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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Welcome to the Kay family, Lucy!

Well here she is, Lucy! 


She's five years old and Cheryl got her from El Dorado County Shelter.  Cheryl had gone there to get a 6 month old puppy that was part of a puppy mill, hoarder situation (there were 9 dogs)..but when she got there she found out the dogs had not been socialized, so they bit.  While she was there they were  calling foster homes to place the puppies for a bit.  She saw Lucy and guessing it was love!  She said she thought she was much older because of the gray hair, but they said she was 5.  Her owners dropped her and a puppy off, saying their new apartment wouldn't take dogs.  So their loss is Cheryl and Lucy's gain!  She appears to love Cheryl, wouldn't let  her out of her sight all day yesterday and loves riding in the car.  Cheryl said the house was lonely without Betty, so she decided to find another dog.  

Bryan is partial to German Shepards, so I do see one of them in the near future too! 

The boys were here until Friday when I took them home.  They didn't do much as it was too hot, I think Mason was exhausted from their trip and didn't really want to do much.  Wednesday night they "pulled an all nighter" and stayed up all night long playing video games..that was their goal and they made it.  I made them breakfast, and had to wake Mason up to eat it.  They slept a few hours and then back at it.  They did go out in the late afternoons for a while and take care of ISIS with their guns :)   
Room Service for two special boys! 

After "pulling an all nighter" OUT!

Left to right...Aaron, me and Mason..those boys are only 11 years old..
I don't like pics of me..but the boys are too cute! 

From left...Aaron, Papa and Mason..

Yesterday morning, we left about 0830..traffic was light until we hit CA..I didn't get home until 1800 and that was really not stopping for much.  Oh well, hoping they'll be back sometime later in the month.  

Russell's family leaves for San Diego in the morning for the week. I know they're looking forward to it.  

We got up this morning and headed for Carson City.  Gardnerville Walmart first..Lowe's...lunch at our favorite Chinese place and then to Best Buy, we bought a radio and speakers for the money pit.  If we're keeping it, might as well be able to hear good music.  We'll have it installed on Wednesday.  

Got some more wood to finish the RUDB..Ken got the exhaust fan and overhead light in this week.  Looks good! 

The light on the left...exhaust fan and light on the right..only 8 more
boards to go on the ceiling..a little trim and done!
Looks like tomorrow we may head for Sand Mountain for a few days as long as the wind hold back..no fun riding quads in the wind..

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