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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Seth's going away party! :)

*Warning! Picture overload!!*

Saturday morning we woke up at Hope Valley after a good night's sleep at least on my part.  Found Ken on the couch as he didn't sleep very well :(  Had some coffee and then we headed out.  A beautiful drive in the early morning hours.  When we got to Fresh Pond above Placerville we pulled in to make some breakfast and have our showers.  We got to Eric's house close to 1000.  
Sun was heating up the waters

These falls are huge and running like crazy on Highway 50

Father in Law Bobby was there helping Eric get set up.  EZ UPS and tables were being put out. We got parked and leveled then went up to help.  I found tablecloths and decorations so took them outside and got started.  The place looked really cute gotta say! Very patriotic, perfect for the day!  
Flags and Marine balloons!

Marine Corps Banner all across front of house:) 

Says it all!

There were cards labeled "Words of Wisdom" to pass too Seth..

Not too clear, but a tear jerker called " I give you my Son"...

Right near 1200 guests started arriving! Lots of family and friends all here to pay tribute to Seth for joining the Marine Corps.  A wonderful party! 
Mason and one of Seth's friends..first to arrive

Seth and a friend..

Lots of Marine Corp flags..

Some tables and decorations

Neighbors from across the street! He was a Marine in 1969..

Marcus, Denise and Isabella :)

Amber and two of her kids! 

Neighbor Kathy, Ken and Russell...

Bobby, Tony and Bobby walking in..

Christina in the black shirt..looking good after her weight loss..

Seth and friends..

Some of the parking lot...more cars later in the day..

Daughter in Law Cheryl..Bryan on the side along with Denise 

People kept arriving and leaving throughout the day.  There was tons of food so no one left hungry that's for sure! 

The goat pen was a huge success for part of the day..

Cheryl, Owen, Aaron  and Bryan heading to the goat pen

Owen loved the goats..

Cupcakes with OOH RAH pins in them..

Love this pic!  Seth and Owen..birthday buddies
November 10th which also happens to be
the Marine Corps Birthday! 

Seth and his great grandma..Love this!

Dusty with Cassidy, Seth, Chelsea, Owen, Bobby and Linda

Aaron, Seth, Russell, Lori and Aaron..

Mason showing his skills on the quad

Getting read to end the day by relaxing..

Towards the end of the day it was just the few of us and it was nice chit chatting outside.  The temps cooled nicely.  

Eventually we went inside and visited some more then it was bedtime. 

Seth was surprised at all the people who showed up to congratulate him and show their support for this young man making this commitment to the military in these uncertain times! Love you Seth and your papa and I are so proud!! 

Sunday morning we didn't wake until almost 0700 :)  Had some coffee and then went inside to see how everyone was doing.  I got some breakfast stuff I brought and made some pancakes for Mason, 3 eggs and cheese for Seth, Egg Mc Muffins for Eric and Ken, egg beaters for me.  Dishes done and time for a shower.  

We didn't leave Eric's house until 1300 but that was ok, as we were just headed home. 

Time to empty the trailer and because Ken wants to go to Carson City tomorrow he had to unload the Tundra and then take two tires off the 73 Dodge.  Gotta make it worth our while right?! 

Have a great night..bedtime for me!


  1. What a great get together, to give Seth a good send off with family and friends. And then Mason having fun on his 4 wheeler.

    1. Thank you it was fun! We certainly see the confidence in Mason on the 4 wheeler!

  2. Great sending off party for Seth, all the best to him.

    1. thank you Bill it was a great party for a great Marine in the making!

  3. Wow, great party! Love that you can just bring your own house with you! Pretty handy! We are going to be at The Carson Valley Inn on the 30th 31st and 1st Doug and Michelle

    1. Yes it is nice to bring our own home with us. We love CVI..Will definitely look at the calendar and see what we can do! :)

  4. What a wonderful party! Congrats and best wishes to that wonderful young man!

    1. Thanks Patsy it was a great sendoff for Seth! Just a few more days of him being at home!

  5. What a great send off party for your grandson. How did he get old enough to do this so fast. It seems like you were just posting pictures of a young teenager... You must all be so proud of him. (((hugs)))

  6. I know what you mean Deb, when we were camping earlier this month that's exactly what I said as I looked at the 4 we had with us!! We are very proud grandparents that's for sure!!


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