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Saturday, July 23, 2016

All five grandsons are here!!

Yesterday morning I left here about 0600 and headed over to CA to  pick up Seth, Mason, Jacob and Aaron for a few days.  Got to Auburn just a little after 0900 and headed for our Wells Fargo branch to close out our safe deposit box.  We got a call a few weeks ago saying the branch was closing and we needed to close the box.  Earlier this week we went to Reno and opened a new box at US Bank.  So I get there and the branch isn't closing.  The one in downtown Auburn is...hmmm...so she looks it up and it says our branch is downtown.  Uhh...no it's not.  She finds our account and anyway after about half an hour of her on the phone with whoever handles safe deposit boxes she tells me there's nothing they can do until Tuesday, because it will take that long to change the address in the system..really?!  In the days of computers, it will take that long..and because we are closing it just to close it..no pro rating it..So I got all our stuff out and I'll be back next Feb or so and then close it out..Geezz...but got our stuff and a new one in Reno so that's all that matters..

Christina got there with the boys and then we headed to Antelope to pick up Jacob and Aaron.  We got there about 1100 and headed out.  Stopped near Placerville and grabbed a bite to eat, then just enjoyed the drive home after that.  Traffic was heavy but not as bad as you would think.  

Adam left his house about 1520 to head over and he made good time.  He's liking the fact that he can drive over here by himself.  

He got here and was starving, just as I was making pulled pork sandwiches for the other boys..so good timing!  

Turns out our friend Steve, who passed away last December had given Ken some fireworks, so what better time to bring out a few.  After dinner we went outside and they had fun with these things.  
Seth (videoing the fun)..Jacob, Mason and Adam..

Papa pointing at something..Seth, Jacob, Aaron, Mason and Adam

Jacob and Seth .

Today, at various times of the morning the kids got up.  Aaron and Mason never went to sleep, so they were the first to have breakfast..Lastly was Adam at about 1100.  

I made some cookies and brownies and then we headed for Scolari's to get some things.  Got back home and now the boys are  in town playing some basketball.  Adam drove them all.  Amazing to see him pull out of the driveway with his cousins along with him.  They are all growing up way too quickly.  

This weekend in town is Night in the Country.  Used to be a little family event where they would bring in a few country acts.  Now it's huge! People come from all over to our little town to listen to country acts, drink a lot of alcohol, show a lot of skin and have a rip roaring time.  A lot of locals pick this weekend to get out of town!  
Normally an empty field..

Looks like tomorrow we will head to Carson City to the Nevada State Museum for a few hours.  Our neighbor Joe, told Ken this would be a worthwhile place to visit for a day trip.  We plan on heading to Bridgeport for a few days on Monday.  The boys are chomping at the bit to go fishing.  Either Thursday or Friday i'll run them home.  Sure is nice having them all here at the same time!  

The ping pong challenge is on!  

Adam's green quad, needs a little tlc and it'll be up and running!

Adam and Aaron waiting their turn..

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Really Ugly Disgusting Bathroom Project..Now it's beautiful! (2nd post of the day)

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The Really Ugly Disgusting Bathroom Project (RUDB)

As I've said before with our little fixer upper we knew there were tons of projects to be done, but we knew this RUDB was going to be the worst of all which is why we put it off until last. It was worth waiting for! We love it! All of this work on this project was done by Ken..I helped with the sanding, staining and varnishing of the shiplap, but nothing had to be subbed out.  Took longer than having it done, but this was truly a labor of love.  Our little piece of Heaven   here in rural NV is complete (for now)...Next on the agenda is the Bunkhouse! 

This ugly vanity with the marlite walls...yukk

The walls and ugly fluorescent light..

In order to change out the toilet..major work had to be done..

This was looking in the door of the bathroom..before

Yukky toilet gone

New toilet in..and flooring started
New floor...

Picture needs to be rotated, but those are shelves and the shower stall..

Marlite coming off...

Shelves opened up and some marlite coming off..

The disgusting shower...

They nailed the shower stall up with roofing nails..

Horrible shower pan..no way could it be cleaned (believe me I tried)
baked on yucky water...

The wall to the kids closet is removed so we could add about 13inches
to the vanity wall area..

Shower door gone..yukk
Looking into the bathroom..

Looking better..shower ready to be gone.

We saw there used to be a window and they had a tub at one time
before they installed the shower...

Removing the shower pan, we found there was not much under the floor to hold
the shower pan intact..guess that's why it felt like you were going to
fall through the floor!
Framing the closet back in..giving us 13 inches in the bathroom

Shower stall area

Ken's got it opened up to fix it correctly..

Took out the old shelving which gave us room enough for a tub!

Home Depot carried a 54 1/2 inch tub which fit just perfectly..

Enclosing the tub to get it ready for tile!

The beginning of the tile job!

One wall ready for grout!

He removed the old exhaust fan so we could get one that runs out of
the roof..

Wall 2 started..I'm loving it!

2 Done! 

Shiplap and tin on the one wall...The Shiplap we found in our
garage attic!  What a find, enough to do the bathroom and more!

Grouted tile!  He did an awesome job!

Ken made this vanity for me..I didn't like any of the prefab vanities..

We found a couple pieces of tin, I aged it and love it!
In progress with our new sink ..
Shiplap and corrugated metal..I love the look!

Shiplap and tin on the toilet wall...

Our NV picture and Lantern from Fallon NV..The lantern is
stamped with USMC..same lantern is used in the picture

Ken's removing the ugly light fixture

The new exhaust fan and new light

The finished project...

Looking from the tub...

The vanity..

The wall near the tub...