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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Salt Lake City to Bear Lake State Park Utah...Celebrating our 48th Anniversary today :)

 We had a great night at he truck stop Monday night! Yes, it was noisy but it didn't affect us at all!  The alarm was set for 0430..probably 0500 I got Ken up to start the day. 

Love the silos! Right outside Salt Lake City

It was about 0900 when we left the truck stop and headed out towards Salt Lake City. What a city that is!.. Wow, seemed to go on forever but I'm sure that's because there is many bedroom communities that just keep going, reminded us of Las Vegas. As you know interstates are not our favorite thing so we were glad to see the exit of 362 and Logan Utah. Beautiful community that is! 

We followed the signs and ended up in Logan Canyon! This is a new road for us. We both couldn't believe that in all our travels over the years we'd never been here! It's a beautiful 2 lane road that meanders through the canyon along the Logan River. The colors were gorgeous as it appears Fall is in the canyon.  

Love the old towns! 

Love the old homes....

A little later it was Logan Pass..wow!!  We pulled over at the scenic view and got our first look at Bear Lake! Oh WOW! That word was said a lot this day.  They had the aquatic check for all lake worthy visitors. Our kayaks passed the test  and we got our certificate :) 

We got to Garden City, Utah about 1300 but decided to find a campsite first rather than having lunch.  We found full hookups for $35.00 a night at Rendezvous Beach, part of the State Park system. 

Famous Raspberry Shake..hmm. tempting..but I'm saving the calories for champagne later! 

Gorgeous lake, but you can see we have some smoke too...

We are here for 2 nights at least :) 

Got ourselves settled in, had lunch and then a walk to the water.  Decided to take a drive to the east side of the lake and check things out. Yep, a great drive! 

Is this not a perfect setting below?!! 

A lot of homes along the lake seem to be making their own little RV Park in their yards. 

Wonder what this little beauty would go for?...Way out of our price range for sure
but I could live here! 

Interesting looking Sinclair station :) 

Once we were done, we just had a nice afternoon and enjoyed being outside! 

Ken barbecued some awesome burgers and I made some zucchini fries..it was a great dinner! It's nice here, the sites are well spaced, not too many people, even though before Labor Day it's always busy. We can bar b q and still have a campfire if we want. We used the Litter Red Campfire last night which worked perfectly. 

I guess our bodies like being on vacation! Today, I didn't wake up until 0730!! That never happens at home! I really don't like doing that on vacation as the days go quick enough as it is! Oh well...

48 years ago we were on the way to Carson City with Ken's family and mine. That afternoon we got married! Hard to believe 48 years have passed :) No place I'd rather be than where we are in life! Last year at this time we were both wondering if we'd get the chance to enjoy another anniversary together. Thank God we get this one and hopefully many more.  💖

We are both looking forward to our bologna sandwiches this afternoon! 💜


  1. I love your location. What a beautiful drive. Do you have to take a test to be kayak certified or do they just inspect the kayaks? I forgot about the baloney sandwiches....enjoy!

    1. It is gorgeous! I know it's crazy in the summer, not too bad with people right now so it's easier to get a site. They just inspect the kayaks, no certification for us dummies! haha. We do wear a life jacket though..Yep sandwiches were yummy!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both!!! I was getting worried and then there it was at the very end, bologna sandwiches...:)
    Looks like a beautiful drive. Fall certainly knows how to make the world colorful. Wishing you a wonderful trip and many more years of celebrating your life together. 🥂🍞💕 Hugs from both of us.

    1. Haha..yep wouldn't be an anniversary without bologna sandwiches! Thank you Tom and Deb for the wishes! Fall early is my favorite time of year guess that's why I go crazy with the pictures! LOL...Hugs right back at ya! :)

  3. Beautiful Scenery even with a little smoke.
    Happy Anniversary with many more to come now that Ken's been fixed up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your vacation.

    It's about time.

    1. thanks you two! Yep we're hoping for many more! It is great being out here!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! There's a very nice quilt store there ... I drove over the hill last year. Nice little town and beautiful lake.

    1. It is beautiful here! Too bad we've got smoke, I'm sure the lake would be an even prettier blue with clearer skies. I know we will be back again! Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Glad you two are enjoying your good health and freedom to get out there and enjoy America! Carry on! Doug and Michelle

    1. Thanks so much Doug and Michelle. I have to agree with you, get out and see America while we can! We are loving this area of Bear Lake, I could live here!! :)