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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lake Havasu to Big Bend of the Colorado State Park

Good morning from our boon docking site at Big Bend of the Colorado State Park!  
Good morning!

We left yesterday morning, actually at 0930 not sure how that happened, we never leave before 1100 or so.  Lovely drive through Lake Havasu and onwards. We hit the freeway towards Needles where we would take the River Road to Laughlin, NV.  Well, we missed it so 9 miles later we made a u turn and turned on the phone.  With as many times as we've done this, not sure how we did that. Great drive up the highway.  You can sure tell when you're in CA that road is sure a mess with pot holes etc.  Shame that CA lets it get that way! 
Yesterday's sunrise..

This jeep went by our site, caravan of them..

And we're gone!

Lake Havasu in the distance..

Going into CA

Bumpy, bumpy, bumpy...the Old River Road..

Coming into Laughlin, looking at Bullhead City, AZ

We got to Big Bend of the Colorado State Park about 1100 Nevada time and no one was at the entrance station.  We proceeded to the campground and every single site was taken!  Didn't look like anyone was leaving either. We know they have overflow, so we weren't worried.  We needed to go to Smith's and the gas station so we just took the trailer with us.  

The parking lot at Smith's was nicely uncrowded.  A little shopping and then to the gas station at Smith's where because of the money we've spent we saved 20 cents a gallon. Yay..so got gas for $2.07 a gallon. 

Back to the campground and the ranger was there, so we purchased a new yearly senior pass which gets us into any state park in NV and camping is FREE unless they have electricity then you pay $10.00 a night..sewer and water is free.   No spots were open so they directed us across the way to the overflow.  Level, sandy area.  We picked our area and sat up camp.  Can't complain for free. The wind was and is blowing pretty steadily but we don't care.  

We loaded up and headed for Laughlin and Pints Brewery in the Colorado Belle Hotel/Casino.  We've been a few times and make it a stop every time we're in the area.  
What the Puck IPA..and wine for me. 

Pints Micro Brewery..

Love the handles...

Laughlin, from a distance

The Colorado River..

We looked at one of their menus and may make it back there today for lunch. 

Took a little drive around town and then back home to Happy Hour.  Watched a little tv and just enjoyed the evening. Tacos for dinner and then after a bit to bed.  

Downtown Laughlin..

On the way back to camp

Our boon docking spot ...

The overflow lot..
Talked with our oldest son Bryan last night and they were doing some burning in the corral area..
Definitely some nice burn piles.  Debris from
the trees he had to have taken down because of
bug diesease..

We slept in until 0630 this morning!  Wind is blowing but temps are perfect. Ken took a walk through the campground and it looks like two camps may be emptying.  We have one camper behind us here in the overflow. He's an Air Force Vietnam Vet so Ken told  him to take the first spot that emptied out a few minutes ago.  We figure if we get a spot, great.  If not we're happy here for one more night. Tomorrow we'll head a little further North towards home. 

Just as I wrote that...we're moving. Have a great day! 


  1. Love that area around Laughlin, stayed In a casino a few times then membership park across the river. Enjoy ur time there and travel safe as you head further north.

  2. Very nice of you folks.
    Looks like you've had a great trip so far even with the U-turn. We all do that from time to time....it's called ..well never mind, you know what it's called.

    Safe travels.

    1. Haha Deb..We love our veterans that's for sure. Yep the trip has been awesome, we're getting close to home so now I want to get there..just long enough so we can go again.

  3. It must be nice to get back to your home state. After your time in Q another night or two boondocking would be no problem for you guys. Wind and all.
    Hope your trip is a safe one.....and smoother than California.

    1. Yeah those CA roads are rough. We could stay, and last night the wind quit altogether but we're both ready to head on towards home. :)

  4. (y) guess the only way I can post is to select 'annoymus but its ME :)

  5. You are taking your time which is nice, you must still be in nice weather even though in your home state.
    We've not been in the Colorado Belle Casino, it looks neat.
    I think you are just moving into another site for one more night but travel safe tomorrow.

    1. The weather here in Laughlin is beautiful ...but we're headed home, which this morning was 22 degrees? Why are we headed home?! We're headed for Tonopah this am and then home tomorrow..