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Monday, December 11, 2017

December is just flying! A night in the bunkhouse!

We've pretty much just been here at home since we got home Wednesday.  I've made a few trips to the grocery in town but that's it.  Ken's recovering nicely, but more pain than the last surgery a few months ago.  Of course this repair is in a totally different area since they went in through the abdominal wall rather than the groin area.  He's trying not to take much pain medication but every once in awhile he's just got to.  That's what the dr gave it to him for, but he hates taking the stuff.  
A beautiful TN sunset from a few days ago..:)

I've done a lot of wrapping for Christmas and am pretty much caught up.  Just waiting for a few more things to be delivered and maybe a little more shopping. I've got a few things to pick up in Gardnerville, but figure the Dr's office will call with a follow up appointment for Ken so I can do it then.  
Russell and Lori were at a party..his friends
Sara and Jenn...:)

Lori with Sara and Antoine..

We normally head over to CA for Wreaths Across America at the National Cemetery in Dixon where my mom and daddy are buried.  That's this Saturday December 16th. We have motel reservations, but I'm thinking we probably won't make it.  It involves a couple of hours of standing out in the cold, and just don't see Ken being up to it.  Especial  a four hour + drive to Dixon, would be really uncomfortable for him. 

Planning on heading over sometime to deliver the Christmas gifts before Christmas so everybody has their presents for Christmas morning.  We'll head over on the 24th to spend the night and probably come home on the 26th.  

Saturday night we watched the movie Prancer.  My sisters and I and some of my boys saw it many years ago, still one of my favorites..of course starring Sam Elliott how could it not be? Right Ladies?! 

I asked Ken yesterday morning what he wanted for dinner.  He surprised me by saying homemade pizza.  Oh and let's spend the night in the bunkhouse.  OK...I ran to the grocery and picked up whatever we didn't have and later in the afternoon we made delicious pizza.  He had Italian sausage, olives and mushrooms and I had salami and mushroom loaded with cheese of course.  YUMMY!  Once we  had it made, we headed to the bunkhouse to get a start on The Polar Express.  Around 1900 I preheated the oven and then got the pizza in.  Once it was done cooking, we took it out to the bunkhouse, turned on the movie and finished up the night.  
Lighting wasn't too good..but our pizza..

The view out the bunkhouse window..

The outhouse came in handy..we have a little heater going..
so things don't freeze..

Last night we noticed a far off neighbor had a tree all lit up..

This is without bringing it in a bit..

Crawled in under the covers and had a very comfortable night. The outhouse a few steps away came in handy too.  We figured we'd do this and then discover what we need to keep out here for guests.  Got a little list going. 
My hubby all tucked in..

This morning we had our coffees, apple oatmeal muffin and did our normal blogging with friends.  Had our Mr Heater going and it's very comfortable.  Gonna have to do it again.  

Well, it's Monday and not much going on.  Going to enjoy this leisurely day with our cold temps..waking up to 8 degrees this am! But nice and toasty in here.  Have a wonderful day!!
My view from the bunkhouse this am..

Notice the frost on the ground..8 degrees! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

We're home and Ken's on the mend!

Wednesday morning after a not so good night's sleep I headed to Mc Donalds fora quickie breakfast.  We haven't eaten there in the last few years as we try to stay away from fast food.  I have to say the sausage mc muffin (no egg) was delicious! Sinful yes, but oh so good!  

Got to the hospital about 0900 to see Ken sitting up in the chair.  He'd been out walking the halls a few times before.  He said the nurses seemed to think he'd be good enough to go home that day.  

His nurse, Susan was back on along with the sweetest little student nurse, Chelsea.  We visited awhile and then Chelsea had chosen Ken to be her subject of her test.  Her instructor came in and Chelsea proceeded to do a body scan of Ken.  She started with the head and worked her way down.  She did an excellent job and answered every question her instructor asked.  She came back in after talking with her instructor and she got 30 points out of 30.!! YAY for her!  

I ran to the motel to check out and by Raleys to pick up pain meds for Ken.  Got back to the hospital and Chelsea had told her story to Ken.  She's 19 years old, graduated high school in 2 years.  She left Milpitas at 16 and took her 5 siblings with her.  Moved to Dayton, NV and has been there since.  Holding down 3 jobs (now 2) in order to take care of her and her siblings that now age 17, 16, 14, 13 and 11.  Didn't get into all the details but she said her grocery bill is huge! I can imagine.  Gotta say this is one motivated young lady!  You can't help but like and admire her.  She'll graduate at 21 as an RN.  I've no doubt she'll go far!

I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Carson Valley Medical Center!  The nurses, Jill in pre op, Carolyn and Lynn in post op, Susan B, day nurse, Chelsea student nurse and the night nurse, Rachel (she gave Ken a Christmas card of her and her doggies) were absolutely wonderful!  Don't think we'd ever go to another hospital if we had a choice!  It's small but honestly the care and just the happiness of their workers says a lot about this place!  
Nephew Dusty with the red beard, Jesse with black beard and
our middle son Eric..came across FB as a memory..

Ken's liquid lunch came and a little later the DR made an appearance and told Ken he was good to go.  We pulled into the driveway about 1600.  He was hungry so I made him an egg sandwich and off to bed he went.  We had a little snack around 2000 and then time for bed.  

Yesterday morning (Thursday) we awoke about 0600 and visited with our blogging friends, some coffee and banana bread.  He showered and i made up the bed and cleared Christmas stuff from the guest room bed.  That way he could go in whatever room he wanted.  He was up quite a bit walking so he's doing great.  Some pain, but he quit the pain meds in the afternoon.  He's just planning on Motrin now.  

Thanks for all the good wishes from family and friends.  Bryan and Eric offered to come from CA on their days off to get firewood on the porch or anything else we need.  Our neighbors have offered help too. As I've said before, We are blessed.  

Still dealing with cold temps our wood stove has been going nonstop. 12 degrees this am..warming up! hahah..Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ken's surgery went well!

I love how the lights turned out and the addition of the
Christmas tree...

Our wood stove is working full time..

Woke up to a chilly 9 degrees!  We headed out yesterday morning about 0800.  Quick stop by the dentist's office to drop a check and then by the post office to drop a check in the mail..$$ going out before we even get to the hospital.  
If it's gonna be cold it's gotta be pretty..right?

I love these little snowflakes of ice..

Our NV roads ..love the traffic

Quick stop at Walmart in Gardnerville and then over to Carson Valley Medical Center to check in which was done quickly.  They called him back and I went along too.  The nurse, Jill was absolutely adorable.  She was so pleasant and easy to talk with.  She's from Oakland, CA of all places, was very unhappy at the hospital there to the point that after 10 years was questioning if she wanted to be a nurse any longer.  Her mom and dad moved to Gardnerville, and after visiting her parents a few times, she and her family which includes a hubby, an 8 year old and a 2year old made the move.  She's never been happier working at this hospital.  Glad her story had a happy ending as it would have been a shame for her not to have been there. She told us a few stories and we told her some.  Eventually Dr. Denmar came in and said it will be done shortly.  After about a half hour more, he complained and all of a sudden the operating staff showed up!  A quick kiss and off Ken went. 

I went out to the car and had my salad I had brought for lunch.  Then back inside to wait.  About an hour and a half later, Dr. Denmar found me in the waiting area and said everything had gone well.  Even gave me pictures of what he did...hahah..Gotta say he did an excellent job.  

A few minutes later I went back to recovery and Ken was awake, but in lalalah land.  After about half an hour we went to his room.  After about a million questions by the nurse he was left alone for a bit.  We chatted and he was complaining about his eye hurting.  He said it felt like there was a bunch of glass in there.  They had told him he could expect some dry eyes and dry throat.  I left him for a bit to check in to the hotel and deposit some Christmas presents in the room.  
My room for the night (or two)..

When i got back he said he hadn't seen anyone yet and his eye was still hurting. The nurse came in and irrigated his eye, which hurt really bad.  Then she ordered some goop to put in it.  That seemed to help, but then his eye was really blurry.  His incision pain was hurting too at this point (they were able to do this laparoscopically) so there were just a few little incisions, amazing!  

They gave him pain pills and hopefully he started the 4 hour regimen.  I left a little before 1830 after he had his "dinner" (liquid diet)...First time in over 45 years that Ken had tomato soup..hahah..

Talked with him later and the pain was better and he was hoping for a good night's sleep.  He had gotten up to go to the bathroom, but was dizzy.  To be expected I guess.  They won't let him up by himself.  

It's 0640 and I haven't heard from him yet, so hoping he had a good night.  I'm going to get ready and run over there.  Haven't decided if i'm staying another night or going home.  We'll see what they have to say about him and decide then.  
It's 16 degrees here and 9 degrees at home this am.  Hope you all have a great day.  Thanks for all the good wishes for Ken. We are blessed!  

Our quirky little tree..

The trailer was filled with tumbleweeds which burned in about
5 minutes.  It'll be awhile before he can do this again..

Monday, December 4, 2017

A new driver in the Kay family! Happy Birthday Ninny..Congrats Don!

I wanted to say Happy Birthday to my "baby sister" Linda (Ninny, as most of us call her).  Hope you had a wonderful day! Love you bunches!
Back in her wilder days..when she had her first Cuda...

Ken put our old Christmas tree on the porch :)

We've been staying mostly at home and Ken worked on getting stuff done before his hernia operation tomorrow.  He got the Christmas tree on the front porch of the bunkhouse, looks cute at night!  He got a lot of firewood on the front porch so we'll stay nice and toasty.  Then he dug up tumbleweeds and filled his trailer.  Today he burnt what was in the trailer.  

Last night, after looking at hamburgers on the Chive website he bar b qued some awesome burgers. I would have taken a picture but was too hungry, I forgot!  

Woke up this morning to COLD temperatures!  12 degrees!  Later it dropped to 11 but that was the coldest I saw.  This afternoon it warmed to a balmy 35 with a feels like temp of 31.  Now it's 31 with a feels like of 25..just cold!  WE've had the wood stove going all day and it's working hard with these temps.  
Baby, it's cold outside!

I wrapped a bunch of Christmas gifts for a few hours today.  Nothing too exciting going on.  That's good right?! 

Grandson Seth had an 0820 appointment at DMV for his driver's license in Auburn and now the Kay family has a new driver! YAY Seth!!  Next will be our other grandson, Jacob if he ever gets his testing done for his permit..
Our new driver!

Tomorrow morning we'll get up and head towards Gardnerville, NV and Ken's surgery that's scheduled now for 1215.  We've got to be there at 1100.  Once he's finished and in a room I'll head for the Carson Valley Motor Lodge that belongs to Carson Valley Inn (our favorite place in Gardnerville). Nice I get a reduced rate because of a contract with Carson Valley Medical Center.  Then Wednesday morning i'll go check on my hubby and see how he's doing. I'll probably head home in the afternoon and return on Thursday to pick him up (if it all goes as planned).  

Ken's brother, Don sent the following pics today.  He and Dana are the proud new owners of this cool stock trailer.  Built in Arkansas, so we know it's good, right!  Congratulations guys!  

Our 2nd favorite place in TN..Delina Country Store..:) Don
and Dana's place is our favorite! 

The new trailer! A little calf behind it..

Made in Arkansas! 

Daughter in law, Cheryl sent these pictures this am.  Another tree fell over doing some serious damage.  One chicken was killed, well it looked like she was, but later determined to be in shock..got up and seems to be ok now..poor little thing.

This was a cover Ken and Bryan built to cover
the two quads (we have one of them here) not sure the
outcome of the quad, but the structure is gone for
good!.. Sad...

Eric and the boys went to get a Christmas tree this weekend.  So here are a few of those pics..

Seth's 1996 Jeep! Looks right at home


This is the Charlie Brown tree they picked! 

Mason and Seth..

Seth getting ready to get into the Jeep..
Last but not least...Russell and Jacob went fishing and Jacob caught this huge monster!  Catch and Release...

Jacob with his huge fish..
Have a good night..

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Ken and Christmas Lights..

49 years ago I told my mom I wanted to get a present for Diane's brother Ken. I was 12, going to be 13 in a few weeks.  I told my mom I liked him and it was his birthday on the 1st.  She had a Papermate fancy pen in a case she had picked up at the base exchange and told me I could give him that.  I sent it home with Diane to give to him.  I got a real nice thank you and then he told me he'd like to take me to some dances the following year when I started high school, as I was in the 8th grade then.  I was floating on air, of course my mom cautioned me not to get my hopes up as the following September was a long way off.  After Christmas I bought the Doors album (who I didn't like at all) with some Christmas money. It was a group that Ken liked.  I told Diane to tell him I had the album and he could borrow it anytime.  Over he came and there you go..."our story".   I think he thought he was a little too old for me...but I knew better.  Can't believe it's been that long!  

Happy 66th Birthday Ken!  All the kids and most of the grandkids called along with Daughter In Law, Cheryl.  He heard from his side of the family along with mine. A lot of Happy Birthdays on my FB page for him. Nice.  
Russell posted this picture in his message
to his dad on FB..really my fave of the
two of them..

Yesterday morning we headed for the little hospital in town and Ken visited the lab for blood tests for this surgery on Tuesday.  Then we headed for Carson City and visited Kohls and JC Penney to try and do a little Christmas shopping.  After that it was over to Gardnerville to spend a little money at Walmart and Raleys for prescriptions.  Then because it was his birthday we headed for Carson Valley Inn and a late lunch.  Great food and drink!  We both didn't need dinner last night for sure! 

Ken worked on the Christmas lights that he put on the bunkhouse and outhouse..looks so cute!  Today he put our old Christmas tree on the front porch of the bunkhouse, should look really cute when he lights them all up.  

I got a few things wrapped between the day before and today.  Spent a few hours on the internet trying to order a few things.  Can't believe how fast Christmas is coming!  

Tonight we're going to enjoy some egg nog and brandy while we put up our Christmas tree (tradition)..we'll put on "The Night They Saved Christmas" one of my most favorite movies of all time and enjoy ourselves. 

Have a great evening..we're going to head out for a bit to checkout some lights around us..

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A great Doctor's appointment and a wonderful afternoon...here in Winnemucca!

Yesterday (Tuesday) we did our running around here in Winnemucca. It was quick though, not many places to go.  Walmart, one of our quicker stops then on to Big R and Ron's Seed and Feed.  Ken got a pair of double kneed Carhartt pants there for a good price.  Then we had time to kill and came back to the trailer for a bit.  

Todd Hoffman and his crew of Gold Rush were in Big R yesterday.  Guess we missed them by a couple of hours but one of our friends got a photo op with him. Apparently, they're in Winnemucca looking to purchase some land. 
Tom on the left, Todd on the right

1130 was my appointment and all was good!  Cholesterol numbers were great along with the sugar  that tests for diabetes.  Those numbers were climbing and I'm proud to say it was 89!  109 is where you start to worry and mine was as high as 103.  It runs in our family, and is something I definitely don't want.  So all good for the next 6 months! 

After that we came back to the trailer and headed over to wingers for a celebratory lunch.  Ken had the chicken sandwich and fries, and I had their sticky fingers wrap and fries which was delicious! Too much, so half came home for dinner.  I had a glass of wine and Ken had a tall Icky.  

We came back to the trailer and watched a movie called "Why Him" cute movie but a lot of the F word.  Passed the afternoon, as it was too cold to go outside! 

We had leftovers from home and Ken ate my leftover lunch for dinner.  Some more tv watching and then bedtime.  I put flannel sheets on and am glad I did.  

This morning, (Wednesday) up at 0500 for coffee and computing. Ken ran to the bank and returning the movie to Red Box while I got ready and then cleaned the trailer. Spent some time buying Christmas gifts online this morning. 

Our neighbor, Joe called last night as he's working at the prison here in the area.  We're meeting for lunch/brunch at Parker T's before we head home and he heads to work. 

Our son, Bryan who lives in Georgetown, CA is dealing with Bug Trees as is most of California.  Periodically, trees just fall down, hoping someone cuts the bigger ones down before they fall.  Yesterday he awoke to 1 downed tree near the chicken coop so he ended up cutting down 4 more and cutting up the 5 trees.  Not what he had planned, but it had to be done.   

Bryan said these are definitely big enough to cause
some damage.  

Adam sent me this picture yesterday of him and Elena.  Figure if he's going to share with me, I have to share with you.  

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Home and now waking up in Winnemucca!

Greetings from beautiful, COLD Winnemcuca, NV!  It's 24 degrees with a feels like 16 this morning at 0550!  Thank goodness for heating in the trailer!  We are parked at the New Frontier RV Park.  It's where we like to stay when we're here because with our Passport America pass we can stay for about $10.00 a nice ($21.28) for two nights.  It's a beautiful park with lots of open spaces.  Our favorite is #29 as it's on the end and near the bathrooms if we need them.  
I-80 on our way to Winnemucca..

While we were home for a few days Ken put Christmas lights on the outhouse.  It looks so cute! We haven't lit them yet but I can tell I'm really gonna like it.  He was going to get them on the bunkhouse, but we had such wind gusts, you couldn't stand to be out there.  We haven't had wind like that in months.  

I put some garland up in the bunkhouse and then decorated the house except for the tree.  We'll do that on Wednesday or Thursday.  With Ken's surgery coming up next Tuesday, we'll try to get as much done as we can as he'll be down for a bit.  Looks like a cold spell (and this isn't) coming next week so we'll need
Our mountains had a little snow..

Old fashioned lights on the outhouse

A little garland to make it festive

firewood on the porch. 

Yesterday morning (Monday) we met Joe for breakfast at Dini's.  Yummy and cheap.  We waited for the mail person to come as I was expecting a Christmas gift and didn't want to leave it there for the two days.  We left about 1100 for our 3 1/2 hour drive to Winnemucca.  Got hooked up and then enjoyed the afternoon and evening here in our little mansion!  I did a little cyber shopping and then we watched tv till time for bed.  
Our friend George gave us this mining pan..Ken getting barbed
wire for the hanging

This was painted in 1975..love it, sure captures NV!

Home in the bunkhouse

Side view of the hanging

We're up at 0500 enjoying our coffee and blogging friends.  We'll head out and hopefully make Walmart, Big R and Ron's seed and feed before my DR appointment at 1130.  

We decided to stay 2 nights just because we can and we'll head home on Wednesday.  

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago when son, Bryan sent it to me.  His 2004 Toyota Tacoma just turned over 300,000 miles!  Great job Toyota and Bryan for taking such good care of it!

Have a great day!