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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Turned out to be a good day!

Got up early and left here at 0630 or so..headed for Minden to Sun King Window Tinting and got the front windows tinted on the 2016 Jeep Patriot.  Took less than an hour.  Then we ran by Raley's for drugs then on to ACE Hardware and got the paint for the front porch..to be finished tomorrow.  Walmart for a few things.  I bought some material to recover a rocker we have that we bought in San Diego when Russell was in the Marine Corps, so we can't get rid of that. haha..

We headed for Reno after that and made a stop at Ross for some Christmas shopping and then on to Sears just to see what we could find.  Didn't have much time as I had an appointment at Reno Diagnostic for a mammogram.  I always go in October because our insurance doesn't cover preventative stuff and I can get it for $100.00.  So we got there a little after 1300.  Eventually I went in, had it done and the girl taking it, called in someone else to look at it...hmmm..then the 2nd one tells me..well, you'll get a verification today...hmmm...well it's a courtesy and anyone that comes over a hundred miles we have the radiologist look at it right away..hmmm..I told her..well i've been coming for three years and this is the first time anyone has offered that up!  She says.."oh boy, guess I opened a can of worms there"..yeah..so she had me sit in the hallway..which seemed like forever but probably only 10 to 15 minutes or so...and of course your mind goes crazy..well at least mine did..then Mandy comes out and says "you're free to go..all ok"...Thank the Lord! So I started crying (not boohooing but tearing up)..she teared up too..and I thanked them for being concerned and having the radiologist check it out. wooo...

Ken was waiting for me in the waiting room, and he was wondering what was going on, as he's been there the last 3 years and knows it doesn't take that long. So what a good day! 

We went over to Baldinis in Sparks, NV and had a wonderful lunch in their restaurant then went to High Sierra Brewing, just to compare prices as they are 10 steps over from the restaurant.  

I had a nice nap on the way home, since I don't seem to sleep too well lately at night.  A few glasses of wine and full tummy didn't hurt either.  

Adam called last night and it seems there are only 4 kids in AP Spanish, so the Spanish teacher wants to take the 4 and 2 other teachers to Spain probably for Easter vacation.  Not sure what it will cost,but would be an awesome trip for him.  Seth is planning on going a Washington DC trip Easter vacation which would also be awesome!  Hope it's able to happen for them both!  

Christina texted and said maybe they would be coming on Veterans Day weekend which would be awesome!  

My sister Linda's Roadrunner at Trunk or Treat

Owen and his Grandpa Bobby (Linda's husband)

Here you go a pic of my sister Linda!  Never get that! AKA Ninny

Dusty and Owen (aka Sonny)

Love this pic of Seth!

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