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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Wal mart pick up, Numbers Fire, Trail Ride and company coming!

Monday morning I took the drive to Gardnerville by myself.  The first in a long time, but Ken was going to help John with a few things as they were going to head to Southern California to pick up a new, but really vintage stove and refrigerator (Yes, I am jealous)..haha.  
John's flag flying high and proud!  His 10x15 flag on a street pole
from Tonopah, NV...
Refrigerator..circa 1950..nice restoration job!

I love love this stove, but even if I could afford it
would never fit..1940's..Too pretty to cook on :) 

Our first bounty...We had a total of 3 apricots..and 3 yellow
tomatoes..all are yummy!

The fire over the mountain!

I went first to Smith's to get some more groceries since we knew Russell and family are coming to visit.  Of course what I didn't realize is that some of the stuff I picked up at Smith's I had also ordered from Walmart. Oh well, other than a hefty bill nothing will go bad. 

Left there and headed to Walmart pick up area and the girl came out in her mask pushing the groceries.  They instructions say open the trunk area and stay in your car.  She came to the window, and of course I had to have her repeat everything she was saying as everything she was saying was garbled. Finally got they substituted the water I ordered so we ended up with 48 bottles instead of 64. I get that they were out but I ordered 64 because that's what i wanted. Oh well, she left I closed the hatch and time to go home. I'm not crazy about the pick up but I might do it again, just not sure at this point. 

I got home and got some lunch going. The rest of the day flew by as they all seem to do.  In the mail I got the sweetest flag that Zoey, Paul and Lisa's daughter was selling to fund her way to cheer camp.  Lisa went to school with our sons way back when. Love it!! 

Our front door entrance ...

We were sitting outside enjoying Happy Hour and saw out back there was a fire starting up over the mountain.  We found out it's up near Gardnerville, again. 
More of the fire.. :(

Happy Hour in Yerington!

Watching it build..:( 

Tuesday morning we awoke to a smoke filled valley here. No way could you see the mountains and the smell of smoke was thick.  I went to the Mansion and pulled the bedding so it'll be fresh when company comes. I love hanging out sheets but they would have been smoke smelling once they were dry! 
Waking up yesterday morning...

No mountain to see!

Ken and I kept busy going through some pictures, cleaning etc.  We found some more things in the shed to hang up outside. Finally, after 7 years they'll get hung haha. I ran to the post office to get a package in the mail for Jacob and then by Raley's quickly. 

We had lunch and later in the afternoon I was making some potato salad for Ken and broccoli salad for me Ken took the Dodge for a drive to see if he could find some new trails.  He came back and said that it was getting late, or if I was done we could take a drive in the Can AM.  I'm done! Let's go! 

The sun a beautiful red

Smoke filled skies..

We went through a tunnel!

This was quite a hill!

On our way to the craggy mountains 

Had a wonderful 20 mile drive to areas I would never thought we could go. Pretty cool! Russell had texted and said they would be coming Thursday instead of Friday! Yay!  They are stopping at The Beacon, for Rum Runners on the way (South Lake Tahoe)..so late afternoon or early evening. 😍 
Closest we've ever been to these mountains..

Love these mountains..

Garbage even in the mountains..

Those mountains straight out are where we were..the craggy ones!

Sat outside and enjoyed happy hour and Ken barbecued some awesome chicken thighs and a chicken breast for me.  Nice that the evenings cool off and we can enjoy being outside.  All day it looked like we were under cloudy skies and then the sun would come out.  Luckily there wasn't too much wind for the fire fighters. 

This morning (Wednesday) we awoke to cool temps and fairly clear skies here. The Numbers fire is holding at 18,000 acres burned. 1 home and 20 outbuildings gone. No cause yet, except it was a beautiful day and no lightning or thunder..hmmm.
We got our some of our stuff up today..💙

Time to get a move on, we've got company coming TOMORROW!!...💙💙😊

Just a reminder...

Have a great day!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

4th of July fun! 3hrs and almost 37 miles today on our first ride!

Saturday morning we were both busy with things. Mine always seems to involve cooking LOL.  I made a delicious looking broccoli bacon salad and some deviled eggs to take next door later in the day.  

John and Ken got this huge flag up yesterday. It may not look like it 
but it's 10 feet by 15 feet and it's on a street pole from Tonopah, NV
His rope and pulley broke with
his last flag.  Quite a challenge to get it up but they did it and she's beautiful. For once I was actually

hoping the wind would come up and make her fly! 💖

Ken brought the mail in and one of other neighbors had put a flyer in there saying they were having a 4th of July party and we were invited.  Karen's was going to start later so we made the decision to meet and visit with Jeff, Leanna, Taylor and Kaycee their 2 girls. They moved in about a year ago and I've met Leanna once. 
A nice pool to keep the kids occupied :) 

Jeff, his singing was awesome. A lot of older country and
then Patriotic songs that had me crying..then right before
we left he sang "Unanswered Prayers" always brings me
to tears..

Xander on his little dirt bike..cutes kid and boy can he ride!
Notice even the corn hole board is patriotic!

A mermaid somehow made it into the pool!!

Getting ready to light the bar b q..

Matt and Xander set up a tent in a great place
Trampoline, swings and a pool great place to play

Around 1500 we headed over. Our neighbor Stacey was there with Rylee. We visited with her and other people. Very nice party. They supplied everything except it was BYOB, which we do anyway.  Leanna's hubby Jeff had karaoke set up and was singing away. He has a wonderful voice. They have a great place over there and lots of activities to keep the kiddies busy. 

We left at 1700 when the party was really getting going with more friends arriving, but we already had plans at John and Karen's.  Got the goodies from home and headed over. 
Baby Amelia (Millie) just gets cuter and
cuter. She'll be 1 later this month and is
just waking now :) 

Karen (grandma) and Izzie (great grandma)

It was a small gathering this year but always fun over there. I left about 2230, couldn't keep my eyes open.  Karen gave us a ride home on her lawn mower garden cart :)  Ken went back over and said he got back home about 0030. I didn't hear him come in. 

This morning I woke about 0630 and thought I'd get the coffee going, but oh I'll wait a minute. 0800 was the "minute"!  OH well it's Sunday and other than a ride we didn't have anything planned. 

We pulled out just before 1100 and took a drive next door to show John and Karen the clean Can AM. Karen really liked it and took it for a short spin. We said goodbye and headed up and into the BLM just down the road.  I drove out to the mine and then Ken took over. WE ended up with a 3.3 hour ride and almost 37 miles. OH WHAT FUN!  Out here you can just ride for days if you wanted too. We didn't see another person out there the whole ride! If we would have brought lunch we would have had an even longer one.  Next time! 

Can't believe how much room the back storage
area has. We can carry this good size ice chest,
(Thanks Russell)
chairs and a lunch bag or whatever else!

Pumpkin Hollow Mine, I drove to here.
Then let Ken take over

This mine is up the mountain. I've never been up here, the boys
have ridden the quads to this area.  Not the mine, but the
trail. Thought I took a video of our ride up, but guess not :(

The trail from the top of the mountain going down!

Definitely got some road dust on it ..that's what it's made
for right?! We're on top of the mountain by the towers..

Looking down and out over the green fields

Definitely doesn't do it justice..this was quite the climb..

Testing out 4 wheel drive low gear! This little
machine does an awesome job!!

It was pushing 1500 by the time I got lunch made.  Afterwards I decided to get started on the blog and Ken fell asleep watching tv, which he never does. :) A nice easy Sunday!  

Tomorrow morning between 1000 and 1100 we'll be testing out Walmart's Curbside Pick Up for the first time. I know dau in law Lori has been doing it since it first came into being and she loves it.  So we'll see. 

Have a great rest of the day!