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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Armed Forces Day Hawthorne, NV

We left here about 0900 for the 50 mile trip or so to Hawthorne, NV.  A beautiful ride past Walker Lake.  It's nice and full from the rain and snow runoff.  Too bad fish don't live in the lake, too high of an alkali content.  You would think that there still would be watersports or something going on, but we've really never seen anything on the water.  Maybe this year.  They do have a couple of campgrounds there that have covers, fire rings and pit toilets.  

We arrived in Hawthorne and made a quick trip to the Ordnance Museum and then to the American Legion where we were going to meet our neighbor Joe and family for the parade.  

The parade started right at noon with a couple of flyovers by some old planes. Pretty cool!  Then for the next hour and a half or so we watched the parade.  Love these small town parades!  

After the parade we headed home, but first we went to Yerington and Pioneer Crossing for their one trip salad bar.  We had thought we'd eat in Hawthorne but decided any little restaurant there was going to be too busy.  Delicious salad bar at the Pioneer!  

We went by Susan's house to look at the project Ken has upcoming and then went through town and saw all the people and places readying up as the East Walker River is expected to flood next week.  A lot of work being done, sure hope it's not as bad as it appears people and businesses are shoring up for.  Two inmate crews in town from Carson City filling sand bags.  People filling and delivering bags to elderly.  Nice the way a small town pulls together. It won't affect us and those around us. 

Of course what would front porch sitting be without a beautiful sunset..This is what gets us into trouble..sitting on the front porch with wine, beer and sunsets..such is the life..

Warning: Picture Overload!

Stacey, Rylee in her lap and Staceys mom..
The restaurant put chairs out for anyone to sit..nice

Start of the flyover

Really cool the town had flags and streamers all down Main Street

This Monster Truck was so cool!

Of course, gotta love the little ones!

That's Rylee leading the group of Clampers...her daddy, Joe is one!

Since this was following can only assume this is a Clamper Trailer..

This is the Flag that greets you coming into town..this is the end of
the parade..

Loved this Daddy teaching the baby how to respect our Flag..
Baby holding Flag, Daddy holding baby...:)

As we were leaving town we saw a lot of people gathered at the park as you come into town..hands over there hearts, music playing and the flag was raising.  We didn't know it at the time, but apparently they have a ceremony taking the flag down before the parade and then one raising the flag again at the end of the parade..very cool! 

Time to get ready to head to Washoe State Park after lunch today!  I'm curious to see how much the water in the lake has risen since we were there last..

Have a wonderful day..we'll be enjoying this sunshine and temps about 80 degrees!