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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

More work on the RUDB!

Stayed home all day, I did some cleaning and cooking and just enjoyed being home.  

Ken did some outside work and then started on the RUDB..yay!!  The pictures below will show that we (he) has been able to add at least 13 inches to the size of the RUDB.  The closet in the kids room will be smaller but that's ok as they're not here that much anymore :(

They are busy with basketball, baseball and other things..Easter vacation they are on different schedules and there's games planned that they can't miss.  Grandson Aaron is off for 2 weeks so next week he wants to come even if he's the only kid here, which he will be.  So guess he'll be an only child for a few days!  Jacob's off the next week but he has basketball, and if he comes he loses his starting position so I totally understand that.  Seth has baseball the week he's off and Adam's headed for Laguna Beach to visit his friend Daniel Easter week.. so...

Back to the bathroom..

Showing where the original wall was..and where the new will be

showing where the new wall will go...

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