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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The RUDB is done!

Here's a few pictures from our trip to Sand Mountain last week...

Getting ready to unload the quads..

Our camping spot

Ready to ride..

On our ride...

Camp spot from afar...We had the whole place to ourselves..

Love this picture of Keith and his girls..
From Left..Kim, Cheryl, Keith and Jody..

Ken worked on the RUDB a little before we left for Sand Mountain..

He got the exhaust fan w light and another light up..and painted the
stripes so if the wood separates you really won't notice it..

Yesterday he was able to finish the bathroom...Looks so good and so different from when we started!  Long time coming, but well worth waiting for!

We knew when we bought this little fixer upper there was a lot of work to be done..Thank Goodness it had good bones, and most was cosmetic..We knew the RUDB was going to be the worst, so that's why we left it until last..so you know what that means?!   The Bunkhouse is next!! Well, after hopefully we'll have a few grandkids to take camping a bit..their summer is almost over..but i'm hoping to get some on Friday for a few days.  When we hear what's going on at Renette's, of course that will be priority..but hopefully we can squeeze these kids in for a few...

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