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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Deck Painting and Ken is in Winnemucca

Monday, May 1st..spent the day getting Ken ready to head for Winnemucca on Tuesday.  He's going out to meet our neighbor Joe and see a mine Joe and a couple of partners are interested in.  They have to move quickly as the person who claimed the mine has passed away.  I don't understand it all but sound like   a good couple of days. Ken's taking the MoneyPit, that way he's got a place to stay.  Joe stays at an RV park in Imlay during the week, so Ken should be able to pull in there and park. 

I washed the front porch yesterday and then cleaned out the 2008 Patriot and the Tundra.  During the winter it's kind of a waste to try and keep them clean as the dust, mud etc is just kind of a daily thing..uhh..but it was too pretty to be inside yesterday.  

Today, Tuesday the 2nd Ken had a dentist appointment at 0900 and got home about 1020 or so.  Got him ready to go and he was out of here about 1100 or so.  I was painting the grooves in the decking when he left.  OH MY GOODNESS, what a difference the painting is on the decking!! I loved the color red, but it showed everything!  This lighter color is so much better i'm thinking!  Finished up this afternoon, and then I was on the couch with my kindle..bad I know..but don't do it very often here at home. 

Gosh I love this!

Ken called and they had a good day, he was at the camper and going to have a beer and some white chicken chili I sent with him.  

I'm thinking tomorrow I'm going to do the back decking with the lighter color..we'll see when I get up and get going!  

Was able to capture these pics of Raider from Bryan's FB

Aww..Raider is a Razorback..

The little room is coming together..

The sewing machine cabinet has a home..

I really like the look of the room..
way different than the last 4 years but
hopefully the boys will like it..

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