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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A lot of road time this week....

Monday we decided to head for Lowe's in Fernley and pick up some plywood for the bunkhouse.  So we did..got some plywood, cement blocks and some other stuff..went by Walmart and picked up a few things, I actually bought some material because I've decided to try and make a quilt for the bunkhouse.  We have the vintage 3/4 bed we bought, the mattress came a few days ago, I ordered sheets (cause you can't find that size at the store anymore).  I've scoured eBay and other sites so just decided what the heck, i'll give it a shot..

Had a one trip salad bar at Pioneer Crossing and home we came.  Of course by the time we get home..the day is done.  The joy of living 50+ miles from anywhere! :)

Yesterday morning we got up to do a little work on the bunkhouse.  A guy from Reno called about Ken's Mazda, long story short, decided to meet him in Carson City..well, we learned our lesson on that one.  He heard or felt a vibration, he was concerned, and said "What would you lower the price to to sell it" Now if you know Ken, he told him everything about the truck on the phone..Well, we had already come down $300.00 from asking, and that's low enough.  From now on we'll meet in Silver Springs (about 35 miles from here)..and cash only.  So we'll see, it's not a have to sell, just a want to sell..but not give it away.

Now yesterday was an interesting if not scary morning for me (and Ken)...I went to the bunkhouse to help get a piece of plywood on the ceiling.  Got on the  ladder and it was about one rung too high for me to feel comfortable..but got up there and in about 10 seconds I got a major headache holding the plywood overhead..all I could say was " I've got a headache"...shaking, and the most pain I've ever had on the top of my head..got down, got cold compresses and were this close to calling 911..after a few minutes it subsided and all was good.  Upon looking at the internet, it appears it was some kind of panic attack..Really? I didn't feel that scared, just a little..but my body thinks differently I guess.  But all is good now and just a few minutes later. Just so weird and it drives me crazy.

This morning, we were going to put up another piece of plywood on the lower part of the ceiling, no problem for me today..got it up and really liking the way it's going to look!  Headed for Minden and Gardnerville, Walmart, Raleys for prescription pick up, US Bank, Tractor Supply and of course Carson Valley Inn for lunch. Now we're home and the day is done.  
Looking up from the floor, 1st piece on...

Today's work..one more piece..

Just another little view...

Best in the Desert is happening this weekend, so one of the guys Ken used to work with, is expected in the Silver Springs area for the weekend.  So he'll probably head that way for a bit in the next few days.  Joe (our neighbor) came over last night and wants to go to the tractor show in Gardnerville this weekend so Ken will probably go with him on Sunday.  I'm planning on hanging at home (too hot for me)..Diane and Greg are bringing their 5th wheel over on Monday for a few days so i'll spend some time getting ready for their visit. 

 Monday was Seth and Mason's first day of school....Seth is a Sophomore and Mason is in Sixth grade...

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