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Friday, August 10, 2018

Reno and a trip to Stockton, CA..company coming! :)

Wednesday morning we got out of here fairly early and headed for Reno and Winco.  Winco wasn't crowded which was nice. Got in and got out fairly quickly, well about an hour or so.  Got lots of good veggies and spent some time in their natural foods bins checking things out. 
A circus coming to Dayton, NV

Not for me...

Yum..great wine from Italy

After that we headed to Wines and Spirits just down the road.  Ended up with 6 more bottles of organic wine and 4 of the bottles were from Italy with no added anything. Good price too (again more than my box used to be). 

We headed to Carson City on the way home and checked out Lowe's for their railroad tie prices. Theirs were $30.00 for 9 foot pieces..nope not happening. I looked on Cragislist the other day and found a place in Stockton, CA that was giving away some of their railroad ties. Ken called them while I was in Winco and found they also sell railroad ties, but the ones they can't sell they give away for free but you have to take a bundle of 25 minimum. 

Since we were there and it was 1300 and our tummies were hungry. We visited our favorite Chinese place and I had their sezchuan (?) veggies and didn't eat the rice that came with it, so I don't feel too bad about that except for the sodium, but i drink a lot of water anyway.  

After lunch we headed home and I had to totally redo the whole frig to make everything fit! LOL guess we call that a good problem. 

We just hung out at home and enjoyed the evening. We made it an early night as we made the decision to head for Stockton on Thursday morning. The drive was 189 miles one way so we needed to get up and going. 

Thursday morning we got up at 0400, had our coffees and tea and of course seeing what our blogging friends had been up to.  Got ourselves ready and we were out the door into the horrible smoky air at 0630. I made a couple of egg burritos for Ken and I took a tupperware with eggbeaters and some fruit to eat on the way. 

Looks like fog but it's smoke...

There are mountains in the distance 

Highway 88 near Kirkwood

We headed up to Gardnerville and then took highway 88 all the way to where we needed to be.  Normally this is just an incredibly beautiful drive, but the smoke really didn't do it any favors.  At the top of the mountains it was really bad, but the closer we got to Stockton it cleared up pretty well.  Saw lots of campers and trailers on the road headed up the mountain, probably not realizing how bad it was! 

We got to the business at around 1100, pulled up and with in 15 minutes or so we were out of there with our 25 railroad ties. Wish we could have gotten more but that's all the trailer would hold. A bundle weighs 3000 pounds. 
Our new railroad ties..

Ready to go..

A good cutting near Stockton

All kinds of fruit and nut trees! So pretty ..

Downtown Lockeford! 

Rockford water tower (Patsy)..

Love this bright building..actually houses Aldabertos Mexican

I had asked Ken what he wanted to do about lunch earlier.  He thought we'd stop at a truck stop and get something. Sure they would have had a salad for me. hahaahaa...He never guessed that we would be out of there so quickly and by the time it was nearing lunch we were near Jackson, CA. Decided to try their casino.  Well, what a joke that was, when we drove back the couple of miles to it, no parking for a truck plus a trailer..back out we went and headed up the hill.  Not to bore you but every little town there was no where to eat and the only one that was appealing had every road worker in there for lunch. I told Ken next time I'm making lunch to take and if we don't eat it ok..but at least  we'd have it.  So, close to 1500  we pulled into Carson Valley Inn in Minden.  Carmen (our favorite waitress) comes to the table with our drinks in hand..oh boy.  I ordered their turkey burger with no bun and only ate a couple of fries. Filled with dinner and wine, I had my nap on the way home. 
Silver Lake on 88 ..we used to camp w our kids there a lot!

Our neighbor, John came over for happy hour later in the evening. Karen wasn't feeling well, i'm sure from all the smoke in the air, so we just visited with John for quite awhile. We sat out back near the bunkhouse and after dark Ken started a fire in the fire pit. Eventually we called it a night. 

I woke up this morning (Friday) at about 0400 with a terrible headache, so took some motrin and back to bed.  We woke up for good at about 0630.  After our morning routine Ken went outside to work on the railroad ties at the bunkhouse.  I hula hoed some of the weeds out back and hung out some clothes.  Then I decided to make some flourless morning glory muffins..We'll see in the am how they turned out. Made some spinach dip for Ken to have with his lunch of some fresh veggies.  Salad for me.  
This actually looks delicious..Morning Glory Flourless Muffins

Ken went back out after lunch and I put together the veggies for broccoli tots to go with turkey burgers for dinner. Seems I was in the kitchen all day, not sure why?! 
Rock is under bunkhouse and now railroad ties..it will keep
the building from shifting and keep critters out. 

Looks good don't ya think? 

Bunkhous and outhouse..:) 

He's got the back done and the corner..

Got a nice text from my nephew, Dusty  and his little family are coming on Monday to spend the night with us. Adam will be here too.  I've been texting with our grandson Mason, as he wants to come and we're working out how to get him hopefully! If he can come i'll be taking him home on Thursday. 
This little princess will be visiting..

Owen will be here too! :) 

Almost forgot, got this delivery today to hold 12 bottles of wine and keep it cold. I'm really spoiling myself this week :))
Nice and compact..

Aaron started 8th grade..his mom
posted side by side, quite a bit of difference
between 1st day of 7th grade and 8th grade

Jacob! Main differnce, he's got car keys in hand to drive himself
to his Senior year!! :) 

Ken's inside now so time for our Happy Hour! Have a great evening! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

25 tons of rock and a wine delivery

Tuesday morning the alarm was set for 0430 as we were headed to Reno for Winco and Wine and Spirits.  We normally would take the Jayco and stay at Washoe Lake State Park, but with all the smoke and heat we decided to make it a  one day trip. 

I was getting up to make coffee and noticed the email from AOL telling me the wine I ordered would be delivered sometime Tuesday! That was quick as I ordered it Friday, the company didn't open until Monday and it would be delivered Tuesday.  Change of plans!  We'll stay home and head for Reno on Wednesday.  Because it's alcohol, someone over 21 has to sign and receive the wine. 

We did our morning thing...visiting with friends online, coffee, tea and then treadmill, exercises and eventually breakfast (Yes)..

Around 1000 Ken had been outside, he came in and told me the bunkhouse was out of level.  WE basically sit on a sand base and with all the winds whipping around the sand had eroded in places, which makes the door hard to close.  He worked at leveling it up and then said he wanted to order 2 belly dumps of rock. This is something he's been wanting to do for the last few years, so I said "Ok". He called Cinderlite and they said they'd be out sometime the same day! 

Few hours later (if that) I looked out the kitchen window and there's our rock. Ken had him dump some at our new driveway he's making between the two big rocks and then move out back to near the bunkhouse.  25 tons sounds like a lot, but sure doesn't look like it.  Even though Ken said after moving some yesterday afternoon, it's a lot!  He's putting it under the bunkhouse all the way to the girders that are under.  We're in the market for some railroad ties to put all around then. His project, so whatever he wants! LOL..
Ken and the Cinderlite guy deciding where to drop some

Back by the bunkhouse

The rest of the 2nd load a nice pile..looks like a lot of work
to me..

He worked for a few hours in the 100 degree heat and then said "I'm whipped" took a shower and then we were inside. 

Realxed a while and then I saw a vehicle up and down the road, and eventually they found us with my wine! Put a bottle in the freezer for later. 
My organic wine from Revel Wines

Our middle son, Eric called and talked with Ken for awhile and then we headed outside as Ken was bar b q ing a burger for him and a turkey burger for me. Both were yummy.  I made some baked fries mainly for him, I had a couple. 

I have to tell you I've drank a lot of Chardonnay in my days..haha.  This wine is organic, nothing added.  Apparently in the US winemakers can add up to 300 different additives that are ok with the FDA. One of them of course, is sugar.  The difference right away with this wine from Revel Wine is the taste.  Crisp and definitely not as sweet. I love it, so I have to drink slowly as this wine is definitely more costly than my box I usually buy.  
Some of the work Ken did yesterday..Rock is going under
the bunkhouse and then railroad ties. 

Rock going round, then it will go between the bunkhouse
and outhouse and at the front of the bunkhouse. 

Ken and I have been married almost 46 years.  We have found over the years that separate checking accounts works best for us.  Ken needs to balance his checkbook every few days or so, me I've never balanced my checkbook.  I get online to see what my balance is or years ago just call the bank. See why this works better, avoids a lot of arguments. haha.. Anyway my point is when we were talking about the wine he offered to buy me every other box from the winery. He did buy a lot of my box wine too I have to say, usually more than me. Thanks honey. :)
A special glass of wine in a special glass.  The glass I got 3 years
ago at West Point attending our niece Chelsea's graduation
from West Point :) Notice the color of the wine is much
lighter than my other wine. I'm a happy camper. 

I heard yesterday afternoon from Deb D and Patsy on FB.  A nice chat, but the outcome is we'll look forward to spending time with all this winter in Quartzite once again and of course anyone else who's there!  

Up at 0430 this am doing our thing and now getting ready to head to Reno for the day.  103 degrees expected there and about the same here.  So done with this heat!!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Not much going on except SMOKE!

Saturday morning Ken went to John and Karen's to help John with a decking project they've got going on.  He was there for a few hours and they certainly got a lot done. They work well together as a team. 

We had lunch here at home and then it was just too hot to go outside anymore. Smoky too!  So we were inside and I was looking up recipes and finding out what foods have too many carbs and cholesterol and which ones are ok. Thank goodness for the internet or I'd have to visit the local library. 

Later in the evening we did some front porch sittin and then noticed our neighbor Joe outside so we went over for a little visit.  While we were there we decided to meet for breakfast at Pioneer Crossing on Sunday morning. 

Ken had some leftovers for dinner and I sliced and cooked part of a chicken breast with some green beans...yummy and only 11 grams of carbs for the dinner and about 15mg of cholesterol.  Doing ok I think. 

Not long after we called it a night. 

Yesterday morning, Sunday I sat the alarm for 0500 so we would have time to have coffee and visit with our blogging friends. Got ourselves going and we were at Pioneer Crossing for breakfast along with Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Susan (Stacey's mom).  The place was really busy! Ok so what to order, (I promise not to keep going on like this, but it's new)..I had 2 scrambled eggs and a bowl of fruit. Not bad until I got home and looked at the cholesterol on eggs! 374 mgs of cholesterol for 2 eggs.  No wonder I eat egg beaters!  0 cholesterol! I figured on the fruit about what I ate and counted that up. Berries are the best thing, but there was cantaloupe and honey dew..so I didn't eat that much of that.  On to salad for lunch and bar b q chicken breast and baked squash fries for dinner. 
Love that this chicken breast is shaped like a fish!

About 1830 we headed next door for Happy Hour (s)..Whenever we get together with John and Karen it's amazing how long we can talk!  Had a nice few hours and got home about 2230. 

This morning (Monday) we got up around 0600 and did our morning thing with coffee, tea and blogs :)  Ken had the last of the Morning Glory Muffins (I haven't had any since we got back).  I did find some recipes for low carb, low cholesterol muffins so I'll be trying those in the next couple of days. Flourless. 
After breakfast and clean up I rode with Ken to Silver Springs just to get out for a bit.  The smoke is horrible today!  We headed for the hardware/everything store there.  Ken wanted to price some railroad ties (22.00)..way to expensive! He wanted to get a pricing on roofing for John and that's way too overpriced too! He got his answers though.  
Breakfast this am..Low carb greek yogurt pancake, with some
peach slices and 1 eggbeater with green chilis..

On the way to town, you should be seeing mountains here

No mountains here either! :(

Onions all over are ready for picking!

On the way home it was nearing 1300 and our lunch time, so we decided to go to Pioneer Crossing and their one trip salad bar. Yum and I didn't have to make it! $6.32 out the door and we were both full on the good stuff! 

Now we're home and inside with the a/c going and this is where we'll stay for sure! We talked about going somewhere for a few days, but smoke is virtually everywhere so figure we might as well stay home. Probably Wednesday we'll head for Reno early and a little Winco shopping along with Wine and Spirits. They've got some organic wine I want to check out.  

Happy Birthday to Ken's brother Don in TN!! 58 years young!!

A beautiful Tennessee sunrise :)

Don titled this "Living Dangerously" too cute! 

Have a great evening. 

Friday, August 3, 2018

Doctor appointment in Winnemucca and back home today

Set the alarm for 0400 yesterday (Thursday).  We visited with our friends online and had our coffee and tea. Ken finished the banana bread and I had one of the Morning Glory Muffins...delicious!! 
Our sunrise yesterday morning

I made a breakfast sandwich for Ken and 1/2 of one for me for the road.  We got out of here just about 0630.  A nice but smoky ride all the way to Winnemucca.  We got there just about 1000 so Ken stopped and got some diesel for the Money Pit. Then we headed over to the doctor's office and since we were early we just sat in the trailer for a bit.  

I got called in just about on time at 1100!  That usually never happens, but we found out that Robbie (my doctor) and her hubby were headed for Colorado at about 1300 to visit their newest grand baby.  We got on with the check up.  Some good news and some not so hot.  My cholesterol levels are totally in check! I started in mid 2010 with levels at 282(!) yesterday 123! All the levels were good.  When I started going to her, more often than not I'd tear up at the levels when we looked at them.  Now it's nice to find out they're well within the normal range.  My glucose levels not so much this time.  There will be some dietary changes done even though we don't eat much bread, pasta, sweets or really processed foods.  No more muffins for me haha..looking for some gluten and sugar free ones. Time to get this in check. 

I love her and she knows I enjoy my wine. She gave me names of a couple of organic wine companies that she likes because there's no sugar and no additives. Most of these wines come from overseas so I'll have to take a close look. The first one I know I can't afford so I'll be looking at some others. 

We took the trailer and headed to New Frontier RV Park and got checked in.  This visit was free because we had stayed 5 times and had our card filled in. We headed to Walmart for some grocery shopping and then back to the trailer for some lunch. After lunch because it was so hot and felt so nice in the trailer Ken took a little nap and I played on the computer for a bit.  
Sunset over Winnemucca Mountain..

We went outside for Happy Hour ...just our way of being nosey and then back inside.  Dinner was left overs from home. A little tv watching and then called it a night.  
The RV Park

There should be mountains at the end
The same pic from last week..

We set the alarm for 0530 this am. Coffee, computing and Ken said the Morning Glory Muffins were the best of anything I've made (banana bread, apple muffins).  They're so sweet and I didn't add any sugar to the recipe. 

We headed to the Model T Diner and Casino for breakfast. Figured I could find some eggs and fruit (no fruit)...ok.  I had eggs and a little hash browns and Ken had a nice breakfast of sausage, eggs, potatoes and toast.  Headed back, cleaned up and headed home. 
Downtown Winnemucca

They still have several of the old style motels :)

We got home just about 1245, unloaded the trailer and here we are. Too hot to be outside! Not sure what's on the agenda for the upcoming weekend but we'll see. 

Baby Cassidy after her bath..looks contented
doesn't she?!  A little over 3weeks old..Gotta
love the hair!