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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Home for a few days! Happy 20th Anniversary Russell and Lori!

We were going to have a good breakfast before we left the campground but decided on yogurt and fruit instead. With that easy breakfast  I was able to get the trailer all cleaned up and ready to go for the next time before we left the campground at just a little after 1000. 
The sun going down

A different view of Washoe Lake..when we were leaving..

Mt Rose

Love the fencing..reminds me of Patsy's

It was a beautiful and easy drive home so we pulled in the driveway a little before 1130.  We were able to get the trailer dumped and everything emptied out of the frig etc before 1300 when we sat down to a salad lunch here at home. 
I have a few chives and some peppers popping up..:)

Ken did more stuff outside, me not so much.  Enjoyed the afternoon though, even though it was hot enough that we turned on the air conditioner.  It was close to 90 degrees..Guess I can't complain because I saw that in Fair Oaks, CA where my sister lives it was 100 degrees..too hot! 

About 1730 we went out back by the bunkhouse in the shade and sat there awhile watching the world go by and coming up with more projects..hahah..I think we decided to add a half porch onto the bunkhouse.  Take out the railing, move it sideways and add a few more feet so the porch will become L shaped just to give more sitting room.  So we'll see when that'll happen.  

Ken had leftovers of bar b que pork and mashed potatoes and I cooked a veggie burger made by Dr Prather, oh that was yummy!  

We'll be around the next couple of days and then head for Tonopah on Friday.  One of the benefits of this blog is neither one of us could remember what we did about eating last year.  I remembered we went out for breakfast both days but what about lunch or dinner?  Well, usually if we have a big breakfast that'll take us to dinner. So I looked back and found that we had a late lunch in Tonopah on Friday which would take us to breakfast the next day.  Works..still not sure what we did for dinner the next day, but i'm thinking we probably took some chicken or something with us.  So we'll figure that out for the weekend.  

At this point, Monday being Memorial Day we'll probably take the trailer back to Washoe Lake and spend the night.  We hope to meet our youngest son and family in Reno for lunch.  They'll be there all weekend for basketball with their boys.  

Time is moving so quickly!  This being Wednesday the 24th..Happy 20 year Anniversary to our youngest, Russell and his wife Lori!  Doesn't seem anyway possible they could be married that long.  HE was just an 18 year old Marine when they got married, they've done well and are happy :)

Happy 20 years Russell and Lori!

Lori's sister Christina and our middle son, Eric at the wedding..
and they've been married to each other 15years now :)

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  1. You have beautiful views at the park. Those old rustic fences are a dying art, it is nice to see some still around. Your son, Russell looks so young in his wedding picture, seeing that he was 18, I guess he was! Happy Anniversary to the two of them. :)