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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Just some thoughts...

This is our 4th Summer here at the house.  We bought it in March of 2013..how time flies.  Every summer it seems is different..The first summer I remember Adam was here all summer except for about a week.  The other kids came and went but seemed we didn't have a free moment.  I was picking up and dropping off kids all summer.  Which is one of the many reasons we like Yerington.  I can do a one day turnaround easily!  

That being said, as time moves on and the kids grow up, we are spending more of the summer without the grandkids.  I took them home on Sunday, and it looks like we won't have any until near the end of the month or first week of July when Eric and Christina visit on their return home to Cool, CA. 

Adam leaves this Saturday for Boys State which is being held at Sacramento State University.  He was chosen by the American Legion to attend this conference.  He's home on the 25th. So hopefully I can go get him and he'll be here when Eric and Chris are...maybe..

He leaves again on July 9th for RYLA..(Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) a Rotary sponsored camp in Portola, CA. Looks like we'll head over on the 14th of July to watch Betty, (Bryan and Cheryl's d-o-g). So Bryan and Cheryl can attend the program before they pick him up. 

I saved this yesterday morning..thinking i'd get back to it in the afternoon, didn't happen obviously..so i'll try this morning (Thursday)..

Where I was going with all that above, is Ken and I were at lunch in Minden the other day and he suggested that after our lab appointment in Winnemucca on Tuesday we head for Elko and Lamoille Canyon.  So I said that's a good idea..and before you know it i've teared up (I know who knows what the wait staff think..hahah)..and basically said it seems so different not having kids go with us as it's summer..He then said ...well, who's available?  Nobody...waaaaa..not that bad, but time moves on..

So looks like we'll head for the New Frontier RV Park on Monday, Labs Tuesday and on to Elko for a few days.  

Ok enough about that...this Grandma just misses her grandkids..

Ken got Joe's cover done yesterday and it looks awesome.  So good that Joe's mom in law is moving to Yerington from Rocklin (smart move)..she saw it and wondered if Ken would build her one!  First he has a bathroom project to finish! 

Today, I'm going to head for Gardnerville and get my hair cut, do some running around, hopefully get some material to make some new curtains for the kitchen. 

Yesterday, these pics popped up on FB as memories from previous years...
The first picture was in 1990.  We were at Wright's Beach for a few nights..I made Dusty his first hot chocolate.  These boys loved their Popo.
Dusty (baby with the bottle) Jesse and Daddy...love this..

 And of course Popo's girls loved him too!
Russell, Popo and Me..
Funny how those boys fell asleep while Popo was holding them..

So i've got the radio on yesterday...and then comes John Denver, and Thank God i'm a Country Boy...Daddy's favorite song..brings back memories of him coming home from work and sitting in the car.  Comes in the house and says..I just heard this song ..Thank God I'm a Country Boy!  The next morning I get in the car to go to school and the radio is blaring!  Can't help but smile every time I hear that song..

I had heard the day before that my cousin Maryann is in the hospital in Wichita. She has had health problems for years, but now it appears she has MRSA in her leg and possible bloodstream. They also think she may have had a stroke. Needless to say her girls (grown) are very worried.  Spoke with her daughter Becky quite a bit yesterday.  So sad..

Then my Aunt Irene is in the final stages of Alzheimers and so it doesn't look good there either.  She is my Uncle Lewis's wife.  

We heard that my cousin Jeannie had surgery for cancer yesterday..that's all the info we have, so not sure how reliable that one is..
A lot of prayers needed in the Phillips Family right now.  

Well enough about that..I have said before, that write this blog as a diary more or less..and sometimes the feelings just flow..and I have to put it here..so thanks for reading. With all that's going on in this world, guess I shouldn't complain about not seeing the grandkids often enough..they're all happy and healthy...and growing up awesome! What more could I want!   

Have a wonderful day..and as my sister Wendy always says, "Remember your angels!".....mine are always with me...

After I just posted this..went to FB and found these pics ...
June 15th 2016...Seth, Eric and Mason...

June 2014...What a difference 2 years makes!
Seth, Eric and Mason.

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