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Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Weight Distribution System, Mt. View RV Park Bowie, AZ...

We got our day going early and left our spot at the Desert Diamond Casino and headed out on S Nogales Blvd.  There is so much traffic in the am that there was no way of making a left so Ken made a right and I asked the girl in the phone to find a route to  S Padre Blvd where Camping World was located. She did a great job and we had a nice drive for several miles.  
Our spot at the Casino


We pulled into Camping World about 0730 and proceeded to have our breakfast of yogurt and fruit. We saw workers running around and I think 3 men talked to Ken to ask if we had an appointment.  When we arrived there was a motorhome in the parking lot and they left pretty quickly. Apparently they don't allow overnight camping. Boo on them!  
Our new system..

About 0850 or so we saw a huge fifth wheel pull to the back so Ken decided to go into CW and make sure they knew we were there.  The girl came out put a number on and about 0915 they put us in line.  One worker walks up and says "What the hell you doing?"  You need to unhook, Ken followed him and they had a not so nice conversation, the guy was a jerk.  He said he's not a tech doesn't know if they need the truck or what.  Finally, Ken talked to another guy and he gave better info. They had us pull up out of the lot and then unhook.  Long story short about 1130 or so they told us it was done.  Ken told him we needed someone to explain how it works as we've never had one.  

Finally about 1140 Dave came out and did a nice job of explaining and showing how to hook and unhook the Weight Distrubution Hitch. So, $452.00 later we're done. Thanks Dave, nice guy. 

1150 we pulled out and headed towards the freeway.  We stopped for lunch at a beautiful road side rest area and then headed on. 
Truck and trailer definitely sit even now..
Along I 10

I was looking for Passport America Campgrounds down the road.  Found one located in Bowie, AZ only 106 miles from where we started. The next ones were a lot further than we wanted to travel.  We pulled in at about 1430. 

This is a wonderful park.  Mountain View RV Park.  It has gas, propane and a cute shop with homemade fudge, jerky and flavored nuts of all kinds. Bathrooms, showers and a laundromat too. Dwayne told Ken this is where he really makes his money, in the shop.  There were any flavor of anything you could want. He keeps coffee going all day and it's free. You can leave a donation if you like but not necessary.  Check in was a breeze, gave the cashier $16.14 for the night and pick our own spot.  
Rocks at the Rest Area

it's a cute place, nice wide spots and full hookups.  Trains run all hours of the day and night, but that doesn't bother us. I will definitely put this one on our list of places we would stay again.  
Our site, nice and wide..

Our view out the back trailer window 

Love the heart shape! :))

Showers..older but very well kept



Trains from our window..

We just enjoyed the afternoon and evening and called it a night after some thrown together dinner. Ken was going to bar b q but there were meat bees and he didn't feel like fighting them. 

Slept in this am (Thursday) until 0620. It doesn't help I was awake at 0215 again for a couple of hours. Hate it when that happens.  Oh well on with the day. 

The hitch works well, Ken says he can feel the difference in the swaying of the trailer.  That's wonderful.  When we got to the park, I asked him if he had his lights on, No....well, the brake lights were on with the truck and trailer! Bummer, now we're thinking it's a truck problem.  It didn't happen until the last leg of the trip somewhere after lunch.  The ABS system didn't come on so we're not sure what's up with that.  Keep ya posted. 

Looks like we're headed for Elephant Butte State Park, reading this morning we're missing Bill and Patsy by a few hours. :(  Maybe down the road we'll catch them or someone else! 

Have a wonderful day! Travel Safe! 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful park. You had us at "fudge". I told Jerry about the weight distribution hitch. He said he uses one when he pulls the 26 foot trailer that holds the Suzuki and the sandrail. Great pictures. Blessings. ....Elva

    1. I tried a sample of the fudge, but way too sweet for my tastebuds. No dark chocolate that I saw. You have a sandrail?! Lucky you. Do you use it much? Glad you like the pics!

    2. Jerry has a sandrail not me. That's totally not "my thing". Lol

  2. You are really making me want a vacation! Love you Guys!

    1. Love you too and Lord knows you deserve a vacation (by yourself) hahaha..Hugs..

  3. You will find a big difference on how the trailer tows and the truck will perform better. If you continue having a sway problem you will have to move things forward in the trailer or add an additional Swaybar.
    You'll love Elephant Butte State Park.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No more sway..huge difference! We do love EBLSP..pulled right into Bill and Patsy's vacated sight. We lucked out!

  4. Nice to get that equalizer hitch all done , you will enjoy the journey much more. Love that Texas Canyon rest area. and Elephant Butte is a wonderful campground enjoy !

    1. The views from that rest area are amazing! WE love this park. We'll be here till Friday and then on our way to somewhere once again.

  5. Seems like you've had an up and down day.......but no to and fro! That's good. A well set up equalizer hitch makes for a relaxed towing day. Don't be too surprised it you need some minor adjustments to get it dialed in. Hope they gave you a good owners manual.

  6. The sway bar is working wonderfully, doing what it is supposed to do and we are happy we got it done. Your post was awesome about Christmas Tree Pass.

  7. Never heard of meat bees­čśé. Glad you got the sway bar suspension system installed. Probably really help in windy conditions.

    Always nice when you pull in an RV camp that you don't know and really like the place. Gives you a comfortable feeling.

    Hope the ABS problem is a simple one.

    1. We're thinking the sway bar fixed the one problem, and we're thinking the other is the brake controller (which your friend (and mine) Deb actually brought up)..so we'll invest in that and see what happens. Either way cheaper than a new truck..Really, meat bees have ruined perfectly good camp outs and picnics..very prevalent in the west!

  8. That looks like a wonderful park! I'm glad to see the sign that says 'Local Nuts' so you two fit right in! ha ha sorry! :)
    I know you chatted with Bill about the hitch stuff it is all beyond me so I'll stay out of it. Just glad you are getting things looked after as needed. So sorry we missed seeing you once more! ps - we are here at Bottomless until Sunday morning. hint hint.

    1. aww...I think we're headed to highway 60 which is above I'm sorry to say. Bill is such a sweetie very knowledgeable. Cute..you're first sentence..

  9. Just to be clear I have no idea what I am talking about, Tom said, we did have that on our travel trailer, anyway glad what you had added is working...:)
    Funny we stayed at that same park a couple of years ago, to visit Ft. Bowie. We left with "nuts". We feel Passport America is one of our best investments.

  10. That's funny..I don't know much either, but we're glad we got it. I agree with you about Passport America, we have more than paid for it in just two nights..and we've used it a lot more! Couldn't believe the nuts and fudge!