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Monday, April 18, 2016

Carson City on Saturday...over the hill and back on Sunday

Saturday morning we headed to Gardnerville and Walmart..gotta be done.  Then over to Carson city to track down US Bank that's open for Ken. Lowe's to return some concrete board and a box of tile.  We bought the medicine cabinet and some wood for the ceiling. Over to Home Depot for our new faucet and the sheet metal for the vanity top. By then it was close to 1400..so we decided to have a  really late lunch and went to Carson Valley Inn in MInden.  Because we had such a late lunch, no dinner was needed.  

Planned on going to bed early as I was hitting the road on Sunday at about 0530 for Shingle Springs.  Our neighbor, Joe came over for a bit so it was closer to 2200 before we went to bed.  

Actually got out of Yerington at 0530 and ended my beautiful drive down Highway 50 at basically 0830.  Linda didn't make it as she was feeling badly the last couple of days, Christina didn't either as she got sick at the baseball game the day before.  I really thought it would be just me, but was really happy when Wendy said she was coming!  So went spent a happy couple of hours catching up and visiting Under the Arbor and the swap meet.  Lots of stuff, but nothing really jumped out at me, and prices were pretty high on some stuff.  But still a beautiful day.  

On our way out to the car, Wendy spotted a cement rabbit pushing a cart.  Well, that had Linda's name written all over it.  We got it for $40.00 and when I told the seller that we were getting it for our sister who wasn't feeling well, she gave us a beautiful plant to go along with it.  What a sweetie. It's a really nice piece of yard art!  

We decided to go find a thrift store and look around. I knew there was one over the freeway, well except it was at another exit!  So we followed this road and ended up in Lotus, drove to Placerville and ended up on the road I wanted to be on in the first place! Beautiful, unintended drive!  So we spent a little time at the Thrift Store.  Wendy showed me a beautiful print by Thomas Kinkade, signed in 1988.  She has always loved the prints by him, and she would never buy it herself. So I bought it for her.  She was so happy, even though she didn't want me to do it...I love my sisters!  

After that we had a quick lunch at Shotlzkys or something like that..never been, probably wouldn't go back, but it was handy!  So time to say good bye and head home.  

Got home just about 1700, Ken was outside bar b q ing. Sat on the front porch for a bit and then inside for a wonderful dinner.  

Ken worked a bit on the RUDB.  Finished grouting the 3rd wall!  Started a bit on the tin and ceiling, but today we're headed for Lowe's in Fernley.  Time to figure out what shower bar we need and other things.  It's getting there!! 
This is looking at the ceiling in the corner of the shower wall.
The ceiling is going to be wood and then the tin will surround the

The tub is tiled!

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