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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Change of plans once again...

Yesterday, (Monday) got our day going with blogging, coffee and muffins. 

Ken worked on the piping outside.  It's looking good!  It was a stay home day for me!  Did some cleaning and just enjoyed working in the house. The mornings now start out cool but they sure warm up by noon.  Had some veggie wraps for lunch and they were yummy.  I can only find the wraps that we like at Walmart so last time I picked up a package.  
See the rocks on the left..he's near where the outhouse will be

The end of the sewer pipe..water pipe will go lower..

Water pipe coming towards the house where it will tie in..

Ken took a second shower of the day and then we had our lunch.  He worked in the sun too long today.  After lunch he went outside and greased one side of the Jayco's wheels.   Everything looked good he said.  He'll get the other side this morning while there's still shade.  

We were talking yesterday afternoon and decided to head for Gardnerville on Wednesday morning rather than going on Tuesday.  We'll take the trailer with us and then head for Indian Springs Lake where we were earlier in the summer with the grandsons.  After that? We have no idea, but the whole point is to be gone for a few days, then there's no excuse for not relaxing..haha..

So this morning same routine except is was almost 0630 when I woke up.  Nice cool morning and some weird dreams..New York City and Donald Trump..enough said..haha..

So time to get going and get ready to go camping! Ken did his part of getting the trailer and back end of the truck ready.  I made some potato salad and got salad stuff ready to go.  Loaded some stuff in the refrigerator so there's not so much to do in the am.  
Got some good clouds coming in this afternoon..

No moisture..but still looks good..

Ken talked with our youngest son, Russell after lunch just to check in.  I see a lot of their family on Facebook, so even though we don't talk often I usually have an idea of how things are going.   

Cheryl (dau in law) sent these this morning from 10+ years ago after a trip to Sand Mountain to ride quads.  Guess Grandson Adam used to keep a diary/journal back then :)

Adam's new passion...UHF fighting..I think it's called..

Ken found this picture in the garage from the Georgetown Gazette about 39 + years ago..our son Bryan when he was in kindergarten.  

Bryan on the lower right next to the little girl all dressed up..

Tomorrow we'll head out, not sure if we'll have service so it may be a few days until I can post again.  Should be fun!  


  1. Getting things done and back on the road again, travel safe !

  2. Have fun on your camping trip! Ken certainly needs a relaxing break and I'm sure you do too! Enjoy!
    I love the diary, they are so honest on paper.
    Love the old pictures too.