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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Laughlin, NV to Salome, AZ!

Looks like the most snow we've had in Yerington, NV. this year. Our neighbor Stacey posted this picture on FB. Glad we're here in Salome, AZ where the temperature was 77 degrees yesterday! 

Yesterday morning (Friday) we woke up at Big Bend of the Colorado State Park in Laughlin, NV.  I had set the alarm for 0500 because we knew we'd lose an hour coming into Arizona and thought we'd get an early start for where ever we ended up. HA..we don't know what an early start is anymore!  We had our coffee and I had tea, read and commented on our friends blogs and then our usual routine.  

Made some delicious breakfast burritos with the OLE wraps. Ken had one with 2 eggs, swiss cheese, olives, mushrooms and spinach.  Mine had onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and spinach w a little cheddar and egg beaters. YUM! 
Have only found these at Walmart, but oh so good and only
50 calories! 

Eventually we headed to the dump station and then on to Fort Mohave for a stop at Smith's and to fuel up. $2.21 a gallon with our discount. Finally time to hit the road. 

Drove through Needles and hit I 40 to the exit for Lake Havasu.  Beautiful drive through that area, the views never get old!  Drove through Parker and then at Bouse we thought we might find a boon docking site, we did, but decided to travel on a little further. 

Needles, CA..this used to be the first stop as kids on our way
to Arkansas every summer..enjoy Wendy and Linda..

Boy do they price gouge!!

Colorado River

In Salome, AZ there's a little RV park, The Desert Gem that is Passport America. $15.00 a night with the discount. It's stated in the description cash only. $16.25 for the night with full hookups and good size pull through sites.  The lady in the office took our money and no information on us or vehicles. OK it's an easy check in.  It's a small park, lots of ATVs here so I figure there's definitely riding close by.  They've got orange and some grapefruit trees that you're welcome to take.  Good thing Patsy mentioned that you can't eat grapefruit with Lipitor or I would be eating grapefruit this morning. :(  I had no idea! 
The hand waved at us Patsy! 

We had lunch at the overlook, so pretty..

Our site at the Desert Gem RV Park..

Not a bad place, especially for $15.00..showers, laundry

We watched the movie Night at the Museum, (no tv service available) another one we've seen over and over but still love.  I made some veggie tacos for dinner and we just had a relaxing night.  

One of Eric and Christina's goats gave birth to a baby girl.  It was cold and rainy over in Cool, CA.  Ken called Eric and he was out in the little shed he made for the goats hooking up a heat lamp for the new little one and her mama.  One more should be having a baby any day now. So cute! 
Welcome Clarabelle! 

She is the cutest little thing!
Mason and Clarabelle, so cute!

This morning we awoke about 0600 or so and are getting ready to move down the road. The plan, such as it is we'll end up about 101 miles further to Gila Bend, AZ.  There's supposed to be a small campground, Passport America where we'll do some laundry etc. 

Only took us 8 days to get out of our home state of NV.  We are headed east now Don. Tennessee bound! 

Guess it's time to get ready! Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Enjoy your night there and safe travels as you head east. We will be on I-10 Sun morning heading to the La Cruces Overlook Rest area, then along 10 to 20 east bound may catch up with you again, travel safe.

    1. You never know..would love to meet up again! We're a little behind you but will keep in touch. Travel safe tomorrow!

  2. Living as a Fulltime RVer having to get an early start is not something in anyone's schedules if they can help it. Always rushing around leads to Health Issues. Glad you're getting into the warmer weather and making relaxed progress.
    It will be nice to visit again somewhere down the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I agree with you Rick about the early start obviously. I like getting up early but it really makes no difference as to when we get out. haha. Would love to visit with you and Kathy too! Enjoy the Rally!

  3. I was beginning to think you lost your way in Nevada. Beautiful state but cold this time of year.

    I always have a hard time getting on the road in the morning because I dawdle so much. Glad to see you finally made it to warm country.

    I love the way you two travel. Slow and easy. I need to learn that. Loved the route 66 signs. Loved the baby goat. So cute. Have a safe journey.

    1. I don't know what takes us so long to get ready, but it just does :) Figure we're spending the same in gas, so why not go slow and easy especially since we don't have to be anywhere for anything :) Yeah the Kay family is pretty excited over the new addition!

  4. Nice to see you are in the warm winter weather again. That sounds like a nice campground for only $15/night. thanks for waving at the Hand for me! I'm glad I said about Lipitor too! I wouldn't want to hear that you got ill or had effects from eating grapefruit!
    We won't be going home through Tennessee now so sadly won't see you again. :( Next year though for sure! safe travels!

  5. Oh bummer..I was hoping it would work out. Not bad the campground could use a little TLC, painting etc. but for the price it works. yeah happy to be in this weather!

    1. me too! by the way, that baby goat is so adorable!!

    2. Aww thanks..I can see on FB her running and jumping such a miracle..just like our babies!

  6. Tom and I spent some time in Salome last year at the KOA, we had some free nights from when we bought the Stinger"B". We enjoyed the area.
    Always nice seeing the hand wave coming through Lake Havasu.
    Cute baby goat.
    Not sure were the time goes when we are getting ready to leave in the morning either...:)
    Continued safe travels.

    1. Interesting the little towns that just pop up out of nowhere..not somewhere you'd expect a KOA to be is it?!

  7. Oh my gosh Clarabelle is the cutest thing!

  8. She is adorable..only 8 lbs 9 ounces of cuteness!