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Friday, May 12, 2017

Home and gone again :)

I spent Tuesday night at Bryan's house in Georgetown.  The next morning fixed one of my favorite grandchildren (Adam) a breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs before he headed off to school.  

After he left I suggested to his parents that we go to breakfast at Country Kitchen in Georgetown. We did and it was awesome.  I brought half of mine home with me and so did Cheryl.  

I left there and got home around 1400 or so.  Beautiful drive up Highway 50. Pretty much the day was done so did a little clean up and front porch sittin..

Wednesday was spent at home which was nice.  

Thursday we hooked up and left in time to be at day use here at Washoe Lake State Park in time for lunch.  It's beautiful here surrounded by mountains and lots of water in the lake.  Last year when we drove through here the lake was dry, seriously!  We figured it was going to be one of Nevada's dry lake beds forever!  Well, it's amazing what rain and snow runoff can do!  The wind was blowing so the lake looks like you're at the ocean with the swells..pretty cool.  

So, we had salad for lunch in the trailer and then found us a great camping spot!  They don't have hookups here so it's totally FREE since I'm with the old guy!  Each campsite has a covered picnic table and huge sites.  They also have showers here if we chose to take advantage.  Since we're only staying 2 nights we'll use our own shower in the trailer.  

Washoe Lake State Park day use area...

Beautiful isn't it?!

After we unhooked we headed into Carson City which is only a mile or two back.  We wanted to go by Tractor Supply and check on a garden cart or something like it.  Ken wants to be able to pull a couple of 5 gallon buckets around to water flowers and the little garden plants. We actually found what it is he wants so Saturday we'll head back and buy it on the way home.  More weed pesticide also.  

After that we went over to Shoetree Brewing Company.  It's a brewery that opened in March.  Very cute place and great wait staff.  I'm not a huge beer drinker but did find one i like.  Ken too.  Good luck to them!  We'll be back i'm sure.  

Inside Shoe Tree Brewing..cute place


Mexican Lager for me..yumm...and a IPA for Ken..

Their beer list..

Jusst a cute place..no food but there is a restaurant next door that will
deliver to the brewery...Nice..

Came back to camp and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon!  Ken bar b q ued some awesome burgers and I had made potato salad yesterday morning before leaving home. Great dinner and then bedtime.  

This morning we're up at 0500 enjoying the scenery, cloudy and cooler but still beautiful!  Coffee, computing, yogurt and banana for breakfast and getting ready to head to Reno for his 0945 appointment.  After that a little shopping in Reno and then lunch out.  We'll come back and spend another night at this campground :)  

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  1. Looks like you had a full-filling few days. I love how new restaurant owners decorate and I love the sign with hanging shoes. :)