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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Monday, April 16, 2018

A quad ride and a little cooking here at home. ..

Yesterday morning (Sunday) after breakfast and visiting with our blogging friends we headed to town to stop by Izzy's house.  Boy has it changed since we saw it before we left over 7 weeks ago.  I really thought it would take close to a year to get it done for her but looks like in the next week or two she should be able to move in.  Our neighbor John has done an awesome job on his mother in law's house.  Hope she's happy there! 

Stopped and got some gas for the truck and the quads. We paid $2.92 a gallon with Ken's six cent discount.  We're headed to California on Friday, guess we'll find out what they're charging! Oh boy..

We came home and Ken got the quads ready for a ride, during that time the winds really picked up so we knew it wouldn't be a really long ride. Still, the sun was shining! 
Our quads at the top of the mountain..
 We had a nice windy drive to the top of the mountain. It's a beautiful view, but it was so windy. We were only there a few minutes as the wind was crazy. 
The view from the top..

Looking into the valley, but the dust was terrible

Ken..I was trying to show the wind, but it didn't work..but
still you see my hubby :))

The road to the top

We're headed down..

Our little tree blowing in the breeze..

We ordered some lubricant for the treadmill and it came the other day. If you recall before we left it was trying to kill us whenever we used it. The belt would stop and if you weren't holding on, it was a really hard stop. Ken lubed it up but the problem was still there, darn.  The treadmill belt adjustment was maxed out so he took apart where the motor is and tightened up that belt and waalaa problem fixed!  Really glad we didn't have to spend $$ for a new one. 

Ken did bar b q some chicken for him in the wind, but at least he's got his wind guard.  I made some roasted veggies and some rice and gravy. Yummy dinner! 

This morning we woke up to cold temps running about 28 degrees. The high only to 48. We don't have a lot of wind like we did yesterday but still some. After coffee, blogging and breakfast I decided to make a chicken soup recipe I saw that was considered paleo. I've been making my own veggie broth for about a year now so went to the freezer and got one of those bags.  A little chicken breast, onions, mushrooms and celery. Let all that simmer for an hour or so. The kicker is there's no noodles, you add cooked spaghetti squash. I was impressed it's very good. Only 44 calories a cup! 

Ken worked on his banking and paid the propane bill.  We had a couple of things to mail so he ran to town and did that. Once he was home we had light lunch and then he started a fire in the wood stove as it's chilly
The mountains surrounding us got some snow..we got

Here we are watching reruns of Monk and I'm doing the blog.  Looks like Friday we'll take the trailer and head over to CA to celebrate 2 special birthdays. Our middle son, Eric will turn 43 on Thursday and our oldest grandson, Adam will turn 19 on Saturday.  Looks like we'll head back on Sunday probably...

Have a wonderful night! 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

A little of this and a little of that...

Good Sunday morning everyone!  I don't know where the time goes, guess because we're home it's just not too exciting which is a good thing I guess.

Thursday morning we did run to Gardnerville and Walmart.  I needed some ink for the printer.  I usually will order it online but I didn't want to wait. haha. Well, I swear you can buy a new printer that comes with ink for about the same price as the two cartridges of ink!  Oh well, bit the bullet and then picked up a few groceries and left a large donation of $$ at Walmart. 
Our drive to Gardnerville, NV.

Wilson Canyon

The view from Walmart in gardnerville..

We ended up at Carson Valley Inn for lunch. (You know that had to happen).  Our favorite waitress Carmen saw us and big hugs and welcome back for us both. We sat and she brought us our wine and beer straight away.  :)  Enjoyed our lunch and we headed home.  I had a little nap on the way.  We got home and put the stuff away and not much happened the rest of the day. No dinner needed after that lunch.  

Friday morning I texted our neighbor Joe for Ken asking if he wanted to do breakfast at Dini's.  A few minutes later Joe showed up and the boys went out.  I enjoyed my quiet time for a bit here at home. Later Joe's brother Phil came into town for the weekend and they chatted away the afternoon.  About 1600 or so the party moved to our driveway for awhile.  I cut up some cheese and crackers and brought them out and we all visited for a few hours. 

Ken had talked with our other neighbors Karen and John so we loaded up a little ice chest for drinks and headed next door for a big fire in their fire pit. Well, a little while turned into hours and we headed home about midnight! :)) They're so easy to talk to and it was fun catching up.  We are really blessed to have such great neighbors on each side.  

Saturday morning we got up about 0630.  We were meeting Joe, Stacey, Rylee, Phil, Susan (Stacey's mom) and her friend Patty who was visiting for a few days at Dini's for a wonderful breakfast.  Patty is quite the traveler and very nice. We enjoyed talking with her and Susan.  Thank you Susan for breakfast :))

We came home and pretty much that was it for the day.  Got a couple of little things accomplished and then an afternoon nap was in order for the two of us! We never do that, but Saturday night was hard on us both..haha.  A dinner of leftover turkey meatloaf (that was awesome by the way), salad and some mixed beans.  
These were  brussel sprout chips..don't bother
too much work and just not worth it..not bad, but not good. Kale chips are better. 

Good night! 

Our neighbor Mugsy came to visit! He's a little ratty as the
groomer in town calls him "the dog from hell" and won't
groom him anymore..

Sunday morning, I woke up about 0400 and Ken at 0500 so now just deciding what to do with our day.  We're going to town later to take a look at Izzy's (Karen's mom) house and to see how the renovation is coming. I suggested a quad ride so hopefully that'll happen this afternoon.  A beautiful Sunday, supposed to be close to 70 but the temps will drop dramatically over night. 
Good morning! :)

We've got a little wind this am..but about 50 degrees..

Good morning! 

Looks like all of our Canadian friends have made it over the border and are back in their home country.  Doesn't look like nice weather has greeted them yet, but it'll be coming soon!  Looking forward to their updates as always! 
My Grand Nephew Owen got a new swing set at his grandparents
house..Looks like he's enjoying! 

My nephew Dusty's Truck made the cover of LMC
Truck..(Owen's daddy)..:) 

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Good Thursday morning from beautiful but cold (34 degrees with a feels like 27) Yerington, NV.   Only looking for 50 degrees today but warming nicely the rest of the week.  

Tuesday morning after we got ourselves going and a breakfast wrap we both headed outside.  I wanted to get the trailer emptied and cleaned up.  Only a few hours there. Amazing how much stuff is in the little 19 foot trailer!  Looks much better now except all the stuff is in the house and now have to find a place for it! 

Wind came up hard in the afternoon which is pretty typical here in NV.  Our neighbor, Joe dropped over and brought some homemade refried beans so that settled what we were having for dinner, tacos.  Beans were delicious. 

Our beautiful sunset..:))

Wednesday morning after visiting with our online friends we got ready for a Dini's fix with Joe.  He walked over about 0800 and we headed out.  Nice time catching up and of course a delicious breakfast of eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast for $2.99 (M-F).  Can't beat that!  

After we got back I found some things to do in the house.  We actually turned our mattress over (ever since we got home my hip is hurting at night) Funny spent all that time in the trailer and it never hurt once.  We sleep one night in our "home" bed and it's killing me.  We'll get a new mattress soon, but until then we'll try this (actually no problem this am). Changed out the winter comforter for a more lightweight one, but left flannel sheets on for a while longer. 
Ken spent a lot of the day starting and running every single vehicle and ATV we have.  After being gone so long, a few batteries had to be charged. He took every ATV for a quick drive. He got the 73 Dodge truck going and took it for a quick spin too.  

I made some apple oatmeal muffins that we both like with our coffee. Yum. About 1600 Ken decided to barb b q up a few pieces of chicken thighs for him for dinner.  Gotta admit he did a great job, looked delicious. I was having leftover spaghetti squash with veggies and a sauce.  We sat out on the porch swing and even in the wind it was nice.  
This was the cutest short and fat milk jug ever..got it in OK.
We don't have these in NV..(I know Patsy..you're probably the
only other person I know who would think to post this..haha)

Hubby bar b qing

Zoomed in on Joe's flag...flying high and proud in the wind..:)

Ken's chicken thighs and his wind block..

This swing was swinging all by itself in the wind..hahha.

Joe stopped over and had a couple of beers with Ken (wine for me).  I added some rice and gravy to Ken's dinner and then after a while we called it a night. 

Waking up this Thursday morning and catching up with our friends.  We've decided to head for Gardnerville and Walmart later this morning. Our list of things we need (or think we do) is growing.  We know we don't want to go on the weekend so let's go get it done!  

Hope you all have a great day! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ely, NV to Winnemucca, NV and now we're HOME!!

Saturday night we had awesome Mexican food at Margaritas the Mexcian place inside the Prospector hotel.  It was so delicious and more than enough so got a goodby bag to go.  It was very chilly outside so back into the trailer we went for the night. 

Sunday morning we got ourselves going and headed over to Margaritas once again for their awesome breakfast.  The senior menu has a lot on it and very inexpensive.  Ken had their chicken fried steak and eggs, comes with 1/4 pound breaded steak which was plenty with the eggs, hash browns and english muffin. I had their 2 egg ham and cheese, potatoes and 1 slice of sourdough. I was stuffed. Their food is consistently good and we've never had a bad meal there. 

Back to the trailer and on the road.  Beautiful drive to Winnemucca.  When we left several weeks ago it was a winter wonderland, now the desert has turned a beautiful shade of green and only snow on some of the mountains. We hit the freeway at Carlin, NV.  We were low on gas, town was a mile to the east. I told him we should get some gas, but town's in the wrong direction. hmmm..ok. About 10 miles west he decides that he can't make Battle Mountain so he turns back around and we end up back in Carlin. He does say "You were right" so I just had to do it..."I told you so!"..hhhahaha...
Ely, NV has quite a few of these older motels..

Love this cutie! Notice the Flag and the wind..

This was all white when we left home..

Eureka, NV

Eureka NV Fire Station

We pulled into New Frontier RV Park around 1500.  Used our Passport America card (which is good for 2 nights) so because they are still winter rates, $10.64 for the night with full hook ups. It has to be a back in space, but their back ins are huge.  Had a lovely night, tv and then we took the left over veggies from dinner and made some spaghetti squash with sauce, veggies and Ken had some ground turkey.  Delicious, simple dinner. 
Our site at New Frontier..

View from the park.

Monday morning we took our time, had breakfast, showers and some clean up. Headed for the CPA's office and got our taxes. We had a short meeting with Abrams and figured a few things we could do so that we don't have to pay more next year. Honestly we don't make that much money but every year seems we have to pay more. uhhhh..

Back to camp, hooked up and we're on our way HOME!  It was about 1300 when we pulled into Lowe's about 50 miles from home as it was time for lunch.  Made some veggie, hummus wraps and we finished our trek home.  Pulled into home about 1500 or so.  Well, it looked beautiful! 

I ran to town and got the mail, nothing too serious we missed. Made a quick stop at Scolari's for some veggies and home again.  Ken did his thing and I unloaded the frig from the trailer. About 1830 our neighbors Joe, Stacey and Rylee came over to welcome us home.  Had a great visit.  
I 80...

Miss Rylee in her hat we brought her from The Mercantile
She loves Pioneer Woman as much as I do..:)


Ken was bar b quing a burger for him and a veggie patty for me.  We ate late, but what's new about that?! 

Waking up to partly cloudy skies this beautiful Tuesday morning. It's supposed to be 77 degrees today and am looking forward to that! We got home on the 48th day. Ken was definitely ready, me not quite so much but it's HOME! It was a great trip and I'm sure we'll be out and about over the spring and summer. With a sticks and bricks we're definitely more tied down especially in the summer with watering of trees. That's ok, it works for us.  

Hope you're all enjoying your day! Travel safe! 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Filmore, UT to Ely, NV..almost home.. :) :(

:) :(  My not sure what I feel emoji ..This has been such an awesome trip all the way around kinda hate it to end.  Then the other part of me is wanting to be home. I love our home in Yerington, but I love the road and seeing other places. I know in a few months or so we'll be back out for a week or two and then in January we'll head out again.  Hopefully we'll have the grandkids some in the summer and can take them somewhere. We'll continue to go as long as we can.Life is good!  Just for info..Ken's ready to be home. Between January's trip and this one, he's ready to go.  Talking with Cheryl,  our view from here this morning in Filmore, I told her she's more like Ken and I'm more like Dave. But it works for both of us couples. Ken actually said the same thing at lunch today :)

We said goodbye to Dave and Cheryl and pulled out about 1115 central time. Had a beautiful drive down highway 100 (which Dave suggested) and then to Highway 50 for the rest of the drive.  We weren't sure how far we were going, but knew Ely, NV would be the furthest. About 180 miles at the most.  
Ken walking to Dave and Cheryl's trailer..

Our spot at Wagon's West  RV in Filmore..PA park..

Look George, Dave has a wind block for his Weber Q! 

Dave, Cheryl and Ken..:)

We pulled over at the Baker Archeological site to have lunch. At 1300 CT neither of us were hungry so it ended up being 1400 there. We had just crossed into NV.  I love coming into NV from the east as I can pinpoint Wheeler Peak and Great Basin National Park. There's a heart on the mountain :) In the winter the heart is obvious with snow that defines it and in the summer it's dirt that defines it. :)) I know, but it makes me smile every time. :)

Ok, as you can see below I am a little heart crazy!  This mountain is 13, 065 feet tall and to have a heart in the middle just melts my heart!...

Home again :0

Our lunch spot..no heart to be seen..

Hubby..caught him! haha..

Our lunch spot!

we can see it again!

If you miss the stop sign this will getcha! 

I went into the trailer to lock things down after lunch and on the way out the wind was so bad, I had to fly out the door holding on!  Ken was laughing in the truck as he watched through the side view mirror.  It's said in Nevada, if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes and it'll change..oh so true! 

We drove on and decided to head for Ely.  The campground was more full than we've ever seen it!  We decided to boondock where we did when we started this trip.  We've got our home and everything we need so why not!? We can have Mexican for dinner and then an awesome breakfast too.  We'll head for Winnemucca in the morning and then after picking up taxes on Monday we'll head home. While blogging we had quite a rain storm and hopefully cleaned off some bugs on the truck and trailer. Sunshine now..Yep, it's Nevada!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day..we did! 
Our Grandson Jacob and his girlfriend Allysa
going to the Junior Prom..how did this happen?
He was just a baby :)

Beautiful couple..they've been together a
few years now.