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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The boys are here..ATV ride..Jill's home!

Monday morning I was up and in the shower at just about 0330. The alarm was set for 0400 but why wait since I was up.  I woke Ken about 0415 and we had our coffee and blogging for a bit. Then time to finish getting ready. I made half and egg sandwich for the road and said good bye just about 0600.  Ken got the bugs off my windshield for me before I left. 
Ken and Tracy at Sunset..


Another view at sunset

Ken's bar b suing and Tracy talking

I decided to head straight for Reno and Winco rather than go to the one in Roseville, CA. It's always crowded and ours in Reno is never as bad. It seemed like hours later and I was on the way towards Cool, Ca.  I made a stop at the Rest Area at Donner Summit as the one further down the hill is closed. Why I don't know they just opened it a few years ago and it's a long drive from Reno to Cool. On the way down I changed my mind (I can right?!) I decided to head to Antelope first and grab Aaron. I decided I wanted to go home via Highway 50, so it made sense  to do that. About 1300 I was picking up Mason in Cool. We almost got grandson, Seth too but he called where he was going to start work, and they told him to come in on Tuesday. 

With the two boys loaded up, that 1/2 egg sandwich was gone so we decided to stop at Los Estables in downtown (haha) Cool. Bryan and Cheryl love the place and it was good, but on the expensive side. We brought a little home, but not much. 

We settled in and had a nice drive up 50 to Gardnerville, where I stopped at Raleys for a prescription and then home.  We got here just about 1800.  Kinda just put the frig food away everything else could wait.  A nice glass of wine and I settled in. The boys had each brought their own PS4 video players so each one took a bedroom and happily played the games w each other. I have an xbox360 here..but guess the PS4 can be played online etc. 

Dinner was simple some paninnis which I hardly ever use the machine, but it worked easily. It was an early bedtime for us, the boys were up until about 0100 or so, which is early for them when they're here. 

We actually slept in until 0700 Tuesday morning.  My mind was full of dreams it was a busy busy night. Got the day going, the boys were still sleeping. When the boys got up they wanted egg sandwiches. No problem, cooked up a pound of bacon and some eggs.  Aaron at three egg mc muffins with 2 eggs on each. So 6 eggs, 6 pieces of bread, cheese and lots of bacon. Mason had his on sourdough bread. Afterwards the boys just kind of hung out and played their games. Later in the afternoon I made them some sandwiches. It was a hot day and a good day to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Ken started the bar b q and made some delicious boneless pork ribs. I made some mashed potatoes and asparagus (green beans for Aaron). It was a delicious dinner. The boys loved it. 
Aaron had 3 of these sandwiches..

I found this funny..rather than move the whole bed Aaron just
pulled on the mattress to get it closer to the tv..I put it back and
moved the whole thing closer..

What 13 year olds do to a nicely made bed :) Wouldn't have
it any other way..

We said good night to them around 2100. They were up and watched the movie Annabelle before calling it a night. 
Aaron with his first plate of dinner...

Mason, I think there was a phone involved here..haha.

This morning we were up at 0600, still later than I like. Somewhere around 1000 Mason was up so his special pancakes were made for him. Around 1100 Aaron showed himself. French toast and bacon was his request. Done.  After a bit we ran up to Raleys for some groceries I've discovered I'm out of (shocking). 
Mason's pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce

Aaron's first plate of french toast..he had another. :)

Ya'll remember Jill?!  Our neighbor's dog that went missing a few weeks ago. I got a call from the animal shelter in Silver Springs, apparently they think they picked Jill up yesterday! Ken and Karen headed there to pick her up! Yep it was her.  They found her about 4 miles from here. Lord knows what she's been up to, but she looks good. They brought her here and gave her a bath before taking her home. Glad she's ok. 
Jill's home!

After lunch Ken got the quads ready and he and the boys went for a bit of a ride. I dealt with Verizon as we've finally decided to get rid of the home phone. Then out to the bunkhouse to make up the bed after having guests. I decided to change out the quilt I made for one I bought just for a change. The boys were home by the time I finished. 
I like my quilt but like this one for summer...

They had a good ride out on the BLM which is just down the road from us. 
Ken getting the quads ready to go..

Mason ready to ride!

Aaron ready to go

Ken's ready to lead

Off they go..

Aaron jumped directly into the shower (again).  Mason ate two sandwiches and then Aaron had two sandwiches along with chips. :) 

The Patriot is done in Carson City so tomorrow we're going to head there, get another new tire for the Dodge and visit the railroad museum. We'll take a picnic lunch and hopefully enjoy.  

Friday we'll take the boys shooting at the range and then Saturday morning it's time for them to head home already. :(  They'll be back in July if not before. I told them if it works and they want to come back i'll go get them :)

Today would have been my mom's 90th birthday..Miss you mom...
No wonder my daddy fell in love with her in Austria..she was beautiful..
Russell changed his profile pic on Facebook in honor of Father's Day. My favorite pic of Russell and Ken...Patsy, this kid is always smiling! 

Have a wonderful evening..


  1. What fun to have with the growing boys, they will eat you out of house and home.
    Great that Jill has been found and returned home.

    1. Yes those boys can eat and when it's times 5 it's amazing how much food and $$ we go through. Wouldn't want to raise a family nowadays. Yeah everyone was happy and pleasantly surprised that she was found!

  2. What a great catch up! The thing that amazes me most is how early you rise and it seems so normal. At 3 am I am way stuck in dreamland. :)
    You are such a great Grandma, in your books I wouldn't pass muster! I applaud you, my dear.
    The boys had fun sleeping, eating and 4 wheeling with Ken. Soon enough they will be back for another round of those egg mcmuffin sandwiches!
    Love love love the smiling Russell and what a great smile it is!

  3. Believe me Patsy I don't want to be awake at 3 am.! 4 or 430 is better. Thanks for the compliment about being a GMA but everyone is different. We don't get to see them as often as we used to when we lived in CA so I enjoy spoiling them when we have them. I knew you'd enjoy Russell's smile. Ken said after reading your comment "What about my smile"...so I showed him the picture...LOL