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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Boys are coming..61 Chevy pics..my bookshelf and the loss of a special friend

Brother in law Don in Tennessee sent these pictures while he was doing some mowing. I told him he was making me "homesick" for our second home there! This time of year he's mowing every week or more, but isn't it beautiful! 

Out by his little cabin...

Monday evening we were just enjoying the evening out by the bunkhouse. We got a text from our neighbors John and Karen to come over for bar b q hamburgers.  We declined on that as we had leftovers but said we'd come over for a drink. They had been working on their backyard and installed a beautiful walkway. I forgot my camera, but will get it next time. So we visited out back and then it got cool so John started a fire in the fire pit. By the time we got home it was just about 2300! How did that happen! We ate a very late dinner (which I should have known better) and then headed off to bed. 

Tuesday was a stay at home day other than running to the Raley's in town. I really don't like that store compared to Scolari's. Too bad they got bought out. Raley's is only carrying organic lettuce and lots of organic veggies. Basically organic = more expensive. I just can't seeing paying $2.97 for a head of lettuce. I still managed to leave a nice donation..uhhh..

Ken worked on my bookcase for the living room. It's just exactly what I wanted. Nice and simple. I had some steel wool and vinegar in a coffee can so that hopefully I can age it to the color I'm looking for.  As of Wednesday I've got a few coats on and still a few needed. It's going to be perfect. 
My bookshelf, using the old shiplap we had in the attic..step 1

Temps are warming way up! 98 degrees right now.  

Wednesday morning we decided to head for Gardnerville and Walmart. We weren't in a hurry this am as really that's the only place we needed to go before we headed to CVI for our lunch fix. We both managed to spend a pretty penny at Walmart. Lunch was awesome as always other than Carmen is on vacation for about 2 weeks. Really?! Service was still good as was the food! 
The fields are all green here in the Mason Valley

Hay cut ready to be bailed

We left there and I promptly took a nap on the way home. I never used to sleep in the car, but paired with all that food, wine and a restless night's sleep last night it was the perfect storm. It's in the high 90's so as soon as we got home we turned on the a/c. Much needed. It's 98 degrees right now. 

Aaron and Mason have texted and they wanted to come back here for some time, so I figured i'd head over tomorrow morning and pick them up. Christina called and said that Seth wants to come too, so he'll bring them over in his jeep.Nice, we'll have 3 of them for a bit. We're planning on Monday heading over to Bridgeport, CA and camping for a couple of nights. The boys can go fishing and they all like that campground. Hopefully there won't be a problem finding a spot. After we're done there I was going to take them home, but it looks like that'll be Seth's job now. Of course things are subject to change but that's where it stands right now. 

Eric sent these pics of the 61 Chevy Impala he's restoring.  Found the new tires and wheels on Craigslist and the stock hub caps he bought last year. Slowly but surely it's getting there. Runs like a champ now. ;)

These are the tires and wheels that have been on it..

Yesterday afternoon we got some sad news that one of our friends had passed away. Pam and Dave found each other about 10 years ago and had a wonderful love story. Pam was diagnosed with cancer in October and yesterday she went to heaven. Ken talked with Dave this morning and he said Pam was ready to give up the fight, there was just too much pain :(   Sure do hate that cancer word. 

Have a good evening everyone! 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's day, enchiladas and beer margaritas..

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday morning it was time to take the boys home. :(  Our middle son, Eric had called Friday night and offered to meet me on I 80 so I didn't have to drive all the way to Antelope and Cool. Nice of him to do that, as I don't mind the drive but since he offered, no way I wouldn't take him up on it.  The kids and I headed to town in the Patriot and we met Ken at Dini's for breakfast before I took them home. Tummies full, we headed out. 

A nice quiet drive to Reno. Aaron was up until 0300 and Mason 0400 so they slept a lot of the way.  I met Eric at Verdi at about 1015, a little chit chat and he was on his way down the hill. Thanks Eric! 

I had a great drive home, listening to Chris LeDoux his Horsepower CD. Funny thing is I like the CD, but LOVE 4 of the songs, #8,9,10 and 12, so I just play them over and over (there may be some singing along too).  That's ok  as long as I'm by myself. haha. 

Once I got home, I made up the beds and did a little clean up of the boys rooms. After that I basically did nothing the rest of the afternoon. I was whipped. Found my favorite movie, Overboard and watched it. I've only seen it a ton of times, but still love that movie! Eventually we had left overs for dinner and called it a night. 

Today being Father's Day, Ken has talked to 2 of his boys so far.  Bryan is working overtime, so they have played phone tag a couple of times. I'm sure they'll talk later. (And they did).

Father's Day is one of those days that makes me miss my daddy even more. We always used to get together for a bar b q and it was just good times. He was such a special man who loved his girls and then his grandsons. He left us way too soon and is missed every day. Every time there's any event in the family we still say Daddy (Popo) would have loved this (whatever it is). 
My daddy and Russell, 1990 in Vegas..

Me, Daddy and Wendy

That's my mom and dad! Daddy was always happy ;)

We (well I was) were watching Pioneer Woman this am while visiting with our blogging friends. She made enchiladas and coleslaw along with pulled pork.  Ok that's what Ken's getting for dinner, well the enchiladas and coleslaw part. I ran to town and got the things needed.  I spent some time this afternoon in the kitchen getting all the goodies together, gotta admit they look awesome. I've got stuff for beer margaritas too (Deb). Sounds good with enchiladas. 
My veggie enchiladas
Ken's tray made with ground turkey

I made up some applesauce oatmeal muffins as we've been out for a few days. 

Done now, time for a Beer Margarita..YUM! 
Ingredients for a beer margarita..simple and so tasty!

Don't they look yummy!

Ken loves these beer margaritas, almost out Deb! 

Happy Father's Day Ken! 

Sunset from our front porch here in Yerington, NV...It was a cool
and windy day, never topping 70..

 Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there who have experienced the joys of being a dad!! An extra special Happy Father's Day to our 3 sons of who we couldn't be more proud of in the way they are raising their sons :)

Our sons Eric and Russell were out with their wives side of the family at Top Golf  yesterday. Here's a few pics from there. 
Siblings and their Dad Bobby.  From left..Michael, Lori, Bobby and
Christina.  Lori and Christina are our daughter in laws..:)


Gotta love this picture...From left..Aaron, Jacob, their dad Russell
Eric and his sons Seth and Mason :)


Russell (the short one)..Aaron and Jacob..:)

Have a wonderful evening!

Had every plan of posting last night but that didn't happen..courtesy of the beer margaritas (Thanks Deb..haha).  Woke up about 0600 this morning (Monday). We're going to get ready and head for Lowe's in Fernley. Ken plans on burying the electrical to the bunkhouse so it'll be hooked up to electricity permanently. He's making my long awaited bookshelf for the living room (YES)..we're able to use some of the leftover wood we found in the garage attic, so just have to decide what kind of stain etc we want on it. Love these little projects! 

Have a wonderful day! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Nevada State Railroad Museum and some good ole fashioned shooting!

Yesterday morning we had our coffees and visiting with blogging friends nice and early. I was hoping to get out of here about 0900..hmmm that didn't happen. It was closer to 1000 which was what Ken had expected.  

I made sandwiches for a picnic lunch, grabbed some chips, sodas, watermelon and cookies. Got the boys up and made them some egg sandwiches at their request. Again, Aaron had 3! We left here in the Tundra and headed for Gardnerville where we picked up just a few things at Walmart.  We headed on to Carson City and dropped off the old tire and bought one more for the Dodge. Then we headed over tot he Nevada State Railroad Museum.  Nice little museum, definitely affordable for families as 18 and over  is $6.00 a person, under 18 is Free.  The museum is housed in two buildings with trains in both. We walked both buildings and enjoyed the trains and other exhibits. If you're a train buff I'm sure it would impress you, we're not but still enjoyed.  Even the boys enjoyed.  After that it was over to Mills Park and we found a nice big tree and had our lunch. Perfect for such a warm day. 

This was my favorite..loved the round windows, which open

This car used to be a Denneys at the corner of Williams
and Carson St. in Carson City. 

Of course, ya gotta check the phone..haha

On to more trains..

Loved the inside of this one..fancy velvet seats

and the ceiling artwork

This was so cute..

Boys will be boys...every gadget you could play with they did..

This one used to serve the Tucson area

Beautiful isn't it?!

Again, got to figure out how the old thing works..

Some old signs on the wall...

Mason, Ken and Aaron :)

Filled the Tundra with diesel and then over to Carson Jeep to pick up the 08 Patriot. I dropped Ken off and the boys and I drove home. He got there just a few minutes later. Ken was just going out to start the bar b q and Joe, Stacey and Rylee showed up for a nice visit. Dinner was later than planned but no one cared. Last day of school was yesterday for Rylee so now on to summer vacation. 

Ken bar b qued his famous Papa burgers which is always requested by the boys whenever they're here.  Called it a night not too much later. The boys didn't, heard this am it was about 0300 before they went to sleep. 
Our sunset was beautiful last night..

Friday morning, we were up about 0600 or so and we started the coffee. Not much going on, so I let the boys sleep until they were ready to get up. 10 something for Mason and 1140 for Aaron. Mason wanted his pancakes and Aaron had french toast and bacon. I did a load of laundry for them, so they're not going home with dirty clothes (not that they care). After Ken and I had our salad lunch and Mason had a tuna sandwich we loaded up and headed over to the gun range for some shooting. It's nice it's only about 5 minutes from the house. The boys enjoyed, even though it was hot we had a nice breeze blowing. Back home and Aaron wanted a couple of sandwiches to sustain him until dinner. Mind you this is 1600 now. What he wants he gets at Grandma's haha..
Mason setting some targets


Ken and the boys


Serious look huh?!

Ken having a little fun too

Mr. Cool Aaron showing off his muscles..and juggling skills 

Tomorrow morning we're taking them to breakfast at Dini's in town hopefully about 0730. Then I'll run them home probably down Highway 50 because I like it better than I80. Sure am going to miss them, they're so good and no arguing. Very blessed that they like to come when they can. 

We have two grandsons who will be graduating high school June 2019. They don't waste anytime getting your year book pics done..Jacob went for his today..stole these from FB. 

There's our smiley boy Patsy! 

Time for wine now and dinner in a bit...Look George (Our Awesome Travels) what I found at Winco! Yours looked so good had to get them! 

Have a wonderful evening!!