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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

381 miles today...uhhh..

We got up at 0500  this morning and got ready to leave the Crosbyton Free Camping spot at their city park. We had breakfast after visiting with friends and having coffee.  Had our showers and we were ready to leave.  Believe it or not we left at 0800 heading east.  
Sunrise Monday morning..

A nice sunrise..

Crosbyton, TX 

Love the highway and lack of people

I was so surprised at the cotton fields..

Love this highway 82

Love this..here you go Deb!

and the fencing

We had a beautiful drive heading towards Texarkana, Arkansas.  We didn't plan on making it but that is where we where headed.  Have to say the drive was incredible, great roads and little traffic. 

We tried to hit Bonham Lake State Park outside the little town of Bonham.  The Ranger was really nice but because it was spring break, no campsites. Beautiful area though. We moved on. 

Great picnic spot and you can stay 24 hours..

Just have to remember what town it's out of..

we're in the land of Dairy Queen!

I got on my phone and looked for places to camp. I called the Walmart in Paris, TX and the woman said yes we could camp but we would have to camp out back with the trucks. No problem. We got there and it was someplace we didn't feel safe. We went ahead and left, got back on highway 82 and went on our way. The traffic really picked up, but nothing like Reno, Sacramento or I 40! 

We went through a couple of more small towns and then just east  of Detroit, TX we found a picnic area which allowed 24 hour camping (for rv's and trucks).  So here we are, finally safe and sound.  We watched the movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past..really cute.  We had a quick dinner and now it's time for bed. 
Our home for the night...5.6 miles out of Detroit TX
on highway 82! 

Long day and we're both tired, and with the Daylight Savings Time it's affecting us.  I love the roads and the scenery. We would definitely come this way again. It's just too bad we can't find the truck stops or camping spots. It's Spring Break here in the south so that makes a huge difference on places being full or not. It's an adventure, that much we can say.   


  1. Long day for sure. I may just take that route north. Not in any hurry this year. You'll be in Tennessee before you know it.

    I like the pictures of the small towns you're traveling through. Safe travels today.

    1. It was but now we have an idea of where we can stay on that route which is nice. The towns are adorable, would be nice to visit some without the trailer, but no camping spots. :( Highway 82 is a beautiful highway and pretty much no big rigs!

  2. That was a good long day for you and you have now bypassed us, looks like a nice spot for the night. Looks like you will be in Tennessee before we leave Texas at the rate you are going.
    Travel safe.

    1. It was a beautiful spot and FREE..haha. We probably will as we'll be in TN on Thursday.

  3. Wow. Can't believe the free camping. Is there any of that in CA.? Great ride you are on!

    1. We'll have to google it..but you're talking California..haha..love ya sis!

  4. Wow you folks sure do get a lot of miles behind you in a day. Your home tonight looks fantastic, I would love to stay there for a day or two.

    Spring break is always a bit iffy isn't it? Oh well, you still managed to find a very nice, safe place to be tonight.

    Safe travels.

    1. We don't like to do that many miles at all, but unless you're on the interstate it's not too easy to find a camp or truck stop..but we love where we ended up.

  5. That was a long day. Hope you find campsites closer together from here on to Tenessee.

  6. Thanks Dave, we don't like that many miles..but sometimes it happens. We did end in a beautiful site though!