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Thursday, September 8, 2016

A little more work on the bunkhouse and the Mazda sold!

Ken woke up with his arm hurting pretty badly.  He's had some pain going on for  a while now and thought maybe it was his rotator cuff (internet searches)..and this was different..some Motrin and off he went to work on the bunkhouse.  Has to baby his arm but you just can't keep him down for any length of time. He did say this am it's not as bad as yesterday. 

So he got insulation up and 1 sheet of plywood on a wall of the bunkhouse.  It's coming together nicely.  

Tuesday night Ken's phone rang and it was someone asking about the Mazda.  Pretty much we'd given up on selling it and was just waiting for the listing to run out on Craigslist.  Figured the truck was so far down no one would go back 3 weeks or so to find it.  The guy calling was looking for a vehicle for his son and said they'd be over to look at it.  Well, they took it for a test drive and took it by to show it to the son's wife.  They only live a couple of miles from us.  Came back and said they wanted to buy it!  Yay...Ken told them bottom line was $1300...then he remembered the rock pit in the window so took off another $100.  So they said they'd be back in the am to get it and pay for it.  So Wednesday evening we were cautiously optimistic that it really was sold.  

Thursday morning about 1030 Sam and his wife Heather showed up to buy the truck, money in hand.  They had moved from Mariposa, CA to Fernley and then to Yerington.  They have 2 small children.  She works at the hospital in Fallon and needed something economical to get her back and forth, as last Friday her car motor blew up..very nice and likable young people.  He doesn't seem afraid of working on the vehicle and had already looked up parts and prices.  So off they went along with the Mazda.  

After they left, Ken asked if I minded that he had taken off another $100?  I said not at all, cause I really liked them and probably would have sold it to them for $1000.  Guess that's why we're not really good at selling stuff!  Anyway, that $1200 just about paid for the new to us tractor we'll be picking up in TN!

Ordered Miss Lucy a pair of goggles for quad riding last night.  There is such cute stuff out there for little dogs..big dogs too.  

Not too much going on right now.  Seemed so quiet without our company.  

Cheryl sent some wonderful veggies from her garden, so tonight Ken's going to grill up a bunch for dinner...I'm hungry already!  

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