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Friday, March 13, 2015

2 Years ago we spent our first night in our "ugly house"! I can't call it that anymore!

It's amazing how time flies!  We've been here two years ago today!  Hard to believe and when I look at the differences from when we bought our little "ugly house" to now it's unbelievable!  

It's definitely been a labor of love...but love it we do!  A major reason we chose Yerington is because it's only 3 to 3 1/2 hours to the grandkids!  Easy turnaround and doable in one day.  We loved Winnemucca but just too far from those grandchildren.  Even though we haven't seen much of them in the last few months spring vacation is coming!  Then on to summer vacation!  


The first view of the house...Ken didn't even want to look at it as
it was so ugly...well kept landscaping though..

The second bedroom when we saw it..

Master bedroom first impression

Living room...first view

The very ugly hallway...

I always liked the kitchen even though it is small...

Living room first view

The second bedroom...love the floor...NOT...

The back porch...before...


The back porch in progress...


The living room...with fireplace!

The grandkids room...1st room we did!

Love my yellow kitchen

The second bedroom...the hutch my mom and dad gave us 40+
years ago...

The second bedroom...waiting for company!

Our room before...


Out on the front deck before we painted house..

The basketball court in progress....

After the paint job and the front porch cover Ken did while I
was in DC and New York last summer...what a nice surprise!

Closer look...
Our ugly hallway project....Ugly no more!

Whoops ....we headed to town yesterday in the Dodge...classy huh?

The first piece of tin...I'm in love with this!

From the living room heading down the hallway!
Ugly no more!

The end of todays work! Love, Love, Love!

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