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Sunday, May 7, 2017

A little Spring Fever and a lot of rain...

After I got done blogging Friday morning Ken said, " Let's go to Lowe's and see about a couple of trees".  Ok, so who am I to argue?!  I actually couldn't get the idea of a little garden out of my mind so thinking I'd get a few plants.  

We got to Lowe's and headed right for the garden shop.  Their veggie plants were expensive!  Tru Value had them beat.  We did find and evergreen tree and an apricot tree.  Lots of the fruit trees you needed two for pollination but the Apricot didn't.  Remember when I was a kid the house my parents bought in Carmichael had a huge apricot tree out back.  I can still see Daddy out there in his overalls standing under the shade of that tree eating apricots right from the tree :)   We'd pick apricots and mom would can them and make apricot jam :) Hoping we'll be alive long enough to see this little one bear fruit.  At least we do have a one year warranty on the trees.  

We did go to Pioneer Crossing for their one trip salad bar..for $2.95 you can build an incredible salad..and I didn't have to put all the ingredients together.  On the way home we stopped at Tru Value and got a few veggies and some garden soil for planting.  By the time we got home it was front porch sittin time.

Saturday morning we knew rain was expected later in the day, but it was a beautiful morning.  Out we went to the little garden area Ken had made me a few years ago.  Well, you can see how it started out.  The desert is really green and weedy this year.  So we got the dirt cleaned up, Ken got the wind break and the gate all fixed up. 
Here's my little garden area..been neglected last few years.
Our trees and soil..

Planted...found the burlap bag at Tru Value..loved it..it says peppers
but I put a tomato in there.  Daddy's magic water pot and the last
redwood planter in the back.  

My redneck gate...love it! :)

Now we could plant in the dirt, but I like container gardening so that's what I did.  WE didn't go crazy, just 2 tomato plants (one is heirloom) and two pepper plants, poblano and habanero.  Thinking i'm going to Tru Value and get a couple squash plants today, just because I have room in the back of the garden area.  

Once I finished there, I got the one Hydrangea plant planted.  I love them, but never grew them.  Again, we had them in the backyard in Carmichael, and as far as I know my mom watered them and that was that and they were beautiful!  

Ken got the peach tree planted before the rain started.  Boy did it rain!  My poor plants.  Ken fixed up some fencing to keep the rabbits from destroying the new trees and hydrangea.  He did that in the garage, so I sat out there and watched it pour and listened to the thunder.  
Here's the peach tree

The hydrangea..

We did get a break so went back out and planted the evergreen.  Then rain and wind again!  So time to head into the house. A little later he bar b q ed some awesome burgers!  

It poured some more in the middle of the night and then again at 0430 till just about 0600..Looked out the window when I started the coffee pot this am and my little plants are still standing!  How, I have no idea.  Nevada weather is brutal!  

So, with the exception of the squash..my garden is done. I feel like we got a lot accomplished this week..so what to do now? hmmm..sure we'll think of something!  hahaha..

Here's hoping everyone has a blessed Sunday! 

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