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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Aaron's here..making plans..Ken's working on making a toy hauler :)

Well, the week is certainly flying by once again!  Tuesday morning I was out of here by 0615.  I was headed to CA to pick up our grandson, Aaron.  His football and basketball practices were cancelled so he wanted to come spend some time with us.  😍  He invited Mason but he couldn't come. I had a great drive down Highway 50, my preferred way of getting to CA.  

I texted him about 1/2 hour before I was going to be there.  He was still sleeping when I got there, but he got ready quickly and out the door we went.  
Aaron's here 💙

Since they are closer to Highway 80 I decided to head home that way. I stopped in Auburn and got him a couple of breakfast sandwiches from Mc Donalds and we carried on.  When we got to the Truckee area I got off the freeway on Highway 267 to check out Martis Creek Lake Campground.  We've been by it many times but never stopped.  The lake is nice, catch and release only and a good lake for kayaking.  They have the campground closed :( so we didn't get to look at it. Oh well.  

A few pics from earlier in the week.. :) 
Sunset Sunday night 

Bar b que chicken

Monday was a baking day 

Back on the freeway, we hit a few slowdowns as they are working on the road. At one point it merged into one lane and what a mess that was, put us behind about 30 minutes.  Too many trucks and people on that freeway, don't think i'll go that way again!  

We made it home near 1500 or so. Hot, hot, hot!  99 degrees and Ken was outside working on the "toy hauler".  A lot more work than he intended, but gotta give it to him he's doing his best to make it work.  Donna, don't think we'll be meeting you in Utah as KOA would never let us in! LOL...no kidding. Don't think Quartzsite will be a problem though! HAHA...

We had a nice evening. Aaron had ham, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner and ice cream later in the evening. I told Ken that Aaron definitely has Phillips blood in his system.  Mashed potatoes and Ice Cream proves it right there. haha. 

Wednesday morning I ran to Raley's for a few things and to pick up a couple that I left behind the other day.  Got some things done and Aaron appeared about 1100. Got him his breakfast sandwiches and OJ and his day began.  

Ken had been working on the toy hauler, got the cabover situated on the trailer and discovered he needed plywood and 2x6's to build a platform for the cabover. It's too short in the front for the side by side to be able to go under the upper area. A trip to Lowe's was needed. 

Not the best video, but gives you some idea :) 

Ken said we had about an hour until we would leave, so Aaron and I went out for a ride. He's a good driver, I know he enjoys the rides more with his dad, this grandma is not as adventurous LOL.  Russell's going to have to come out more often so they can play together! 

Ken and I headed out, Aaron opted to stay home and play video games. No problem.  

We got what we needed and headed right back. Coming into Silver Springs we hit a pretty good dust storm. Winds were up and lots of black clouds. 

Aaron was in his room playing video games and had a little snack.  Not too exciting around here, but he seems happy! 
This was his evening snack, but also his afternoon snack 💙 A little blurry but you get the idea!

Once the toy hauler gets done, we're planning a little trip with him to Sand Mountain and some different riding. I offered up a trip to June Lake renting a cottage and some kayaking, but he chose Sand Mountain, not surprising. 😉

Lori texted last night and said, no football until Dec 7th ( poor kids) and no basketball next week..so we'll see what else we can come up with to do. 

So, this being Thursday once Aaron gets up we'll go for another ride. Ken plans on working on the toy hauler, it'll be interesting to say the least. I need to do a little cleaning up in the Mansion, as it goes for warranty work in the am.  Later there's a birthday party next door for Sophia (5) and Amelia (1).  We'll head over for a bit to see the girls. 
Way too low in the front for the Can AM to fit under

He's built a frame that the cabover will sit on..it will be tall
but under height specs..

You won't be able to miss this once he's finished! 😊

Adam texted pictures yesterday, he spent his days off visiting Shasta and Lassen National Park. 

Lassen National Park..

My favorite picture! 

Seth and Holly had pictures done when he was home for the 4th of July weekend. I'm posting a few the next couple of blogs 💖

Gotta have one in his Dress Blues 

Here's a little something interesting that went round this last week or so..
Google and put any 3 numbers in your phone, along with "new cases"...
Example :   762 new cases.. see what pops up, worked with every number I inputted..I've done it with 4 numbers and it pops up too..hmmmm..

Time to head for the birthday party! Have a great afternoon! 


  1. What fun to have Aaron spend some time with you. The pictures Adam sent you are gorgeous!! Wonderful pictures of Seth and friend. I input 3 numbers into Google as you said - very interesting!!

  2. Yes we are very happy he's here! Adam is our little gypsy, give him a few days off and he's off to explore! We'd like to think we had a bit to do with his wanderlust as he was always going somewhere with us from the time he was 4 months old. His parents were so good about giving us time with our first grandchild. I wouldn't be surprised to see a wedding in the future with Seth and Holly. Yep, think we're being played by the media and others? Haven't found a number yet that doesn't work :(

  3. Yup ... if I was related to you, I'd want to spend all the time I could with you. Good food, fun company and a Can Am to drive? The toy hauler looks awesome! I can see it now ... pictures of you guys on the internet, giving everyone else lots of ideas!! I love it!!!

    1. Aww. thank you Nancy! Yeah, I'm thinking you'll see us on the people of Walmart..or some Redneck site LOL!!

  4. Did Ken consider facing the Cab Over towards the Hitch so it keeps its ability to cut through the wind instead of acting like an Air-Dam. He could remove the Truck Rack and mount the Kayaks over the trailer wheels. Keeping the weight center lower and still being able to carry the Toys on the rear of the trailer.
    Glad Aaron was able to visit.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes he considered it, but it won't work. The nose has to be that way in order for the Can AM to fit under. He's been figuring and figuring for days. LOL. We don't plan on going far, maybe AZ so we'll eat the gas :) If only it were a bigger trailer haha. Thanks for the suggestions though! Always a work in progress for sure!

  5. How nice that Aaron wanted to come for a visit. He gets to sleep until 11 and still get a meal prepared for him. Lots for a young man to do at Grammas house. :) My grands would love that too!
    Good luck with the toy hauler, it's coming along nicely. I need to see the set up to totally understand. LOL That's just me!

  6. One day it was 1:00 haha. I figure if I've got them, spoil them and hopefully they'll remember that down the road. :) It won't be too long, I'm thinking and you will see it. It's coming along and we'll see haha. My hubby, the Redneck and proud of it! haha.