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Friday, August 14, 2020

We have an Air Traffic Controller in the family! School begins for Aaron. Best in the Desert 2020

We have an Air Traffic Controller!  Our Grandson, Jacob graduated today from the Pensacola Naval Air Station.  He's had 5 months of grueling classes and tests and he passed with flying colors! We couldn't be prouder of him! 

Of course no one was allowed to attend the ceremony but he did send pictures! 💙💙  Very happy to have gotten the text from him with the pictures! 💖

Jacob is the tall, good looking one. 

He sent some of these pics later, but they were small and blowing up makes them
blurry but still better than nothing. :) 

This is the picture we've been waiting for! They're all
together again! Allissa, Jacob, Lori and Russell..

Now they have a few days together after 7 LONG months! If you remember after Boot Camp we saw him for about 30 minutes as he went from the flight from Chicago to the bus to take him to Pensacola Naval Air Station.  That visit was constantly moving as he had to get to the bus. I know they will enjoy their time in Florida and then he'll be home for a bit before he heads off to Italy.  
Love this pic of the 2 of them. They got to Pensacola Wednesday evening and were
enjoying themselves for a day or two before seeing Jacob!

Really still gets to my heart thinking we have 2 grandsons in the Military. So very proud of them both making the decision to serve our country in these crazy times.💙💙

Now, back to what's been happening here.  

Tuesday morning we had an appointment at Custom Trucks to get some side steps put on the new Tundra.  I followed Ken in my car as it was going to take a few hours so no point in sitting inside or waiting outside. Turns out they only got 1 set of the steps in so it would only be about an hour. We went to Betsy's Big Kitchen and had a filling breakfast.  After killing some time I dropped Ken off back at Custom Trucks. 

I headed down the hill to pick up grandson, Aaron.  He is with us until his parents come back from Pensacola. Mason wanted to come this time too, but because I couldn't take him back on Friday it didn't happen this time. :(  Hopefully soon! Had a nice visit with Russell and saw how the  remodel on their bathroom is coming along. Looking really sharp! 

Aaron's sophomore year began on Wednesday with the online distance learning. Don't get me started on that one. From 0800 to 1330 other than lunch and a break between classes he's stuck in front of the lap top. When the laughing begins I know he's done with school for the day.  He actually seems to be doing ok with it as two of his classes are Football (he's on the team) and then he has PE.  He is a good student, so he'll do just fine. 
Aaron's first day of his Sophomore year. Barefoot and casual :) 
His school room for the week or so..
He's so good he can be online with his teacher, play video games, and text on his phone at the same time!
Just kidding! He was on break at this point! LOL. 

Ken took the Can Am to Reno and dropped it off at the dealer. Hopefully we'll hear something soon. 
Another bare foot 1st day of school.  Great nephew Owen. These little ones I really feel bad
for! This should be a really exciting day in his and his parents life. Instead, he gets online
with his teacher 😠😞
Thursday, really was more of the same, he gets up (right before it's time LOL) and then around his 1030 break he has his 2 breakfast mc muffins and OJ and then he's back to school.  Yesterday I had to run to Raley's in the afternoon so he went with me. I really wish there was something else we could do, but everything's shut down. Not that there's much to do in Yerington anyway. 

During his morning time I followed Ken and the toy hauler out to Johnny's property in Silver Springs.  The race was on for Friday! Ken came back with me so he could get the 73 Dodge.  He takes that every year so on Friday morning it can be loaded with food, ez ups, ice chests etc.  

He left about 1500 and went to the property where he was going to spend 2 nights.  The gang was out on a 270 mile ride and got back near to dark.  
I stole this from FB the other day.  You can always tell when Russell's on vacation!
He works for the Sheriff's Department and that facial hair is not allowed! Derek and
Teresa, his new hat! 😃

Our neighbor, Stacey came over late in the day so we sat outside and had Happy Hour together. 

This morning I was awake about 0330.  Finally, about 0400 I put the coffee on and did a little visiting with our blogging friends. I left here about 0545 and headed out to Silver Springs to see our friends. I had told Aaron he needed to wake himself up this am as I'd be back about 1000.  I called him at 0745 and he was awake (I just had to make sure :)  It was a great visit with friends we don't see too often.  Johnny made delicious croissant sandwiches for everyone.  I brought stuff for mimosas (our yearly contribution) us three girls had one and it was delicious. 
Ken sent a few pictures from their spot waiting for vehicles to come through racing.
Best In the Desert, Vegas to Reno.  I was there last year and so much fun!

Lot's of $$$$ in toys for sure!

Ken said an official came through and told them the only reason the race was able to happen
was there were no spectators allowed. He said " Enjoy your camping experience!" So ridiculous!
There's tons of people out there "camping"...

They do it up right out there, misters on the ez ups, a hot dog roller for lunch, drinks
Just a good ole time!  97 degrees out there now.

They wanted us to come back out to the property for the night. Well, it's Friday and
Aaron likes playing his video games all night. haha. With Adam and Erin coming
tomorrow it just would be too squished for time. Ken will be home in the am.
Next year! 

After breakfast they loaded up, hugs all around and then I was the first to leave. It's less than 30 minutes from home. Aaron was "in class" so i made his sandwiches and then texted him to let him know his brunch was done when he was available.  

Made some macaroni salad for tomorrow because you know there will be "Papa Burgers".  

Adam called the other day and he and his sweetie, Erin are coming for the night tomorrow. They are on their way to Yellowstone, so he and she wanted to stop here.  We're a little out of the way, but he doesn't care. 💙😁 We'll see them around 1300 or so. 

Well, that's about it I think.  Ken's got my camera so hopefully we'll have some pictures for the next blog of some of the killer stuff that races this race! Have a great evening. Thinking it's about Happy Hour time somewhere! 

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Back the Blue! BLM...Picture overload...

Saturday morning we left the house about 0800 heading towards Minden, NV. Black Lives Matter groups were expected to be in town protesting the Sheriff's Department.  We were going to show our support for law enforcement.  Back the Blue! 
I realize the language could offend..but REALLY the best shirt of the day!! 
Teresa and Derek, we thought you'd appreciate this one!

Our neighbors Joe and Stacey were also going along with some friends. Joe is actually part of a militia group so he along with many others were going to be helping out the Sheriff's Department.  Nevada is an open carry state so there were going to definitely be a lot of guns showing in that little town. 
Along Highway 395

We got there about 0915 and the main drag of Highway 395 was already covered in Patriotic Americans!  Honking and waving we found ourselves a parking space on the far side of Carson Valley Inn.  

In front of the court house

A few of the militia 

Lots of people brought water in ice chests and handed them out to whoever needed them..no charge 💟

A few of the BLM on the left side of pic..

Lots of American Flags, Thin Blue Line flags and Trump flags!
Not ONE Biden flag!

Love this sign! There were a few masks in the crowd but not many for the amount of people there..

Grabbed our stuff and off we went to join in with these people! We started at the court house where we were waiting for the Sheriff of Douglas County to speak. We ended up leaving before he got there. Thought we would head back to 395 and join in there and then over to another section of the rally.  Pretty much did this most of the time we were there.  We talked with several people throughout the day. When they found out we from Yerington (Lyon County) they all thanked us for coming out to support Back the Blue! Some even said if anything like this happened in Yerington, they would be there to support too! 
We definitely agree with this statement!!

Gotta love this one too! 

Douglas County Sheriffs ...💙

Highway 395..the main drag through town! 

A lot of these Back the Blue T Shirts all over town..

More Back the Blue! 

Gotta love this Patriotic Jeep! 

Even better...He paid to have this plate...1 MAGA..Make America Great Again..

The ones in the middle..BLM..being escorted down the road..

Sheriff's SWAT ..they weren't needed but well prepared.  Media was out here at this point. BOY are they not
liked!  Told by people to go back to their city (RENO).  Told them YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!! FAKE NEWS!!
It was something ..they left the area. 😃

A few of the Mounted Patrol..later about 12 more came out!

Cream of the crop..BLM..he had to erase the E he had on the sign. He works out and finds the sun..

The guy in blue was trying to have a civll conversation with this guy..He's the one who said, defund the police
and hire social workers.  I give the guy in blue credit for trying to talk to the kids...but wasted his breath!
HIs sign says...All Lives can't matter until black lives do!

He's so interested in what's being said, he has to check social media haha...😂

Love the guy in yellow..he was saying how he feels nothing but love and using the race card needs to stop!
He's black himself.  He got heated a few times taking with the BLM kids..

Somewhere around 1100 we finally saw some of the BLM group. Interesting, most looked like spoiled little liberal college kids probably from Berkeley or San Francisco. Most looked like their signs were made in about 2 minutes, and misspelled. People would try to talk to them, and they got hostile and about the most one kid said was "We need more social workers and to defund the police" Well, that ain't happening in Minden, NV. 

We know they're there for a paycheck and a bus ride. The oldest we saw was probably 22 or so. They don't have a clue of what they're standing for, glad we got to see this group. A nice big group of Patriots helped push them out of the area. 
This girl was ridiculous..

Lots of these signs...I know there's a lot of people who believe what the media says, but daily things are
coming out that are false. Media only wants to incite the panic..

This precious girl and her friend looked to be about 16..Bet her momma's proud (oh wait, probably why she's
this way)..Both of her signs included the F word..Her friends shorts can't get any shorter either..

Ready to move em out!! 

Watching from above the Sheriff's Department 

Helping some BLM move out!! There didn't turn out to be too many..under 40 I would say. More buses were
supposed to come, but they probably heard they wouldn't get anything accomplished in this town! 

Later on we'd see a group of 3 or 4 walking and they'd be moved on too. Right before we were leaving we saw a few gathered and the leader was going to speak. Nope not happening..A cowboy with a 30/30 decided it was time for the Pledge of Allegiance. He started it and the whole crowd joined in. Awesome to see and then the BLM moved on! 
The Cowboy that started the Pledge of Allegiance! Awesome!
Joe stayed much later along with the Sheriffs and other militia groups. One of the BLM pushed an elderly man down..that didn't go over well. Other than that it was peaceful.  He had heard that ANTIFA was supposed to show, but they didn't. Possibly another protest next weekend. We will see. 

We ended up leaving about 1230 and headed over to Carson City to have lunch at Betsy's Big Kitchen. Got ourselves home after that and pretty much the day was done.  

Once it cooled off we headed outside to enjoy the sunset.  We moved to the back of the house later and enjoyed the millions of stars that came out!! Nice temps, clear skies, stars, a little wine and the hubby. Does it get any better than that! 

We probably went to bed around 2300. I say probably because I didn't look at the clock. 

Sunday morning I woke up at 0515, thought i'll lay here until 0530. Well, it was 0645..uhuh..Oh well it's Sunday right?! Not much happening so it's been a lazy Sunday.  It's a hot 97 degrees so hunkered down inside with the a/c on. Hope you're enjoying your day! 
Just another adorable picture of Jacob and Allissa in Florida..💜
That grin 💙