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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Winnemucca and back home again...

Yesterday morning we left the house about 0715 and got to the doctors office just about 1030. Got our test results and all checked out.  Ken of course got a big smiley face (of course everything is paperless now) but she said he did.  Seems no matter what I do, there's still things to be worked on...thanks genetics!  Triglycerides, high...maybe not as high as 6 years ago, but still high..uhhh..I know that was mom and daddy's issues.  Mom had diabetes, now my numbers are climbing..and it's not like I get to eat the good stuff (can't tell you last time I had a donut or cookies, well maybe half a pop tart now and then, no ice cream, which is really hard for us Phillips girls, rocky road..yumm) oh oh making myself hungry!  Anyway, guess i'll (we'll because Ken won't let me do it alone :) be working hard for the next 6 months and see if we can get some of the numbers down! 

So, after getting that done, decided to go by Las Margeritas and see our favorite waitresses..I don't feel bad about that lunch..as they make my veggie fajitas, whole beans (no cholesterol) and corn shells.  Enough left over for dinner for the two of us.  

Home about 1630. Hot, hot hot! 102 yesterday.  

This morning up and about early, started the a/c early too.  I'd say last night was the warmest night so far.  

Christina text saying they plan on being here probably Sunday.  The boys haven't felt good the last few days, bummer when you're on vacation.  

Here's a few pics i've stolen from FB...They visited Pikes Peak in Colorado earlier today..

There's a pretty good fire happening over Bryan and Cheryl's way..hope it gets contained soon.  

Thought this was funny of Seth..I suspected he was
trying to keep his hair in style, but Eric said he found
that on the dresser and put it on..

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