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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Yerington to the Sacramento Convention Center

Got up at 0430..well, I was up at 0230 and couldn't go back to sleep..but still..had our coffees and computing and then left the house at almost 0700.  Got to The Apple Cafe near Placerville at about 1000.  Had a wonderful breakfast, brunch before we headed on down the hill.  

Sacramento City apparently had some marathon going on, so it took us quite a while to get near 14th and J and the Sacramento Convention Center where Christine and Ryan's College graduation was to take place.  Got there with plenty of time to spare!  Surprising how many people were there!  The place filled up pretty much with well wishers and supporters of graduates of National University!  

The graduation ceremony started about 1300 and was pretty much over at 1500.  We met up with them near 1530 and visited for a bit.  These two are pretty awesome.  Got their 4 year degree in 3 years. Working, raising a family, 4 H, and just the other things that go with life!  Very proud of these two. 

The place was packed!

The Graduates!!


Tried to upload video...don't know if it's gonna work or not... It seems to work this am..yay!

Left there and then headed for the National 9 Motel in Placerville, we've stayed here several times before and it fits the bill and the pocketbook.  

Tomorrow we'll head home and probably visit Walmart in Gardnerville.  

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Water Supply hooked up..

Yesterday we stayed home..Ken got the water supply working in the RUDB and he screwed under the tin in the vanity.  Looking so good! Now I have to admit this all looking so good...actually the tub and tile look so good I don't even want to put up a shower curtain..hahaha.. Ken knows me..and I don't want to use anything until it's all done..otherwise progress might stop...so carry on!!

Last night (Friday) we sat on the porch of the bunk house and he had a beer, I had a glass of wine and we decided that we needed a fire pit area in front of the bunk house.  

Saturday..we took off in the Tundra looking for rocks..we found some!  Went by a couple of mines and BLM and came home with quite a few..Ken washed them off and we put them where we want them..and we love it.  Got to get some gravel delivered and it will be a nice area to have a campfire.  
Our campfire area in front of the bunkhouse..we'll gravel it
hopefully soon...

Adam is going to the Junior/Senior Prom tonight so here's a few pics...

Adam ready to head out...
Hannah..putting on his buttoniere..
The whole group ready to head out!

The prom is being held at the Capital Ballroom in Sacramento..the kids (well parents) actually went together on a Limo..so no one has to drive..

Tomorrow we are heading out to attend the graduation of our niece, Christine and her husband Ryan from college.  The graduation is at Sacramento Convention Center at 1300.  Very proud of both of them, as they are raising a family and working hard to make this happen.  We got a room in Placerville on the way home, figuring we'd rather not make this a one day turnaround. 

Next Sunday we'll be at my sister Linda's house as it is Mother's Day and then we'll go by to see Ken's mom. Of course she's invited, but doubt that she'll come.  The following Saturday, I'll be coming over to watch Jacob play basketball and get to hang out with my grandsons..life is good! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A day at home and now we're headed out for the day

Spent the day at home yesterday getting a few things done.  Weather is back to cool so a fire was needed.  That means getting more firewood on the porch.  

Ken got the faucet installed on the vanity.  Have to hook up the water supply, so that means a day trip today.  We're heading for Reno and Sam's Club for a few things.  Then to Carson City Lowe's and by Batteries Plus to pick up the ATV battery we ordered for Bryan.  Raleys in Minden for our prescriptions and the day will be shot!  

Here you go..the vanity top with the faucet and sink installed...I am in love!  Shiplap will go on the wall directly behind the vanity..corrugated metal on the right wall.  The left wall will have chair rail size corrugated metal and shiplap on top..can't wait!!  

Cheryl made this flag out of wood..think she did an awesome job!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Have no clue how I got so far behind...Happy Birthday Bryan!!

Well, I have absolutely no idea why it's taken so long to update.  Last Friday, we went to Fernley to Big R and Lowe's.  Our mission was to get Bryan a 14 foot gate for his Birthday.  Didn't like anything at either place so we headed for Carson City and Cal Ranch Supply.  Of course it never rains in Nevada, except when you're looking for a gate, and they're outside.  It poured and Ken and the sales person spent quite a bit of time looking for the gate.  I ventured out when they found they one we ended up buying, but it was pouring!  

After that, lunch at our favorite Chinese place and then time to head towards home.  
My beautiful drive along I80

Saturday morning, I left here just after 0600 to head for Eric and Christina's place. Took I80 because of the weather.  It was beautiful with the snow all over. Got to their house just before 1000.  They left for Berkeley and the Chris Stapleton concert. 
Eric and Christina on their way to Chris Stapleton concert

The boys and I left for Pollock Pines and Mason's baseball game at 1330. We were about 5 mins away (we were going to have lunch first) and Christina called saying the coach called and the game was cancelled due to wet fields.  She was upset, but I didn't mind it was a nice drive anyway.  We stopped in Pollock Pines and had lunch and then headed back.  I dropped Seth for a quick visit with friends and Mason and I went by Bryan's to drop off some of their tax stuff I had.  

Picked up Seth and headed back to Cool.  Adam stopped by and visited later in the evening.  Seth's friend Maddy came over and I visited with her mom, April.  It was a good night.  

The next morning, Seth left to go to the races with April. Maddy races so they were going to watch her.  

Bryan had said the night before about having lunch Sunday to celebrate Adam's birthday and of course Bryan's too.  Linda and Bobby, Chelsea, Dusty and Owen met us at Garcia's for a nice lunch.  Linda and Bobby go out quite a bit on Sunday so we were hoping they were available.  

I thought Eric and Chris would take their time and visit some breweries, but as we were having lunch got a text that they were home. :(  Otherwise would have had them come too...

After that we headed back up the hill, we stopped and visited with Eric and Chris for a bit, dropped off Mason and then headed to Georgetown, where we spent the night.  Bryan cooked up some really good chicken breasts and Cheryl made one of her awesome salads. Yum! 

Yesterday morning before leaving I made biscuits and gravy, because Bryan had asked me too. Very good if I do say so myself.  Don't eat it very often, but no way could I resist!  

Stopped in Minden at Carson Valley Inn for a later lunch and then headed home.  

Our sprayer arrived last night so Ken was going to put it together today.  First thing is to put the axle on...uhoh..no axle?!  Really, this is the 2nd one, first one never made it here because got damaged in transit..this box was mangled a bit, but Ken and the UPS guy determined it looked ok..well guess the axle slipped out or was never put in the box.  Ken called Northern Tool and guess what?! They're out of stock right now..so hopefully in a week or so they'll 2 day expedite it.  They should just go to the box of the first one that got sent back and pull the axle from that...guess not!  

Ken put together what he could, and it looks like a nice piece of equipment.  So hoping it doesn't take too long to get the piece. 

Ken was able to put the top on the vanity and I love it! Just exactly what i wanted!  

Today is our oldest son's birthday!  I can't believe I have a 43 year old son! Seems like just a few weeks ago he was born and everyone was at the hospital waiting!  How time flies..love you Bryan! 

Just a quick note...we're at lunch yesterday, and Ken says "well, I didn't want to ruin your nice weekend..and I'm thinking what the heck...he noticed a fuel leak on the 97 Ford..he investigated and can't determine where the leak is coming from ...hence the name "Money Pit"..so another trip to Dynamic Diesel in the near future. OH well, you can't take it with you..and we're not..haha.

The metal for top of the vanity before I aged it..

Right after the process...

The vanity top before the tin

After...love it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I don't even know what to call it anymore ...it's looking so good!

Yesterday we worked some more on the RUDB..it's looking so much better..I love the room!  So coming together! 

The tile is done, the tin above the shower and tub area is almost done! Looks awesome!  
Yesterday I played with different pieces of the vanity top to see what would dull the surface the best..clorox blue gel and then clorox blue gel and baking soda..easy! 

Ken worked on the galvanized metal above the shower, and then we decided where we wanted the shower rod to go.  

I put a couple of coats of paint on the cheap medicine cabinet we bought..

We talked with Eric last night for his 41st birthday..still can't believe he is that old..of course in a few days Bryan will be 43..really?! Yep...

Today we worked some more..Ken stained and figured out where we want the shower rod to go and cut the tin to finish the area..I really like it!  I put a varnish on the plywood top of the vanity to get it ready for the metal top.  He cut the top, and I aged it out in the sun with the clorox..easy peasy..looks good!  

It looks so awesome I really can't call it the RUDB anymore, guess that's a good problem! 

Linda posted this pic of Adam 16 years ago on Channel 31..
hard to believe he'll be 17 tomorrow!

Some of the tin and ceiling above the shower

The white cabinet from Lowe's 

Finished medicine cabinet

Eric, Seth, Mason and Christina..River Cats game...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Quick trip to Fernley, Lowe's

Got up and got ready to head for Lowe's in Fernley.  Luckily, Ken was cleaning out his wallet and found a reminder that he had a dentist appointment at 0900..boy that was close.  This dental office starts about a month before calling with reminders but since last week there was no reminder.  We had it on the calendar too, but why should we look at that :)

After he got back we headed out.  Got in, got our stuff and out we went.  Bought some more wood for the ceiling, another sheet of plywood, some tacks for the tin and a couple of other things..all good right?!

So it's close to 1300..which means lunchtime at this house.  Pioneer Crossing in Fernley.  They have a good salad bar, one trip $2.95.  I had that, Ken had that and a cup of chili..yumm..out the door for $11.00.  So we headed home.  

We got out to about the high school and Ken remembers, we forgot the shower rod...the main reason we went, so he could figure how he's going to do the bar and tin and everything else ...really?!  So back to Lowe's ...

By the time we got home, late enough not to start any big projects.  

So hopefully this am we'll get started!  

April 19th...Happy 41st Birthday to our middle son, Eric!  Can't believe it was 41 years ago in the middle of the night that we welcomed this bundle of joy!  Love you Eric!  See you this weekend! (Well, at least I will)..Eric and Christina are going to see Chris Stapleton, in Berkley on Saturday night.  So i'll head over Saturday morning, they can go..and i'll do the Baseball thing, both boys have games.  Seth at 1200 at Golden Sierra and Mason later in the day.  Be great to spend a little time with both boys!  

Sunday, Ken's coming over and we'll spend the night at Bryan's to celebrate Adam's 17th birthday and Bryan's 43rd!  Monday, am we'll head back home. Should be a great weekend.  

Today, our niece Tara is re entering the Army! Congrats and good luck to you!! Love you!  

Grandpa Don was teaching Devin how to fly a kite

Tara and the little one, Tyson..

And a few of Baby Owen...

Owen and his Daddy, Dusty..

Owen with a new do...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Carson City on Saturday...over the hill and back on Sunday

Saturday morning we headed to Gardnerville and Walmart..gotta be done.  Then over to Carson city to track down US Bank that's open for Ken. Lowe's to return some concrete board and a box of tile.  We bought the medicine cabinet and some wood for the ceiling. Over to Home Depot for our new faucet and the sheet metal for the vanity top. By then it was close to 1400..so we decided to have a  really late lunch and went to Carson Valley Inn in MInden.  Because we had such a late lunch, no dinner was needed.  

Planned on going to bed early as I was hitting the road on Sunday at about 0530 for Shingle Springs.  Our neighbor, Joe came over for a bit so it was closer to 2200 before we went to bed.  

Actually got out of Yerington at 0530 and ended my beautiful drive down Highway 50 at basically 0830.  Linda didn't make it as she was feeling badly the last couple of days, Christina didn't either as she got sick at the baseball game the day before.  I really thought it would be just me, but was really happy when Wendy said she was coming!  So went spent a happy couple of hours catching up and visiting Under the Arbor and the swap meet.  Lots of stuff, but nothing really jumped out at me, and prices were pretty high on some stuff.  But still a beautiful day.  

On our way out to the car, Wendy spotted a cement rabbit pushing a cart.  Well, that had Linda's name written all over it.  We got it for $40.00 and when I told the seller that we were getting it for our sister who wasn't feeling well, she gave us a beautiful plant to go along with it.  What a sweetie. It's a really nice piece of yard art!  

We decided to go find a thrift store and look around. I knew there was one over the freeway, well except it was at another exit!  So we followed this road and ended up in Lotus, drove to Placerville and ended up on the road I wanted to be on in the first place! Beautiful, unintended drive!  So we spent a little time at the Thrift Store.  Wendy showed me a beautiful print by Thomas Kinkade, signed in 1988.  She has always loved the prints by him, and she would never buy it herself. So I bought it for her.  She was so happy, even though she didn't want me to do it...I love my sisters!  

After that we had a quick lunch at Shotlzkys or something like that..never been, probably wouldn't go back, but it was handy!  So time to say good bye and head home.  

Got home just about 1700, Ken was outside bar b q ing. Sat on the front porch for a bit and then inside for a wonderful dinner.  

Ken worked a bit on the RUDB.  Finished grouting the 3rd wall!  Started a bit on the tin and ceiling, but today we're headed for Lowe's in Fernley.  Time to figure out what shower bar we need and other things.  It's getting there!! 
This is looking at the ceiling in the corner of the shower wall.
The ceiling is going to be wood and then the tin will surround the

The tub is tiled!