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Friday, May 5, 2017

Planted a few flowers..Spring fever hits!

Well, it happened!  Ken wanted to go get a new tree to plant in an area that right now was just watering the ground as the tree that was there died.  So about 1100 hours we headed to town and the Tru Value across from Scolari's.   

We looked at the trees and decided to wait because Lowe's offers a one year warranty on any of their plants and trees, Tru Value does not.  With our Summers and Winters we definitely need the warranty.  Their trees were pretty expensive too.  

Of course while we're there we start looking at plants.  Theirs were really nice.  The flowers were hardy as well as vegetable plants..uhoh..Saw some Marigolds which were my Daddy's favorite along with Cosmo which were my mom's.  hmmm...should I ?  Well, of course I should.  So I did!  So here's what we got...didn't go too crazy because I know myself.  
Marigolds and Cosmos..and one of my many Mother's Day pots
from Russell and family..:)

A couple of pots on the newly painted front porch

The redwood planter with Marigolds..Daddy made this planter
when I was just a kid when he built a deck out back at our house
in Carmichael..stands up to the test of time and weather :))

Summer comes and hopefully we get some grandkids to take away for a week or so at a time and the flowers suffer for our Gypsy ways..but they look beautiful now..

Here's the scary part..I'm actually thinking about going out to the little garden area and planting a few plants..I love the idea of a garden but again when we're gone it suffers..so I'll keep you updated..:)  

Got this in the mail yesterday..love this announcement!
Figure I can share this as everyone will get this!

Cheryl is doing her magic with some cute things for the graduation party..won't share those until after the party!  Can't believe this kid is graduating already!  

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  1. I can't wait to get flowers planted. I will do mine in pots around the property but it needs to warm up. I've bought one geranium so far, a bit at a time they sure can run up a budget! :)