
heliocopter..some of the racers had them as their co pilot..way
too much money there!

One of the racers coming through

Cheering them on!!
He had a great time..thinking i'll be going next year.  He spent the night at Johnny's property with 25-30 other folks.  Johnny cooked up breakfast burritos the next morning..and then off they all went.  

I spent the day cleaning and getting ready for Diane and Greg, then worked on the quilt..I've got eight rows done, another 4 or so to go..guessing that'll be Wednesday.  

Ken's heading for Meadow Lake with a few of his buddies that he used to work with on Wednesday..he'll be back probably Friday.  Glad that he does that now and then.  He's got some really good friends from his work days.  

Hot and sticky here..yuk..He did get up a few more pieces of insulation and plywood today..looking good!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Here I am all by myself...

Yesterday we headed for Lowe's and got our plywood and R19 insulation for the rest of the ceiling in the bunkhouse.  Glad we're not building a house, it's not cheap!  

On the way we went by the trails where Best In The Desert will be coming through on Saturday..Ken went last year for the day and drove home.  His buddies, from Sacramento area will be there, we actually went by the place a guy bought in Silver Springs to see if we could catch Joel, but he was out on a ride.  

So, this morning Ken decided to go ahead and take the Cabover on the Money Pit and head over there...I was invited, but being out in the heat for hours just didn't do it for me.  So I made him some lunch and dinner and off he went.  He called in the afternoon having a good time, said the beer was flowing, so he was spending the night..(which is why he took the cabover, just in case)...a couple of hours later, I got a text from one of the guys, showing trucks flying over the desert..it does look like fun to watch, just wish it wasn't in August.  

I worked on the quilt, got 8 rows done and it's looking pretty good..not perfect, but then again, i'm thinking when my grandma made quilts I doubt they lined up perfectly, so I'm liking the "character"...and when I talked to Ken..he said..I'd be the first to say it has "character" cause I say that all the time around here..figure 4 more rows at least then on to the batting and backing.  Doubt that anymore will get done till after Greg and Diane leave on Wed.  but that's ok..
8 rows..probably 12 or 14 needed...

I've probably told this story before, but when my mom came over from Austria in 1949..Daddy took her to Grandma and Grandpa Phillips house to meet them. When they went to bed the first night my mom told my daddy that they needed to buy grandma and grandpa some blankets because they were using rags on the bed..yep Quilts..and momma didn't know that's what they were..wish I had them now...

My curtain material came for the bunkhouse yesterday..so guess i'll be busy..

Don sent some pictures of rain in TN...amazing..
This is where Don usually puts our tractor till we come get them..

Crossing to where his cabin is..not for a few days anyway

Don said this creek was almost dry..goes to show ya..

Jacob has such a good heart...They were visiting friends with little girls..he is always the heart throb...

They did his hair...hahaa

Here he is with his harem...

Seth has a football scrimmage today...he's #28...

Adam had a dance last night...Spirit Dance..so here's he and his friend (no not girlfriend)...Kate..

Friday, August 19, 2016

More work on the bunkhouse...

We've been around the house since the last trip to Minden / Gardnerville area.  Ken's been out in the bunkhouse working on it.  Not sure how he stands it as it is so hot here.  I'll be so glad when it cools down!  

Got some more insulation up and a few more pieces of plywood up! We're loving the look!  This morning will be another trip to Fernley and Lowe's.  Time to buy insulation and more plywood.  So far the insulation has been free as it was left here and in Winnemucca.  Time to bite the bullet and spend some money!  It's not cheap, but sure it will make a huge difference when it comes to heating and cooling the bunkhouse.  We've decided to put a small wall air conditioner in it too.  
Ken working in the loft area over the front door..

The little loft is done on the right side...More insulation up...

Diane and Greg will be here on Monday some time so work will cease for a day or two.  

It's already really warm as I type this at 0630! uhhhh....

About a month ago or so when we were at Bryan and Cheryl's we had picked up some Winco chicken and potato salad. One of them was poblano chili potato salad, it was so good.  So yesterday I decided to see if I could make some, it was delicious.  A whole new taste from the traditional potato salad.  Less fat too, as I used fat free sour cream and low fat mayo.  I'll be making that again.  

Also, made a crustless quiche yesterday (yum)...Never made one before, but had some mushrooms and other veggies I wanted to cook up. I used egg beaters and it turned out delicious.  Also, I didn't want to heat up the kitchen so this one was cooked in a cast iron skillet on very low heat for only 20 minutes. Something else i'll make again!  

Yesterday afternoon I got 3 of the six squares cut for the quilt.  This one will be really simple, but if I like the end result I may invest in some good cutting tools and board.  We'll see...:)

3 of the 6 patterns cut..

Sun going down off the back porch...

And it's done!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A lot of road time this week....

Monday we decided to head for Lowe's in Fernley and pick up some plywood for the bunkhouse.  So we did..got some plywood, cement blocks and some other stuff..went by Walmart and picked up a few things, I actually bought some material because I've decided to try and make a quilt for the bunkhouse.  We have the vintage 3/4 bed we bought, the mattress came a few days ago, I ordered sheets (cause you can't find that size at the store anymore).  I've scoured eBay and other sites so just decided what the heck, i'll give it a shot..

Had a one trip salad bar at Pioneer Crossing and home we came.  Of course by the time we get home..the day is done.  The joy of living 50+ miles from anywhere! :)

Yesterday morning we got up to do a little work on the bunkhouse.  A guy from Reno called about Ken's Mazda, long story short, decided to meet him in Carson City..well, we learned our lesson on that one.  He heard or felt a vibration, he was concerned, and said "What would you lower the price to to sell it" Now if you know Ken, he told him everything about the truck on the phone..Well, we had already come down $300.00 from asking, and that's low enough.  From now on we'll meet in Silver Springs (about 35 miles from here)..and cash only.  So we'll see, it's not a have to sell, just a want to sell..but not give it away.

Now yesterday was an interesting if not scary morning for me (and Ken)...I went to the bunkhouse to help get a piece of plywood on the ceiling.  Got on the  ladder and it was about one rung too high for me to feel comfortable..but got up there and in about 10 seconds I got a major headache holding the plywood overhead..all I could say was " I've got a headache"...shaking, and the most pain I've ever had on the top of my head..got down, got cold compresses and were this close to calling 911..after a few minutes it subsided and all was good.  Upon looking at the internet, it appears it was some kind of panic attack..Really? I didn't feel that scared, just a little..but my body thinks differently I guess.  But all is good now and just a few minutes later. Just so weird and it drives me crazy.

This morning, we were going to put up another piece of plywood on the lower part of the ceiling, no problem for me today..got it up and really liking the way it's going to look!  Headed for Minden and Gardnerville, Walmart, Raleys for prescription pick up, US Bank, Tractor Supply and of course Carson Valley Inn for lunch. Now we're home and the day is done.  
Looking up from the floor, 1st piece on...

Today's work..one more piece..

Just another little view...

Best in the Desert is happening this weekend, so one of the guys Ken used to work with, is expected in the Silver Springs area for the weekend.  So he'll probably head that way for a bit in the next few days.  Joe (our neighbor) came over last night and wants to go to the tractor show in Gardnerville this weekend so Ken will probably go with him on Sunday.  I'm planning on hanging at home (too hot for me)..Diane and Greg are bringing their 5th wheel over on Monday for a few days so i'll spend some time getting ready for their visit. 

 Monday was Seth and Mason's first day of school....Seth is a Sophomore and Mason is in Sixth grade...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A little more work on the bunkhouse and then a quick trip to CA today...

Yesterday morning Ken got started on the bunkhouse...it's so hot out there after a couple of hours he had to quit. He had me get up on the loft area above the door to hold some of the plumbers tape he's using for the insulation, and after just a few minutes my hair was plastered to the back of my head..yuk!  

Ceiling Insulation going up!

Insulation looking at the loft over the door..

Then he worked on Adam's quad later in the day.  So hopefully it'll be up and running soon! 

Today (Sunday) we got up and left about 0700 to go meet up with Ben at the old Kmart shopping center in Citrus Heights..too bad buildings go down like that..homeless and garbage all over.  Ben was there right at 1100 and by 1130 he had a camper shell on his truck.  Very happy and appreciative young man.  

We were going to take him to lunch, but it was his mom's birthday and they were doing a bar b q.  So we headed up the hill and stopped at Great Basin Brewery in Sparks.  Had a great lunch and then headed home.  So we were home by 1630.  A good day! 

Probably tomorrow we'll head for Lowe's for some plywood we want to use for the ceiling.

Don sent some pic's yesterday of his cabin..looks so cute!

He's got two twin beds and some chairs made by some Mennonites..

Looking at the front view

The outhouse and his new Honda generator

He had some rain too...so he sent these..love his property!

Looking off his front porch...

Miss Lucy...Cheryl's spoiled doggie..

And of course here's a few of Owen...he's growing so fast!

Waiting for the first Raiders game of the season!
Grandson, Seth with his football helmet and sports goggles..

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A little work on the bunkhouse!

Ken got started on the bunkhouse on Thursday.  It's so hot here during the day, he really only has a few hours before it gets way too hot inside there. He started with the ceiling insulation.  We brought some from Winnemucca that was in the well house and then there was a new bale of it under the house here. So starting the bunkhouse didn't cost us anything....yet!  
The beginning of the insulation...

He sat up chairs on the front of the 20 foot trailer so we could go outside and watch the meteor shower that was expected.  So we got up at 0100 and sat there for about 1/2 an hour.  Saw some, but after about 1/2 hour decided time to go back in.  The media always makes a big deal, but then it usually doesn't happen the way they make it sound.  It's ok though, the night sky was beautiful, and the Milky Way was incredible! 

Yesterday we got up with good intentions of working on the bunkhouse.  (Well, Ken did)..but we got on the phone and computer with an insurance agent regarding Gap Insurance for Medicare  (Ken turns 65 on Dec 1)...Feel like we got a pretty good deal, but it was about 2 hours of being on the phone and computer...but it's done!  

It was almost lunchtime by the time we got done.  So needless to say, too hot for the bunkhouse.  Ken worked on Adam's quad getting it ready to be back on the road.  

Before you know it the day is done!  
Our sunset....

Sunrise this am..pictures just don't do it justice....

Talked with Cheryl last night, she found out she's going to be a grandma again.  Her daughter Mandie is expecting just about Christmas time.  Another little girl.  

Tomorrow we're headed over the hill to meet up with Ben and give him the camper shell.  We'll come home and then head to Lowe's in Fernley the next morning.