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Monday, October 9, 2017

Lowe's and a little cooking..

With the outhouse races I forgot on Saturday to wish our Daughter In Law Lori a very Happy Birthday!  

Lori and Russell..:)

After a lousy night's sleep I started the coffee at 0600.  We did our normal morning routine and after breakfast we headed out to Lowe's in Fernley. Fernley is about 50 miles one way, but that how far you have to go living in the country.  It's an easy, enjoyable drive even though there's some road work going on.  

We spent some time looking at wood for the interior of the little outhouse. Not quite sure what we're going to do there yet. We did buy the faucet for the sink and then 25 2x4's and some tin I'm hoping to age for one wall in there. Glad we're not building a house!  

We headed home and got here just a little after 1300.  I threw together some salad for the both of us.  After lunch Ken went outside and got a few things done and then he ran to True Value in town to get some nuts and bolts he needed. 

I made some more apple muffins for our little coffee snack and then decided to put together the stuff for Tuna Melts. Thanks to George of "Our Awesome Travels" once again!  We made these for the first time a few years ago after seeing the picture on his blog. YUM!  We haven't had them in over 6 months I would say, but had a hankering this morning.  We are definitely looking forward to dinner tonight! 
A group trying to lift off..no luck before we left..

There was some color at the campground...love Fall...

I got online and ordered our new wall hung sink for the outhouse.  They don't carry them in the store but free shipping to our home. We decided to go wall hung because it's so small in there. 

Cool day today and for most of the week, but that's ok..that time of the year.  

Fires everywhere in California.  Three of our friends who live in the Brown's Valley area had to evacuate with their animals.  As far as we know at this point their homes have been spared, not sure if they've gotten to go home yet. 

Have a great evening everyone!  

Trying to load a few pictures (yes just a few) but either internet or computer not cooperating..darn :(


  1. Still moving forward with your outhouse, can't wait to see the finished building as I'm sure you are!
    Sad about the fires in Santa Rosa, hope everyone is okay.
    you are such a good prepper for meals! I never think that far ahead for our supper meals. Well, very seldom.

    1. I know I'm so excited about this outhouse :) I can see it in my mind, hope it turns out that way. It's amazing how expensive it is though between plumbing, wood and all the other stuff..geez..but it'll be worth it when it's done..I always ask Ken in the am what he wants for dinner..if he doesn't know..it's tacos because I always have that on hand..haha

  2. Getting that outhouse done sure will be nice. Thanks for the shout, have not had this tuna melts for a very long time.