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Thursday, November 7, 2019

We have a MARINE! Death Valley and special friends! :)

I have to start with today!  We are so proud, our grandson Seth is a United States Marine!  3 days before his 18th birthday he completed the Crucible and earned the title of Marine! So proud of you Seth! 14 days till Family Day in San Diego! 
The Crucible started Tuesday morning at 0200..This was set
up in the trailer for 54 hours..Thank you Eric and Christina for the gift
of the candle!

Says it all!!

Got our 8th and last letter as a Marine Recruit! :) 
Had a letter today!! :) 

Last Saturday morning we left here heading for the area of Death Valley, CA.  Surprisingly to us, we actually made it there by late afternoon.  We thought we'd be spending the night in Beatty or somewhere.  We found our camping spot at Furnace Creek Campground.  With the America the Beautiful Senior Pass it was only $7.00 a night. Nice sites, bathrooms available, fresh water, garbage and a dump station.  Along with the beautiful views, too good to pass up!  
Tonopah, NV..gotta get to this motel one day!

Goldfield Hotel..wish someone would renovate..as you know
there's ghosts here!

Our open roads through a bug filled windshield 

A busy campground!

Our site..

We got settled in and enjoyed the evening.  We let Tom and Deb know that we we were there earlier than we thought.  

Sunday morning we decided to take a drive to Artist's Palette and Dante's View.  Beautiful drives, both of them.  Dante's View takes you to the top of a mountain and you overlook the valley and the lowest point of the park, Badwater.  A quick drive through 20 Mule Team Drive.  
I thought of Adam when I saw this tent...down in under 5 minutes

Some nice dips in the road...

Badwater...-282 feet below sea level..

The view from Dante's View..that's Badwater below..

Views from Dante's View..

20 mule team canyon..

We got back to camp and about 1600 the phone rang and it was Deb.  She said "what are you doing?"  "Getting ready for Happy Hour"..she said, "I think we'd like to join you!"  What!  They were across the street, a day earlier than we planned! YAY!  
Deb coming in...

Tom in the Stinger B

Once they were set up, a several hours long Happy Hour ensued! It was great catching up with them!  Hours of chit chat! 

Monday we all got together and after lunch headed out to take them to Artist's Palette and Dante's View.  Once we got back, Ken bar b qued some pork and we all had dinner together..later than we should have, but you know how that goes. haha.  
Ken and Tom

Tom and Deb's parking area..

Tuesday morning we decided to go to Titus Canyon, a drive Ken and I took about 4 years ago.  Back then I said I'd never do it again. Off we went in Tom and Deb's Jeep.  After a bit I remembered why I didn't want to do it again. Tom's a great driver though and got us through.  Once you get to the canyon part, it's incredibly beautiful.  I know Tom and Deb were impressed.  I didn't take any pictures so when Deb posts head yourself over there to see the pics!  Celebrating the Dance, you will be impressed, I am sure! 

Once we got back, Happy Hour time and more talking.  Deb made a delicious salsa to have before dinner and then she made some fabulous chicken tacos! Thanks, Tom and Deb for having us over!  

Wednesday morning we knew our time with them was coming to an end as we have to be in Sacramento this weekend for our great nephew Owen's fifth birthday.  We took our time and about 1120 we pulled out :(  We drove to the rest area outside Tonopah, NV and pulled in for the night.  Ken bar b qued some great hamburgers and as the sun went down, we went inside.  No where near the high 80's we experienced in Death Valley. haha. 

Our overnite stop at the rest area  near Tonopah, NV..
Tonopah sunset

This morning we left Tonopah and ended up coming home for the night.  We were headed towards Cal Expo RV Park, but the shortest route had us going right by our house..so why not stop and regroup. Tomorrow morning we'll head out with a stop at Walmart and then on to Sacramento for the weekend. 

Have a great night everyone!