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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day at home...

Saturday we did have brunch at the campground.  Then we headed for Carson City, quick trip to Walmart and then to Tractor Supply where we bought the garden cart and weed killer.  

Back to camp, cleaned up and headed out around 1400 and pulled in the driveway just about 1530.  Cleaned out the food and stuff from the camper and called it a day.  Our little neighbor Rylee came over and asked if we wanted to come to their campfire.  We were just having dinner but decided to walk over after.  So we visited for an hour or so and then called it a night.  

Yesterday morning was Mother's Day.  We stayed home rather than going back over the hill.  We'll be over there beginning of June for Adam's graduation so Ken called his mom and they had a nice chat.  Honestly, I'm one of those people that know my sons love me 365 days of the year..I don't need one day for that to be true.  I heard from all three and that's good enough.  :)) 

When my mom was alive and we were closer in vicinity we'd all get together for bar b q or something.  My sister, Linda has had something at her house a couple of times, but with Adam's party coming up it was decided to not do anything this year.  The party is being held at her house on the 3rd.  

Ken put his cart together, so easy!  He put up a new American Flag, we've been too long without.  I pulled some dead weeds near the patio and just had a good afternoon.  Ken bar b q ed the rest of the hamburger meat and made awesome burgers.  I know I shouldn't eat it, but just can't resist those burgers!  
The beginning of the cart..

The cart with he sprayer on it 
Just looking out..playing w the camera :)

Cleaned out this little area..for the Tonka toys..

The little loader in the front was our son Bryan's birthday gift
from my mom and dad when he was 1 year old..he's 44 now.
The others are almost as old..

Our new flag flying high and proud :)

The burgers..yum

Looks like this weekend we'll probably head for Hawthorne, NV about 50 miles from here and attend Armed Forces Day..actually it's the whole weekend.  We'll head there one day this week and check out camping areas and probably take the Jayco.  Then the next weekend we have reservations for Tonopah and Jim Butler Days. 

I finally played a bit with my new camera so the pics above are taken with it. 

Our son Russell and family spent part of their day on a hike with friends at Sugar Pine Lake in California..

Grandson Aaron on the left, Mom Lori and Grandson Jacob!

Jacob, Aaron, Son Russell with the hat on backwards, Lori and the
guy in the white T friend Steve..

Steve smiling in the front, Aaron 


  1. Looks like an enjoyable couple of days too. Mother's Day is every day, isn't it? :) Our children know they can visit anytime so we weren't expecting them on Mother's Day.

    1. You are so right Patsy..Mother's Day is every day! Love my kids and grandkids and happy they all have good lives..feel very blessed!