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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Seth calls, Carson City, Sunsets and Support for Law Enforcement!

Thursday evening we were visiting with Karen when my phone rings and it's our Marine Grandson, Seth! Happy grandparents here to hear from him!! Made our night!  💖

Friday morning about 0930 or so we left for the 1 1/2 hour drive to Carson City.  The day was hot, like they've all been lately.  After stopping for fuel our first stop was Lowe's for ATV ramps for the car hauler (toy hauler to be). 
2 Air Force Veterans who obviously love the flag and American 💙
Love it!!  On the back of their truck! 

2 Air Force Veterans and their messages..Git Off My Ass appears to light up when
you are tailgating! LOL. 

Next stop was Discount Tire.   They had an easy up set up and they asked what  you needed.  Ken told them we needed a new tire and got that taken care of, they said it would be a couple of hours. 

From there we headed to Walmart for both of us to make sizable deposits of our $$.  Hopefully we don't have to go back there for awhile. While we were there Discount Tire texted letting us know the tire was ready. That was quick. 

We picked it up and by then it was nearing 1400. Time for Linner at Betsy's Big Kitchen. Lisa (our favorite server) was working so as we were seated she went to grab our drinks.  Another wonderful linner and by 1500 we were headed home. 

After we got groceries put away we were able to sit outside and watch the sun set as temperatures cooled nicely.  Does it get any better?! 

No it's never windy here LOL..
Saturday morning we awoke to warm temps already.  I was going to do a little baking but after getting to that point I decided to put it off for a day with the hopes I'd get started earlier. Just too hot to have the oven on when it's not needed.  

It was a stay at home day and for me pretty much a stay inside with the a/c day! I like to find things to keep busy with, so I did.  Ken was outside until he came in for our salad lunch.  Around 1500 he came inside for good. 

He barbecued some delicious turkey burgers and I made zucchini fries (so yes I did use the oven for a bit).  I took pics but were very blurry :( We were able to be outside for a nice Happy Hour and enjoy a little breeze.  Eventually we were inside for the night and able to turn off the a/c.  

We have windows and doors open all night with a fan in the window blowing in the cooler breeze.  No blanket needed, barely a sheet. 

This morning (Sunday) I was awake at 0430.  Temps were warm at 66 degrees. I was laying there noticing that the days are getting shorter.  It used to be daylight at 0430, but now even at 0500 the sun is just barely lighting the skies. 
With all the hate out there for Police, this was awesome to
see! Placer County Sheriff Office and Auburn Justice Center
in Placer County! Thanks Keri for sharing with me!! Maybe
it'll spread all over! 💙💙💙

How cool would it be to be in law enforcement and find these
when you're coming into work?!!! 

I got out of bed at 0500 and started the coffee while washing some dishes from last night that I was too lazy to do then. Woke Ken at 0515 and we got the day started catching up on our blogging friends. It's 87 degrees at 1000. Uhh..takes the fun out of working outside for sure.  
A few pop ups from this week on FB.  Our son Bryan not too
long after we moved into our North Highlands house..I
couldn't wait to get rid of the wall paper LOL..Ken
actually liked it ..

7 years ago on the Mammoth Mountain Gondola with
Aaron and Jacob 💙 13,000 feet high.

Well time to get going and see what the rest of the day brings! Have an amazing one! 💙


  1. Thanks for supporting law enforcement!

    1. Always! I worked 18 years for Sacramento County Sheriff, 2 sons and one daughter in law now work for them. Will always back the blue!!

  2. Nice that there is still Patriotism.
    Glad that people are still supporting their local police.
    Be Safe in that heat and Enjoy the AC.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, in this wacky world it is nice to see both patriotism and support for law enforcement. We are definitely enjoying the AC!

  3. I LOVE that truck!!!!! Good for them! The weather hasn't exactly been cooperating with outdoor activities. I actually had to get on my treadmill to wake me up yesterday!! I'm with you, that heat is a good reason to stay inside, however boring it may be.

  4. Yes, I figured you would! I am done with this heat! I really am more of a winter and fireplace kind of girl LOL!