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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We bought another tractor!!

Looks like we've got a trip to TN in the future!  We had already planned on making a trip there this fall or winter, but Ken talked to Don the other day and he said he had seen a tractor we might like! 

Don and Dana had breakfast at Cracker Barrel yesterday so he sent some pictures of the tractor.  That was all it took, Ken called Clifford (our tractor man) and we bought it!  Well, we've got to send the check, but it's ours!  

Here we thought, next time we'd be taking the Tundra and trailer with us to visit Don, but it looks like it'll be the Money Pit with the cabover and pulling our 20 foot car hauler.  That's ok, we've done it a few times before and it works just fine.  

We've got the Mazda truck on Craigslist and we had the camper shell too.  Haven't had any takers so yesterday we decided to see if Adam's cousin Ben would want it and he does.  So Ken took it off the truck and we'll run it over on Sunday and meet up with Ben and get it on his little truck.  He has a 97 Ford Ranger and it should fit no problem.  Ben is a good kid, about 3 weeks older than Adam.  He's a senior in high school, working and has joined the Air Force on delayed entry.  So we figured rather than just discount the shell until someone bit, we'd rather just give it to Ben.  

Today we're going to use the new sprayer, I'll drive the quad and Ken will walk behind with the wand and spray some of these weeds.  

Russell's Love Your Spouse Picture for today...They were married 19 years on May 24th...

 Their boys started school today...Jacob almost 6'3" and a Sophomore...

 Aaron 6th grade and 5'5 almost 5'6"..only 11  years old...

Here they were much younger...where does the time go??!!

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  1. Wow, what a cool tractor you guys picked up there. That thing looks like it may have been one of the first tractors invented. Did something like that come cheap or was it expensive due to the vintage factor? Either way, excellent find. I'd love it if my husband and I could find one like that at a good price someday.