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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I will be back

Just quick note because I am on a tablet.  waiting on new computer because somebody in Sacramento County thought they were entitled to my stuff in my car at Folsom Outlets the other day..in broad daylight..uhhhhhh...so taking care of expensive business...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We're home and gone again!

Had a good trip to Turtle Rock County Park for 2 nights and then moved on to Bridgeport and the Honeymoon Flat Campground for 1 night.  Aaron has to be home today to visit with his best friend who is moving to Tennessee tomorrow.  I'll update highlights tonight after running the kids home.  Here's hoping to pick up my car and all goes well.  

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A busy and expensive week!

How time flies!! Russell and family got here around 1930 or so..Russell and Jacob decided to ride the main attractions in Vegas (not me)..so they all got a late start..Actually worked well for us as they ended up spending the night!  They (Russell and Lori) haven't been here in about a year and a half so we were really glad to have them.  

Tuesday am we got up and got ready, got out of here to pick up the  car and then pick up kids. Picked up the Patriot, all ready to go ($1300.00 later) ...Jacob and Aaron rode with me..just as we're heading up the hill after just entering CA..I got into the middle lane to pass a truck and stepped on the gas, nothing...what?!!  I'm watching the gauges go down, down, down...So after a few cuss words, I was able to get over to the side of the road and park..it had just started raining, and I was almost at the weigh station.  Called Ken and turned the car off for about 5 min..started back up and was able to get through the agriculture station, made a u turn and headed back to Carson City..uhhhh...amazingly no more problems!  Left the car and we headed back home.  

Wednesday, Jacob and I left about 0730 taking the Tundra to head over to CA...gee this seems familiar..stopped a Walmart for a couple hundred buy..and then we headed over.  Got to Rocklin about 1300 and picked up Miss Mia..headed to Georgetown and then home.  

Ken said Carson City called and they found the problem..a pump on the intake rail..means nothing to me..except a $533.00 fix..so they're ordering the part.  Coincidental that we had it in for servicing..who knows..all we know is it's broke and I love my little car.  

So looks like we'll be home today (Thursday) and hopefully head out to somewhere tomorrow for a few days..we'll see..

Chelsea's first day as 2nd LT in MO.
Looks like a nice little home she has for
the next 6 months or so...

Russ and Lori's new car at our house..

Russell, Aaron and Ken..this doesn't happen too often..

Highway 50 coming into Tahoe area...

and look who's driving...he did really good!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Two more days of hula hoe and relaxing Sunday afternoon..

Spent the last two mornings doing the HulaHoe..did the side of the property and then out front up and down the driveway..thank God the kids are coming!  That way I don't have to do this anymore...just kidding...wasn't all that bad and looks so much better!  3 1/2 hours yesterday and 3 today..

Ken worked on the Jeep yesterday, went to get a water pump for it and can't get it till Tuesday..darn..that really put a hitch in his giddy up!  Oh well it''ll happen..

Ken bar b qued some awesome country pork ribs yesterday, so we had pork, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and mixed beans..yummmmmmm...

Today after finishing the yard work, we headed for Yerington and decided to go out to lunch. Pioneer Crossing had the salad bar for $2.99 so that's what I had, Ken got the Chef Salad and he really liked it..quick trip to Scolari's and he went to the auto parts store and True Value and home again...to do nothing...we watched a couple of stupid Shark Week movies but just enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon.  

Leftovers for dinner and in bed about 2000...beautiful sunset out the window.  

Tomorrow Russell and Lori will drop off the boys for the week and then Tuesday i'll pick up Mia after picking up the Patriot in Carson City.  

Eric's family went to Folsom Lake today...Looks like fun!

Aaron's team 5 out of 10 in the championship...
Obviously you can tell Russell's on vacation by the beard

Friday, July 17, 2015

More yard work and working on the Jeep....

Got up about 0500, had our coffees and computer.  I was outside about 0730 to start some yard work again.  Spent 3 hours on the tumbleweeds and it looks so much better..Thinking i'll be out there one more day tomorrow..

Ken spread the rest of the gravel from the trailer today.  I know that was hard, backbreaking work..but it looks so much better.  

The gravel half way done or so..it was just sand..

Here it is done!

The rock around the outside fire pit...looks so much better
than just the sand we have all over...

Was wondering if we had any quail families..we do..there is daddy
watching over his big family in the tumbleweeds..
they are well hidden though..

After lunch Ken went outside to work on the Jeep a bit.  Guess he got it running smoothly...but he heard a whining and attributes it to the water pump going out..so he pulled the radiator out and now has to replace the water pump...

My car is done, but we probably won't pick it up until Tuesday when I head over to pick up Miss Mia..

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The 76 Jeep is running!

Decided to pitch in a do a little yard work this am...it was so hot!  I don't like summer for those of you who don't know!  The tumbleweeds are taking over so I thought I should help out..looks much better out front.  Figure i'll try to do a bit in the mornings when we don't have anything planned.  So that'll work as  long as I don't see any critters out there..

Ken worked on the 76 Jeep today and got it running this afternoon!  It's been sitting for years and in our living trust we gave it to Russell.  Figure whenever he wants it he can have it..Just like the 61 Impala went to  Eric and he's had it  a few years now.  Figure why wait till we're gone!? Right...

Yeehaw!  Jeep is running!

Not much else going on today..we're thinking we would have got a call on the Patriot, but not yet..no biggie..

Today is our friend Alex Real's birthday..we called him this evening but probably out to dinner.  I met Al as one of the first volunteers at the Service Center so it's been a long friendship...since 1993! Love ya Al and hope you had a wonderful birthday!!  

Russ and family headed for Vegas today for Aaron's basketball tournament for the next few days..
Aarons Basketball team..Aaron top left..crazy kids..and coaches..
Eric and family were headed to the State Fair today..looks like they had an awesome lunch today and then headed to Sacramento.  Haven't been in years and have no desire to go..but glad Eric and family went.  Daddy used to take the boys every year..even up to the last Fair before he passed away in 1990..at that point I remember Bryan really didn't want to go...but he did..because that's what his POPO did..It wasn't cheap then and daddy would save $$ just so he could take them..awww...memories..I remember when Bryan was about 4 months old or so and daddy wanted to go..I didn't really but we did and that was the start of the tradition!  Love that man..and so miss him!  
Tuna melts and zuchinni fries for dinner! Yum..

So sad today, 4 Marines shot in Chatanooga...for no reason..by what they are calling a "domestic terrorist"...makes me so sad..our hearts break for them and their families..

Camp Pendleton Marines praying...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Home all day except a quick trip to Scolari's and Ken went to the dump...

Couldn't sleep last night so was up from about 0130 to 0330...then of course back to sleep and not awake til 0700..uhh hate it when that happens.  So by the time we got done with coffee, exercise and showers it's like 1000...I got ready and ran to Scolari's for a few things.  Checked out the local thrift store for some long sleeve shirts for Ken..but like the last time I was there none!  Thinking all the Mexicans buy them to work in the fields..as they are covered from head to toe..so guess we'll try Big R next time we're there.  

Ken went to the dump with household garbage..he takes six full cans and it only costs $10.00.  Nice to be able to do as when we're not home we don't pay..so he goes once a month or so.  Nice easy day here at home.  

I ordered a new griddle to keep in the trailer full time.  With the grandkids and cooking pancakes I need something huge!  I'll pick it up at Walmart next week or so when we're there.    

Not much new here...weather is really warm in the 90's.  

Ken bought a new fuel pump for the 76 Jeep..he bought a carbuerator last week, and is intent on getting it going.  Eventually it will go to Russell, when they're ready for it. 

Carson City Jeep called last night and looks like we'll be spending a bit of $$ on the car..but again, we've spent virtually nothing on it since we bought it in 2008 other than tires and oil changes.  Services will be done and new brakes.  Probably pick it up Thursday or Friday.  

Stole this pic from FB..Dau In law Lori and her friend Heather took a 8 mile round trip hike today...

Lori and Heather....no way would I be up there!