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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This should have been Tuesday's post...

Thought this was the sweetest picture..A friend of ours Will Ackerson came home from a six month deployment..this is his little girl Charlee running to see her daddy. :))

Woke up yesterday morning at 0230..uhhhh...woke Ken at 0515 to get the day going.  We didn't really have much going on and it was cold!  A few weeks ago we thought we were done with fires so Ken got up the ladder and covered the stove pipe with plastic so birds wouldn't make a nest in there, but yesterday he got back up and took it off.  He made a nice fire that we had going until afternoon and then restarted it last night.  

Ken went up to the firing range and shot some bullets that he got while we were in Tennessee.  After he got back he went out to the bunkhouse and cleaned his guns.  I made some apple muffins for our little snack with coffee.  Love these muffins, made with no sugar only unsweetened applesauce.  

I went out to the bunkhouse a little later and there was a movie on Little Nakita with  Sidney Poitier and River Phoenix.  A very good movie and I was hooked.  It's nice that we an get a few channels out in the bunkhouse so when people come to stay they can watch tv and actually better shows than on cable or satellite I think! 

Later in the evening I bundled up and sat outside while Ken bar b q ued.  Turns out there was still a little hamburger left, so I was bad once again.  Now I'm done! hahah...He had chicken thighs and I made some oven baked french fries. Yum..

Woke up at 0400 this am so that's a little better.  Again, woke him at about 0515 and we'll get this day going!  Time for service on the Tundra so we'll see what appointment is available this week.  WE've got to go to Carson City (about 70 miles from here) for that appointment.  He'll take the Tundra and i'll follow in a Patriot and we can do some running around while we wait for service.  They're usually so quick, but the one time we didn't take two cars it was about 3 hours until it was done.  So never again.  

Overcast and cool this morning, but by Saturday it's supposed to be 81 degrees.

Have a great day! 


  1. We have the hot weather for a few days and then it will cool down just a bit over the long weekend. We're loving the warm temps. Your picture was awesome, warms the heart for sure.

  2. Thank you...they're a sweet little family..