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Monday, May 22, 2017

Washoe Lake State Park, NV

We left home about 1330 after our lunch of hummus veggie wraps! Yummy! I drove the Jeep Patriot and followed Ken pulling the Jayco.  We got here to Washoe Lake State Park just about 1500 hrs.  

Lots of people on the beaches of the lake.  Kayaks, boats, tubes and jet skis! So nice to see families out enjoying the lake as last year the lake was dry! Wouldn't believe it if we didn't see it for ourselves last year.  

Hard to believe this was dry last summer!

The mountain is Mt Rose we're looking at..

The ranger at the gate said Saturday night the campgrounds were full!  Sunday we were able to get the same site #1 that we got the last time we were here. It's got shade and sun so it's perfect for whatever you want.  

We dropped the truck and trailer and headed over to day use just to check it out.  It's so beautiful, hoping to bring the grandkids here this summer.  They'd have a ball in this lake.  Nevada usually has a lot of wind, but yesterday was perfect!  

We came back to camp and just enjoyed the afternoon sitting outside.  Ken bar b qued some boneless pork chops and corn on the cob. We had some mashed potatoes and gravy I made at home before we left yesterday.  Yummy dinner. 

When in NV..haha..interesting camper..

Grandson, Adam called last night as he had just gotten home from his Senior trip. They sure packed a lot into 3 days...Santa Cruz, Great America in San Jose and then San Francisco. He said he had the best time of his life!  Only 2 more weeks of school and on June 2nd he graduates high school.  I'm thinking there better be lots of tissues on hand.  He sent me these pics last night..:) 

Adam 2nd row 2nd from the left..

Adam in the back row..3rd from the left..

Adam 2nd row 1st on the left

Bottom row 1st on the left..flexing..:))

2nd row...on the right..crazy kids..
So this morning..get this done and get the Tundra to Carson City at 1000..a beautiful morning here.  Going to be about 85 degrees. Have a great day!


  1. Looks llke fun trip. How long is this one? You guys sure have fun����

    1. Only 2 nights..but since it's only 1 1/2 hr drive from home it's easy to do when we want. Yep we love retirement!

  2. Hard to believe how things dried up last year. Our pond here for one thing, there were no turtle logs in water at all. :( Last winter south, too, Alamo Lake State Park in AZ was unbelievably low, boat launches were closed. Looks like your grandson had a great time. School trips were a hoot!

    1. Yes it's hard to believe how long it's been since high school. Adam goes to a small high school in the foothills of CA. I think there's only 83 seniors in the whole class. I was surprised that more kids didn't go on the trip, but glad he did. Your pond is beautiful this year!