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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fernley and our home away from home...Lowe's!

Yesterday (Tuesday) I put primer on the hallway walls, even that made it look better.  Ken glued the floor down near the bathroom.  It's cold here especially in the am (14 degrees) but 40 something later in the day.  Supposed to be getting warmer next week.  
Black bean burger turned out yummy!!

Highway 395 on the way to Gardnerville

Watching the weather from Walmart Gardnerville

The hallway before...


After the 1st coat of primer...so much better..

Today we got up and decided to head for Fernley and Lowe's.  We got the paint for the hallway and 34 more boards for the ceiling.  By the time we finished it was almost 1300 so we headed across the street for chinese lunch.  

After we got home I painted the hallway as that needed to be done so Ken can get the ceiling up. Looks good and the color will go good with the paneling that we'll have on the lower part of the walls.  Can't wait to see how it turns out!  
The wall color..paint is still wet..but I think it's gonna go well
with the floor and wall covering..can't wait!
Ken's 1st beer out of the Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts glass...
Thanks to our CEO Russell Kay...

Adam got his package from the NSLC today...Cheryl has to take him to get his  Ca ID as he won't have his drivers license by then.  She sent me a copy of the package and I have to say it's very impressive.  Exciting time for him!  

Seth and Mason are all signed up for baseball this spring.  Busy time for them. 

Russell's boys are playing basketball and enjoying.  

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