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Friday, May 26, 2017

A day at home and today we leave for a few

Yesterday was basically spent at home getting caught up on a few things.  Funny how days seem to fly by even when you're not doing much.  Before we knew it time for lunch and I felt like I hadn't gotten out of the kitchen yet.  A good lunch of salad and we're into afternoon.  

Ken got all the plants and new trees watered and everything looks good except the hydrangea is looking pretty bad.  Hate when that happens.  

Did some front porch sitting just because the temperature was nice and there was a breeze.  Came in and had left over chicken and potato salad for dinner.  I made some roasted veggies and they were yummy.  

Daughter in law Cheryl attended a ceremony at Golden Sierra High School yesterday morning.  It's called Candle Rose, where basically the Seniors are leaving and the other grades are moving up.  

She told the story of a young man that was supposed to sing the National Anthem, he got up on stage, sang a few words, stopped and walked off. Such a surprise, don't know if he got stage fright or forgot the words.  She said then all the students started singing, then the parents in attendance.  Very moving. 

She did send these pictures though from outside before the ceremony. :)
Danny, Maddie, grandson Adam, Kate

Kate, Adam and Maddie

Boys flexing their muscles...Seniors :)

Our grandson, Seth called yesterday to see if we were going to be home this weekend.   I had to tell him no since we've had reservations in Tonopah since January.  Sounded like Eric, Chris and kids would have come to visit.  Hoping we can do it soon.  Grandkids are out of school as of next Friday so hopefully we'll be having visitors before too long. 

Planning on heading out of here around 1000 this morning. Temps should be about 75 there..Perfect!

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  1. Sounds like a productive day as well as a bit of a relaxing day. I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend Be safe and have fun!