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Monday, February 12, 2018

Waking up to snow! A trip to Cabela's!

Yesterday (Sunday) we met our friends and neighbors at Dini's for breakfast and conversation!  We always have an enjoyable time with them even though Joe is working in Winnemucca at the prison.  

After we came home, we had plans to go next door and help Stacey move out her couch and chair as she was having a new couch and recliner delivered on Monday. While we were home our neighbor, Karen called and asked if Ken could come look at their well, as they had no water since about 1900 on Saturday night.  I went with him to visit with Karen for a bit.  He checked some things but couldn't figure out the problem except to say the pressure regulator didn't seem to be working.  She was going to call the well guy and see if he was available to come out. We found out later that he came and it looks like they need a new pump and there is an electrical short :(   Joys of living in the country. 

We had a well when we bought this place, but the water was horrible, so we were able to get city water at a huge price almost 5 years ago :(  Our last argument, as I saw my remodel money gone! ...just kidding, but it wasn't pretty.  As it is, I'm glad we don't have to deal with a well and we can drink this water. :)  (don't want to admit it but he was right)

Afterwards we went next door and got the furniture moved to the back porch for Stacey. Her cat really did a job on the furniture. Hoping she can keep the new furniture cat free..

We came back home and I did a little baking just because I could. Helped to keep the living area warm too along with the fire in the wood stove.  A slow going afternoon, watched a bit of the Olympics and leftovers for dinner. 

*clicking on the pics will enlarge..*
Banana bread

Apple Oatmeal muffins

Peanut butter, dark chocolate chip and oatmeal energy bites..
first time ever making so we'll see...
Our oldest son, Bryan called last night so Ken had a nice conversation with him!
  Monday We sat the alarm for 0400. We were heading to Reno this am to get Ken's new gun at Cabela's. He ordered it online and it had come in a day or two ago. While we're drinking coffee, visiting with friends online, I checked my phone for weather. It said it was snowing here in Yerington, sure enough it was! Just enough to make it pretty and we know it won't last long. 
Out the front door..

The rabbits around here are hard up I guess..first time we've ever
noticed they've eaten the bottom of a juniper..they don't like them
according to gardeners..

Out our front yard area..

 We had our breakfast and left here about 0730.  Driving was slower than normal because of the snow on the way to Reno, but that was ok.  We got to Cabela's and no one was at the gun counter.  Ken filled out the stuff for his background check, paid his $25.00 and about 10 minutes later the gun was his. We walked out with the gun and a little ammo and headed towards Carson City. He wanted to check with Toyota to make sure our brakes were considered ok to make the trip to Tennessee.  Last service showed yellow but all is good. We can get them done after we get home. A quick trip to Walmart in Gardnerville, Raleys for drugs and then 1300.  Lunch at Carson Valley Inn. Got our fix. Homeward bound. Snow is gone! Still really cold but all the snow has disappeared, which is why we like it when it snows here. 

I realize most of our new friends go south to escape the snow..but because we only get snow once, twice maybe 3 times a year..we love it! If it's gonna be cold and cloudy, might as well snow! :) 
The bunkhouse and outhouse in the snow :)

Our driveway..

Washoe Lake where we like to camp

The big boys toy store...Cabela's..


CVI where we love to have lunch!

On the way home..

so pretty!

Love the snow!

Wilson Canyon..no snow

We've got a fire going now and are just going to enjoy the evening. 

Today would have been my Daddy's 99 th Birthday. Happy Birthday to the best man that ever lived. :) Miss you so much. :( 
Daddy and his girls..about 1962..me on the left,
Linda middle and Wendy on the right..:)
Got  to admit I'm not much of an Olympics watcher..or so I think..but when I see America win..it really gets to me..Go team! 

Have a wonderful evening..


  1. You are keeping busy, and joying the weather, Heck if that's all the snow we got back home it would not be so bad but months of cold , deep snowy, icy weather is not fun. Love Cabela's too.

    1. We did enjoy it, but am glad it's gone this am. We know we'll spend $$ there, but what the heck..can't take it with ya huh?!

  2. A light dusting of snow that disapears that afternoon is always a pretty sight. My kids tell me they got another foot or so in Alberta the last couple of days. That amount of snow I don't miss. Almost -40 with wind chill there yesterday too. Yikes.
    What a beautiful drive to Reno and back. We definitely need to see that part of the State.

    1. Oh wow...that is way too cold! Love to have ya! We've done the Banff to Jasper area in Alberta..just gorgeous!

  3. Your pictures of the drive to and from Reno are beautiful.
    The snow does look pretty in the pictures and that is the only way I want to see it...:) Glad you enjoyed it.
    Great picture of your Dad with his girl! (Side note: my Dad would have been 99 this year, also.)

    1. I love the snow in the pictures and am glad it's gone this morning. Hopefully by the time you get home, all the snow will be gone till next winter. By then you don't have to go home at all unless you want too. Thanks, sure do miss him. 27 years he's been gone, and still seems like yesterday..:(

    2. Our real hope is that we will be gone in the fall before the snow re-appears...lol

  4. Great pictures. A light dusting of snow is always beautiful and we'll leave it right there. Hahaha

    The drive looks amazing and very inviting. Great pictures.

    Stay warm!!

    1. Thanks Deb. It is a nice drive to Reno but always nice to come home. Our nearest Walmart is about 55 miles away so we try to make a day out of it when we go anywhere..

  5. It sounds like you don't mind the snow and that is a good thing. I must admit it is pretty and your drive produced some great pictures. Cabela's! Sounds like we shouldn't go there. :)
    I look at my shorts and sandals and just feel happy to be here!
    I love the picture of your memory with Dad. It touches the heart strings for sure when I see those photos. I lost my Dad 23 yrs ago and I miss him a lot.

    1. Believe me i'm missing the shorts and sandals! That's my favorite attire! Ken likes his guns and Bill his planes..they do have great sporting goods stuff..but yeah it always costs us..I'm the same way 27 years for me since daddy passed and still the tears flow at a memory. :(

  6. Great Pictures of the snow and scenery in Nevada. Glad you are keeping warm. If you weren't going to Tennessee would you have returned Home so soon?
    Be Safe and Enjoy your trip.

    It's about time.

  7. Definitely not..but we've got to figure something out with taxes next year too. I can stay gone longer than Ken..he fidgets and likes to go home or somewhere else. Here he's always got something to keep him occupied. 6 weeks is about it with him. But then he's always ready for a week or two trip which we do several times a year.