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Friday, January 20, 2017

A new President..and what to do on a rainy day?

Woke up this morning knowing we wanted to watch the swearing in of our new President Donald John Trump. It was actually a very moving couple of hours and i'm glad we were able to get it here at the campground. 
I love this picture of Abe Lincoln's Bible
and the one Donald's  mom gave him in 1955..

Afterwards we decided to head to Laughlin and the casino area..get a little exercise and some lunch.  We knew there was one brewery in town and since our son, Russell is CEO of Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts we knew we had to pay a visit.  Really nice place on the 2nd floor of the Colorado Belle, hotel and casino.  The bartender we had was awesome! Very personable and good beer.  I'm not much of a beer drinker, I like Corona light, but when it's hot outside and on ice.  Today we're at a brewery, so do what the locals do..The brewery called, Pints looks like you're on the lower deck of a ship..pretty cool.  Prices were right and beer was good. 

What there's a ship docked in Laughlin?!

Oh my goodness..the paddle wheel  part of the ship...

Inside PINTS the brewery..

Golden Ale for me...IPA called "What the Puck" for Ken
totally different but delicious

Inside the brewery..

After that we decided to go get some lunch.  We had stopped on the way to Pints and looked at a couple of menus and decided to try Bumbleberry's in the Pioneer Casino.  So we left the brewery (they did have a menu, but decided we'd try something different).

We got there and they had a nice view of the Colorado River.  There were only a few people in the restaurant so we asked for a river view booth.  She said oh well the other booths are closed and that one hasn't been cleaned yet.  She took us to a booth about 2 steps away, we went back to the beginning and said "we'll wait"..took all of 30 seconds to clear the table.   So we ordered our food, and we waited.  Ken had another beer but i refuse to pay 7 or 8 dollars for a glass of wine..that's probably half full..so I had water, which was fine. We waited and we waited, finally the food came.  By that time there were only 3 others in the restaurant and we were the first.  Geez...The food was good, and plentiful, but really to make a Caesar salad, with dressing on the side and a ham and cheese melt with fries..did it really need to take so long?!  I wish I would have timed it but ridiculous.  She drops the check, never asks if i'd like a to go box, (which I ended up asking for) or would Ken like another beer.?  it's too bad but we'll never go back, as the service was ridiculous.  After we got back I looked at some reviews (because I'm going to write one too) and service was the biggest complaint.  
Downtown Laughlin

So after that we came back to camp and just enjoying our little cozy home. We will leave here Tuesday and continue south...

Jacob had to do this for Back to School night ..
no self esteem problems here!

Don in TN got a drone for Christmas..so he sent us some pictures
pretty cool!

Picture of his cabin and outhouse..

Thursday, January 19, 2017

We're on the road...waking up at Armagosa Valley RV Park...

Had a good weekend...Our neighbors invited us out on Saturday for a few drinks in town..so you know how that goes..but it was fun! We don't go out very often and it Yerington it consists of this little bar with a bunch of regulars. 

So Sunday was spent mostly on the couch, watching football playoffs and in-between loading  up the trailer to get gone. 

Monday morning, Joe came over and the three of us went out to breakfast at Dini's.  They've got their good breakfasts on sale this month for $2.99.  Can't beat that.  Said good bye and thank you to Joe and we got out of there about 1/2 later. 
Ken checking out the trailer..It's a teeth chattering 25degrees

About 30 miles from home..notice the snow on the mountains this year

Had a beautiful drive from Yerington to Armagosa Valley 277 miles from home.  Last night we decided to head for Valley of Fire State Park for a few days.  It's not only gorgeous it's FREE camping!  
The way we like to travel..highway 95! 

I think I take this pic every year..lots of snow this year looking over to
Highway 395...Notice the blue skies!

Not sure if the mifi works there so it may be a few days before i update again.  

Posting from Laughlin, NV on 01/19/17....

Well, I guess the above post didn't post and I thought it did...so I am just going to continue from here...

We left Armagosa RV about 1000 hours on Tuesday.  We knew we didn't have a real long day as we were headed for Valley Of Fire State Park just outside of Las Vegas.  We made it there in time to have lunch in our camp spot. Ken unhooked the trailer while I made some of Ree's yummy hummus and veggie wraps for lunch.  We were really surprised as last year there were tons more people camping.  Of course we're a few weeks earlier than what we were last year and that could be the reason.  The BIG TENT event has started in Quartzite so that could be the reason.  Any way we had a lovely evening with a nice fire.  But it was COLD.  Because this park is a State Park, and they have no hookups we stayed for FREE and got our entrance to the park for FREE...We had thought about staying 2 nights but decided that we'd move on to Big Bend of The Colorado in the morning.  
Valley of Fire State Park...

Our campsite..beautiful

Yesterday we got up and got going another pretty short day of travel and we arrived at Big Bend of the Colorado State Park.  We took the scenic route out the west entrance of the park and drove along Lake Mead until the exit near Boulder City.  We stopped between Vegas and here and had lunch in the trailer and then moved on.  

Along the road to Lake Mead

Love the traffic

Lake Mead

Got here early afternoon and I made a few phone calls to see about finding a dentist and have a tooth pulled.  Got an appointment for Thursday with Jennings and Larsen Family Dentristy..After our first night I woke in the morning to half of my back tooth missing..where it went i haven't a clue but it was jagged and was really hurting the side of my tongue.  uhhh...After so many bad experiences as a child and then again as an adult, I hate the dentist. But what ya gonna do.  

Had a nice evening, Ken bar qued some pork chops, I made mashed potatoes and italian green beans for dinner..what a feast!  We had a nice evening and then off to bed as we knew we wanted to get an early start in the morning. 

After a yogurt breakfast we headed out this am and found the dentist office over in Bullhead City.  Made a run to Walmart and then back to the office for my appointment.  Well, it wasn't that bad, a couple of ideas, cap it..file it or pull it.  The dentist and staff were really good!  So the decision was made to file it down, since it was above the nerve.  Quick and easy and i was out of there.  Finished our shopping at Walmart and then took the long way back to camp through Needles CA and the Needles Highway, basically Route 66 from Needles to camp.  

It's been raining off and on all day but we're nice and cozy inside.  We plan on staying here until Monday.  We've got full hookups and tv reception for $10.00 a night.  A lovely, quiet site and beautiful views.  Temps are in the 50's today so a lot warmer than home. I'll get some pics in the next couple of days... 

Lori posted this oldy but a goody..Aaron and Buddy...

Jacob had a basketball game in El Dorado Hills..so his
best fan came out to watch..with a little love sign..way
to go Raegan!
Happy Happy Birthday to my Sister Wendy (who turns 60 today) and to our Daughter in Law Christina who is celebrating her 40th birthday!  Next up is Grandson, Mason who turns 12 on the 31st!  

Friday, January 13, 2017

A cold snowy week!

After the snow on Tuesday and looking at the weather for the rest of the week we decided Wednesday would be an ok day to head for Sparks and do our running around.  So we headed out in a beautiful winter wonderland.  You'd never know the mess flooding and snow had caused and we had no problems.  

We stopped at 4 wheel parts in Sparks and bought a small air compressor that we can keep in the truck or trailer.  Then on to Sam's Club and we got two new batteries for the Jayco.  We've only had one since we bought the trailer but decided that we needed one more, and the one we had was bad. Kinda sucks for an only two year old battery, but again we don't know how old it was as they didn't punch out the year on the old battery.  But now we're ready to go with 2 new ones.  

After that a trip to Sam's Club and then to Big 5 for some new shoes for Ken.  Decided to head for Carson City and some Chinese Food and then headed home.  Again because it's a minimum 50 miles anywhere from home the day was done. Reno is about 90 miles one way from our house. 

Yesterday we enjoyed the snowy day and there really wasn't much that could be done in the snow.  Don't think temps got more than the high 20's.  

Today, we decided to head for Fallon and get Ken's Senior Access Pass for the State Parks in NV.  Know we will be staying at some so we didn't want to take the chance of not finding a ranger or visitor center open.  We actually didn't make Fallon as we stopped at Fort Churchill State Park on the way and Ken was able to get the pass there (we stopped the other day but no one was there).  After that we turned around and came home.  Ken got the batteries hooked up and some other stuff done, so it's looking like we'll head out on Monday.  
Ken and his new access pass!

It's one of those times again, that it's hard to leave because we like it so much at home.  But i'm sure once we get going we'll be glad we did.  On to warmer climate!  

Russell posted some old memories on Facebook so I had to steal some...

Jacob and Aaron 


A few years ago when they went to the Raiders game


Russell and Aaron..love those smiles..



Jesse and Russell..this was when Jesse
went to Devil Pups he was about 14 I think

The little family...

Steve and Russell the day they jumped out of a perfectly good plane

Adam driving and Jacob riding shotgun 

I love, love this pic...Jacob, Buddy and Aaron..

The Polar Express Train..they were all so little..

Lori and Russell

I am the Razorback Auntie...so last week I was looking on Fans Edge and they had free shipping..Found a Razorback Monkey (now why they don't have hog I don't know)..but anyway ordered it for Owen..Today it came and Chelsea posted these pics on FB..that kid is so cute! 

Today is Cheryl's 50th Birthday! Happy Birthday Cheryl!!