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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Searching for answers..and waiting..

Woke up this am at 0500 and started the coffee and got our little treats together for our computer time like most days.  I also decided it's time to get caught up on my blog this afternoon. 

I wanted to do some hula hoeing before it got too warm, so donned my shorts, cowgirl boots and the hoe and got started about 0700.  Grabbed the wheelbarrow once I was done with the hula hoe and got my walking and bending in putting the weeds in the wheelbarrow and taking it over to the burn pile.  By this time I was glistening (sweating) and it was time for a much needed shower.  
A Yerington sunset :) 

Breakfast made about 0845 and then time to get some things done.  Karen invited us for dinner tonight so I decided to make some stuffing and some walnut chocolate chip cookies to take over.  Cleaned out my kitchen cabinets (boy did they need it).  A late lunch, and now here we are inside the house with the a/c going.  
Sunset :) 

Karen just had to have a fire last night :)
Searching for answers :

I'm going back a few months in order to catch up with the things that have been going on with Ken.  For the last few months he's had shortness of breath.  When we were at the ocean in July he noticed even walking on the beach he'd be breathing harder.  Walking up to the house from the beach, he had to stop.  I said, "it's ok you don't need to stop I'm good."  He replied, " I'm stopping for me" What?!  Usually he just goes and goes like an energizer bunny! He took some naps (again he never does) and he had this annoying cough going on.  Anyway, this has been going on for some time now. 

Finally, he called his primary care doctor,  Danny. He got an appointment on August 13th.  Dr. Danny listened to his chest and lungs.  In Ken's right lung he was unable to hear the normal sounds he was hearing in his left lung.  He sent him home, knowing that he was ordering a CAT Scan for him.  A couple of hours later the little hospital in Yerington called for him to come in.  A few hours later Dr. Danny called saying the 2/3 of the lobes in his right lung was filled with fluid.  He was referring him to a pulmonary doctor in Carson City.  He cautioned him that if it got worse, to head straight for Carson City as our little hospital couldn't handle it.  

Wednesday we were waiting to hear from Carson City and about 1100 they called and asked us to head for their office, which we did!  They got him in right away and we met with Dr. Foster who told us that what Ken has is called pleural effusion (basically fluid in the outside membrane of the lungs).  Now what caused that?! Not sure, there are all kinds of reasons.  The pressure of the fluid cases the  lung to collapse (2/3 of his right lung was collapsed).  He sent us over to the Carson Tahoe Hospital for some tests and then for a Thoracentesis procedure to drain the fluid.  Basically, using an ultrasound they find the best place to withdraw the fluid. Then a needle is inserted through the chest wall into the pleural space. They are only allowed to withdraw one liter of fluid, which they did and Ken still had more fluid in there.  The normal pleural space has about 4 teaspoons of fluid. He was immediately able to breathe better after the procedure. :)  

So from Wednesday until yesterday (Tuesday 20th) we were both on pins and needles hoping to get the much needed answer!  We were glad we had the Best In The Desert last weekend to help keep our minds off of things. 

His appointment wasn't until 1500 so we did some much needed running around in Carson City. Lunch at Betsy's Kitchen and then over to Dr. Foster's office.  We were there about 45 minutes early and they called us right in!  

Dr. Foster explained the fluid didn't show any cancer cells YAY! He did say protein was high. He went on to say that there was going to have to be more testing as he didn't have an answer as to what caused this :(  He listened to Ken's lungs and thinks the fluid may be coming back, so next Wednesday Ken will have another Thoracentesis.  Thursday we will go back to Carson City for another CAT Scan, as this one will show the clearer lungs and maybe he can tell something then.  If not, then possible a PET Scan and last case, a surgeon with a camera will go in and look around. We are certainly hoping it doesn't come to that.  His next appointment is September 10th at 1000.  So, more waiting. 

I didn't want to get specific last week as we hadn't said anything to our family members yet.  We have now and now I want to let our friends know and also for me to keep a record of what's happening at this time in our lives. We're hoping it's something simple and can be taken care of soon.  We'll keep you posted as we know anything. 

Have a great evening! 


  1. Thanks you for the update, hope things do get taken care of for Ken soon and they can figure out why this is happening.

  2. That's what we're hoping! We've got vacations planned! LOL.

  3. Hope this is just a bump in the road and that all will be right soon. Doug and Michelle

  4. Thank you for being forthcoming with what is going on with Ken. We are all here to support and encourage as needed. Ruled out cancer which must have been a huge concern so we'll keep fingers crossed for the results to be an easy fix. They need to find out what causes it!

    1. Thanks Patsy. The main reason we all write our blogs so we can go back and see what's was going on in our lives, so I had to do it..Besides that we wanted all our friends in blogging world to know. Thank you I know we can always count on your support and I know your #! We're hoping there's an answer in a few weeks! Hate waiting though!

  5. I'm sorry. I just found this blog. "No cancer"....those are wonderful words. Praying....Elva Shannon

    1. Thank you Elva! Yes they were great words..now to find the problem!