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Monday, August 8, 2016

A nice weekend at home....

Just a nice quiet weekend here at home...warm days kept me inside most of the time.  Ken worked on getting the Mazda ready to sell and I cleaned the upholstery ...now it's on Craigslist.  So we'll see...

We listed the camper shell separately or with the truck..had a lady come look at the shell for her Chevy Colorado, but because of the taper on the shell it didn't fit.  

I did blower the front the porch and area surrounding it, but that's about it for me outside.  Hate the heat and the lizards, so you'll see me out more when the weather cools... :)

Last night we were really bad and made a really good homemade pizza!  Usually, we try to be good when we have pizza, but you gotta do it once in awhile..
Before cooking....

And after...Ken had oysters, olives, mushrooms and sausage..
Mine, pepperoni, mushrooms and green onions..oh soo yummy!

Today we're heading for Walmart in Gardnerville, Ken wants to change the oil in the Mazda and we'll get a few groceries.  

Don sent a few pics of his cabin and new outhouse, so here ya go!  Love it! 
The outhouse..

Inside the outhouse...awesome! 
Just got news today that our niece, Jennifer passed the National Pharmacy Technician test!  Very proud of you Jennifer!!

Here's just a few old pics of some of the grandkids that came across Facebook..just amazes me how these kids have grown! 

Seth (the taller one) and Mason..in Winnemucca, target shooting

This one made me tear up..Lori captioned it
A boy and his dog..Aaron and Buddy had a very
special relationship...

Lori titled this one
"Good parenting"...hahaaha

Jacob..fishing when he was younger...

And one more of Russ and Lori for the FB Challenge..

Lori and Russell a few years ago in Cancun I believe..

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