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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Russell made our day! Picked up the Can AM!

Thursday was a stay at home day getting things done. I got sheets hung out, as I love the smell of sheets after they've dried on the line.  Ken got the cab over off the trailer so we'd be able to pick up the Can Am on Friday. 

It was so hot Thursday afternoon, even Ken came in early to enjoy the air conditioning. 

Friday morning we were up and out of here by 0930 for our trip to Reno and Michaels Powersports.  We called Shayne on the way to let him know we were coming. 
I was the first to drive it (well around the parking lot to the trailer)

About 1130 we arrived and got it loaded up. Looks good n the trailer 😀
I let Ken drive it up the ramps :) haha. 

Made a quick stop at Smith's grocery in Carson City and picked up a couple of things for the bar b q over at Karen's for 4th of July.  I'm going to make a broccoli salad I've never done before, but it sounds good.  Deviled eggs too.  

After that it was pushing near 1400 and we were having a celebratory lunch at Betsy's Big Kitchen!  I don't know how businesses are making it, with only 50 percent capacity! 

While having lunch we got a text from our youngest son, Russell.  He asked if we would be home next weekend? We had talked about going over the hill to take him and family to lunch somewhere for his 42nd Birthday.  They want to come here for the weekend! YAY!! They haven't been in years really, so Ken and I were both Happy Campers! Along with Russell, Lori and Aaron, Allissa will be coming too! 
We watched quite the sandstorm come in the other day!

I'm thinking this picture would make brother in law Shawn not want to move here..he's not fond of wind! 

Didn't last too long..and the sun shines again!

Enjoyed watching this little guy get some food!

We didn't even have rain..but were still rewarded with this rainbow!

Friday evening we went over to Karen's to welcome her hubby John home from working in CA for a week or so.  
Between Ken and I we got the table finished for the back porch

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Time to get a move on, things to be done this morning! 


  1. You look great driving your new "toy"...:)
    What great pictures of your flag flying, especially the 8th one from the bottom. I really, really like you hummingbird feeder.
    That table is certainly a nice addition to your back porch. Happy 4th of July! Take care and stay safe. (((hugs)))

  2. Thank you! I love the flag and when it flies like that even better! I love the way the table turned out especially since we had no idea when he started..lol. Hugs to you!!

  3. Your new buggy fits you perfectly!!! That's going to make for a lot of fun times!! Love the antiques you have hanging around .... it's so cool when you find something unique to hang up. Sand storms ... we get a few in Tucson, but same thing ... they go away fairly quickly. Happy Fourth!!!

    1. Aww thank you Nancy..yep can't wait to get out in it! Love our old stuff too! Much better than buying new most times. I see this am your 4th was loud and you kept your place safe!

  4. Congrats again! Enjoy your new toy! You look wonderful in it! :)
    Love the pictures at the end, with the late sun, rainbow and hummers. Not so much the sandstorm. Yeuch!
    Glad you had a nice 4th of July.

  5. Thank you Patsy! Can't wait o get out in it for sure! I'm glad you enjoyed the pics!

  6. Glad you Enjoyed your Forth.
    Looks like you're a natural behind the wheel of Can-Am.
    Looking forward to when the Gang is all there.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the company.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick our 4th was great! Yep I love that little thing! Yes we are looking forward to next weekend. :)