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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Birthdays for 2 special kids..Toyhauler progress..Rides with Aaron!

Thursday afternoon we headed over to Karen's place to celebrate her granddaughters Sophia and Amelia's birthday.  I made some cheesy sausage balls to take for an appetizer.  

We got there at perfect timing as the girls were opening gifts. Gotta love a 1 and 5 year old. They are the cutest kids! 

She's running away! Cameron in the corner

Miss Amelia..her first birthday :) 

Sophia, who at 5 thinks everything is wonderful, or beautiful 💜

Sophia and her mom Isabel...

Amber on the floor, Natalie, Jennifer, Heidi and
Amelia's dad Randy..

Sophia got a coat, had to put it on to open the rest of her presents! 

We didn't stay too long as Ken still had things to do with the toy hauler and I promised Aaron another ride.  

The weather was sure changing and looking threatening but we got nothing :(

Aaron with windblown hair! 

He's so good he can drive with his leg!! 

We headed back home and then just enjoyed the evening. I made chicken cordon bleu and some chicken broccoli rice. Aaron likes my mashed potatoes better haha. 

We were treated to a beautiful sunset one more time. 

Friday morning we set the alarm for 0400 as we needed to be in Reno to drop off the Mansion for some warranty work.  We left here about 0530, for some reason Aaron didn't want to go with us LOL.  We got there about 0745 and waited for them to open.  Once that was done we headed to Betsy's Big Kitchen in Carson City for a wonderful breakfast.  
Finally got our Navy sticker on..It looks wavy but it's all stuck there!

We've had this one on for awhile.  Got more of both for our other vehicles!

The waitresses and cooks there are all wearing face shields instead of masks. I can certainly see why. They're light and they don't restrict your breathing, but they meet the requirements.  Felicia, had hers decorated with a tiara. I told her how cute it was and turns out she sells them for $15.00.  Well, heck I want to be a princess too! They're only $15.00 and she does all the work :) She said she would have it for me Saturday morning. Of course we didn't plan on being back so soon, but what the heck. 

We left there and visited Lowe's then Raley's for prescriptions and then headed home. We didn't get there until after 1300 and Aaron was awake. The day before he didn't wake up until 1300.  Of course he stays up playing video games with his friends until the wee hours of the morning. 3 egg sandwiches for him for his brunch. 

Ken worked on the toy hauler and got it looking pretty good. Later in the day Aaron and I went on another ride.  He is a really good driver and enjoys it..me too! 😍

Tacos for dinner and again a nice evening, that luckily cools down from the heat of the day! 

A little video where we go up the hill to the mine, but going up the side we usually go down! I thought Aaron had done it before but he hadn't..

Saturday morning we left here at 0600 to be in Carson City at 0730. Again, Aaron didn't want to go with us, too early he said.  haha. Felicia had my new face shield all ready for me.  I gave her $20.00 and it was well worth it to be so cute. haha. 
As cute as it is, I'm hoping not to wear it except for Ken's dr appointments or something like that. Certainly beats the masks though! 
Looking through the clear face shield..My sister says I look like Cleopatra..I'll take it LOL.

We were home before 1000 and our sleeping beauty didn't get up until 1245! French toast (5 pieces of Texas Toast) and 6 pieces of bacon for his meal.  

Ken worked on the toy hauler, got it stable and the Can Am fits just barely. It fits and that's all that counts. He's not done yet but it's getting close. Hoping to hit Sand Mountain on Tuesday and Wednesday if all goes as planned. 
A work in progress! 

It's gonna work!! Underneath the cabover he'll put siding to tighten things up..

The back end..tie downs and we're on the road on Tuesday! 

Ken and Aaron headed out this afternoon and ended up on a 40 mile ride. Ken said they went places I wouldn't have liked so glad they got to do it together.  

Ken's barbecuing burgers tonight. I forgot to take the hamburger out so it'll be store bought frozen burgers but that's ok they'll still be tasty. 

Happy Hour! Have a great evening, we're headed outside for a bit!


  1. I love love the face shield. SO much easier to breathe!! That's my problem, being able to breathe!! I think I see a Can Am in Aaron's future. Handsome guy!! It definitely looks like your toy hauler is going to work perfectly. Ken certainly is innovative!! GREAT job!!

    1. My problem too even after Ken cut 3 slits in the folds of the mask. Thank goodness I've only had to wear them at dr appointments. Yes it will work I'm thinking but good thing we like BLM land, about the only place that will let us in! Hahah. Ken said "Thank you Nancy!"

  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention ... Amelia and Sophia are the cutest EVER!! I love that dress! How fun to be there for the birthdays!!

    1. Karen and family treat us like family and it's wonderful! Her dress is pink and white gingham, so cute and vintage looking! She is developing quite the personality! Sophia too, she has a thing for Ken! We walk in and she's HI KEN! What am I chopped liver, then she grins at me :) I've got competition! LOL.

  3. Happy Birthday Sophia and Amelia! Couple of cuties. Love the beautiful dress!
    Way to go, Ken. I couldn't see how it all went/came together but now it makes perfect sense. He knows what he needs to do and does it to make it work.
    Have fun on that CanAm!

    1. I love that dress soon her too! Yep he's a worker, just like your hubby!

  4. Couple of birthday cuties! You guys are certainly staying busy. That Cam-Am looks fun and fits the toy hauler perfectly 👌. Certainly original.

  5. Thanks Doug. Yep it's original all right LOL.!